Worthless Regression Chapter 281

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[283] Black Dragon Alliance (5)

The current originating from the qi and acupuncture points flowed into the dantian and filled it.

Lee Seong-min was startled by the rumbling sound coming from deep inside his body.

The internal power that arises again in the dantian spreads to the entire body.

Lee Seong-min’s heart throbbed and felt pain for a moment, and Lee Seong-min woke up without realizing it due to the feeling that even his peripheral nerves were on edge.

‘what’s this?’

A purple light flickers deep within Lee Seong-min’s golden eyes. Sima Lianju said to the surprised Lee Seong-min.

“By taking care of the four blood vessels with the internal power of this throne, I have unclogged minute blockages and created a passage through which the internal power can flow as quickly as possible.”

“Please at least say something in advance… … !”

“If I tell you in advance, you won’t be surprised.”

Although he listened to Sima Lianju’s words, Lee Seong-min could not fully understand the changes that had occurred in his body.

We have cleared the blockage and created a passage through which internal power can flow as quickly as possible. Does that mean that Black Lightning has made this much progress with just that?

“The Black Thunder Blade that you have learned is a union of the Nine Blades of the Self-made God. “I made it fit together well so you can get used to it, but there is a big difference from the complete Black Thunder Beoncheon.”

Sima Lianju was enjoying Lee Seong-min’s surprise. It was a small pleasure for him to see his incompetent student show such surprise.

“Do you know why this throne is so strong?”

“I guess it’s because the teacher is great.”

“You know me well.”

Sima Lianju smiled happily at Lee Seong-min’s answer. He raised his hand and pointed to Lee Seong-min and the Black Dragon Association in turn.

“You are also in a transcendental state, and I am also in a transcendental state. But why is the gap so big?”

“… … “What do you want to say?”

Although the Black Dragon Association asked that question, it was curious about Sima Lianju’s answer, so it opened its ears knowingly or unknowingly.

“A complete transformation.”


The Black Dragon Association laughed at Sima Lianju’s answer. He said, shaking his head from side to side.

“Isn’t it a complete transformation for dogs and cows to do anything even if they reach the highest level? “Are you sure we haven’t experienced a complete transformation?”

“You don’t think that the transformation of both dogs and cows is the true transformation of bones, do you?”

Hearing the Black Dragon Association’s response, Sima Lianju chuckled.

Seongmin Lee didn’t say anything, but he was sympathizing with the Black Dragon Association’s words.

He also went through a complete transformation in the process of reaching the pinnacle of excellence. Through his experience, he succeeded in achieving some degree of balance in his mind, energy, and body, which were severely tangled at the time.

“Once you reach the level of transcendence, there is no room for further development in your martial arts and body. Going through a complete transformation once again. In the process, the body and martial arts that had no room for development advance to a more advanced and transcendent place. In fact, at that point, the body goes far beyond that of a human being. Thought and action become one, the understanding is wide open, and most military books can be completely understood after reading them once. “The inner energy never dries up, and dantian becomes meaningless.”

“What does it mean that Dantian becomes meaningless?”

The Black Dragon Association asked with shining eyes.

Musin has never said anything like that. He was also a martial artist who had learned martial arts, and had recently suffered a one-sided defeat by Sima Lianzhu, so he was yearning for a higher level.

“It means that the entire body becomes dantian. Do you know what I mean? This means that there is no need to draw strength from the dantian.”

“that… … .”

Lee Seong-min’s mouth was half-open. If Sima Lianju’s words were true, it was natural that not only would he treat Black Dragon League like a child, but he would also not be able to catch Sima Lianju’s movements every time Li Seong-min was slapped.

Drawing out internal power from the dantian. No matter how fast it is, it is only one process.

However, the fact that the entire body becomes dantian means that the process of raising internal power in dantian can be completely omitted.

There may not be a big difference in speed, but at a level of transcendence that can take the opponent’s life in a split second, that speed alone creates a difference that can never be narrowed.

