Worthless Regression Chapter 284

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[286] From the North (3)


An intense headache hit Seongmin Lee’s head. His legs lost strength and swayed greatly, and Lee Seong-min gasped and barely managed to hold on to his body that was about to collapse.

Black Dragon and Scarlett, who were following behind, looked at Lee Seong-min with puzzled expressions.

Before I knew it, my breathing had become rough. Lee Seong-min didn’t know it, but his golden eyes were shining more intensely than ever recently.

The chest pain that came along with the headache was the pain caused by my heart beating too fast.

My heart is beating so fast that it feels like it will break my ribs and burst out.

Lee Seong-min felt his heart swelling and shrinking.

I hear various sounds in my ears. The voices have different pitches and mix and resonate.

The only thing worth hearing among them was the cackling sound of a child’s laughter.

What is this? Seongmin Lee groaned, holding his head. Heo Joo’s voice… … It sounds far away.

It was noisy with noise and children’s laughter, and the scenery shook. It collapses.

Kyaakkya, kyaakkya… … .

The sound of laughter gradually becomes clearer. The distorted landscape reflected something completely different from the rose garden. lamplight… … They come to mind. It was a scenery I had seen before. Seongmin Lee opened his eyes and looked at the scene.

I could see the streets of Eormuri.

[Ah ah ah ah ah!]


A thunderbolt struck Lee Seong-min’s mind.

The moment I took a deep breath, the distant streets disappeared and I saw the rose garden that was supposed to be visible.

The headache subsided and Lee Seong-min blinked his eyes.

Sima Lianju was holding Lee Seong-min’s wrist. Surprised by the warmth I felt from her shoulder, I looked up to see Scarlett looking down at Lee Sung-min with an expression of confusion and concern.

The energy coming through the wrist was Sima Lianju. The loud cry I heard in my head. It was Heo Joo’s voice.

[Are you out of your mind?]

Heoju quickly asked. It was he who exploded the Lion’s Roar and shattered the illusion Lee Seong-min was seeing.

It was Sima Lianju who suppressed the body that was shaking out of control and the energy that was about to explode.

Scarlett was holding Lee Seong-min’s consciousness while casting mental purification and stabilization magic.

“Well, well… … what?”

Lee Seong-min stammered and made his voice like that. Jennyella, who was standing far away, was not looking at Lee Seong-min.

What she was looking at was Aine. Unlike Lee Seong-min, who had a sudden seizure, Aine showed no signs of agitation.

Rather, she was looking at Lee Seong-min with an incomprehensible expression even amidst the pain of the awl tearing through her body.


Jennyella paid attention to that. I heard from Kim Jong-hyun what happened in Eormuri.

I also know that Lee Seong-min has a dark heart just like Aine.

I also know that the enormous power of the group that Arbes had gathered flowed to Lee Seong-min and Aine.

In that sense, he is the King of Predators whom she foresaw and earnestly prays for to appear.

It could be said that the person closest to massacre predation is Lee Seong-min, not Aine.

In fact, if we only look at the ‘conditions’ as of now, Lee Seong-min was closer to massacre and predation than Aine.

He has the power of a dragon, and by possessing the magical powers of Heoju and Eomuri, his body has mutated to be close to that of a monster, and his martial arts skills are excellent, reaching the level of transcendence.

Although he doesn’t seem to have much magical ability, he has a black heart, so if he decides to delve into magic, he will make excellent progress in magic.

If we look only at those conditions, it is a story of . Jennyella knew Seongmin Lee’s tendencies well.

Even though he has a body like that, he wants to be human.

Such an appearance encouraged Jennyella’s sadism, but if viewed as a factor in the carnage and predation, there are many difficulties.

In fact, although Lee Seong-min has a black heart, he has never once been a ‘predator’.

This is the exact opposite of Aine, who was so starved of appetite that she committed reckless slaughter and ate everything she could find.

