Worthless Regression Chapter 290

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[292] Negative (1)

Although he dismissed Wolhu’s words by laughing loudly, Wolhu’s expression did not waver despite Sima Lianju’s attitude.

What she said was definitely the truth. Even so, she spoke so suddenly and lightly that even Martial God felt a little embarrassed.

‘Sama Lianju is the end?’

Even if it is not the end itself, isn’t it said that it is one of the axes leading towards the end?

Is it true? This is too radical to believe blindly.

but… … Musin felt that his heart was leaning towards the fact that what Wolhu said was true.

Sima Lianju was strong. Even though it was strong, it was too strong.

When I came out after being closed for 100 years. Musin had no doubt that he believed that the strength he had gained was the pinnacle of humanity.

Although he had never competed properly with the Predator’s monsters, he thought he could defeat the Vampire Queen, who was said to be close to immortal, without much difficulty.

It wasn’t. Let alone dealing with the Vampire Queen, she couldn’t even reach the pinnacle of humanity. why. When I came out after closing. She had in mind Sa-rae-bi-ju and Geom-seon, who were at the same level as her.

However, Wu Xin never once thought that he would be pushed aside by Sima Lianju.

That strength… … It’s absurd. weird. This is ridiculous. There is no way you are stronger than me. Yes, if you are human. But what if Sima Lianzhu is not just a human being, but the end of life?

If so, that ridiculous strength is understandable.

“Do you even need a justification to convince yourself?”

Sima Lianju said that to the silent martial artist. It is impossible to escape this space. If we defeat Wolhu and Musin, will we be able to escape from this place?

In fact, if I wanted to escape, I could have escaped earlier. If only Lee Seong-min had thrown himself away instead of preventing him from entering.

I didn’t want to do that.

Sima Lianzhu put his back on his back and looked up at the sky.

okay. I didn’t want to do that. If you think about it, it was just an excuse.

When I went to the Murim Alliance with Lee Seong-min. That way, he didn’t really need to make a fuss. I wanted to fight against the open-minded Tagu Bongjin, and I wanted to fight against the Black Dragon Hyeop, the Murim Lord. The reason he went out of his way to provoke Jennyella with threats was because he wanted to fight her.

I could have avoided the place, but instead of doing so, I stayed here. Yes, actually, it was all because Sima Lianju wanted to do that.

What is it like? Sima Lianju chuckled. The reason is not important. I just do it because I want to.

Maybe today. Sa Bei-ju slowly turned his head.

Beyond the invisible wall, Lee Seong-min was writing evil.

The strength created by pouring all of one’s energy into the wall hits the wall. But the wall is impenetrable.

This barrier is similar to the demonic barrier that trapped Musin for several months. Even if Sima Lianju himself tried his best, he would not have been able to break it easily, but it was impossible for Lee Seong-min to break it.

‘It looks like I can’t even hear the electric sound.’

Although the appearance is visible, the transmitted sound does not continue because the space itself is isolated.

It is impossible to escape from here unless the barrier itself is broken.

I had no intention of escaping in the first place. Sabeongju lowered her head as she was looking at the sky. He showed his teeth and smiled at Wolhu and Mushin.

“What are you doing?”

I asked with a smile.

“Didn’t you say that this seat is one of the axes of the end? “Are you still going to keep looking at me like that?”

I guess I’ll have to do as the Red Magic Tower owner asked. As Sa Beop-ju thought about that, she loosened her hands that were holding her back.

Rumbling… … !

A thunderclap sounds. A black electric current crackled and bounced from Sima Lianzhu’s entire body.

Wu Xin looked at Sima Lianzhu with a nervous face. In fact, he was still skeptical. Wolhu said he would help, but he still didn’t have the confidence to kill that monster, Sima Lianju.

“it’s okay.”

As if he had read the mind of a warrior. Wolhu said so.


With an eerie sound, Wolhu’s body was bathed in white light. The power Wolhu drew was not internal energy.

Musin was surprised by the foreign energy. The power Wolhu showed was similar to that of Demon Spirit.

“What is that… … ”

“The Holy Spirit lent it to me.”

Wolhu, enveloped in a dazzling white light, spoke. Sima Lianzhu was also intrigued by the strange flow of power.

He smiled and slowly moved forward.

The space was once colored white.

After that, it turned pitch black. Countless ink lines ravaged the white.

