Worthless Regression Chapter 255

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[257] Amzone (2)

When I saw Dang Ah-hee going out the window. Seongmin Lee was hiding near the party building.

As he continued to monitor Tang Axi’s condition through the crystal ball he was holding, he immediately jumped out of the window when he saw her jumping out the window.

I climbed over the wall and jumped over the top of the building. In the backyard of the annex we arrived in an instant, Amjon and Dang Ah-hee were there.


When I checked on him. Without hesitation, Lee Seong-min used Black Lightning’s Gale Trust and jumped into the place where Dark Zone was standing.

Amzon’s eyebrows twitched as the purple electric current jumped. It’s not that I didn’t feel the ferocious force radiating from Lee Seong-min.

However, Lee Seong-min’s speed was too fast, not to mention the fact that he could see the momentum.

Sima Lianju’s Black Thunder Blade is a martial art that pursues ultimate pleasure, and Galeung Shin Trust is the fastest of them all.

“hmm… … ?!”

Amzon’s expression trembled. He immediately waved his sleeve and fired a dagger at the bouncing purple current.

No threat.

Faba Park!

Lee Seong-min swung the spear he was holding in half a circle and blocked the flying dagger.

At the same time, he quickly took steps and narrowed the distance to Amzon.

Amzon was taken aback by Lee Seong-min, who suddenly popped out, but waved both hands to block his great-granddaughter Dang A-hee. Dozens of needles thinner than a hair are shot out from inside the spacious sleeve.

In the past, it was impossible to follow the dagger’s movements, and it was impossible to block it. This was not the case for Lee Seong-min now.

The spear, which was swung through the air, generates purple energy and crushes the needle shot by Amzon.

Amzone was surprised by Lee Seong-min’s skills, but continued to wave his hands. Every time he swung his hand, throwing weapons of various shapes shot out from inside his sleeve.

‘What is he doing?’

Amzone could not know Lee Seong-min’s identity. Currently, Seongmin Lee was wearing a human skin mask.

In addition, the energy that Lee Sung-min gave off had changed a lot from when Amzon met Lee Sung-min in Rubes in the past.

‘This… … .’

But use martial arts. The technique of using a spear and the electric current that jumps every time a strong energy is drawn out.

Amzon’s face becomes stiff. He knew very well what that martial arts was. There was no way I didn’t know.

A hundred years ago. When Amzon left the party and came into the world as a warrior.

At that time, Amzon suffered the first and most terrible and humiliating defeat in his life. At that time, Yang Il-cheon was not in the position of Sima Lianju, and his nickname was not Demon Emperor.

However, the fact that Yang Il-cheon was also possessed of monster-like strength back then was not much different from now.

That coincidental meeting became a secret dance, and Amzon painfully felt with his own body how incredibly powerful the Black Lightning Beuncheon, which was unfinished at that time, was.

‘no way… … ‘Black lightning?’

As he watched the electric current flow, anxiety sprouted in Amjon’s heart. As far as Amzon knows, there are only two people in this world who use the Black Thunder Blade.

Sima Lianju, Demon Emperor Yangilcheon. And Gwichang, whom he said he had chosen as his successor. Coincidentally, what he is using is also a spear. Amzon’s face turned white.

“… … Ear chang?”


Lee Seong-min nodded his head at Amzon’s muttering. He did not bother to take off his bast mask.

We must subdue Amzone as quickly as possible.

Dang Ah-hee, who was behind Amzon’s back, was taken aback by Lee Seong-min’s sudden appearance and attack.

She wasn’t that stupid either, so she was able to guess the identity of Lee Seong-min, who was wearing a human skin mask, thanks to his singing style and purple electric current that drove the dark zone.

“Hey, it’s him!”

Tang Axi shouted.

“Great-grandfather! Please subdue that guy! “That’s my request!”

Although she didn’t know why Gui-chang suddenly appeared and started a fight, Dang Ah-hee was glad that this was the case.

Isn’t there now no need to go through the trouble of looking for Lee Seong-min? Dang Ah-hee had no doubt that her great-great-grandfather would overpower Lee Seong-min.

