Worthless Regression Chapter 277

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[279] Black Dragon Alliance (1)

Sima Lianzhu put down his stretched out sword. His surroundings were full of Murim warriors who fainted with foam at their mouths.

There were no dead people. It was not because Sima Lianju had a problem in hand for them, but because it was more difficult to subdue them without exception without killing them.

Leaving the easy path of extermination and returning to the difficult path of subjugation was Sima Lianju’s own way of enjoying this boring situation even a little.

“It looks like he didn’t run away.”

Sima Lianju muttered as he looked up at the top of the Murim Alliance’s pavilion.

Although Li Seong-min could not feel it clearly, Sima Lianju could feel it clearly.

Presence on the main pavilion. A thin smile appeared on Sima Lianzhu’s lips.

He was somewhat satisfied with the felt presence of the Black Dragon Association. This was because he felt that his disciple was someone worthy of establishing his dignity as a teacher.

“Are there any requests?”

Sima Lianju glanced at Lee Seong-min and asked.

What a requirement. Seongmin Lee did not understand what he was saying and tilted his head. Sima Lianzhu chuckled and laughed.

“When we take down the Black Dragon Association. “If there’s something you want, I’ll do my best.”

“… … “Can you take it down in ten seconds?”

“Ten seconds? hmm.”

Sima Lianju frowned. After thinking for a moment while caressing her chin, Sa-Beop-ju shook her head.

“He’s someone who’s never fought before, so I can’t tell you for 10 seconds. But give him a try.”

Those were extremely arrogant words.

Even if it is inferior to Sima Lianju, Martial God, or Geomseon. Black Dragon Hyeop was an expert with similar skills to King Chang.

Moreover, because he is half-human and half-dragon, he has physical strength that has nothing to do with martial arts. Lee Seong-min, who was defeated by King Chang, could not help but think of his own defeat if he were to fight against the Black Dragon.

Sima Lianju was discussing a ten-second point against the Black Dragon Association.

Although he added that he couldn’t guarantee it. Lee Seong-min recalled the divine inaction shown by Sima Lianju on the way here.

It was amazing that he easily broke down the batting team, but what I felt was truly amazing was the spirit of Sima Lianzhu.

It is different from the Dragon Pressure used by Lee Seong-min. It inflicts internal injuries on tens or hundreds of people around it with just its internal strength. In addition to controlling the power, there is a clear distinction between who should be pressured and who should not be pressured.

Lee Seong-min could not handle internal energy as delicately as Sima Lianju. I was able to do something similar using the dragon’s pressure, but it wasn’t as delicate.

“You’re coming.”

Sima Lianzhu looked up and muttered.

Black long guns flutter. Heukryonghyeop slowly fell down and looked down.

I saw the warriors of the Murim Alliance lying down with foam at their mouths. Among them, there were high-ranking executives within the Murim League.

‘Such useless… … .’

No, the Black Dragon Association sighed. Actually, it wasn’t a matter of criticizing them.

Even though this place was the Murim Alliance, it was not full of experts as the public believed.

The area is wide. Although not all of the land is under the influence of the Murim Alliance, the size of the sect’s area in Eria is enormous.

The masters of the Murim Alliance are dispatched outside the Murim Alliance, and the old factions, small and medium factions, and Murim factions that make up the Murim Alliance do not leave their territory.

in other words. This means that Kron’s Murim League building does not have much power other than its symbolic meaning.

Masters of sects and sega groups, including Gupa Ilbang, are in their territory, not in the Murim Alliance. Most unaffiliated masters have enemies in the Murim Alliance, but not all of them remain in the Murim Alliance.

‘Even if it wasn’t, the result wouldn’t have changed.’

The bottom is getting closer. The Black Dragon Association clenched its fists tightly. Even if the power of the Murim Alliance and the power of the nine factions were gathered here, they would not have been able to stop Sima Lianju’s advance.

He is such a monster. Although the Black Dragon Association had never fought against Sima Lianju, he clearly felt how powerful he was.

Compare it to Musin. It was a hundred years ago that the Black Dragon Association met the God of War. If you compare it to the martial arts scene of that time… … .

‘There’s no comparison.’

I have never experienced how strong the martial arts spirit that came out after closing was… … The Black Dragon Association could not help but be in awe of Sima Lianju.

Is it possible for a pure human to have that level of power?