In addition, there was a crucial reason why Jennyella did not interfere much with Lee Seong-min.

This is because in the future that Jennyella ‘saw’, she never once saw a video of herself with Lee Sung-min.

Therefore, although Jennyella thought that Lee Seong-min was close to massacre, she did not try to interfere directly with him.

‘but… … .’

I found out that there was something awkward about it. The future she saw this time.

I saw him face Sima Lianzhu in the snowy plains of Zhou Yuan’s domain. I also saw the Black Dragon Association and the owner of the Red Magic Tower, Scarlet Resir. I didn’t see Lee Seong-min’s appearance.

But Lee Seong-min was there.

Her vision of the future only shows fragmentary images of the future, but if the situation and conditions are right, it never goes awry.

Because of that belief, she has worked hard for hundreds of years to create the conditions and conditions for the farthest future she has ever seen.

It was uncomfortable because I was confident that it would not go wrong. Today, meeting Lee Seong-min in the snow field shakes Jennyella’s confidence in Mirae’s future, which she had never doubted.

No, Mi-rae-an is not wrong. Jennyella glared at Lee Seong-min.

I can no longer see through his existence with the magic eye of direct vision. I can no longer be confident about the existence of Lee Seong-min, whom I saw clearly last time.

I can’t be sure about the future I’ve seen ‘so far’. The future that I have only seen so far. What if only Lee Sung-min was cut off like in this case?

If that is the case, Jennyella’s actions of intentionally not interfering with Lee Seong-min were deceptive.

Who on earth deceived her?

“The power went out of control.”

Sima Lianju said as he let go of Lee Seong-min’s wrist.

“You’re bothering me with all sorts of things. Why did your magical power run wild?”

“Do not know… … “I will.”

[It is resonance.]

Heoju answered.

[Your magical power resonated with that girl’s magical power.]

‘What do you mean… … ?’



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[At that time, in Eorumuri. A lot of the power of the land also flowed into that woman. and… … From the looks of it, that girl is completely different from you. Since my mental head is external to begin with, it is unlikely that my spirit will be destroyed by resonance like yours.]

At those words, Lee Seong-min glanced at Aine. But this time, the magical power did not resonate like before. His heart was still beating rapidly, but there was no pain.

‘pond… … ‘Did you hear that?’

[what are you talking about?]

‘The sound of a child’s laughter.’

Seongmin Lee caught his breath.

I saw the scenery of Eorumuri. I heard the sound of a child laughing excitedly.

What on earth happened to me? What on earth is that laugh?

But Heo Joo replied that she had not heard anything.

Lee Seong-min explained to Sima Lianju about what happened to him a little while ago.

Then Sima Lianzhu’s eyes, visible through the eye holes of the mask, narrowed.

[You really are like an onion.]


[Why does the more I dig into it, the more things come out?]

“Aren’t you coming?”

After standing in place for a while, Jennyella finally asked that question. Sa Beop-ju shrugged her shoulders and turned her body around.

Seongmin Lee gave Aine one last look. It was a question of why she was here in such a miserable state.

“You have a strange pet.”

“Isn’t it cute?”

“Isn’t the punishment too much?”

“It’s okay because it’s sturdy.”

Jennyella answered without even looking back. The place she led her group to was a restaurant with a long table in the center that looked like it could seat dozens of people.

There were dozens of types of dishes on that large table.

However, no one in the group felt an appetite after seeing the gorgeous dishes. This is the vampire’s mansion.

That red wine could be blood, and how can we be sure whether the meat floating in the red stew is human flesh or not?

“Please sit down.”

“I didn’t come here for a meal or anything like that.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth. Seongmin Lee, Scarlett, and the Black Dragon Alliance were quite intimidated by Jennyella. It was not Sima Lianju.

He held his head upright as he faced the vampire queen, who showed off her great strength and immortality to the point where she would not die even if her head fell off.

Jennyella laughed and clapped her palms together.

