Worthless Regression Chapter 283

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[285] From the North (2)

“Oh my, this is crazy…” … !”


Jennyella’s head rested on the white snow. The blood that came out in tears dyed the snow field red.

Lee Seong-min did not see the appearance of Sima Lianju who cut off Jennyella’s head, but he did see the result of the severed head staining the snow field.

Thanks to this, he was astonished and had no choice but to utter such a cry.

“What are you doing?!”

I didn’t have to fight with Jennyella. He had succeeded in meeting Jennyella as planned, and now all he had to do was follow her to her mansion and share her story.

In such a situation, Lee Seong-min could not understand why Sima Lianju suddenly entered the world.

“What do you mean?”

“Why bother attacking…?” … .”

“Do you believe her?”

In response to Sima Lianju’s question, Lee Seong-min was speechless.

“The opponent is the vampire queen. Blood-blooded Jennyella. Deluded by blood. Also, because it is cruel, it is bloody. Either way, it doesn’t mean anything good. “Can you trust a vampire who drinks the blood of the living, especially a monster that has lived for hundreds of years?”


I remember meeting Jennyella so far. accidental… … Meetings.

I now know very well that there are no such things as coincidences in this world. In any case, never in her encounter with Jennyelle Ra had she threatened her boyfriend.

Jennyella was friendly to Lee Seong-min. Perhaps the blessings of her fate applied to this as well, but Jennyella had a favor for Lee Seong-min as her personal hobby and taste.

Thanks to this, even though Lee Seong-min knew that Jennyella was a monster with great power, he rarely felt the threat of actually, ‘really’ dying from her.

“I cannot trust that monster.”

Sima Lianju said. That reaction is common. But Lee Seong-min knew it well.

The reason why Sima Lianju cut Jennyella’s throat was not because he did not trust her.

“under… … .”


“Hahaha! Ahahaha!”

A sound rang out. Even though her head was cut off, Jenny Ella’s body did not collapse.

The blood gushing from the cut area soaked her clothes and the snow.

The blood frozen in the harsh northern cold is melting. Drops of blood gush out and swirl around the body that has not collapsed.

The headless body slowly turns around. Seongmin Lee found the epicenter of laughter. His head on the floor was shaking and laughing.

“Did you see it?”

The laughter suddenly stopped. Her head crumbled into dust. The blood droplets floating around flowed into the severed neck, and a red mist hovered where the head should have been.

It became Jennyella’s head again. She turned to the Lord of Sabaib and asked, caressing her ‘cut off’ neck with her hands.

“Do you think I didn’t see it?”

“You must have seen it.”

Sima Lianju answered in a grave voice towards Jennyella, whose head was intact. Jennyella suppressed her giggles and said,

“The future I see is imperfect and has many variables, but if the conditions are met, it won’t go awry. “Because it has become a situation that will happen, and we are seeing a future that needs to happen.”

“I knew this party would attack. “But why didn’t you avoid it?”

“Because there is no reason to avoid it.”

Jennyella smiled broadly.

“You have great power, but that doesn’t mean you can kill me.”

“Do you want to try it out?”

“No way. I don’t want to fight with you. You wouldn’t know that if you were a few hundred years ago. If I were to fight you now, one of you would have to die. I don’t want you to die. “I don’t even want my own death.”

At that answer, Sima Lianju chuckled. He said, lowering his raised hand and putting his back behind him.

“Fighting with you right now is something I don’t want either. But, as I said, I cannot trust you.”

“You’re not afraid of me hurting you, are you?”

“There is no problem with the main seat. However, I must swear to the safety of those who came with me.”

“That’s easy. “I will never harm any of you who come here.”

Jennyella swore to him without hesitation. Does the Oath of Mana have any meaning to an immortal monster? Lee Seong-min had a question about that, but even Heo Ju could not answer that question.

