Worthless Regression Chapter 294

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[296] Will (2)

“What is this…?” … .”

Scarlett stuttered in shock.

Even Yehwa, who had been crying, stopped sobbing and looked at the will with wide-open eyes.

oh my god.

Osla placed her hand on her forehead and muttered.


In Seongmin Lee’s head, Heoju groaned.

[also. You’re crazy.]

Lee Seong-min could not help but sympathize with the muttered words, forgetting about the situation and emotions.

Still, the will is not finished yet. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath and read his will again.

I know that’s what it means. Probably, no, definitely. If he eats Sima Lianju’s heart, Lee Seong-min will be able to gain his strength.

Like the spirit power or dragon heart, slowly, the body will evolve to be able to use the power of Sima Lianju.

[That is correct.]

Heoju answered.

[It’s too dangerous. Your body has already mutated into a monster, and your monster nature resides in your subconscious. If the opportunity arises, it will come out and try to steal your body like it did when it was a baby.]

‘I guess so.’

[In such an imperfect state, you, who wish to be human yourself, eat humans. It becomes like a complete denial of humanity. You, who stand on the border between humans and monsters, will be enough of an opportunity for you to completely turn into a monster.]

Lee Seong-min was also worried about him. Sima Lianju in the will also had him in mind.


Seongmin Lee looked at that word for a long time. Mshido, Oslado. I spoke to Lee Seong-min about the importance of choice.

That there will come a moment when you will definitely have to choose. Is it now? Do you gain strength by giving up your humanity? Are you giving up your power? Seongmin Lee quietly closed his eyes.

I don’t know. What is the right choice here? The situation is still dangerous enough. If you eat Sima Lianzhou’s heart here, you will definitely become a monster.

I don’t know if I am who I am now or not. The monster Lee Seong-min experienced was nothing more or less than a rampaging monster whose humanity had been completely obliterated and who had no intelligence whatsoever.

‘I am.’

What should I do? If you drink Sima Lianju here, you will definitely gain strength. And it will turn into a monster. Am I who has become like that? Seongmin Lee thought of me ‘now’.

The ‘me’ who couldn’t do anything.

In the Murim Alliance and in the north. Seongmin Lee couldn’t do anything. It was Sima Lianju who caused the incident, and it was Sima Lianju who proceeded with the incident and solved it.

It was Sima Lianju who was in charge of all actions, and Lee Seong-min was not the leading figure in everything. What Sima Lianju said was correct.

Unless Sima Lianzhu leaves, Lee Seong-min can’t do anything.

There is no need to. This is because Sima Lianju was superior to Lee Seong-min in all things.

I’m sick of it. To myself, who is utterly helpless. From a C-level mercenary, he became a peak expert, a transcendent expert, and a transcendental level.

But in the end, what can Lee Sung-min do? Yes, in most problems, the power that Lee Seong-min had in his hands was a great help in solving the problems.

But that’s it. Seongmin Lee knew well. As for what happens after this, Lee Seong-min’s power is not enough to turn the situation around or lead the way.

That is why Sima Lian Master says such things.

[Choose rationally.]

Heoju warned. Lee Seong-min laughed at those words. surprisingly. He himself was amazed, but Lee Seong-min’s reason was cold.

The emotional turmoil was not about Sima Lianju’s death but about his own helplessness.

What more should I do? It was practiced on the mountain of Mshi. It endured Denir’s training. He learned Heukreobeoncheon, the best feast in the world, and became a disciple of Sa-beopju, the best person in the world.

Even that is not enough.

‘You have to trust me.’

Seongmin Lee quietly concluded.

‘I don’t change. It shouldn’t change. I don’t know what my role is, but I… … I don’t want to be prevented from doing what I want to do.’

[…] … Is that so?]

‘I don’t know. I really don’t know what will happen. I don’t know what role this bastard called fate is forcing on me. Now that the protection of fate has disappeared, I don’t know whether the choice I make will be the right one or not. but. One thing is certain. I want to do this.’

[Even if it’s a choice that might turn you into a monster?]

‘You have to trust me.’

Again, Lee Seong-min muttered that.

‘I don’t want to be left as a helpless person. This is the only way. The only way for me to have the possibility to change the situation in the future. If the choice I have to make is to remain human or become a monster. I would choose the latter. I want to become a youkai and gain strength.’

[What do you want to do?]

Heoju asked a question. To that question, Lee Seong-min answered immediately.

‘Master told me not to take revenge. But I want to get revenge. ‘Because I want to do that.’

[What is the end?]

‘Block it. I will kill Martial God and kill Jong-Eon, whom I do not know. If Kim Jong-hyun becomes the first disaster in the South, I will kill him and prevent the disaster.’

