Worthless Regression Chapter 254

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[256] Amzone (1)

It is my thirty-first birthday.

A variety of great people gathered from various places to celebrate her birthday, but Dang Ah-hee’s spirit was elsewhere.

She waited for the banquet to end, responding to the congratulatory messages from those around her and the questions from her parents and relatives about whether she should get married seriously now.

Mo Yong, Nam Gung, and Zhuge Sega, who had been close friends since childhood, each experienced misfortune.

Namgung Hui-won left the family and was not heard of, and Zhuge Taeryeong and Mo Yong Seo-jin died.

The one who looked especially pitiful was the Mo Yong family. The head of the Moyong family, Daeun Moyong, and most of the elite warriors of the Moyong family who participated in the subjugation of Kim Jonghyeon met a terrible death, and Moyongchan, who barely survived, was too young and weak to rebuild the fallen family.

Moreover, not only that, but before Mo Yong Daeun was killed in the forest.

Mo Yong-chan was held responsible for suffering from mania due to his desire for revenge on his daughter.

The Murim League arbitrarily attacked the wizard guild, ruining their relationship with them, and held the Moyong family guilty on behalf of Daeun Moyong, who wielded the Baekgyeolmuhondan at will.

In this way, the Moyong family came to the brink of collapse. Mo Yong-chan had neither the ability to evade the responsibility posed by the Murim League nor the wit to protest.

The elders of the old Moyong family came forward, thinking that this was too much, but the Murimmaeng forcefully took action and carried out the punishment for the crime.

The property and land of the Moyong family were confiscated, and the warriors of the family left, abandoning the powerless family.

Although there may be a difference in degree, Chugeol, the leader of the Baekgyeol Martial Arts Association, was also disciplined.

The crime of abandoning his men and running away from the forest despite being sober. Chwi-geol protested against him, saying that it was to catch Gwi-chang, but Chwi-geol’s plea did not defend him.

They made the excuse that they were trying to catch Gui-chang, but because they were unable to catch Gui-chang going out of the forest and were unable to determine his whereabouts, they ended up being questioned even more severely.

In the case of Dang Ah-hee, she did not receive much pressure from the Murim Alliance.

Although she didn’t do anything special, Dang Ah-hee remained in the forest and didn’t run away.

In fact, in her case, although she ran away, it was largely thanks to her joining the other survivors of the Baekgyul Martial Spirit Corps before leaving the forest.

‘This is an opportunity.’

Dang Ah-hee shook her head. Among Sega’s promising late-stage exponents, the only one left alive and well was Dang Ah-hee herself.

Currently, there are no young martial artists who are receiving much attention, and the strong background of the Tang family has not yet faded, shining a light on Dang Ah-hee’s back.

‘today. Guichang will come here.’

Tang Axi was certain of that to some extent. It was no exaggeration to say that the person currently leading the biggest rumor in Eria’s martial arts world was Lee Seong-min.

After not being seen for several years, he suddenly attracted attention as the successor to Sima Lianju.

He also boldly deceived everyone by infiltrating the punitive force that included his enemy, Moyong Se-gaju, and the Baekgyeolmuhondan under the Murim League.

‘If you catch the ghost.’

Tang Axi felt a little excitement and enjoyed the beating of her heart.

If Guichang is captured alive and transported to the Murim Alliance, Dokjeop Dang Ah-hee’s name will ring throughout the world.

She will be promoted to a high position within the Murim Alliance, and a bright future will be promised, not as a member of the party family but as a member of the Murim League.

Dang Ah-hee understood her position quite well. As a woman, it is impossible for her to become the head of the Tang family anyway.

There are only two choices she can make, if she chooses well. Either she marries a handsome man with both fame and power and becomes his hostess, or she herself becomes a female master with great fame and power.

What Dang Ah-hee wanted was both. Because she was greedy, she kept quiet about things about her husband.

Do not borrow help from others.

If I had told the Murim Alliance or the Tang Family members, I would have been able to prepare in advance a means to catch Guichang.

‘Because there’s no need for that.’

So you don’t have to do it. It is absolutely impossible to defeat Lee Seong-min with only Dang A-hee’s skills.

But Dang Ah-hee had the means to believe. A more reliable means than any other killing squad in the Murim Alliance.

