Worthless Regression Chapter 293

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[295] Will (1)

“teacher… … .”


Before Lee Seong-min could finish the words he spoke in a surprised voice, Ye-hwa screamed.

Ye Hwa came staggering forward and collapsed in front of Sima Lianju’s body.

Tears flowed from my trembling eyes. She lowered her head and sobbed, and stretched out her trembling hands to grope Saberobju’s body.

Seongmin Lee quietly approached Yehwa. His heart was beating madly in his chest.

My head felt like it was going to explode and my throat was dry.

The sensation in my fingertips was strange, and the sensation in the skin of my entire body was also strange. She felt terribly disgusted.

Seongmin Lee raised his hand and grabbed his chest.

It reminded me of when Gwangcheonma died.

I see Sima Lianju’s corpse.

A corpse with its left arm cut off. There were few wounds on his body, but the uniform he was wearing was dirty and his hair was a little unkempt.

His face was calm, without any pain, and no blood flowed from his cut forearm.

Lee Seong-min looked at Sima Lianzhu’s face with a thin smile and remembered his last words.

-The future was denied.

-Don’t be too sad, don’t be angry, and don’t act helpless like a child.

-Musin is not allowed. Not even after a month. Even if a god had intervened, it wouldn’t have worked. I have denied the future of death. okay. The throne does not die.

-It just goes somewhere far away. Maybe you too will come here someday. When that time comes, don’t hesitate. Don’t leave any regrets.

When asked if he had decided to go to a shaman, Sima Ryeonju responded with a smile. His answer was that he no longer needed to go.

What do you mean… … I don’t know. Seongmin Lee sat down next to Yehwa.

He looked down at Sima Lianju with vain eyes. He simply could not accept that Master Sabaib, who possessed superhuman strength, was dead before her eyes.

He easily destroyed the batting team and defeated the Black Dragon Association like a child. Even Martial God, the pinnacle of the world, was no match for Sima Lianju and even withstood the joint attack with Yue Hu.

[I don’t know.]

Heoju muttered.

[That is, when a woman named Wolhu and Martial God joined forces. Even at that moment, Sima Lianju was overwhelming the two. however… … I suddenly lost all my strength. I don’t really understand why that happened.]

That was also a question for Lee Seong-min. Sima Lianju’s superiority was something that could not be easily overturned, and if the fight had continued as is, Wu Xin and Yue Hu would have been defeated by Sima Lianju. Sima Lianzhu would not have died either.

“… … “Why is there a body here?”

Because I knew there was no way to solve the mystery of Sima Lianju’s death. Instead of thinking about it, he looked at Sima Lianzhu’s corpse and asked.

Osla, who was floating in the air with her wings drooping, slowly came down.

“… … Before. Ryeonju once said. If so, that won’t happen. He said that if he were to die… … I want to be buried in this forest. “I wanted to honor that promise.”

“… … Why are we here?”

“It was a request from Sima Lianju.”

It was Scarlett who answered him. She crumpled the torn scroll left in both hands with a gloomy expression.

“It was a favor only for me. If the… … If you die or are in a dangerous situation. “I want you and Ye Hua to use the teleportation scroll.”

“That’s a scroll I got in a dungeon a long time ago.”

Osla sighed.

“After that, I helped you enter the coordinates of this place. no way… … “I didn’t know you could use it like this.”

“… … why.”

Yehwa spat out in a trembling voice.

“Why, Lord Ryeon had to die. why… … ! If it were a teleport scroll, you could have used it too… … !”

“No, it was impossible.”

Yehwa’s cry was immediately denied by Osla.

“Ryeonju fought within the divine barrier. It is impossible to escape from inside, even if you use a teleportation scroll. and… … Even though he knew that, it was Ryeonju who chose to fight. “Ryeonju wanted that.”

“why… … .”

“Because I wanted to do that.”

Seongmin Lee answered in a low voice.

“I guess that’s it.”

