Worthless Regression Chapter 289

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[291] Musin (3)

Sima Lianzhu’s words with a smile stimulated Wu Xin’s emotions.

Even Musin was aware that the direction was different.

I don’t admit it. I just think Sima Lianju’s words are extremely arrogant.

Martial God glared at Sima Lianju and increased his internal strength.

The inner strength that Martial God handled could no longer be called inner strength.

Rumbling… … !

Power spreads out in all directions. The scenery around Musin is shaking violently.

“I can’t chase you…” … ?”

“Would you like to try?”

Sima Lianzhu asked.

There was no need to answer. All you have to do is show it through actions, not words.


Martial God’s feet kicked the ground. In this way, the movements of the martial artist continue to increase. Every time the martial artist moved, dozens of afterimages were created.

Eventually, it leaps in different directions. The illusion that interfered with space divided the martial arts body.

The dozens of martial gods used different martial techniques to put pressure on Sima Lianju. Sa Beo-ju immediately swung both his hands.

It moves only once.

However, dozens of methods are mixed within it. The incredible speed made it possible.


Lightning exploded in the middle of the snowy field.

Jennyella, who was watching it with Joo Won from afar, was truly amazed.

Joo Won, standing next to Jennyella, was breathing heavily and clenching his fists.

Both were thinking the same thing. Are the two fighting over there really human?

Joo Won could barely suppress the fighting spirit boiling deep in his heart.

If only Jennyella wasn’t by my side. If Jennyella hadn’t told him not to get involved, he would have poured his all into enjoying the monsters’ banquet over there.


Jennyella whispered. I saw that Sima Lianju would fight here. and. Here, Master Sima Lian dies. That was the future Jennyella saw.

But how will you die? I saw Sima Lianzhu coughing up blood and collapsing. but… … Jennyella’s eyes narrowed.

lack. Mushin is not enough. The power of Martial God cannot kill Sima Lianju. Rather, if things continue like this, the warrior will be killed by Sima Lianju.

It was enough to say that those two were at the peak as humans, but in Jennyella’s opinion, Sima Lianju’s strength was slightly ahead of Martial God’s.

It was just as Jennyella thought.


The high-speed attack that penetrates the gap in one’s thoughts shatters the martial arts illusion.

The created alter egos could not withstand the onslaught of Sima Lianju.

Martial God’s face distorted as he staggered back. Of course, this is not everything. I have the energy.


The strong force shook and the body of the warrior rose up.


As he held his breath, the stretched out field transformed into a gigantic shape.


Sima Lianju was free from the power that caused the entire ground to collapse.

He became a ray of lightning, which pierced the martial spirit’s tension, splitting into dozens and scattering in all directions.


Dozens of lightning became ten thousand lightning. Musin shouted and spread his arms.


The world turned white with heavy drinking.

But the ten thousand black lines cannot be erased.

In the midst of the lightning, Sima Lianzhu chuckled. If the essence of Martial God’s heart is illusion, he is only fast.

The unimaginable speed penetrated the illusion. The pushing blow taps off the warrior’s self-defense strength. Musin could not count how many blows had been struck in a split second. Stand strong in self-defense and withstand the blow.

Can’t see… … No. I can’t respond. What to avoid? It’s impossible. There is no time to avoid it. Even if you look for a gap in the counterattack, you cannot see it.

The lack of strength becomes speed, and the density of attack becomes speed. Speed ​​is replacing everything. A blow that is not light will reduce your self-defense strength.

If Martial God’s self-defense strength was a huge rock mountain, Sima Lianju’s attacks were chisels and hammers.

Hundreds of chisels and hammers strike simultaneously. It’s being chipped away. Even the endless inner strength lost its meaning in Sima Lianzhu’s ceaseless and fast attack and defense.

The sky was not clear. The northern sky is mostly gray except at night. Even on snowy days, it turns pure white.

now. It wasn’t snowing and the sun wasn’t even setting, but it was black.

It slowly turns black. The black lines created by the Four Horsemen’s Meditation were coloring the world with that color.

Not today.

