Worthless Regression Chapter 259

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[261] King Chang (1)


black lightning. I heard it with my ears and saw it with my eyes. Baek Sogo immediately put his feet back and raised his arms.


A heavy blow shook Baek Sogo’s body. She gritted her teeth and braced herself to support her body as it was pushed backwards.

It doesn’t end once. The successive attacks collided one after another, and Baek Sogo gave up trying to stand.

The body flew backwards and twisted and rotated in the air. Immediately after, he kicks the air and runs forward.

“Is it heavenly?”

A voice follows the attack.

Baek Sogo chewed his lower lip.

As expected, I was complacent.

This is Samaryeon. This is the place where the mahwang Yangilcheon, known as the best expert in Sapa, is located.

They invaded under cover of night to meet the priest, but were detected before they could climb the high wall.

“I’ve never heard of a person like you. but. It was 100 years ago that I learned everything about Cheonoecheon. In the meantime, a guy named Black Dragon Hyeop put his head into Cheonoecheon, so it’s possible that there may be other masters that I don’t know about.”

The figure of Sima Lianju can be seen beyond the darkness. He was wearing a comical mask depicting the wrinkled face of an old man.

He stood with his back to me and slowly descended from the sky. Baek Sogo suppressed his pounding heart with his hand and glared at his master.

“I don’t think they came here to assassinate me.”

Sima Lianju looked at Bai Shaogu and smiled behind his mask.

“If that’s the case, it would mean that Musin has become senile. then… … okay. Did they come to kill not the principal, but the disciple of the principal? Because Amzon is dead. But isn’t that too arrogant? “Did you think it would be possible to assassinate my disciple here, where my throne is located?”

“… … “There seems to be some misunderstanding.”

Baek Sogo glared at Sima Lianzhu and answered like that. Sima Lianju laughed at those words.

“okay. You must be mistaken. I know this too. “It might have been a misunderstanding, so I didn’t intend to kill you with this blow.”

“… … “My name is Baek Sogo.”

Baek Sogo spoke to Sima Lianzhu without letting down his guard.

At those words, Sima Lianzhu blinked behind his mask. Sima Lianzhu, who was lost in thought for a moment, said, “Ah.”

“Ink flash light Baeksogo. “It’s a name I’ve heard of before.”

“Priests… … “I came here to meet your disciple.”

“You were a guest. “It was a good thing I didn’t kill him.”

Sima Lianzhu laughed and said at Baek Sogo’s words.

Baek Sogo’s eyebrows twitched at those words. He did well not to kill. The first attack was barely successful in blocking. If additional attacks had continued there, it would have been difficult to avoid or block them.

When Baek Sogo tried to protest, Sima Lianju shook his head.

“Don’t act unfair. Even if I truly tried to kill you, you would have had a way to escape without dying.”

Sima Lianju said this and looked at Bai Shaogu. White, gray hair. That was the first thing he saw, but what Sima Lianzhu saw was Bai Xiaoguo’s eyes.

Sima Lianzhu laughed again.

“You are being loved by Denir. It is the same for me and my disciples. He was equally subjected to Denir’s trials… … You feel Denir’s blessing more directly. “Is it Avatar?”

“… … yes.”

“I don’t know why Denir chose you as his incarnation. In any case, he did well not to use his power as the Avatar. “If you had used it, I would have killed you without hesitation.”

Sima Lianju said that and turned around.

“The foolish disciple hasn’t returned yet. “If you are here to meet my disciple, I will give you a room for yourself.”

“… … “You don’t doubt me?”

“Is there any reason to doubt that you have come to meet a disciple?”

Sima Lianju asked that question and turned around.

“It’s okay to refuse if you don’t like it. “I’m not forcing it.”

Baek Sogo stared at Sima Lianzhu’s back as he walked away as if nothing had happened. After a while. She followed Sima Lianju.