“It may be difficult to complete the transformation at your level, but I have set the most efficient path for you through my internal power while taking care of your Qi and blood. “You won’t even be able to taste it, but it will be fun to try it once.”

It will be fun.

It was as he said.

When he unfolded the Gucheonmugeukchang in front of Sima Lianju. Lightning shot out from the Danjeon. In an instant, the inner power of Jahashingong, which extended to the whole body, met with the Gugyeol of the Black Thunder Beoncheon and completed the Gucheomugeukchang.

The power of the fired spear surprised Lee Seong-min, and also surprised the Black Dragon Association, who was watching with interested eyes.

Sima Lianzhu, who was standing with his back to him and looking at him, nodded his head.

“How do you feel?”

“Does this much change occur after taking care of your energy and blood pressure for a few months?”

“Don’t be stupid. The person who took care of your Qi and blood was the Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, the pinnacle of the Four Worlds’ martial arts, perhaps the best in the world, and perhaps the best person in all time. “Because this seat took care of your energy and blood, that kind of change occurred.”

It was a boastful statement. Normally I would have accepted it harshly, but I couldn’t do that now. Seongmin Lee put down his spear for a moment and bowed his head deeply.

“thank you.”

“Then serve me a drink.”

Without hesitation, Lee Seong-min took out Heo-ju’s gourd and handed it to Sima-ryeonju. Sima Lianzhu received the gourd with a satisfied face, opened the stopper, and savored the fragrant liquor.

“There’s nothing more to see.”

He said that, turned and entered the carriage.

Scarlett remained in the carriage. She was looking out her window and took off her glasses from her nose as she saw the incoming Saber.

“You take good care of me.”

“Because I’m the only disciple.”

Sima Lianju said that and sat down in his seat. He drinks from a gourd without even using a glass.

The sweet scent of alcohol tempted Scarlett, but she now considered writing her life’s masterpiece, the Book of Grimoires, to be more important than drinking alcohol.

[Do me a favor.]

Scarlett raised her head as she heard Sima Lianzhu’s words in her head.

* * *

The security of Travia collapsed after the death of the Blood Heavenly Demon. Some people used to say that, but those who lived in this city knew very well that it was ridiculous nonsense.

Regardless of the existence of Baek Mu-seon, the Demon of Blood, this city has long belonged to monsters, not humans.

The mansion in the central district where she lived had a garden of beautiful red roses that would not wither even in the north wind and cold snow, and the mansion she lived in was full of windows so large that it would be hard to believe that sunlight belonged to a vampire, whose natural enemy was sunlight.

Jennyella was enjoying a red drink amidst the mixed scent of roses.

On the other side, Aine was covered in blood and gasping for air, but to Jennyella, Aine’s painful moans were no different from the sound of pleasant music.



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Aine stood up unsteadily. At that moment, her body had already finished regenerating her.

‘His regenerative power is comparable to mine.’

Jennyella thought about that and raised the glass to her lips. When the red drink touched her lips, Aine leapt.

The speed at which it penetrated in an instant was astonishing, but Jennyella did not follow Aine’s movements.

Because there was no need for that.

“too slow.”

I put down my glass. I lick my lips, which are red with the color of the drink, with the tip of my tongue.

She looked ahead with sad eyes. The red awl rising from the ground turns into fog and disappears.

Aine’s body, which was mercilessly pierced by it, became a piece of meat that could not maintain its original shape.


Jennyella tapped the table with her fingertips to the sound of dripping intestines and blood. Aine’s body lying on the floor is shaking.

“The body is perfect, and the regenerative power is also excellent. It seems like it has enough power… … But I’m not satisfied. “Can’t it be faster?”

“ha… … Ugh… … !”

Aine gritted her teeth and stood up. Looking at Aine like that, Jenny Ella shook her head.

