Worthless Regression Chapter 263

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[265] King Chang(5)

“So stand up quickly!”

King Chang shouted and urged Lee Seong-min, gritting his teeth and standing up.

There was no significant damage to his body, but the rush of magical power was making his body unable to move as expected.

My legs are shaking and my muscles are throbbing. King Chang frowned as he looked at Lee Seong-min, who could not stand up properly.

“What on earth?”

I’m not tired from the fight. King Chang vaguely noticed that fact and approached Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min glared at the approaching Spear King and tried to lift the spear somehow, but even the spear, which usually felt almost weightless, was too heavy at this moment to lift.

The King of Spears frowned as he looked at the tip of Lee Seong-min’s trembling spear.

“I can’t even control my body properly. A guy who could regenerate even if there were vents in his stomach… … .”

“… … Huh… … omg… … .”

I was dizzy. Seongmin Lee held back his blurry vision and put strength on his bending waist to get up. The Spear King scratched the back of his head as he looked at the spear he had raised as if to threaten him not to come near.

“This is it.”

It was just as I said as I was so heated.

I felt like I pooped and didn’t clean it properly. Or maybe I just feel like I’m cheap.

Either way, it was a dirty analogy, but it fit the Chang King’s mood perfectly. I was really hoping that I would get excited and have more fun, but I never thought it would end in such a bad way.

King Chang stopped without going any further. Guichang saw Lee Seong-min trembling and clicking his tongue slightly.

“no wonder. In that illusion, the lightning that exploded at the end. “I suddenly felt strangely weak.”

“Huh… … hook… … .”

“It doesn’t look like you suffered internal injuries from the fight with me. This is so… … “It’s an unpleasant ending.”

it’s a shame. I have so much regret. What if the lightning that exploded during repeated illusions had not lost its power? What would have happened if, after shooting it, there was still time left and the fight had continued. King Chang looked at the night sky and sighed.

The winner of this fight was King Chang. He was standing on both feet, and Lee Seong-min couldn’t even control his body properly. That should be considered the end of the fight.

“For the last hundred years. “You are the first to make me bleed.”

King Chang muttered.

“Among all the warriors who use spears, you are the first to make me bleed. also… … This Changwang. He fought to kill him, and he won, but you are the first to make him not feel like he was going to kill him.”

“… … what… … You mean… … ?”

“I won’t kill you.”

King Chang, who was looking up at the night sky, lowered his head and saw Lee Seong-min.

“As for your disposition, do as my heart pleases. Musin had ordered me that way from the beginning. But I honestly don’t know what will happen in the future. Amzon was a person who was blindly loyal to Musin, and he was killed by you. I don’t know if Musin has any intention of carrying out Amzon’s revenge… … Maybe next time, the god of war will order your destruction. “But not now.”

“… … me… … “Aren’t you going to kill me?”

“Don’t delay. Fighting with you was fun. It would have been more fun if you hadn’t been so weak. and… … .”

King Chang frowned.

“The person I wanted to fight and kill was a warrior with the nickname ‘Gwichang’ because he used a spear. “Not another monster.”

King Chang looked into Lee Seong-min’s eyes. What he was looking at was not Lee Seong-min, but a vicious externality that could go crazy at any moment. King Chang licked his lips.

‘It might be fun to fight that guy, though.’

I didn’t want to soothe my heated body from fighting Changsu by fighting a nasty monster. King Chang shook off his regret and turned around.

“Your physical condition. It looks pretty dangerous, but I am your enemy. It’s true that I like you as Changsu, but I don’t want to do you the favor of taking care of your body. “At least so that the next time we have to fight again, I will attack without hesitation.”

King Chang left those words and flew away. King Chang, who launched a light attack, quickly disappeared beyond the darkness.

As Lee Seong-min watched King Chang completely move away, his legs gave out and he sat down. Seongmin Lee chewed his teeth and held his head due to a throbbing headache.

[Hold on tight.]

Heoju warned. He was sitting in the middle of Seongmin Lee’s world of consciousness, calming down the seething darkness.

Too much magic power was used. The magical power that Lee Seong-min possesses is part of the magical power drawn from the entire Eormuri, and is the magical power of Heoju, a great monster with terrible power that was called the Nightmare of the South hundreds of years ago.

No matter how much Lee Seong-min’s body has mutated to become closer to a monster, and even though he has a black heart and the power of a dragon.

This enormous magical power was the power of a greedy beast that, if abused, would steal Lee Seong-min’s body.

“These clothes don’t fit.”

There was a grumbling sound. It was a voice I knew. Lee Seong-min, who was concentrating while catching his breath, raised his head in surprise at the sound of the voice.


The electric current jumped. Sima Lianju, who rose up from the black current, looked at Lee Seong-min and squinted behind his mask.

“Or is it because it fits so well?”

“… … “Master.”

“Don’t talk.”

Sima Lianju said. He approached Lee Seong-min with long strides.

Sima Lianju’s hand, which was behind his back, moves.


A quick, invisible acupuncture technique tapped Lee Seong-min’s body. As he went through the blood flow chart in order, Lee Seong-min’s body became stiff.

After completely suppressing Lee Seong-min’s body so that he could not move, Sima Lianju laid Lee Seong-min’s body down and searched his arms.

“This committee should have warned you. Hwangye matches well with your power. So I would have said not to abuse it and not to take it too long.”

“… … I knew it. “Isn’t the opponent the opponent?”