* * *

Seongmin Lee covered the mask on his face with both hands. Then he continued to breathe slowly.

A ghost mask that I received from Sima Lianju. This is a mask made by Osla, the queen of the fairies. The purpose of this mask is to suppress the magical power and internal energy that exists within Lee Seong-min’s body as much as possible, while drawing out the dragon power that Lee Seong-min was unable to use properly.

A year living in the forest with Legrow. Seongmin Lee continued to wear this mask.

‘The magic power is dangerous.’

Seongmin Lee never forgot that fact. He couldn’t forget. Because Heo Joo made him aware every time he became even a little slack.

Although it is said to have stabilized now, Lee Seong-min’s body once transformed into a monster.

A monster whose reason and humanity have been obliterated and whose instincts have become the main factor and whose instincts run amok.

If Lee Seong-min had not been able to regain his body by subduing his Yo-Seong and In-O-Seong in Eormuri, he would have completely transformed into a Yo-kai.

By eating the dragon’s heart, Lee Seong-min’s heart became the dragon’s. If the Blue Magic Tower theory is true, this is the story of . The body of a monster. Dragon’s heart. And the human spirit.

If you use your magic power excessively. At any moment, this balance may collapse, and the suppressed externality may rear its head again.

The mask received from Sima Lianzhu also plays a role in preparing for it. Bringing out the power of the dragon heart in place of internal energy mixed with magical power.

By greatly reducing the proportion of energy used, it takes on the role of preventing external attacks.

‘Recently, it was difficult to write even if I wanted to.’

It was also because he was wearing a human skin mask, and this mask, like Sima Lianju’s, became a symbol of Lee Seong-min. It was thanks to him going to Sima Lian while wearing this mask and turning it upside down.

After that, it was so conspicuous that it could not be used publicly. The only thing I could use was in my room while I was sleeping.

But it’s okay from here on out.

Although he left Dangga and met with Geomseon’s Igieogeom on the way. Fortunately, he didn’t experience any further incidents, and Lee Seong-min was able to return all the way to Haras.

[How long are you going to stay like this?]

Heoju advised. Seongmin Lee sighed and got up. The bonfire was burning.

[He’s blatantly telling me to come quickly. Are you going to pretend not to know and ignore me?]

“You’re not the kind of person who will understand that you ignore them.”

[Changwang will be different from Amzone.]



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Heoju spoke in response to Lee Seongmin’s muttering.

[Amzon was able to be defeated without drawing on his magical power. But Changwang is a different story. King Chang is an expert who is several steps ahead of Amzon. Of course, this is nothing compared to when this old man was alive.]

“Good job.”

[Anyway. If you fight the Spear King, you have no choice but to use your magic power.]

“I know.”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and took off the mask he was wearing. A blatant presence is felt not far away.

It was a presence I had already felt once. King Chang. Seongmin Lee tsk and clicked his tongue.

“Unlucky. “I never thought I would come face to face with King Chang when I reached my destination.”

[The one who promised the next one was none other than you.]

“I didn’t know it would be today.”

[Your shamelessness has increased. Is it because I lost my virginity?]

“Who cares?”

[I’m feeling better because I don’t feel like I’m full of depression like before. Still, a lot of the cuteness has disappeared.]

“I don’t think I’ve ever been cute.”

[The amount of talking back also increased. A rotten bastard.]

Although he swore, Heoju did not seem that unpleasant.

Lee Seong-min chuckled. Lee Seong-min was also aware that his personality had changed considerably.

A year spent in the forest of Legro. He was with Wei Ji-ho-yeon, and he was with Sima Lian-ju.

There were fairies who came up and played pranks so that there was no time to be bored. When I think about it, the days were as loud and noisy as the year I spent there… … .


Gwangcheonma’s death came to mind. Rubia also disappeared. The smile disappeared from Lee Seong-min’s face. He took off the mask and quietly placed it in his arms.

[Don’t worry too much.]