Amzon’s expression was not good. He too understood why this was the case.

Every time my great-granddaughter’s birthday, I come here and have a short meeting. Apart from Amzon and Dang Ah-hee, no one knows that fact.

No one, not even Cheon Oecheon, knows about the outings of the dark zone, which only lasts a few hours a year.

‘You told that guy…’ … !’

It’s not a coincidence. The ear window. They had been waiting because they knew that Amzon would appear here.

Amzon chewed his lower lip. Her light-hearted anger welled up against her late granddaughter, who made fun of her.

In the 20 years I’ve known that child, I’ve never scolded him. If it weren’t for the descendants I cared about, I would have torn them limb from limb right away.


The purple self-defense flag surrounding Lee Seong-min’s body swells. The self-defense device with electric current flowing through it looked as if a thundercloud had been wrapped around the body.

Amzon gritted his teeth. He also knew that Lee Seong-min killed Geomjon.

If you fight head on, you can never win. That guy has become incomparably stronger than when I saw him in Rubes a few years ago.

‘I have to run away… … No, if that happens, what about that child? What is the price?’

Such thoughts tie Amzon’s feet. Even though he left the Tang family, it is an undeniable fact that this is his family. Although he was angry at Dang Ah-hee’s idiotic behavior, the fact that that child was his beloved descendant also did not change.

“Run away!”

Amzon shouted. In the end, that was what he chose.

“Wake up everyone in the family! “Get us out of here right now!”

“Oh, great-great-grandfather?!”


Amzon raised all his attack power while shouting like that.


Black self-defense equipment covered Amjon’s body. Throwing weapons cannot pose much of a threat.


Amzon ran his hand over his belt. A thin soft sword was released and held in Amzon’s hand.

Memorization is not just about throwing things out. Hidden weapon.



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Befitting his nickname, Amzon was proficient in all such weapons and was able to use them with familiarity.

Faba Park!

Swing a soft sword. The soft sword that was curved in a curved trajectory had its whole body turned into a sharp snake.

Lee Seong-min acted without hesitation toward the sword that was aiming for his body, creating a complex trajectory.

The moment it collides, the soft sword shatters into pieces. Amzon’s eyes fill with surprise.

“Run away!”

Amzon shouted once again.

Tang Axi was here hesitantly.

Amzon’s hair rose upward.

His long gun swells greatly. The power of Amzone, which Lee Seong-min had not seen in Rubes, was about to be unleashed.

The vicious energy he gave off made Tang Ah-xi tremble in fear.

“Don’t make me kill you!”


Dang Ah-hee screamed in surprise at Amzon’s shout. She urinated again this time.

Dang Ah-hee covered her damp crotch with her hand and jumped away.

When Amzon saw Dang Ah-hee leaving the location, he took action without hesitation.

Even though I said, take all your family and leave. In fact, Amzon thought that only Dang Ah-hee needed to get out of here.

After confirming that Dang Ah-hee was running away, Amzon jumped towards Lee Seong-min.

Amzon did not learn poison attack. However, this did not mean that he was ignorant of how to handle poison.

Although it is said that most people do not use it often, if you have to win, you have to use something even if you don’t like it.

A small bead slipped down from inside the sleeve. It is a poison made with the secret recipe of the Tang family, and if exploded, it fills the whole place with deadly poison.

Since the defense against poison was already in place, Amzon spoke without hesitation.


A black solo dance attacked Lee Seong-min.

But Amzon didn’t know.

Even though the solo dance spread in all directions, Lee Seong-min’s actions did not slow down at all.

An expert in the Transcendental Realm would be resistant to most poisons, but the poisonous dance that Amzon unleashed was not such a trivial level of poison.

Nevertheless, seeing Lee Seong-min without the slightest change in his behavior, Amzon was deeply embarrassed.

[That guy doesn’t seem to know that you are omnipotent and invulnerable.]

Heo Joo giggled and laughed. Amzon stretched out both hands and released his tension. The deadly force and poisonous dance mix together.