“There’s no need to be too sharp.”

Applause was the signal. Doors all over the restaurant opened at once.

Scarlett was startled and looked around, but Lee Seong-min, Black Dragon Hyeop, and Sima Lianju stood still and glared at Jennyella.

Entering the restaurant through the open door were boys and girls with pale skin.

“Are they your pets too?”

“Because the mansion is so large, we don’t have enough workers.”

“You’re human.”

Lee Seong-min muttered. The boys and girls wearing maid uniforms do not give off a vampire feel.

Jennyella, sitting at the head of the table, shook a wine glass filled with red liquid.

“We don’t just mass-produce vampires. It’s also inefficient. Besides, wouldn’t it be a waste to treat the vampire I created with my precious blood as a servant?”

now. Don’t be too nervous.

Jennyella giggled.

The maids acted on their own. The chairs were moved back to accommodate the number of people, and the empty glasses were filled with alcohol.

Move utensils such as knives and forks to places where they are easy to reach, and cut large pieces of meat into bite-size pieces.

“Human flesh was not used. The same goes for blood. So don’t worry too much… … .”

“He said he didn’t come for a meal or anything.”

Sima Lianzhu spoke again.


Electric currents bounced around his shoulders. An incredibly powerful and intimidating feeling emanated from Sima Lianzhu.

It instantly wrapped around the entire restaurant and crushed it down. The chandelier shattered and the floor shook. The maids sat down.

In the vibrating space, Jennyella’s body did not tremble at all. she asked, slowly shaking her wine glass.

“Do you know what it means to refuse my favor?”

“I guess you haven’t seen this kind of behavior from me in the future?”

“that’s right. The future I saw was fragmentary, and meeting you… … You cut my throat. And coming here was the end.”

“Then what happens next is something you don’t know.”

“Do you think that would upset me? Do you think your presence could negate the future I’ve seen? Do you think you could ruin the path to the future I will reach?”

The more she spoke, the higher Jennyella’s voice became.

“You can’t change anything. What you are doing now is just a small change to me and to the future I am heading toward. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enjoy that influenceless happening together, but… … .”

Jennyella’s gaze glanced at Lee Seong-min.

“Let’s stop. Because I like this mansion and I cherish the garden. “I don’t want to make a fuss and destroy my home where I’ve lived for hundreds of years.”

“If I destroy this mansion, I could make you angry.”

“That never happens.”

Jennyella smiled, showing her teeth.

“Let’s stop provoking each other with meaningless actions. I know very well why you came here. And I know what I should do. “Of course, it is your choice to believe me.”

“Do you mean to tell me obediently?”

“Is that what you plan to do? I will tell the truth, but I will not swear. “Because there is no reason why I should do that.”


Jennyella put down her wine glass.

“The signs will appear soon anyway. First in the south. Black Dragon, you made a mistake. no… … Did it have to be that way in the first place? Poor half-man, half-dragon. “Unable to take charge of anything, he was treated like a puppet by the god of war and Cheon Oecheon.”

The Black Dragon Association was left speechless by the words of Jennyella, who was laughing. He continued stuttering.

“… … mistake… … ?”

“You should have killed Kim Jong-hyun instead of stopping him.”

Jennyella laughed for a while and raised the wine glass to her mouth. Taking half a gulp of her red liquid, Jenny Ella spoke in her merry voice.

“Thanks to your deliberate mistake, Kim Jong-hyun will become the first disaster in the South. He’s already acting like a disaster. Quietly, then explosively.”

“… … Is this the end of Kim Jong-hyun?”

Jennyella laughed loudly at Lee Seong-min’s question.

“Someone like Kim Jonghyun?”

Jennyella’s laughter suddenly stopped.

“You would have told me? He is the first.”

Jennyella lifted up a finger.

“The first of the disasters leading to the end.”

Jennyella’s smile, showing her fangs, was extremely creepy.


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