Party weapons.

Her great-great-grandfather is a person from two hundred years ago.

Although he was the most skilled master of the Tang family, Tang Mugi did not become the head of the family.

The reason was that he was of humble origin. However, Tang Mugi did not care about it because he valued his own martial arts more than his family, and at some point he left the Tang family and disappeared.

After Tang Wuji disappeared, the direct descendants of the Tang family died in a series of accidents, and Tang Wuji’s bloodline became a direct descendant.

The first time Tang Axi and Tang Wuqi met was when she was ten years old.

They say she resembles her daughter who died in an accident. Tang Mugi stroked Tang Axi’s head, and she introduced herself as your great-great-grandfather.

‘If it’s my great-grandfather.’

Dang Ah-hee knew very well how talented Tang Wu-gi was. He did not tell anyone, including his father, about his meeting with Tang Moo-gi.

This is because when I was young, I thought I had to keep my promise to my great-grandfather that I would never tell my family.

Dang Ah-hee was proud of her innocent childhood.

Thanks tonight. She will be able to capture Gui Chang without anyone knowing, with the help of Tang Weapon.

After the banquet was over. Dang Ah-hee returned to her room early.

There was still time until midnight, and if it had been the same birthday as usual, even having a brief meeting with the party mugger at midnight would have been considered annoying and inconvenient.

Because she was no longer a teenage girl. But it’s different now.

She couldn’t wait to meet her great-grandfather at midnight. It had been a long time since she felt this sense of anticipation at a meeting with her great-grandfather.

Rather than expecting what kind of mysterious item he would give as a gift, I was looking forward to Tang Mugi defeating Lee Seong-min.

Dang Ah-hee lay down on the bed and smiled.

Seongmin Lee.

I was looking at Dang Ah-hee like that. Lee Seong-min was not in Dang A-hee’s room.

[I thought you were an idiot who only knew martial arts.]

‘There’s no need to use it, so I just haven’t used it until now.’

Lee Seong-min answered like that and looked down at the crystal ball under his palm. I wondered what she would do if she got caught, but Dang Ah-hee didn’t seem to notice that she was being watched.

It is a miniature magic artifact purchased from Erebrisa.

It only lasts for a day at most, but if installed, you can eavesdrop on images and sounds of the location.

Lee Seong-min secretly broke into the party house during the banquet, went into Dang A-hee’s room, which he had identified in advance, and installed an artifact.

Since there were many different valuables and decorations in Tang Axi’s room, it wasn’t that difficult to find a place to hide the artifacts.

‘still. I didn’t think it would be this easy.’

What on earth are you thinking?



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Lee Seong-min frowned as he looked at Dang A-hee, who was hugging a pillow and giggling.

Although the artifact is small, Lee Seong-min is not used to this kind of thing.

Although it was not very difficult to deceive the attention of the soldiers who were lower than him and get in and out of her room. She was worried that the place where she hid the artifact was very unstable and might be discovered.

[She’s a good girl.]

‘It’s rather suspicious that there is no suspicion.’

[Isn’t it strange to have doubts? On his birthday, I came to his room. What kind of crazy person would search my room to see if someone had stopped by while I was away?]

‘There might be someone like that.’

[It might not be common. And that girl doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. furthermore… … You seem very excited. Is it a good birthday?]

‘… … I don’t know what she’s thinking either.’

By the time Lee Seong-min was thinking that, Dang A-hee was standing at the center of praise from countless people in his delusion.

After cutting off the limbs of the infamous Guichang and abolishing the Danjeon, he entered the Murim Alliance, dragging himself like a dog.

Everyone will give high praise to Dang Ah-hee, who single-handedly captured Guichang, and the Murim Lord Black Dragon will personally come out and praise Dang A-hee for her efforts.

‘Who should I marry? The shaman’s clearing? Although he is a Taoist warrior, the best among the young warriors today is Cheongmyeong. I don’t like Jihak because he’s bald… … .’

Li Seong-min, who did not know that in Tang Axi’s delusion, her limbs were cut off and her dantian was abolished, watched carefully as Tang Axi giggled.

Maybe that goofy appearance is all an act.

I already knew that an artifact was installed in the room, but I wonder if they are deceiving me by not showing it at all.