Just like it used to be. Lee Seong-min thought as he looked down at the dead body of Sima Lianju while smiling. Osla crouched down at Sima Lianju’s bedside.

She stretched out her small hands and caressed Sima Lianzhu’s face.

“… … “Ryeonju is not dead.”

“yes… … ?”

Yehwa asked in a surprised voice. She looked at Osla with a look of anticipation on her face. Osla smiled bitterly at Yehwa’s gaze.

“But that doesn’t mean you can come back to life. … … “I’m sorry for not meeting your expectations.”

“that is… … “What do you mean?”

“Ryeonju… … So, Ryeonju’s soul. I went to a world other than this one. “I left this world to completely escape the bonds of mortality and become a higher-class being.”

“What is that… … .”

“actually… … It might be more correct to say that he is dead. In the end, I can’t return to this world. In some ways, it might be more correct to say that we headed to the afterlife.”

Maybe that’s why. Osla’s voice was droopy. She has completely escaped the bonds of mortality. A higher level being… … Lee Seong-min didn’t understand, but Heo-ju understood what that meant.

He too had seen such a ‘road’.

“… … The will… … “There was.”

Scarlett, who came next to Lee Sung-min, muttered.

“When Sima Lianju entrusted me with the teleportation scroll. He left his will as well. She’s never read it… … In fact, I didn’t think he would even get a chance to read it.”

Scarlett took out a rolled-up book from her subspace pocket.

After receiving the letter, Seongmin Lee looked down at the letter tied with red string.

After a moment of hesitation, he unties the string. The long, unfolded bookcase was filled with letters written on it.



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The moment I read the first sentence of the will. Lee Seong-min’s expression hardened.

Lee Sung-min also did not think so.

Ye-hwa, who was reading the will together, covered his mouth.

The tears that broke out turned into muffled sobs. Lee Seong-min chewed his trembling lower lip.

of course.

I felt like I could hear Sima Lianju’s laughter in the handwriting he wrote without hesitation.

However, don’t force your emotions. Lee Seong-min thought so.

Even if you die a satisfactory death, those left behind cannot be satisfied. Even if you die without regret and without wishing for it, those left behind cannot help but feel sad.

I know those self-destructive winds well.


In the will, Sima Lianju called her name.

Yehwa, who was reading the will together, felt like her true intentions had been revealed and so she choked back tears. It was just as Sima Lianju said.

Without hesitation, Yehwa went to see Musin and fought with him, intending to die.

“… … My lord… … .”

Yehwa let out a crying voice and dropped her head.

“… … “It wasn’t that difficult.”

Scarlett muttered, clearing her throat.

It was true. What if Lee Seong-min had been told by Sima Lianju to run away in case something happened, or had been given the will? He would never have run away when his master was killed. It’s the same with the illustration.

At the moment of death, Sima Lianzhu backed away from the oath he had forcibly taken from the Black Dragon Association. In fact, Seongmin Lee couldn’t quite figure out the reason. What was more questionable was why the Black Dragon Association helped escape and blocked Martial God.

-Forcibly suppressing one’s will is unpleasant.

Just before he died, Sima Lianju said this to the Black Dragon Association. As he said those words, it seemed as if Sa Beo-ju realized something about him.

“Ryeonju is an idiot.”

Osla, crouching down on her knees, muttered.

“You idiot, you idiot.”

“I didn’t cry!”

Osla screamed loudly.

At the end of the will, Lee Seong-min was mentioned.

Seongmin Lee clenched his fists. His vision was blurry. He didn’t want to cry, but he felt like tears would flow.

“… … no.”

Lee Seong-min muttered in a suppressed voice. no. Fate or not, you weren’t supposed to die like this. Whatever my role, you could have taken my place more easily and faster than I could.

It will be so. Lee Seong-min also knew it well. This time too. Seongmin Lee couldn’t do anything.

Lee Seong-min also knew about him well. Seongmin Lee read the sentence below.

After reading the sentences that follow from it. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath.

Everyone who read the will was astonished.


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