Lee Seong-min, who had perfected the ability to kill only poison, did not feel much of a threat from poison.

In addition, armor and spears made using dragon materials did not melt due to poison, and it was possible to easily cut such strength.

When Lee Seong-min rushed through the solo dance, Amzon was astonished. In many ways, he did not get along well with Lee Seong-min.

His memorization was quick and stealthy, but it lacked decisive power. Lee Seong-min’s newly created armor and self-defense equipment were too strong to be pierced through memorization.

In addition, even Amzon’s quick hand movements, which deal with memorization, are several steps behind compared to Heukreobeoncheon, a martial artist who pursues extreme pleasure.

Even the dark zone’s poisonous attack that sweeps away everywhere cannot invade Lee Seong-min’s invulnerability.

It’s the worst compatibility. Among the six noble masters, there is probably no master with whom the current Lee Seong-min is not as good as Amjon.

But that didn’t mean Amzone was easy. Amzon’s feet moved.

A new and mysterious walking method was unfolded that could not be detected at all. Dark Zone ran through the fog, leaving behind a whitish afterimage like a ghost.

Lee Seong-min’s feet were heard. As Amzon competed using footwork, Lee Seong-min also chose footwork.

Muyeongtalhon Samsik. Ibogeopsal, Byeokryeok (霹靂). The first right step brings about a thundercloud. And when I took my second step.


The thunderclouds that spread around shot out purple lightning all at once.

Muyeongtalhon, with the addition of Heukreobuncheon’s heart, could no longer be said to be a complementary method. This was a deadly technique created by walking.


Black blood sprayed out from the mouth of the amzone that collided with the exploding magnetic rotation.

Even though he was wearing self-defense equipment, Amzon felt a sharp pain as if his internal organs were on fire.

He distorted his face and moved his right hand.

A disk the size of a palm was held in his hand.

Let’s go together!

The disk on Amzon’s finger began to rotate violently. The disk with the poisonous dance and strong energy intertwined left Amjon’s hand.

It’s not just memorization. I keenly felt that this type of cancer technology could pose a threat to Lee Seong-min.

Amzon’s eyes widened as he followed the movement of the thrown meme.


The space is torn apart and the disc disappears inside. The disk that penetrated the gap in space appeared through a completely different space.

The mind of the transcendental world is to interfere with space. Cancer technology was applied to it.

It is a memorization that can never be avoided. Even Lee Seong-min could not help but be surprised by such an attack from Amzone.

He quickly twisted his body, trying to avoid the memorization that flew right behind him.


I knew it instinctively. It may not be a fatal injury, though. It was an unavoidable fact that it could not be completely avoided.

Memorization coated with poison. If it weren’t formidable, even a slight swipe would be a big threat. Lee Seong-min felt grateful to Heo Ju for helping him achieve his goal.


“… … what?”

It sounded completely different from what Amzon expected.

Lee Seong-min was also momentarily taken aback and his actions froze.

The memorization that grazed Lee Seong-min’s left shoulder, no, did not even graze it.

The moment it touched, the rotation of the disc stopped and the blade was crushed. Lee Seong-min and Amzon looked down at the disc that had lost its strength and had forgotten what to say.

[The armor is very strong.]

Heoju also muttered in an idiotic voice, as if he had no idea this would happen.

A fatal memorization that came from a completely different direction, causing space distortion.

Lee Seong-min was unable to tear the barding he was wearing and it fell in vain.

Although its power has weakened as it penetrates the self-defense device, dragon scales are one of the most durable materials in the world.

The scales, which can be said to be the best material in themselves, have been added with the work of Dwarven Chief Mackendor and Meister Selgerus.

“What kind of armor… … .”

Even Amzon, who threw the memorization, never thought it would turn out like this.

I was confident that even if it wasn’t a fatal wound, it would cause at least a small wound. It didn’t even make a scratch on his armor.

“… … hmm.”

Lee Seong-min muttered as he looked at the memorized book left behind.

“I’ve been avoiding and blocking for no reason until now.”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and jumped into the front of the cancer zone.


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