‘Maybe when I went to raid Amzon. The Black Dragon or the Spear King who are waiting in advance might come out and kill me.’

[You’re being damned.]

Heoju laughed at Lee Sungmin’s thoughts.

[I met that girl a few times. Do you think that piss-poor woman is the type of person who can plan such a scheme?]


[But why do you waste your energy on useless worries? Don’t think nonsense. There’s still some time left until midnight, so let’s have a drink.]

‘You let me drink it yesterday too.’

[Alcohol is something you should drink every day.]

‘I am not.’

The taste of the liquor coming out of Heoju’s gourd was excellent. But that didn’t mean he wanted to drink it every day.

Especially on a day like today. Heo Joo grumbled when Lee Sung Min did not succumb to the temptation of alcohol.

[I have a lot of worries. I heard that a shaman named Geomseon does not come from Mt. Shaman? There is no possibility of Geomseon intervening in the fight against Amzone.]

‘Not necessarily.’

Lee Seong-min frowned and thought.

‘For me, the most convenient thing is to attack Amzon when he leaves Tangga and this city. But he’s honestly not confident about this. It is unlikely that Amzon will go back without caution after finishing his meeting with Dang Ah-hee.’

There is probably a high probability that you will be on guard. It was said that Dang Ah-hee is the only one in the Dang family who communicates with Amjon. It is said that every year on her birthday, he meets Dang Ah-hee briefly at midnight, gives her a gift and wishes her well, and then disappears immediately.

‘I am stronger than Amzon. However, I don’t have the confidence to detect Amzon’s hiding and track him down.’

In that case, we have no choice but to choose an all-out war. Amzon does not let Danga leave.

The moment Amzon appeared in front of Dang Ah-hee. Attack the place and defeat Amzon.

but. Even if it is clear that Lee Seong-min is stronger than Amzon, there is bound to be an uproar if he tries to kill Amzon, who is struggling not to die.

There is a commotion inside Dangga, located in the middle of this city.

Even if it’s midnight, the lights in the Dang family will be brightly lit, and people with the Dang surname will come out from all around.

That’s okay up to that point. My notoriety may increase, but I don’t care about that anymore. However, if a commotion breaks out. What if the commotion reaches the shaman? What if it makes the secluded sword move?

[so. Are you not going to do it?]


Seongmin Lee shook his head.

There is no guarantee that there will be another opportunity to kill Amzon.

A situation has been created where I will definitely kill the stealth expert, but I don’t want to kick this opportunity away for fear of possible danger.

If you kill Amzon, only four people, including Musin, will remain in Cheonoecheon.

‘as soon as possible.’

Seongmin Lee sat cross-legged. He recalled the movements of Amzon, who fought in Rubes a few years ago.

A mysterious walking technique that is hard to find. Memorize various throws that fly in an instant. In addition, there are various memorizations worn around the body. Amzon must not be allowed to escape.

* * *

It’s midnight.

Tap, tap. Dang Ah-hee, who was lying in bed, opened her closed eyes when she heard a knocking sound outside the window.

She got up quickly and went to the window. There were small stones rolling around outside the window. Dang Ah-hee smiled brightly, opened the window, and jumped down.

The tree in the backyard was planted by Dang Ah-hee herself when she was young. A party officer dressed in black military uniform was standing under the tree. Dang Ah-hee smiled brightly at her great-great-grandfather.

“Are you here?”

“It’s your thirty-first birthday.”

Dang Ah-hee said with a smile, Dang Mugi. Amzon said with a happy smile.

“I thought you would get married this year.”

“Because I don’t have a man that catches my eye.”

“okay. “Any decent guy wouldn’t dare take you with him.”

Amzon looked at his great-granddaughter Dang Ah-hee with a lot of affection and put his hand in his arms.

“I thought a lot about what to give, but… … .”

“Great-grandfather, can you please do me a favor rather than a gift?”


Before Amzon took out the gift. Dang Ah-hee clung to his arm and let out a charming voice.

“If it’s a request from my one and only great-granddaughter, I have to grant it. okay. “What do you want to ask for?”

“That’s right. I want you to subdue a certain guy… … .”

It was before Dang Ah-hee finished speaking.


A purple electric current bounced in the darkness.


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