The extreme speed of the black thunderstorm robbed Sima Lianzhu of his human form.

Bub bub bub!

Musin’s body was pushed back by countless repeated blows.

There was a deep expression of astonishment on Musin’s face that could not be hidden.

‘You mean it wasn’t the fastest…? … ?!’

The practice of practicing meditation was faster and faster than before. Yuehu, who was caught up in the white light, was also pushed back by Sima Lianzhu’s offensive. She was equally astonished by the speed of her private affairs, but that astonishment fueled her sense of noble mission.

What the spirit said was true. Although Sima Lianju was a human being, he was a monster himself, and it was clear that he was the axis of the end that could be said to be the true end of the world.

So we have to stop it. Wolhu’s hands became even more white.

She is an expert in ice ball. However, Sima Lianju’s speed was not something that could be caught with an ice ball.

There was no problem. The current Wolhu was seeing what Martial God could not see. Wolhu was able to see the super speed of Sima Lianju that Martial God could not see.

The power of the spirit filled my body. It is a power gained at the cost of giving up all the martial arts learned so far.

After killing Sima Lianzhu, he would become a body that does not know martial arts, but Wolhu did not regret his choice.


Wolhu’s daily scream blocks the movement of the ink line that paints the world without stopping. Sima Lianju felt a bit of surprise at that light day.

He looked down at his left hand, which he had collided with. The left hand collided with a field of eerie cold. There is white frost on the palms of my hands. It was evidence that Yue Hu’s general had penetrated Sima Lianju’s self-defense strength and inflicted a cold blow.


Martial God’s Iljang had never reached Sima Lianju before. But the day after the moon arrived. I felt joy in it. He grinned as he shook his hands.

Rumbling… … !



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The thunder rings again.


The three of them disappeared.


It was the body of Martial God that flew out with a crashing sound that shook the heavens and earth. He swallowed the blood that came up, stepped on the air, and ran in the opposite direction again.

Hands moving in an afterimage gather in front of the chest. A sharp punch strikes the air as if cutting it off.

Sima Lianzhu, who was dealing with Yue Hu’s Zhang Fa, immediately responded to the fist approaching from behind.


He parries the martial arts martial arts skills with his right hand and throws a strike with his left hand toward Wolhu.

Yue Hu did not dodge, but stretched out both hands to cover the capital of Sima Lianzhou.


Along with an eerie sound, absolute coldness enveloped Sima Lianzhu’s left hand.

Self-defense skills were meaningless. He ignored Wolhu’s attack, which received divine protection, and came in, freezing Sima Lianju’s left hand.


However, it was Wolhu who groaned. The foot swung by Sima Lianju kicked Wolhu’s body. Originally, Wolhu’s internal organs would have exploded and he would have died from this blow.

But it doesn’t die. The protection granted by the gods solely to kill Sima Lianju managed to bridge the vast gap between Yue Hu and Sima Lianju.

Although it was not as strong as Sima Lianju, Martial God was strong. He grabbed Sima Lianju’s right hand, which was pressing on him, broke it, and pulled it into his body.

At the same time, he shot his right hand, wrapped in blue light, towards Sima Lianzhu’s side.

At that very close range, Sima Lianzhu reversed his stance and avoided Martial God’s hand.


The light fired by the martial god fell to the floor and created a deep and huge hole.

A heat rose from the deeply dug ground, making the cold of the north meaningless.


Sima Lianzhu muttered.

-Kkwa, kkwa, kkwa, kkkwang!

As if hundreds or thousands of wall forces exploded at the same time. The sound alone shakes the space.

Ten thousand lightning bolts erupted from Sima Lianju at the center and swept all around.

All the snow inside the barrier melted and evaporated, and the ground burned black. As if that wasn’t enough, the remaining electric current in the air turned into a huge sphere following the gesture of Sima Lianzhu’s hand.

Musin, who fell to the ground due to the terrible force, staggered and got up.

Sima Lianzhu personally unleashed the Ten Thousand Thunders and knocked both Yue Hu and Wu Xin to the ground.

“It’s not enough.”

Sima Lianzhu muttered. Although Yue Hu’s power under the divine protection was amazing, it was not enough to kill Sima Lianju.

Wolhu could no longer maintain composure. Sa Beopju held a black sphere condensed in front of his palm downwards.

“You can’t do this.”

The sphere falls. As it fell, it burst once again. The sky was no longer blue or white.