Only after receiving the oath did Sima Lianju nod his head. But all the horses pulling the carriage were dead, so the carriage could no longer move.

“I apologize for that.”

Jennyella raised her hand. As her wide open palm turned in front of her, small drops of blood formed from her fingertips.


The blood that splattered out flowed into the mouths of the dead horses. The horses’ bodies tremble as if they are having convulsions.

Soon the horses stumbled and reared up. It is not a dead horse being brought back to life. By using the blood of the woman who had risen to the peak of vampiredom, she turned her horse into an undead zombie.

“There won’t be any problems now, so let’s go. “I came here with Joo Won’s understanding in advance, but if I stay in his territory for too long, he will feel bad.”

[What are you?]

The moment you want to get on the carriage. Seongmin Lee heard Jenny Ella’s voice in his head. He looked back at Jennyella in shock.

[clearly. When I met you during the subjugation battle for Kim Jong-hyun, my magical eyes were able to see right through you. however… … Why can’t I see you now with my own eyes?]

[…] … I’m not sure what you mean.]

[Strange… … Very strange. I’ve lived for hundreds of years, but I’ve never seen anything like you. You wouldn’t know if you hadn’t seen it from the beginning. And this time too. You weren’t seen in the future I saw… … Your presence was not planned for our meeting here today. Why are you here?]

It was contradictory. Although it is imperfect and has many variables, it does not go awry as long as the conditions are met.

Because it was a situation that was going to happen and I saw a future that needed to happen. Jennyella had definitely said that.

She herself knew that her question and the current situation were contradictory. That’s why she’s strange and embarrassing.

[What are you?]

variable. Singularity. watcher. About the end. I heard the story about the end from Abel.

However, Lee Sung-min still did not know for sure what kind of being he was.

I am me. you are you Heo Joo said that. like that… … I tried to think for myself, but I still had so many questions.



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The role of the observer who simply guides the end to this place has already ended. So what am I from now on?

Why couldn’t Jennyella’s direct magical eyes see me? Why was I not here in the future she saw?

Think about it.

Inside the carriage, Lee Seong-min was lost in thought. The doubts were too big. First of all, when it was possible to see through Jennyella’s direct gaze’s magical eyes.

Just before the subjugation of Kim Jong-hyun. When I rode an elf horse to Trabia to go to Heroi.

I broke up with Wijihoyeon and went to Haras, and not long after… … .

‘… … ah.’

no way. Seongmin Lee hurriedly raised his head and looked at the Black Dragon Hyeop.

“I have something I want to ask.”

“It’s sudden.”

The Black Dragon Association gave a puzzled look. I don’t know if the hypothesis in my head is true. So, I have no choice but to ask the Black Dragon Association first.

“Do you remember when was the last time Musin went to the Huyal Mountains?”

“… … I don’t know the exact date, but… … This one thing is certain. The reason why Musin entered the Huyal Mountains was when I went to Haeroi to subdue Kim Jong-hyeon. “I heard the news from a psychic as soon as I barely returned to the Murim Alliance after being seriously injured by Joo Won.”


Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip. He couldn’t believe there wasn’t a connection.

Why couldn’t Jennyella see ‘me’ with the magic eye of direct vision at first? It is possible to make some guesses about that. At that time, Seongmin Lee was under the strong protection of fate as an observer.

It seemed like it probably protected Lee Seong-min from Jennyella’s magical eyes.

After that, when I came to Travia to subdue Kim Jong-hyun. At that point, Seongmin Lee had finished his role as an unconscious observer.

He had already passed the time when he would have died in his previous life, and this world was brought to an end. With the end of that role, Lee Seong-min lost the protection of fate.


Not long after that, Wijihoyeon met with Musin in the Hujal Mountains.

It’s not certain, but looking at the circumstances, Wijihoyeon must have met Malyeong at Malyeongjeong at that time.

‘Wijihoyeon met the devil.’

