Worthless Regression Chapter 271

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[273] Companion (1)

Abel and Lloyd left Sima Lian the next day. Sima Lianju did not see them off, and they also did not tell Sima Lianju that they were leaving.

Although he was aware that the end was coming and said he would join forces, Abel did not have a favorable opinion of Sima Lianju.

“I wish I could be defeated by the swordsman.”

It was the same for Sima Lianju.

He was not fond of Abel, who came to him without notice and gave him a lot of annoying words without even giving him a clear answer.

Lee Seong-min, who was sitting cross-legged in front of Sima Lianju, spoke out.

“Are you serious?”

“Then are you going to lie? But, hmm. Even if you are a swordsman, it won’t be that easy to kill that wizard.”

“Was the wizard guild leader that strong?”

“It is difficult for even I to estimate the level of magic, but in the field of magic, it is probably fair to say that he is on a par with Bonjwa, Geomseon, and Martial God.”

Lee Seong-min was a little surprised by those words. Was Abel, who poured out bad words without hesitation, such an outstanding magician?

Seongmin Lee thought of Envirus and Arbes. Among the wizards Seongmin Lee knew, those two were the most outstanding.

When Envirus tried to kill Lee Seong-min in Eorumuri.

Lee Seong-min was lucky at that time.

If only Envirus had not suffered a major blow due to repeated counter-summonings of spirits, if mana had not flowed out of the body by breaking the contract with Mana.

Envirus would not have had that much trouble with Lee Seong-min.

The same goes for Arbes. Although they suffered a meaningless extinction due to Kim Jong-hyun’s betrayal, the five stars of the Predator, including Arbes, were monsters that even the current Lee Sung-min could not easily fight.

It proves how much power the group called Predator has.

Most of them are monsters with Spear King-level skills, and it is hard to guess how powerful Jennyella, who is effectively the head of the Predator, is.

‘Bolander, Joo Won, Jennyella.’

The leaders of Predator that Lee Seong-min met.

Although he met them after ascending to the realm of transcendence, Lee Seong-min never felt like he wanted to fight every time he faced them.

“I plan on walking around quite a bit.”

Sima Lianju pointed out Lee Seong-min’s blood map. The history of Sima Lianju flows through Lee Seong-min’s bloodstream.

“I plan to go to the Murim Alliance and then go to the north.”

“… … North? Why are you suddenly going there?”

“Didn’t the wizard guild leader say that? “The vampire queen there can see the future.”

no way. Lee Seong-min wanted to look back at Sima Lianju with an anxious expression, but he couldn’t. He was currently suppressing the flow of magical energy flowing through his body.

Although he was able to suppress his magical power by wearing a mask made by Osla, the rampage did not end without any repercussions.

A strong spirit power remains in the Qi and blood, and when inner energy is used, the spiritual energy unintentionally gets mixed up with the inner energy.

It naturally stimulates the vital energy within the body and makes it wriggle.

Now, Sima Lianju was using the point-point method to flow internal power into Lee Seong-min’s acupoint and push away his magical power.

“… … Are you going to negotiate with the Vampire Queen?”

“You could even call it a negotiation. “I plan to meet up and talk about various things.”

“The opponent is the vampire queen?”

“What does that mean? This committee does not discriminate against foreigners. “In reality, you, my disciple, have a body like this idiot.”

Master Sima Lian chuckled.

“It seems dangerous. “The Vampire Queen is strong, and there is also Joo Won in the north.”

“You mean the king of Lycanslope? I am not going there to fight them. “If the situation is not good, he will prioritize losing weight rather than fighting.”


Sima Lianju’s hands patted Li Seongmin’s back. Black blood spit out from Lee Seong-min’s mouth.

“The wizard guild leader seemed to be wary of the vampire queen who knows the future. Our thoughts are different. I don’t know what kind of future that monster saw or what kind of future it hopes for… … Either way, I think we need to know the future that monster saw. “That way, you can decide whether to avoid it or not.”

Sima Lianju said that and stood up. Conscious of Sima Lianju continuously stretching, Lee Seong-min asked Heo Ju a question.

‘If the Master and the Vampire Queen fight to the death, who will win?’

[The compatibility is not good.]

Heoju answered.

[Even the elders acknowledge the strength of that human being. Jennyella has become stronger than when this old man died. If this old man were Jennyella before she died, I don’t think she would be a match for that person… … .]

‘You mean not now?’

[To be honest, I don’t know. It’s never been shown yet how strong that person is. When I taught you martial arts, I didn’t even try my best.]

‘But why do you say it’s not a good match?’

[Because the opponent is a vampire.]

Heoju answered immediately as if there was nothing to think about.

[The vampires you fought were not of high rank as vampires, let alone their power. Wasn’t it possible to kill him?]

‘… … Is it impossible to kill a high-ranking vampire?’

[It’s not completely impossible. It’s just incredibly difficult. Especially on nights when the moon is up, a vampire of Jennyella’s level becomes almost immortal. Under the full moon, they become completely immortal. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to kill during the day. That woman must have lived for hundreds of years and drank a lot of blood and accumulated a lot of power. Even if it was a fatal wound that would lead to human death, it would be an insignificant wound to that woman.]

So the quality is bad. The opponent is a near-immortal monster with great power, but no matter how strong Sima Lianju is, he is still only human.

How can I fight against a monster that won’t die even if I kill it?

[It’s very easy. All you have to do is beat it without even having time to play.]

‘Yeah, that’s easy.’

Heoju would be the only one who could suggest such a method as a strategy against the Vampire Queen.