“but. I will admit that it is admirable that you were able to endure this far and continue the fight against King Chang. “In the end, it was you who lost.”

What Sima Lianju took out from Lee Seong-min’s arms was a ghost’s mask. He placed it on Lee Seong-min’s face and increased his power.

Sima Lianzhu’s hands were stained with pitch black light.


As both hands pressed on Lee Seong-min’s chest, Lee Seong-min’s body, which had been stiff from point blood, trembled.

“The magic goes well with illusions. “It’s such a wicked power that it’s perfect for genjutsu, which deceives the opponent, confuses them, and tangles their senses.”

Sima Lianju knew that Lee Seong-min possessed enormous magical power. Therefore, in the process of adding the Gugyeol of the Black Thunder Beoncheon to the Gucheonmugeukchang, he put a lot of effort into Hwangye, the eight seconds.

Originally, Hwangye was not a martial art that created a spatial illusion barrier as much as it was used in the fight with King Chang.

It is a singing technique used to deceive the opponent in a close combat situation by incorporating a small trick into the singing technique.



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“I was able to perform these martial arts skills because it was ‘you’. … … It was too much. “If things had gone wrong and your runaway had gotten worse, your reason would have been buried and you would have turned into a monster.”

“… … Were you watching?”

“Not far from here is Haras, and in Haras is the Four Horsemen. There is a main seat. “Did you think that I wouldn’t notice that you were fighting so loudly?”

“If you were watching, wouldn’t you have helped me right away?”

“You shameless bastard. It’s not even a fight for me, so why should I take action? “If you become a disciple of this demon emperor Yang Il-cheon, you must overcome this level of threats and fights on your own.”

“And what would you do if I were dead?”

“In that case, I would have killed King Chang. “I was planning on getting revenge, so don’t be too disappointed.”

“Isn’t it better to just make sure he doesn’t die instead of seeking revenge?”

“If you had been screaming for help, I might have gone out of my way to help you. That would have been pretty fun to watch.”

Sima Lianzhu said with a chuckle.

Lee Seong-min sighed deeply at those words. Wearing a mask that suppressed his magical power, the headache was gradually subsiding thanks to the master’s energy and vitality being held by him.

“… … Amzon was killed.”

“know. Because the party also did some pretty outrageous things. “Couldn’t you have fought quietly?”

“Amzon was a master. “Is it easy to fight quietly against such a person?”

“I could have done that.”

“I am not a teacher.”

“yes. “You incompetent bastard.”

Sima Lianju grumbled and raised his lowered body. At the same time, he moved his hand again and released Lee Seong-min’s acupressure that he had suppressed.

“Try to refrain from bringing out your inner strength for the time being. Always wear a mask. “Now that it has gone out of control like this, we need to be more careful than before.”

“All right.”

Seongmin Lee sat up and nodded his head. Then something occurred to him and he told it to Master Sabeib.

“I met Geomseon.”

“You managed to come back alive.”

“… … He didn’t seem to have any intention of killing me. “I didn’t fight back like Master told me to do.”

Seongmin Lee spoke about Geomseon’s Igigeeogeom. Then Sabeibju smiled and nodded her head.

“It looks like he hasn’t just been cultivating the Tao for over a hundred years.”

“Why didn’t Geomseon kill me?”

“How can I know what this guy is thinking? Still, whatever. If he didn’t kill you, that means he didn’t have a reason to kill you. Geomseon has been living in seclusion in a shaman for a long time, but that doesn’t mean he’s closing his eyes and ears.”

Sima Lianju said that and turned his back.

“Your guest is here at Sima Lian.”

“… … customer?”

“Ink flash light Baeksogo.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes opened wide at Sima Lianju’s words.

Why is the sister-in-law coming to Simalian? Seeing that Lee Seong-min was confused, Sima Lianju continued to speak.

“The footwork you learned. Wasn’t Muyeongtalhon a martial art of Mukshingwang? He had better skills than I thought. He reached the level of transcendence and mastered martial arts… … “In addition to martial arts, he had other powers.”

“What do you mean?”

“Denir made her an incarnation.”

Sima Lianju clicked his tongue and said.

“I don’t know why Denir chose her as his incarnation. God is a bastard whose true intentions are unknown. “The power they have may not be that great, but the power they have as gods is something that humans can never imitate.”

“… … “Where is your sister-in-law?”

“He said he wanted to meet you, so he told me to leave a room in Simalian and wait there. The red magic tower lord you brought with you also had a connection with the Ink Flash. “I didn’t harm you or detain you, so don’t worry.”

“Master, you are kind to women.”

“If you say nonsense again, I will kick your ass.”

“Can’t you even talk? I’m just saying this out of curiosity. Since she likes fairies so much, I thought she wasn’t interested in grown women… … .”

Lee Seong-min’s words did not last until the end. Sima Lianju carried out his warning without hesitation.


Lee Seong-min’s body flew through the air with a dull sound. Seongmin Lee held his buttocks that had been kicked by his feet and let out a painful groan.

“Do you think I care for them out of personal interest? “She only took care of her students because they were idiots.”

“thanks… … do.”

“You flutter with your open mouth, unaware of this teacher’s generous generosity and generous grace. Stop thinking about useless things and stand up. “I went for an unexpected night walk because of you.”

“… … Thank you for your help.”

“You talk so fast.”

Sima Lianju grumbled and walked with his back turned.

“Let’s go back.”


Seongmin Lee rubbed his burning buttocks with his hands and followed Sima Lianju.


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