[perhaps… … You, who have become a monster, may become a disaster like Kim Jong-hyun. There is plenty of room for that. The old man’s magical power is so enormous that it is terrifying, and much of this old man’s magical power has already been passed over to you. And you even have the power of Dragon Heart. If the power of Sima Lianju is added, and you become a complete monster and can use all the power you have… … You may become a monster comparable to this old man’s prime.]


Seongmin Lee opened his closed eyes.

‘I believe that will not happen.’

[You idiot. Are you willing to become a monster with just that kind of heart?]

‘For a youkai, you’re pretty normal.’

[Because this old man is great.]

‘You are in me. Maybe, I might become like you.’

[ha ha ha! You’ve gone quite crazy too. Tell me. Is what you believe in truly yourself? Or is this the will that the deceased Master Sima Lian left for you? Is it him or this old man in your head?]




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Lee Seong-min’s answer left Heo Joo speechless.

‘I also have a feeling of following my teacher’s will. I also have faith in myself. Because I have no choice but to believe, I believe in myself. That I have a role. I believe that it was not I who grabbed the stone from my previous life and came back, but that I came back ‘because of me’. you said You might have died to meet me. So you believe it too.’

[These are irresponsible words.]

Heo Joo chuckled.

[I’ll promise you this one thing. If you become a monster that you can’t control, this old man… … Even if it means accepting the disappearance of my existence, I will stop you from becoming out of control.]

Lee Seong-min smiled faintly at those words.

The will was coming to an end.

That was my intention.

At the end of the will.

[Among humans, he was the best in the world and the best in all times.]

Heoju muttered.

The last sentence of the will is.

That was it. Even though he did not know when he would die, he was looking forward to his own death and was confident about what would be proven by his death.

Yehwa didn’t cry anymore. Scarlett sighed. Seongmin Lee quietly put down his will.

“I will eat.”

After a moment of silence, Lee Seong-min said that. Yehwa looked surprised and Scarlett jumped up from her seat.

“… … I’m serious?”

“It was a will, and I decided to do it myself.”

“but… … That’s a bit… … “It’s terrible.”

Scarlett trembled and muttered.

“It’s not like eating it raw…” … ?”

“Fine… … “Yes.”

In Scarlett’s hesitant question, Yehwa answered in a trembling voice.

“Master… … This is a will. “Do as the Lord of the Soviet Union wishes.”

Even though I said that. She Ye Hua closed her eyes as if she didn’t want to see anymore. Lee Seong-min looked down at Sima Lianju’s corpse with a stern expression.

“… … select. Yes, it’s a choice.”

It was Osla who opened his mouth in uncomfortable silence.

“Ryeonju is a coward. He died, but I knew I would do this. I remembered what Ryeonju said, and I knew that I would bring that body to this forest. and… … “You know what I will do next.”

Osla chuckled and laughed.

“This is something I can do. Because I’m not going out into the forest myself. Yeah, so I don’t have to take the penalty. “No one can constrain my actions.”

“… … what?”

“It’s a choice.”

Osla answered Lee Seong-min’s question.

“It’s your choice and mine. “You chose, so I choose too.”

Osla’s wings slowly spread.

“As I said before, I am friendly with you. Ryeonju died, and his will passed on to you. So I have no choice but to be more friendly to you. No, apart from that. “If you make a choice, I must help you as your helper.”

“How are you going to help?”

“Let me ease some of your worries.”

Osla raised both hands as she said that. The butterfly’s wings spread wide gave off a brilliant light.

“So that you don’t go crazy after eating the lotus root. I will seal the fortress. It may not be perfect, but you won’t turn into a monster right away. Again, not perfect. Rather, the immediate seal may cause greater danger when the seal is broken later.”

“It would be better than going out of control right away.”

“You will need to be prepared.”

Osla muttered.

“If the sealed fortress goes wild, something terrible might happen. “The seal I give you right now is not complete, so you must prepare to be able to control yourself completely.”

I remember Mushi’s words. That means you have to prepare.

“I think so.”

Lee Seong-min looked down at Sima Lianju’s body again. Seeing that, Osla shook his head.

“… … “The meal you’re about to make is going to be pretty terrible.”

“I guess so.”

Cut open the chest, take out the heart and chew it. Certainly, no matter how it is packaged, it will not be a very pretty sight. Even if you put your mind to it, it is impossible with a sober mind.

“I will help you.”

Osla sighed and said.

When she stretched out her hand, Sima Lianju’s dead body trembled slightly. A red sphere emerged from Sima Lianzhu’s left chest. It resembled the power that the Spirit Queen extracted from the Dragon Heart.

“The method is also important.”

Osla muttered.

“He cut open his teacher’s chest, pulled out his heart and chewed it. Drink blood… … Such immorality is a direct denial of humanity. “It’s much better to do it this way.”

However, this does not mean that the risk completely disappears. Osla added that and sent a sphere of light towards Seongmin Lee.


Osla said so and spread her hands wide along with her wings.

“I’m going to start sealing.”


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