“For what reason are you doing this?”

Putting awe aside for a moment. The Black Dragon Association asked Sima Lianju that question.


The Black Dragon Association, which had landed a little away from Sima Lianju, looked at Sima Lianju with a wary face.

Sima Lianzhu glanced at the Black Dragon Emperor’s face without breaking his backward posture.

“The relationship with Sima Lian is not bad yet, Aoman. “The Murim League has not challenged Sima Lian to a fight yet.”

It was true. It is true that she made an attempt to get in touch with Sa-beop’s clan leader, and try to control Sa-beop without a Sa-beop state.

Except for him, there was no direct conflict between the Murim League and the Sima Lian.

What put pressure on your ears?

Although it was an dishonest stance on that. Was it so meaningful that the monster called Sima Lianju himself moved it?

“It’s a reason.”

Sima Lianzhu muttered. The posture of holding one’s back is relaxed. Sa Beopju stood with his hands hanging down and shook his head.

“The reason is not the relationship between the Murim League and Sima Lian.”

“then… … why?”

“You were just the easiest person to mess with.”

The Black Dragon Association was speechless. He did not understand what Sima Lianju’s words meant.

No, I didn’t want to understand. She didn’t want to do it. This is the Murim Alliance, and the Black Dragon Alliance was the Murim Alliance anyway. The opponent was Samarienju.

“We don’t think about each other’s position… … .”


Sima Lianzhu interrupted the Black Dragon Association.

“Isn’t it meaningless?”

Sima Lianzhu chuckled and laughed. He walked forward with strides.

“Start counting now.”

It was said to Lee Seong-min, not to the Black Dragon Association. Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva.



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I understood what Sima Lianju had told me to count. The saying, “Can you subdue it in ten seconds?” Master Sima Lian said he couldn’t guarantee, but… … From the way he spoke, it seemed like he was genuinely planning to try to subdue him within ten seconds.

It actually did. Lee Seong-min missed Sima Lianju’s move.

The Black Dragon Association had a higher level of inaction than Lee Seong-min, and was able to see what Lee Seong-min could not see.

However, even the Black Dragon Association could not completely follow Sima Lianju’s high-speed movement.

The Black Dragon Association was frightened, covered its entire body with dragon scales, and rose up in self-defense. He never imagined that he would attack me like this without even having a proper conversation.



With an eerie sound, Black Dragon’s body flew backwards.

He had no idea what had happened to him.

In my shaking vision, I saw the torn off black scales turning into powder. She tried to say something, but the blood rising from her throat was hot and fishy.

That’s right… … With what? In which gap? The Black Dragon Association tried to maintain balance in the air.


The Black Dragon’s body flies back in the exact opposite direction from which it flew. My back hurt like it was going to shatter.

This time too, there was no time to raise the scales. Self-defense is meaningless. I don’t know what was used to strike it, but Sima Lianju’s attack was delivering a blow by crushing the self-defense strength and dragon scales head-on.

However, the Black Dragon Association was not left complacent. I felt angry at Sima Lianju who was attacking me without any hesitation. He increased his strength by arousing fierce killing intent.


Black light swelled around the Black Dragon Gorge. The black dragon group created a sphere of black light and stood inside it, barely able to keep its posture.

The Black Dragon Association’s face distorted. I had no choice but to know. The attack, which was coming in faster than my senses could chase, suddenly stopped. There was no way that Sima Lianzhu would have been exhausted after only two attacks.

It gave me a ‘gap’ to collect myself. In fact, Sa Beop-ju was looking at the Black Dragon Hyeop while shaking off the dust from his shoulders with his hands.


The Black Dragon Association’s eyes narrowed.

They were dragon eyes, not human eyes.


The cry from the Black Dragon Alliance became a lion’s hooves and shook the space.

No, that’s not Lion’s Roar. Seongmin Lee felt an eerie feeling and clenched his fists, covered in cold sweat.

The black light that covered the Black Dragon’s body converges into one point. Sima Lianzhu stood leisurely and waited.


There was a great tremor, a sound, and a light accompanying it.

The Black Dragon Association fired its breath with all its might. Although he shot it in human form rather than dragon form, that did not determine the power of the breath.

Sima Lianzhu raised his right hand towards the attacking breath.


A ray of electricity jumped out. The gentle pushing gesture touches the breath.

