Worthless Regression Chapter 270

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[272] Abel (4)

I wasn’t embarrassed. Cheon Oecheon was blatantly targeting Wijihoyeon. I don’t know what they were aiming for, but it was undoubtedly true that Wijihoyeon was connected to their purpose.

“In fact, I had no desire to do anything with that woman, and I did not want to interfere with Cheon Oecheon.”

That was undoubtedly true. If Sa Beop-ju had intended to interfere with Cheon Oe-cheon in the first place, she would never have let Wiji Ho-yeon away from her side.

However, what Sima Lianju did was to thoroughly watch and no longer roam.

It was the same in Legro Forest. In fact, if Wijihoyeon had wanted to, he could have left the forest at any time. The reason she didn’t leave was simply because Lee Seong-min remained in the forest.

“I don’t know what Cheon Oecheon’s purpose is. I thought that whatever they were doing had nothing to do with me. At that time, I had no intention of leaving the forest, and I had no interest in what those Cheonoecheon guys were going to do.”

“You mean not anymore?”

“Didn’t you choose?”

Sima Lianju immediately answered Lee Seong-min’s question with a question, and Lee Seong-min was speechless and kept his mouth shut. After a moment of silence, Lee Seong-min sighed and grumbled.

“I don’t know why you said that to me.”

“It’s just as I said. This committee respects Osla’s words. I also respect you to some extent. “I respect that it is your choice.”

“Are you saying that’s all?”

“no. “That’s not true.”

Sima Lianzhu let out a laugh.

“For my office… … therefore… … An opportunity was needed. This is an opportunity for this committee to take action. As I said, I am displeased with the end of this committee, but it was not an opportunity for me to take action.”

In those words. Lee Seong-min felt that he had seen a side of Sima Lianju that he had never known before.

At the same time, he was a little unconvinced. The Sima Lianju that Lee Seong-min had seen so far was arrogant and self-centered.

Isn’t it contradictory for him to hope for an opportunity from others?

“What this committee wants to do is limited.”

To Lee Seong-min’s question, Sima Lianju answered straight away without much thought.

“What I want to do is martial arts training. Actually, if you think about it, there is almost nothing else I want to do.”

After saying that, Sima Lianju looked into Lee Seong-min’s eyes.

“You know.”

“… … “What do you mean?”

“Denir’s ordeal is cruel. The spiritual world that one reaches by undergoing trials and beginning to practice. In that pure white world, only ‘I’ exists. The time increases, the long, long time that we are forced to endure. No matter how immersed you are, it’s not easy to spend that long of time. naturally… … I’m losing my mind. I think and think desperately to keep my mind from going crazy. “I’m afraid of forgetting my thoughts, so I start thinking to somehow catch myself.”

know. Lee Seong-min was like that too. However, Lee Seong-min’s case was a special case in many ways.

Denir, the person who gave the ordeal, was also shocked by this. Lee Seong-min’s mind collapsed several times within Denir’s mental world.

However, the collapsed spirit naturally recovered over time, and thanks to this, Lee Seong-min was able to endure the long time of 2100 years.

But not others. Envirus Island, Sima Lianju Island, and Baekso God Island.

“I only wanted martial arts. I just thought about becoming the best in the world. Most of the other winds have faded. It’s not much different now. I did pay attention to the Sima-Ryeon, which is where the main body is located, but that too… … I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. “Your sister-in-law, Mok Seom-gwang, also went crazy that way.”

Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip.

It reminds me of Baek So-go, who smiled and said that he would eradicate evil without any hesitation.

This is what Baek Sogo said himself. All that remains is narrow-mindedness and stubbornness. It means that she is aware of her own twists.

Even though I know, there is nothing I can do about it. For a long time of a thousand years, Baek Sogo worked only for that. Although it was only a moment in her real life, the time she spent in her spirit world was a long, thousand years. Her existing personality has become clouded, and her broken conclusions from her long reflections have become her beliefs that sustain her.

“It’s pitiful.”

Sima Lianzhu laughed.

“It is a wish that cannot come true. It is impossible to eradicate evil. Absolute correctness does not exist in this world. “Seizing oneself as the standard of justice is nothing more than proof of a madman.”

I remember Baek So-go, whom I first met on Mt. Mushi. With her faint smile, she said that I was a good person. Does her goodness become justice?

Seongmin Lee couldn’t figure it out. This was because he had never paid much attention to things like good and evil in his life.

“Do you know the location of Wijihoyeon?”

Putting aside thoughts about Baek So-go for a moment, Lee Seong-min asked about Wi Ji-ho-yeon. Sima Lianju frowned through the eye holes of the mask.

“How do I know?”

“Then how do you find her?”

“If you look for information, you will come across eyewitness information somewhere. But it’s also annoying to wait until then.”

Sima Lianju muttered that and stroked his chin.

“Should we visit the Murim League at least once?”

“… … yes?”

“The Murim Alliance. I don’t know where Martial God is, but the Black Dragon Gorge, which is connected to Cheonoecheon, is in the Murim Alliance. “If we catch him and interrogate him, wouldn’t we be able to learn more about Musin and Cheon Oecheon?”

“… … No, I mean. How do you meet the Black Dragon Association?”

“What are you worrying about? “You just have to go find it.”

“Are you saying I can meet you if I come to you?”

“What if I say I don’t want to meet you? “When two Transcendence Realm masters attack, do you think the Murim Alliance can stop them?”

“… … Why two?”

When Lee Seong-min asked again, Sima Lianju suddenly raised his hand. Seongmin Lee flinched without realizing it and took a step back.

Sima Lianzhu lowered his raised hand again and sighed.

“Why do you have to explain everything to me to understand?”

“I was just asking this question just in case.”

