Worthless Regression Chapter 262

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[264] King Chang (4)

Window in front.

from now on.

from now on… … ?

King Chang’s eyes widened. He tried to see the approaching spear, but the spear launched by Lee Seong-min moved forward a little and then turned into fog and dispersed.

The swaying fog that was once a window scatters in all directions.

King Chang didn’t know what was going on, so he didn’t act hastily. He took a step back.

Scattered fog covers you. The spear spun in the Spear King’s hand.

For him, who completed the true meaning of the Shinchang Unity, the spear was an extension of the body before it was a weapon, and he was the Spear King himself.

As you think. The window moves freely between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Faba Park!

The entire cloud of fog that was attacking the Chang King was torn apart by the Spear King’s spear.

But there is no shape in the fog. King Chang was startled as he watched the clouds of fog drifting away. He quickly looked back to where Lee Seong-min was, but Lee Seong-min was not there.

‘Oh my.’

King Chang realized what kind of martial arts Lee Seong-min displayed. Illusion. It could be said that dazzling the eyes is the basis of genjutsu.

Lee Seong-min’s martial arts skills were already far beyond the realm of illusion. How can something with such clear killing intent be called a genjutsu?

Just as King Chang thought. Hwangye, the eight seconds of Gucheon Mugeukchang performed by Lee Seong-min, is a martial art that contains a group of Geukhwan (極幻). This is a martial art that Lee Seong-min could not have performed properly before, but not now.

This martial art requires tremendous strength. The current Lee Seong-min was the owner of such enormous power that he astonished King Chang. Is that all? The world of martial arts touched by Sima Lianzhu became a completely different martial art compared to the previous world of martial arts. This was also the first time Lee Seong-min used this illusion in real life.

The fog that intensely distorts space is the fog of death created by strong energy with a lot of magical power.

It was impossible to capture Lee Seong-min’s window gliding inside it with the eyes or sense it with the senses. Even if he was a Changwang-level expert, the results did not change.

‘It’s full of unpleasant energy.’

It was because of the power possessed by Lee Seong-min. The fog of river energy that covered all directions was full of magical energy, and it made it difficult for even the King of Chang’s keen sense of energy to catch Lee Seong-min’s true form.

And the war is not over yet. This is a spear skill, but it is a martial art that goes beyond the realm of spear skills.



King Chang listened. His fog is flowing. He listens and listens. He must not chase the sound.

King Chang knew that fact well.

If you’re an expert at ear singing, there’s no way you’re moving your body and making unnecessary sounds like that.

‘You’re trying to deceive me.’

King Chang looked around. Before I knew it, there was fog everywhere. King Chang smiled, showing his teeth.

‘It is a martial art that is raised with a spear but goes beyond the realm of spearmanship. The power to dominate the space itself is amazing, but it is even more amazing that even after pouring out that much power, there is room to spare. Because you knew it was an unfavorable fight, you created a space that was absolutely advantageous for yourself. Yes, is this that kind of martial arts?’

When it comes to illusions, I have experienced it. Musin was also a person with great knowledge of illusions, and once King Chang challenged Musin and had a hard time dealing with his illusions. Thanks to those memories, dealing with genjutsu was not that pleasant, but I had no intention of dealing with it harshly.

How to break an illusion. There was only one way that King Chang knew. Crushing it from the front with stronger force. Remembering him, King Chang immediately took action.


The spear he swung shook the fog-filled space.



The sound of grazing the ground does not stop. When the Spear King tried to swing his spear once again. The sound that was annoying to my ears suddenly stopped. and.


One side of the space burst open and a window was dug in. The Spear King twisted his posture and swung his spear as if he had been waiting. But this time, at the moment of impact, the window turned into fog and dispersed.


King Chang instinctively sensed a threat and twisted his upper body to the side.

Blood shot!

The spear pierced past the King of Spear’s side. That was the beginning. Fog comes from all directions once again.

All the fog turns into dozens of spears and attacks the Spear King. If you don’t defend yourself properly, you will be pierced by spears dozens of times and torn to pieces.

King Chang laughed again as he pictured that creepy image of death.


With a loud laugh, the Spear King spins his spear.

Quad deuk!

The covering fog is caught up in the rotation created by the Spear King’s spear. The war is not over yet. The ‘real’ spear exploded in the hands of Lee Seong-min, who was moving endlessly beyond the fog.

“Is it there!”

King Chang shouted. He stabbed the spear with full force. The fog cannot invade its momentum and retreats. Lee Seong-min’s spear and the Spear King’s spear clashed.

King Chang saw Lee Seong-min’s eyes visible through the fog. Those eyes colored bright gold.

The tip of the spear shakes.


King Chang took a deep breath. For a moment, he felt as if the ground his feet were standing on was sinking.

That sudden sensation was enough to make even an expert of Changwang’s level flustered, even if only for a moment.

A very brief gap. Lee Seong-min’s window moves as if he was waiting for that gap.


The spear fired from close range was aimed at the King of Chang’s chest. But King Chang was skilled.

He immediately split the spear he was holding in two and laid his staggering body back, widening the distance from Lee Seong-min’s spear.


The spear wielded by the Spear King collided with Lee Seong-min’s spear. King Chang attempted to attack repeatedly without stopping, even in positions where delicate movements seemed impossible.

But again, the moment I saw the tip of the spear.

King Chang realized that the distance between him and Lee Seong-min had increased.

Is it an illusion? Or footwork? In a short period of time, countless possibilities crossed King Chang’s mind.

But he didn’t care and shot the spear. Lee Seong-min’s body, which was moving away, suddenly approaches. What disturbed the sense of distance was genjutsu. So what about this?



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Lee Seong-min’s body was pierced by King Chang’s spear.