Lee Seong-min blankly looked at the black line created by Sima Lianju. Straight lines and curves. It was impossible to predict the trajectory. It was impossible to even see the starting point of the line. When you come to your senses, it has already begun, and when you know him, it is already over. He was worthy of being called a divine being.

[surely. I guess not today.]

He Ju, who was watching Sima Lianju pressuring Wu Xin, spoke in a voice full of admiration.

[Although I admit that a person called Martial God is strong. Your teacher is stronger than Martial God. It is just as Sima Lianju said. Martial arts is not enough.]

Seongmin Lee nodded his head with a look on his face as if he were possessed. The current Sima Lianju was showing the essence of the black lightning world that he had not been able to show in the fight against openness.

The movement of Sima Lianju was the most ideal movement in the martial art of Black Thunder, which Lee Seong-min could never imitate.

How much longer do I have to swing the spear and how much time do I have to devote to martial arts to get close to that?

‘As it is… … .’

Musin gritted his teeth. This is a fact I don’t want to admit. But now I had no choice but to admit it. I can’t chase Sima Lianju.

How long must we strengthen our defenses and withstand attacks? Just because you choose that method doesn’t mean you can endure it forever.



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‘You lose? I?’

My thoughts go there. No, you can’t. You must not die here. Musin’s eyes were bloodshot.


The sudden sound made Sima Lianju stop his movements.

It was a sudden intervention. Sima Lianzhu stopped his offensive and retreated.

Sima Lianzhu was not the only one surprised by her appearance. She looked up at the sky with eyes that she could not believe even in martial arts.

As she descended, she looked like a fairy rather than a human. The woman who came down, scattering pure white cold air, had silver hair that radiated transparent light, and she had blue eyes that were sunken without agitation.

Sima Lianju blinked his wide eyes and looked up at the woman.

“Monday later.”

“Why are you here… … ?”

Mushin asked in an incredulous voice. Moon Lake never came out of the moon palace located at the top of Mount Yuzkiah.

Although Wolhu belonged to the Six Exalted Ones of the Heavenly Universe, he was more mysterious than any other six virtuous beings, and even the god of war could not give orders to Wolhu.

Why is Wolhu, who should be on Mount Yuzkiah, here?

“My younger brother asked me to do it.”

Wolhu opened his mouth.

Brother. At those words, Musin’s shoulders trembled. Although he only knew martial arts, Wolhu and Youngmae are sisters.

The first time Wolhu joined Cheonoecheon was when a spirit medium visited Musin and introduced her as her older sister. after that. The spirit medium was always with Musin, but not Wolhu.

He only listed his name as one of the Six Noble Ones of Heaven and Earth, and did not receive instructions from a medium.

It was a very exceptional thing for Wolhu to move like that. Wolhu, who was receiving the gazes of Martial God and Sima Lianju, slowly opened his mouth.

“We must kill Sima Lianju here.”

Musin’s face trembled at the words he spoke so calmly. Do you not know him just because he is a martial artist?

The moment I had to fight with Sima Lianju. He had already made up his mind to kill Sima Lianzhu.

This is because it was thought that his presence with too much power would be a hindrance. If he had decided to do it, he wouldn’t have had to go through all this trouble.

“We will join forces.”

Wolhu said that without changing his expression.

At those words, Musin’s eyes opened wide.

ha ha ha!

Before Martial God could say anything, Sima Lianzhu laughed loudly.

After laughing for a while, he shook his head and chuckled.

“Will it be two?”

No, you can’t.

Musin thought so inwardly. Pride… … Even if you put your pride aside. The inaction of Sima Lianju was clearly at a higher level than that of the martial arts gods.

Even if Yue Hu joined forces, it was unlikely that he would be able to kill Sima Lianju.

Musin was well aware of Wolhu’s skills. In the past, Wolhu had a dance with King Chang because King Chang insisted on fighting so hard.

It is said that Wolhu is one of the strongest among the transcendent realms, but his power was not much different from that of King Chang. Would it be possible to kill Sima Lianju just because he had that much added power?

“It’s possible.”

Wolhu answered. It was as if he had read Musin’s mind. Wolhu’s hand slowly lifted.