A tricky guy. Heoju clicked his tongue inwardly. Although he has a spirit stronger than steel, at times he is as soft as tofu.

Painful memories, memories I don’t want to recall. The moment he thinks about it, his consciousness turns black.

Heo Joo, who lives in Lee Seong-min’s consciousness, has already experienced this situation several times.

When I think of those types of memories. How dark and unpleasant this ritual is, full of despair, anger, and murderous intent. From the depths of my consciousness, I can hear the sound of a monster grinding its teeth.

It is the sound made by the externality that has been stamped and pressed. You can’t come out. Heo Joo took his place in the center of Lee Seongmin’s consciousness and raised his voice.

[Even if you exert too much energy, this old man is in the center of your consciousness. This means that if there is a problem, we will solve it on our own, so you don’t have to worry too much.]

“I know.”

As Lee Seong-min said that, he stretched out his hand toward the window he had put down. The spear flew up and was held in Lee Seong-min’s hand. He extinguished the bonfire with his feet and looked towards where King Chang was.

“That’s why I’m going. “Without running away.”

[Say what you say right away, bastard. You probably don’t have the confidence to run away.]

“That too.”

Lee Seong-min laughed bitterly.

The place chosen by King Chang was a wide plain, quite far from the Haras gate. There are no villages or wanderers to get caught up in. My physical condition is also good. I ate plenty of food, and I don’t have to worry about pooping during the fight.

In fact, a body that is perfectly controlled by internal energy will never have an urgent need to poop. King Chang completely excluded all variables about himself that could possibly arise.

‘Maybe the commotion will lead to Sima Lianju coming out.’

Rather, because I hope for it. King Chang was waiting here, close to Haras.

The Spear King swept his hands over the two short spears on his back. He has fought many masters throughout his life.

Defeat only once. Dongsu once. He was defeated by Martial God and reached equal numbers with Wolhu. How about today? Defeat? Sister-in-law? Victory? King Chang was not convinced by either side. Because it’s more exciting and enjoyable that way.

“I thought you weren’t coming.”


Seongmin Lee stood not far away from King Chang. King Chang looked at Lee Seong-min with a deep smile.

“I thought I should wait for you to come find me, but now that I think about it, you don’t know where I am.”

“So you came all the way here?”

“In the North, the situation was not right for both sides, so they postponed the fight. But I guess not today. I am perfect. There is nothing urgent after this. “Fighting with you is all I care about.”

“If I told you my position here, they wouldn’t let me go.”


King Chang smiled and nodded his head at Lee Seong-min’s words.

“I heard that they killed Amzon. “How was Amzone?”

“It was strong.”

“There is no need to show courtesy to the dead. He’s dead anyway. “No matter what you say, I won’t listen.”

“They said it was strong.”

“I guess I was weaker than you.”

King Chang laughed at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“And he was probably weaker than me.”


The two spears hanging behind the Spear King’s back soar into the sky.

The Spear King raised both hands and caught the falling javelin. Lightly turning the spear held in both hands, the Spear King looked at Lee Seong-min’s armor and spear.

“That’s a good spear. And it’s good armor. I can guess how Amzon died. Memorization is sharp and fast. It’s irregular. But it lacks power. “It wouldn’t have penetrated the armor.”

“that’s right.”

“My spear is sharper, faster, more irregular, and much more powerful than Amzon’s memorabilia. “No matter how good your armor is, it will be difficult to block, so keep that in mind.”

“Why do you need to tell me?”

“If you don’t rely on your nerves, you could die from a single blow.”

King Chang said so and walked with great strides.

“It’s been a long time since I fought Changsu. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fight with a great spearman like you. So I don’t want to end it easily or quickly. “I plan to enjoy it as much as I can.”

The fighting spirit of a monster crazy about fighting fills the space.

“Think of it as a game rather than a fight where you kill each other.”

King Chang shouted in a voice full of laughter.


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