However, King Chang’s hand did not feel like it had been ‘pierced’. There is no blood splatter.

It’s an illusion. When I knew him. Seongmin Lee’s body turned into fog and collapsed. The collapsed fog did not stop with just the fog. It was a spear attack again, and this time it was impossible for even the Spear King to completely defend or avoid.



He hurriedly waved his spear and dispersed the spear strike. Spear strikes that could not be completely dissipated passed through the Spear King’s body one after another.

Even in such a situation, it was King Chang’s best to end it with minimal injuries.

King Chang felt joy at the throbbing pain rising from his entire body. How long has it been since he was injured in a fight? Blood poured from the thin wounds spread all over his body, and King Chang laughed loudly.

“Feel so good!”

Seongmin Lee was feeling a dizzying headache.

Hwangye is a combination of ultra-advanced illusion and martial arts. The movement of the spear must continue to follow the movement of the circle, and it is not possible to unfold other herbivores.

Unless the illusion is continued by moving the spear, the illusion will be broken.

Although it was a powerful martial art, Hwangye had many shortcomings. It lacks staying power. Even with Lee Seong-min’s incredible power, it is impossible to keep Hwangye going for a long time.

His inner strength had already reached its bottom, and the reality was that he could continue the illusion using only his magical power.

“Whoa, whoa…” … .”

Seongmin Lee took a deep breath and glared at King Chang. King Chang, covered in blood and smiling, did not look like he was going to fall. This is the first time that the world has lasted this long.

[Why don’t you step back?]

Heoju advised.

[You are only using magic power now. This old man is holding on in your mental world… … It’s a pretty dangerous situation right now. If you want to defeat that guy, you’ll have to fight a lot more, and maybe during that fight, his magical power will run rampant and try to devour your consciousness.]


[If you know, back off.]

‘I don’t think they’ll let me go.’

Seongmin Lee suppressed his throbbing headache and looked at King Chang.

He was swinging his spear like crazy without caring for his wounds.

As his spear moved again and again, enormous power swelled. Lee Seong-min sharpened his spear and raised his spear above his head.


The rotation boils in the fog. The world of Gucheonmugeukchang. Therein lies the charm of the black thunderstorm.

The magical energy bubbling and boiling in the dantian spreads throughout the entire body. A flashing light enveloped Lee Seong-min’s window.

Gucheonmugeukchang Palcho, Hwangye (fantasy world) Manroe (萬雷).

The fog that was covering the space turned into a thundercloud.


The King of Spear felt happy tension as he swung his spear at the loud sound of the wall.


A thundercloud exploded at once and a series of rotations struck Changwang. The Spear King roared with laughter and swung his spear.

The Spear King’s spear split the lightning.


The lightning disappeared. The loud sound of the wall and the threat of lightning were lies. Illusion! King Chang hurriedly recovered the inner energy he had fired.

But it was late. The light that illuminated all directions disappeared, and in an instant, the world became a black night. And again. A long purple lightning split the darkness in two.


King Chang hurriedly retrieved his internal energy and swung his spear to block the rotation. In the world of phantom magic, lightning is also just a trick. The real thing is a spear strike hidden within a thunderbolt.

The thing that completely spins has more power than lightning that splits the sky. The Spear King swallowed the blood gushing out of his throat and thrust the spear all the way in.

Crackling, crackling!

Lightning tears apart. Seongmin Lee put all his power into the pushing spear.


My heart was beating loudly. The energy and blood are trembling. I had a bad feeling in my dantian. The spirit power swells.

In his head, Heo Joo was yelling at him for something.

Seongmin Lee chewed his lower lip as he had a terrible premonition. Blood flowed from the lips that had been chewed so hard.

Over and over again, the consequences of excessive use of magical power were coming. If it were a human body, it would have been shattered, but a body transformed into a monster would not be shattered.

However, my consciousness became blurred and an unknown sound mixed in my ears, creating a noise that I did not want to hear.


The world of peace has ended. The fog that covered all directions completely disappeared as if it had been like that for some time. The Spear King succeeded in stabbing the spear all the way through.

Lightning scatters. Without hesitation, King Chang launched himself at Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min, who was breathing heavily, felt the Spear King approaching and quickly raised his spear.


The spear swung by the Spear King, who jumped into the air, collided with Lee Seong-min’s spear. Lee Seong-min was unable to completely shake off the shock and fell back, vomiting blood.


With a sound of cheers, the Spear King’s spear exploded. Seongmin Lee held on to the thread of his fading consciousness. However, it was impossible for him to face the Spear King’s spear with a body like that.

Quad Deuk!

The swung spear hits Seongmin Lee’s side. The impact ripped through his armor, breaking his ribs and bursting his internal organs. Lee Seong-min’s helpless body fell into the distance and rolled on the ground.

“… … What.”

The Spear King slowly lowered the spear he was swinging and frowned. He turned his head and spat out blood.

“Are you tired?”

The King of Spears swung his spear and approached Lee Seong-min. It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper fight like this.

My whole body was hot with tension and heat. But what? I want to have fun and fight a little more.

“Stand up.”

King Chang urged Lee Seong-min, who was staggering and trying to stand up. However, Lee Seong-min could not stand up until the end.

While standing up, my legs lose their strength and I fall down. Then King Chang distorted his face.

“I mean, stand up!”

‘Do you think someone does this because they don’t want to wake up… … !’

Seongmin Lee heard King Chang’s shout beyond the noise. In the end, Lee Seong-min was unable to stand up and collapsed again due to lack of strength. Seeing this, King Chang looked angry and raised his foot and hit the ground.

“It’s like having a poop and then being cut off!”

It was an extremely messy metaphor, but King Chang’s feelings were exactly as he said.


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