It was a complete night. In that night, an electric current that was darker than the darkness of the night flowed.


Sima Lianju said with a grin.

Countless lightning bolts crashed down.


The god of war roared in a loud voice and raised his arms and spread them out. The enormous power emanating from the Martial God’s body swirled upward.

Countless lightning bolts were caught up in the flow of power. It was all I could do to hold on. It is impossible to return it or destroy it.

Bloody tears dripped from Musin’s bloodshot eyes.

Yue Hu took a deep breath and raised both hands towards Sima Lianju.

please please.

Wolhu searched for the spirit in his heart. Please bring that devil out. Wolhu’s eyes turned white.

It’s an old law.

Humans in this world cannot achieve transcendence in the true sense of the word. This world was created based on such absolute laws.

This world has functioned in accordance with the purpose of existence. This is a huge breeding farm. A breeding farm where guinea pigs are run to obtain perfected techniques.

No matter how strong Sima Lianju’s power is. Even if his actual inaction has already surpassed the transcendental level.

He is neither a true transcendent nor an absolute being. In the end, he is still human.

So this is.


Pure white light pierced Sima Lianzhu’s body.

Sima Lianzhu’s body, which was floating in the air, swayed greatly. He looked down at his body with a surprised face. The lightning that was rushing around him stops.

“… … What.”

For the first time, I was taken aback by Sima Lianju’s voice. My energy stopped. My body is heavy.

The inner energy that had been endlessly full just a moment ago had now decreased to the point where the bottom was visible.

My body, which was faster than anything else, feels very heavy. How long has it been since you felt a weight on your body?

“iced coffee!”

Wolhu exclaimed with a bright face. I didn’t know either Martial God or Sima Lianju. She must have felt it. That her divine spirit answered her own call.

Wolhu immediately kicked the ground. Although he didn’t know what had happened, he had an intuition that something was wrong with Sima Lianzhu.

The enormous power that the martial god had brought up was fired directly towards Sima Lianzhu.


The storm of power regurgitated by Martial God struck Sima Lianju.

Sima Lianzhu stiffened his expression and responded to that force. But it’s not enough. Internal energy and body movements. For the first time since his fight with the God of War, Sa Bei-ju felt the taste of blood in his mouth.

Wolhu attacks Sima Lianju, who is being pushed back. She waved her white hand and tried to harm the Four Layers.

Sima Lianzhu swallowed the blood that came up and thrust out his left hand.


Sima Lianju’s daily leader and Yuehu’s daily leader clashed. Sima Lianzhu’s hand, which was always wrapped in a black electric current, was not emitting any light at this moment.

Damn… … Damn it… … ! The air is freezing. Sima Lianzhu saw his entire left arm frozen.


Wolhu spat out.

“The spirit wants you dead. “God has answered our wish to avoid the apocalypse.”


Sima Lianzhu muttered as he looked at his frozen left arm.

“I was wondering why this was happening all of a sudden. Hehehe, divine spirit… … It’s a spirit. Look. “In the end, wasn’t what I said right?”

A smile appeared on Sima Lianju’s face.

“You guys weren’t enough.”


Sima Lianzhu’s left arm exploded. The fragments of the torn arm were all frozen, and the blood became ice particles and scattered.

Sima Lianzhu slowly stretched out his right hand without paying attention to his missing arm.

Yue Hu’s face, who had been feeling happy about bursting Sima Lianju’s arm, hardened.

Somehow? Sima Lianju’s hand was on Wolhu’s chest.

“After a month, even if you were added, it wasn’t enough.”


The light slap caused blood to spurt from Wolhu’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Sima Lianzhu flicked the tip of his right hand towards the falling Yue Hu, spurting blood.

A thin electric current shot in a straight line pierced Wolhu’s body. Wolhu’s body, entangled in the electric current, twisted and exploded.

Being careless at the last moment resulted in death for Wolhu.

“Don’t feel too sad.”

Sima Lianzhu swallowed blood. I looked down at his missing left arm. Musin shouted as he saw Wolhu explode without even leaving a body behind.

“But didn’t you take my left arm?”

Sima Lianju muttered that and looked outside the barrier.

Lee Sung-min, whose face was frozen in shock, and Scarlett, who didn’t know what to do.

‘Not yet?’

Sima Lianju thought with a grin.

I didn’t want to show it like this.


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