“I said I would go, but you, my disciple, are saying you won’t go?”

“therefore… … What Master said. Just the two of us, Master and I, went to visit the Murim Alliance. I grabbed the leader of the Black Dragon Association by the collar and subdued him, and asked him about Cheon Oecheon… … .”

“I think so.”

“What are you going to do to clean things up?”

“It depends on what they do.”

Sima Lianju said that it was no big deal, but it was not something he said lightly.

Suppressing the Black Dragon Association may not be a difficult task if Lee Seong-min is alone, but if Sima Lianju takes the initiative himself, it will not be very difficult.

What happens after that?

“I’m not really afraid of the Murim Alliance coming to fight. Maybe this will lead to a prosecutor’s office, but… … hmm. “I’ll think about it later.”



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“Isn’t this too reckless?”

“Then do you have a reasonable plan? “An unknown apocalypse is approaching, and what should we do to fight against that apocalypse?”

“How about going to Osla?”

“Well, that’s fine. I wonder if I will be able to meet him even if I go looking for him. Osla asked us to leave the forest, so the main seat is here. If she doesn’t want to see us, no matter what she does, it’s impossible for us to enter the forest. “Rather than that, it is easier and faster to attack the Black Dragon Alliance, which has a clear location.”

“… … All right.”

In the end, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to nod his head.

Since it was not like they were going to invade the Murim Alliance right away, Lee Seong-min broke up with Sima Lianju and went to Baek So-go’s residence.

We drank together and talked a lot until the morning sun came up. Meanwhile, Lee Seong-min noticed how many twists Baek So-go had.

I do not sympathize with Baek Sogo’s beliefs. The idea of ​​eradicating evil is absurd.

know. However, for a thousand years, in a mental world where it was natural to go crazy, Baek So-go’s faith was maintained only by faith.

It was impossible for Lee Seong-min to completely deny his distorted beliefs.

It will not be easily denied, and if Baek Sogo is convinced by denying his beliefs.

What will happen to her?

[In the end, wasn’t he scared?]

Heoju chuckled.

[You are afraid that your sister-in-law will be ruined even more than she is now. Also, I am afraid that you will be hated by her for denying her beliefs.]

Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip.

[Or you are secretly hoping. I hope your sister-in-law realizes this on her own. How absurd your beliefs are, and how greatly your ideals are distorted. But still. Do you think your crazy sister will stop just because you realize it yourself?]

‘You’ll be devastated.’

[I know you well. Admit what needs to be acknowledged. The sister you remember is no longer there. What remains now is just a madman who has been thinking alone for a thousand years, coming to his own conclusion, and mistaking it for an absolute answer.]

“So does that mean I have to stop the sister-in-law?”

Seongmin Lee spit out.

“I am… … I don’t know. “Isn’t justice such a sweet thing to hear?”

[What about hypocrisy and wickedness?]

“Don’t ask me.”

Seongmin Lee spit out. He stood in front of Baek Sogo’s door. After clearing his throat to tell him to listen, Lee Seong-min knocked on the door.

But no reply was heard from inside. I knocked on the door one more time, but there was no response. No, I actually knew. Seongmin Lee slowly opened the door.

The room was empty. As if it was empty from the beginning. The bed was neatly cleaned, and there were no traces that anyone had ever used the room.

Seongmin Lee slowly walked into the room. Seongmin Lee looked around the room.

There was a letter on the desk. Seongmin Lee held up the letter. The ink dried a long time ago. Did he leave immediately after breaking up in the morning? Seongmin Lee read the letter.

There was anxiety and fear in the calm sentences. Baek Sogo is my sister-in-law. I knew it well. About what others say is not right. It is narrow-minded and selfish. It’s stubborn. Self-righteous. I was well aware of all the criticism.

Even though I knew it, I had no choice but to do it. Even if it is uneasy, it is because it is what has supported Baek Sogo.

-I’m sorry I couldn’t come and say hello, priest. I wanted to stay with the priest a little longer. Actually I’m afraid. It can’t be helped. Because I am human.

1000 years is a long time. It was long and lonely. I think the thoughts and worries I had to keep from going crazy actually made me go crazy. I may not be right. I know it’s selfish. What Sima Lianju said. Things the priest didn’t tell me. I know it well too.

But, priest. It can’t be helped. I thought about it for 1,000 years and came to my own conclusion. So, me. Even if I know it’s not right, I have to act to come up with a clear answer for myself. eradication of evil. It’s funny, but I’m really trying to act on this.

I’m afraid. I’m scared, but I have to do it. Sometimes I hear voices in my head. I recognize it every time I hear it. I thought I was really weird.

You said you were going to a shaman. I don’t know whether I’ll get the answer I want there or not. still… … I’m going to go see it. I’ve never been to a shaman. Actually, I wanted to go with the priest. Priest, you know what? How beautiful the shaman’s mountain is. It is said that when winter passes and spring comes, Mt. Wudang turns golden with bright yellow forsythia trees in full bloom. I hope to go there with the priest someday.

I’m fine, priest. I’m scared, I’m anxious… … but. I still believe in myself. So, I hope the priest believes in me too.

We’ll be able to meet again.

The letter ended so suddenly. The handwriting on the letter was messier than the lines Baek So-go had written while holding a tree branch in the mountains. Even though he had read all the letters, Lee Seong-min stood there for a long time.

[Aren’t you going to go catch him?]

Heoju asked a question. Seongmin Lee folded the letter and put it in his arms.

“… … My sister-in-law said so. “Please believe me.”

[Are you saying you believe in a madman?]


Seongmin Lee nodded his head.

“Because the sister-in-law trusts her.”

Still, it would have been nice to have at least said my final goodbyes.

Lee Seong-min thought as he caressed the bracelet on his wrist.


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