Sima Lianzhu’s eyebrows twitched at the young strength of Yue Hu’s hand. At that moment, Lee Seong-min was running towards Sima Lianju.

Because he knew that Yue Hu’s sudden intervention would never work in Sima Lianju’s favor.

The light on Wolhu’s hand grows even bigger. Sima Lianzhu instinctively realized this.

In a short moment.

Sima Lianju thought of two actions. Attack and stop Wolhu. Leaving this place. Sima Lianju chuckled. What he did was neither of those two things. Sima Lianju’s hand moved.


What I was heading for was not Wolhu or Musin. Lee Seong-min, who was running to help Sima Lianju, collided with Sima Lianju’s leader.

He could never have imagined that Sima Lianju would throw tension towards him. No, in fact, even if he had known, he wouldn’t have responded.

The tension of Sima Lianju pushed Lee Seong-min’s body backwards.

“teacher… … !”

Lee Seong-min hurriedly called Sima Lianju, but Sima Lianju did not answer. Nevertheless, the reason why Lee Seong-min could not continue his sentence was because Sima Lianju looked at Lee Seong-min with a smiling face.


The light in Wolhu’s hand exploded.


The space began to vibrate. Just as the land dries up in a drought, the space dries out, creating cracks like spider webs.

Seongmin Lee quickly gathered his posture and ran with all his might. An indescribable ominousness. Lee Seong-min’s face was distorted by that ominous and disgusting feeling of not being able to see the future, but having an intuition of what the future would be like.

Lee Seong-min’s body, which was running at full speed, collided with something. There is nothing, but Lee Seong-min’s body hits something and stops, as if there were a transparent wall.

“What is this again… … ?!”


Seongmin Lee shouted and swung his spear. The spear he swung with all his might could not pierce the wall of space.

It’s a blessing.

I slowly looked around. The scenery has not changed. But now. The place where Sima Lianzhu was standing was the snowy field that had been there before, but it was not a snowy field.

“This… … ”

Nothing much has changed. However, Musin’s expression hardened at the strangeness emanating from the entire space.

He knew this space well. Just a few months ago, I was trapped in this damn world and going through hardships.

okay. A demon I met at the Demon Spirit Pavilion in the Hujal Mountains. The space where the demonic spirit threw the martial spirit was identical to the strangeness felt in this space now.

“why… … Month later. “Do you have this kind of power?”

“This is not my strength.”

Wolhu shook his head in response to Musin’s question.

“Sama Lianju’s death is something that must come true. That’s why God gave me special strength.”

Musin’s eyes opened wide at Wolhu’s answer. The only people who could contact spirits were mediums.

The reception did not happen just because the medium wanted it. The method so far has always been unilaterally, where the spirit suddenly contacts the medium’s body and gives instructions about what will happen in the future and what Cheon Oecheon should do.

However, this time, the spirit directly gave him power to kill Sima Lianju. This was the first time something like this had happened in the hundreds of years that Cheonoecheon existed.

Sima Lianzhu was slowly looking around. Wolhu turned her head towards Sa-raeb-ju.

“You can never escape from here. No one can intervene in this space. “This space is a barrier created by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

“It seems so.”

Sima Lianzhu slowly nodded his head. Sima Lianzhu was rather pleased with the fact that outside intervention was impossible.

“Is it really necessary to do something like this?”

Musin asked as if he were suspicious.


Wolhu nodded his head without hesitation. Musin clenched his fists. Although he said it was inevitable, having to join forces with Yue Hu against Sima Lianzhu was a huge blow to his pride. Wolhu, seeing the expression on Mushin’s face, whispered.

“Don’t feel ashamed, Mushin.”

When Musin did not answer, Wolhu spoke forcefully.

“Sama Lianju. “Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon is the end.”

“… … what?”

“The Spirit said. “Killing Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon does not mean the end of the end, but his existence is one of the biggest axes that bring about the end.”

“ha ha ha!”

Sima Lianju, who was listening to Yue Hu’s words, couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

“This is the end of this position?”

Sima Lianzhu, who had forgotten his body pain and was giggling, let out a sigh.

“That’s some crazy bullshit.”


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