* * *

There was a lot of morale on deck. Even Kim Jong-hyun, who had been close to death for a long time as a warlock, had never encountered such a thorough fraud.

Every time the sea shakes, the deck of the old ghost ship squeaks and screams.

Kim Jong-hyun, standing in the middle of it all, waited calmly without urging.

The Death Knights surrounding him said nothing or took no action.

All I could do was stand there and look at Kim Jonghyun. Kim Jonghyun took a deep breath. Not to shake off the tension, but to breathe in the morale that was on deck.



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‘ah. ‘Good.’

Kim Jonghyun grinned, feeling satisfied.

The demon king’s organs within his body were rejoicing at the spirit that was filled with breathing.

And at some point. The morale flowing on deck swelled greatly.

It was the fraud emanating from a single Death Knight walking out of the cabin that completely wrapped up the morale emitted by the Death Knights who were out there.

Jonghyun Kim noticed that the Death Knight walking out was Bolander, who was leading the Death Knights here.

“This is my first time seeing you.”

“I heard stories about you.”

Volander muttered. Volander and the Death Knights were in charge of one axis of the Predator, but they did not have a very close relationship with other outsiders. That was because Death Knights were once humans.

Of course, all Predator aliens share the fact that they were once human.

However, Death Knights, Liches, Lycanslopes, Vampires, and Yokai have different values.

Strictly speaking, it should be said that the death knights’ behavior was a curse.

It is not that there are those who became Death Knights of their own volition, but most of the Death Knights on this ship, including Volander, were cursed to become Death Knights.

“You destroyed Arbes and took away his power.”


“He was a guy who deserved to die. “It was too late, though.”

Bolander did not like Arbes very much. No, he wasn’t just Arbes.

Jennyella, and now dead Red Ghost. At least Joo Won acknowledged it, but when it came to cannibalism, he was equally uneasy about it.

“but. Apart from you killing Arbes. “I don’t like the evil you did in the north.”

‘As a Death Knight, you are questioning chivalry.’

Kim Jong-hyun found Bolander’s attitude funny, but he did not openly laugh at it.

Because it wasn’t the time yet. Jonghyun Kim assessed Bolander’s level.

It was a power that seemed comparable to the Black Dragon Cooperative that put Kim Jong-hyun in a difficult situation.

It’s not just Bolander.

Death Knights here. It would be difficult to find a force with as much power as them among the expanding martial arts faction.

“Do you know why I came here?”

“I do not know.”

Bolander shook his head. Kim Jonghyun smiled and continued speaking.

“I went through quite a bit of trouble to get to you. Because the sea was wide. How long have you wandered through this sea, chasing information about sightings of a ghost ship? … .”

“What did you go through all that effort for?”

“I can give you what you desire.”

Kim Jonghyun spoke in a soft voice. Bolander did not react to those words. Because she was a Death Knight without a face, she couldn’t feel the agitation through her facial expressions.

However, Kim Jong-hyun felt that the morale that Volander was emitting was quietly subsiding.


Volander opened his mouth.


Dozens of Death Knights surrounding Kim Jong-hyun drew their weapons at the same time.

“You are both human and not human. It’s different from any other people I’ve seen. but… … No matter how great your black magic and powerful powers are. “It won’t be easy to get out of here.”

“I have no intention of leaving. “I just came to do business with you.”

“Do you think you can do business with us?”

“Don’t be too sharp.”

Kim Jonghyun laughed and said.

“I know what you want, and I also know why you are out on this open sea doing meaningless things.”

“Something pointless?”

“yes. The dragon you are looking for is not in these seas. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. “All the dragons in this world have already migrated to another dimension.”

Bolander didn’t react. He didn’t blindly believe Kim Jong-hyun’s words, but he also didn’t conclude that Kim Jong-hyun’s words were lies.

First of all, he planned to continue listening to Kim Jong-hyun.

“Unless there are dragons in this world. There is no way for you to return from being a Death Knight to being human. but… … .”

Kim Jong-hyun took out the grimoire from his arms. The black grimoire flew from Kim Jong-hyun’s hand and rose into the air.

“I can make you human.”

“What evidence is there that that is true?”

Volander asked.

“Everything I said is true. “You can swear.”

“so. “What do you want from us?”

A nursery rhyme is created. It was a commotion created by the Death Knights surrounding it.

They were buzzing about the fact that they might be able to return to being human.

“Including you. “Reverting the many Death Knights on this ship back to humans is not an easy task.”

“Is it possible or impossible? “Just say that.”

“Nothing is impossible if sufficient preparation is made.”

Kim Jonghyun smiled, showing his teeth. Looking at Kim Jong-hyun’s smile, Bolander asked the question again.

“If sufficient preparation is sufficient, what kind of preparation do you mean?”

“Death and the Soul.”

Kim Jonghyun answered without hesitation.

“Heart, blood.”

The Death Knights are buzzing.

Bolander was silent for a moment. What he maintained until he became a Death Knight was his own form of chivalry.

That was the last bit of humanity that Volander and the Death Knights on the ship had even though they had become aliens.

“… … “To what extent?”

“I guess we have to achieve the mountain, right?”

It was meaningless. I might be able to go back to being human. If there really are no dragons in this world… … Even if I had met a dragon in the first place, I wasn’t sure that the dragon would understand and listen to my request, and I didn’t even know if it was possible.

“Prove it first.”

Bolander said in a low voice.

Kim Jong-hyun swore his truth to Mana with a smile on his face.


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