“Or am I expecting too much from you? Could it be that you are not the being I was thinking of? That’s strange. “I thought it must be you.”

“Whoa… … !”

Aine stood up, taking a deep breath. Jenny Ella burst into laughter as she looked at Aine without any scars.

When you look at it like that, it seems right. I mutter, licking my lips.

Jennyella saw a future where genocidal predation emerged. It was unknown who it was, but out of all the beings that Jenny Ella could identify, the one closest to a genocidal predator was Aine.

“What is lacking?”

Jennyella looked at Aine blankly. Is there a lack of predation? No, it’s not. The Slaughter Predator is a monster of monsters that kills and eats everything.

So Jennyella named the future monster she saw as Slaughter Predator. but… … However, this does not mean that unconditional predation is a condition for the completion of massacre predation.

Even before killing everyone and eating everyone. The Slaughter Predator must be a monster with enough power to do so.

“What is lacking? huh?”

Jennyella’s eyes shine. Aine trembled as she saw Jennyella’s eyes turning red.

The magical eye of direct vision penetrates Aine’s existence.

Jennyella saw the vicious spirit overflowing. He saw the souls and powers of countless beings that Aine had devoured. There is nothing lacking. Jennyella muttered that and stood up.

“Do I need an opportunity?”

Jennyella asks with a smile.

It’s not a pleasant feeling to be shown something you don’t want to be seen.

Aine gritted her teeth and glared at Jennyella. Jennyella giggled at her Aine’s murderous gaze.

“… … ah.”

Jennyella’s laughter stops.


She raised both hands and covered her eyes. Her thumbs stretched out and pinched her ears. Her eyes see. I can’t hear it. Completely erasing the noise, she closed her eyes once more, her vision turning pitch black thanks to her hand covering it.

This magical eye that sees the future cannot be completely controlled by Jennyella.

If she succeeds in intentionally seeing the future she sees for the first time, from then on, ‘scenes’ to reach that future will unfold before her eyes infrequently.

My vision, stained black, flickers. The scene to reach the desired future unfolds before your eyes.

Jennyella smiled.

“… … okay.”

The future video has ended. Jennyella stood up with a satisfied smile.

“I’m going to go out. Do you want to go too?”

Jennyella asked, looking back at Aine, who was still glaring at her.

Aine’s expression freezes at that question. She unconsciously looked towards her mansion. There is a presscan in the basement of the mansion.

Although he was not detained for his actions within the mansion, it was no different from being imprisoned unless he was eventually able to leave the mansion.

“don’t worry. That lich won’t be eaten by the vampires raised by me while you’re away. “In the first place, the lich doesn’t even have blood to drink.”

Jennyella said that with a chuckle.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Because I just want to go out lightly. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

“… … “I don’t want to go.”

“okay? “If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do.”

Jennyella nodded her head without hesitation at Aine’s refusal. Jenny Ella slowly turns her body around.

Puff poop!

The moment Jennyella turned around and took a step. A red awl erupted from her ground and pierced Aine’s body.

“ah… … Ugh… … !”

“Stay calm.”

In the video she saw of the future, taking Aine with her was not important. If it was important, she would have forced Aine to do it even if Aine refused.

Still, he encouraged me to go with him at best. Out of pure favor. I felt bad when it was rejected to my face, so I just acted grumpy like this.

Jennyella left the garden, leaving Aine struggling to get out of the forest of awls.

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to escape from that at Aine’s level. Jennyella smiled in satisfaction at the screams and moans she heard.

“queen. Are you going out?”


As I was heading to the main gate of the mansion, I heard cautious questions from people around me.

Jennyella nodded her head in response to the family member’s question.

“I’m going to leave Travia for a while.”

“Are you going alone?”

“I’m thinking about that… … how will we do it? “I’m on my way to welcome an important guest.”

Standing in front of the gate of the mansion, Jennyella chuckled.

“I guess it’s better if it’s flashy, right?”

Enough to suit the guests.


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