Could it be that the blessings of fate reappeared? Is that divine protection protecting me again? I don’t know. I couldn’t figure it out.

Because Abel did not say that Lee Seong-min had the blessing of fate again.

However, no matter how much I thought about it, I felt that there was no other reason why Jennyella could not see through Lee Seong-min with the magic eye of direct vision other than the fact that Wijihoyeon was in contact with the magic spirit.

‘I am… … ‘No, what are you?’

It reminds me of Wijihoyeon. That we will meet again someday. When he said those words, he never thought that things would turn out like this.

I thought we would meet again in Sima Lian in a few months at most.

We didn’t catch each other because we knew we both had work to do.

Should I have caught it then?

It’s too late to regret. Seongmin Lee lifted his head while catching his breath. Sima Lianzhu’s eyes met. Sima Lianju, who was sitting across from him, was looking intently at Lee Seong-min through his mask.

[Have you finished thinking?]

Sima Lianzhu asked a question. Since it was not a story to hide from him, Lee Seong-min informed Sima Lianju about his guesses. Then Sima Lianju chuckled and laughed.

[You thought so hard with a head that wasn’t working.]

[Aren’t you speaking too harshly?]

[It is a compliment.]

Where on earth can I hear that as a compliment?

[I think you are right. Socheonma met the devil… … As a result, ‘something’ happened, so a change occurred in you as well. The wizard guild leader said you had no value. But as I said then, I don’t think so. There is something about you. And there seems to be something connected between Socheonma and you.]

My first meeting with Wijihoyeon was not a coincidence. To some extent, this may have been Lee Seong-min’s intention.

Until now, I thought that was everything. but… … Now, it occurred to me that it wasn’t that simple.

[Blessing of fate. There is no way to check.]

[It’s not that there is no way.]

In the past, Seongmin Lee practiced in Shaolin, although not for a very long time.

The protection of a god of great strength. The first time Lee Seong-min recognized the divine protection hanging over his body was because of the words of Master Bulyeong, the leader of the Shaolin squadron.

A lot happened in Shaolin. The reason Lee Seong-min decided to go north was because he heard the words of the spirit residing in the body of Master Bulyeong.

[Are you saying you want to go to Shaolin and check it out?]

[I think it’s necessary to give it a try.]

Sima Lianju chuckled at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

[Is it Baekpalnahanjin after Tagubongjin? It feels like breaking a seal.]

While they were talking, the carriage stopped. The distance from here to Trabia is quite long, but the horses that received Jennyella’s blood and turned into zombies ran non-stop until they reached Jennyella’s mansion in Trabia.

There was no need even for a coachman. Ye Hua was sitting in her carriage, looking a little nervous.

“There is no need to worry.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth. He glanced at Ye Hua, who had a stern expression, and said.

“Even if something happens, I won’t let you die.”

The carriage door opened.

This is my second time coming to Jennyella’s mansion. The door to the large mansion was already open, and a gorgeous rose garden and an old-fashioned mansion could be seen inside.

Sima Lianju got off the carriage first and faced Jennyella, who was standing in front of the open gate. Jenny Ella showed her fangs and she smiled.

“Please come in.”

I was crossing the garden with her guidance. Seongmin Lee stopped walking.

With wide-open eyes, he saw Aine hanging in the air on one side of the garden, her body impaled by dozens of awls.

Scarlett also recognized Aine. She made a gasping sound and grabbed Lee Seong-min’s arm.

“That, that. that. It was him back then. Right?”

“… … yes.”

When I was first attacked by Aine. Although she used strength to force Aine to retreat, she was able to do so thanks to Scarlett’s help by her side.

Scarlett’s body trembled at the sight of Aine’s miserable appearance.

“Why is that here?”

Did you hear that voice? Aine’s head, which had been bowed, lifted up.

Her yellow eyes turned to Lee Seong-min.

… … Kurrrrrr.

A magical energy vibrated within my body.


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