It swelled and burst. The Black Dragon Gorge’s breath was torn apart by Sima Lianju’s internal energy that penetrated into the flow of enormous power.

The Black Dragon Association watched in disbelief as its breath was shattered and scattered in vain.

A faint smile appeared on Sima Lianju’s lips.


The Black Dragon Association made a sound of gasping. I clenched my teeth, but the blood spurted out between my lips and from my nose.

At some point, Sima Lianzhu was right in front of Black Dragon Association, and his fist was stuck in Black Dragon Association’s stomach.

Scales and self-defense weapons still had no meaning.

For Sima Lianju, the defenses of the Black Dragon Alliance were thinner and weaker than a sheet of paper.

The Black Dragon League swung both hands while coughing up blood. His hands showed remarkable changes as they moved between martial arts and martial arts.

To Seongmin Lee, it seemed like there was no gap that could penetrate it.

But this time, it was not for Sima Lianju. One power was enough for Sima Lianju to penetrate the attacks of the Black Dragon Association, which was showing all kinds of changes.

Black Dragon’s chest sank in as if it had caved in. The eyes of the Black Dragon Association, which was staggering back, were shaken.

He raised his trembling arms. Both of his arms were bent at an angle where they should not be bent.

Sima Lianju’s first hand did not penetrate the gap and hit the Black Dragon Association’s chest. I pushed away everything that was bothering me and moved forward.

‘The level is different… … .’

It’s the same transcendental realm. There is no fight. I knew that Sa Beop-ju was strong, but I never thought he would be this strong.

Even if Joo Won of the Predator, who made the Black Dragon Gorge dangerous, comes, he will not be a match for Sima Lianju.

Needless to say, King Chang. Although that would not happen, the Black Dragon Association was not confident that they would be able to win even if the three of them, King Chang, and Zhou Yuan, attacked Sima Lianzhu together in a joint attack.


The overwhelming gap made the Black Dragon Association despair and feel insulted.

Even if he was only half a dragon, he was still a dragon. The dragon’s pride flowing with blood overturned the reason of the Black Dragon Association.

Seeing the black dragon fighting towards him while shouting, Sima Lianzhu nodded his head in joy.

‘It was over in ten seconds.’

The Black Dragon Alliance was not as strong as I thought. No, would it have been a little different if he had been in perfect condition? Sima Lianzhu glanced at the side of the Black Dragon Association.

Moving my body didn’t feel natural. It seemed like he had a big wound on his side. However, I had no intention of looking into the situation.


The Black Dragon Association felt such a dull sound lingering in his head for a long time.

That was the last sound the Black Dragon Association heard.

“I finished it in ten seconds.”

Sima Lianzhu said with a proud voice. Black Dragon Hyeop, who had lost consciousness and was limp, was unable to lie down on the ground.

Sima Lianzhu floated his body into an attack vessel and then approached Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min had nothing to say. Only after he closed his half-open mouth in surprise did Seongmin Lee understand what he had seen.

Sima Lianju’s movements were not flashy. It was Sima Lianju’s bare fists that struck down the Black Dragon Association, not the brilliant essence of Jiang Qigong.

That was enough.

Sima Lianju’s gestures, which contained the extreme pleasure of Black Lightning, were faster than Jiang Qi and more powerful than Jiang Qi.

In this situation, his body was a weapon stronger and faster than anything else in the world.

During the subjugation of Kim Jong-hyeon, Lee Seong-min fled without confronting the Black Dragon Association. It was because I didn’t have the confidence to break his scales.

Sima Lianzhu broke the dragon’s scales with his bare hands. It was a level that Lee Seong-min could not even imitate.

“… … “What are you going to do now?”

“I have to leave first.”

Isn’t it natural? Sima Lianju added: He looked around.

All of the warriors of the Murim Alliance had fallen. Even the openings that were in the way would not have healed their internal injuries yet, so there would be no obstruction to their return.

“Let’s go by carriage.”

“What about the Black Dragon Association?”

At those words, Sima Lianzhu glanced to the side. The Black Dragon was floating in the air in a fainted state, blood dripping from its mouth.

“Let’s take him with us.”


“Because we have to interrogate him. “If you interrogate him here, more bugs will come, so I think it would be better to just take him away.”

Wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Lee Seong-min quietly swallowed the words that rose to his throat.

It was because I knew full well that that couldn’t be possible.


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