Worthless Regression Chapter 250

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[252] Passion (1)

After pushing the Black Dragon Alliance to some extent, the Spear King withdrew his spear.

If the fight continued like this, one of them would definitely die.

To be honest, even King Chang himself had no idea which of the two would die.

‘You little bastard.’

This was the first time I had seen the power of the Black Dragon Association properly, but the Black Dragon Association was stronger than the Chang King imagined.

Seeing that they still had some room to spare, it seemed like there wouldn’t be much difference in their skills if they gave their all.

King Chang felt deep regret at that fact. In his heart, he wanted to fight here with all his might.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

‘It’s a fun worry.’

King Chang pulled his body back.

He also promised to fight with Guichang. Although it was still weaker than him, the fact that it was the same spear made the king of spears excited.

The first thing to do is to fight against the ghost.

to be honest.

I also feel a deep sense of interest in the vicious presence coming this way.

I want to fight that guy too. King Chang licked his lips and turned around.

‘I like the North.’

King Chang thought that and jumped away. He wanted to leave his position without any regrets.

He ranked his opponents in his mind.

First of all, the ears. After fighting him, come back north. Then, you just have to fight the unknown owner of existence.

The Black Dragon Association did not pursue King Chang. He took a deep breath and took off his tattered long cloth.

He gritted his teeth as he glared at King Chang’s back as he walked away.


There were no injuries. The sturdy dragon’s scales completely protected the Black Dragon’s body from the Spear King’s fierce attacks.

However, even if you are not hurt, it does not mean that it is not unpleasant. This was because he never thought that he would be interfered with by King Chang, who was also a member of Cheonoecheon.

‘Gwichang is… … ‘Did you go?’

No, rather than that. Black Dragon Hyeop felt the cold coming from afar and turned his head.

It’s not a deaf ear. Another guy is coming here. I don’t know who it is… … Black Dragon’s face stiffens.

A guy with a presence that can’t be compared to King Chang is coming.

‘no way… … ‘Is she the vampire queen?’

I have never met the bloody Jennyella in person. But her approaching presence was so strong that it reminded him of a vampire queen he had never met.

I have no intention of fighting the Vampire Queen. Black Dragon Association kicked off the ground and leaped upward.

If Guichang has escaped from here, there is no need to remain in this forest any longer.

Black light engulfed the Black Dragon League, which jumped into the air. The Black Dragon, which changed its form into a dragon, spread its wings wide and tried to fly higher.


However, the black dragon group was unable to spread its wings upward and fly as expected. As he flew into the sky, hundreds of black magic bullets attacked him as if he had been waiting.

It was a gift left by Kim Jong-hyun for the Black Dragon Association.

Although I had to leave my seat due to my poor physical condition, that didn’t mean I didn’t want to hit the Black Dragon that interrupted my ritual.

The countless energy bullets were weak enough to pierce the scales of the Black Dragon Alliance, but they were enough to hinder the flapping of his wings.

While I was stranded for such a short period of time.

Joo Won jumped up to the position of the Black Dragon Alliance. Black Dragon Hyeop, who was flapping his wings and shaking off the magic bullets, opened his eyes wide when he saw Joo Won jumping to the height he was flying at.

He quickly opened his mouth wide and tried to bite Joo Won.

Not a vampire queen. I could see it with my own eyes, but Joo Won’s ferocious fighting spirit was enough to make the Black Dragon Association feel threatened.

Joo Won swung his fist at the snout of the Black Dragon that was trying to bite him.


With a loud sound, the Black Dragon’s head turned to the side.


I’m not used to fighting in a dragon’s body. The Black Dragon Association tried to deploy Polymorph again, but Joo Won was faster than him by jumping onto the Black Dragon Association’s back.

With a solemn expression, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the Black Dragon’s Wing.

Quad Deuk!

With a terrible sound, the Black Dragon’s right wing was torn off.


The Black Dragon League screams. Dragon scales and bones. All of that could not protect the Black Dragon Alliance from Joo Won.

The struggling body of the Black Dragonflies falls downward. In the meantime, the Black Dragon Alliance succeeded in polymorphing and returned to a human body.

“What are you!?”

The Black Dragon League let out a scream-like roar and spread its arms. I’m not used to fighting as a dragon, but I’m used to fighting as a human.

The black river rose up and covered the body of the Black Dragon Hyeop. A storm of terrible power struck Joo Won.

Joo Won, who was falling in the air together, did not hesitate and dived into the storm.

As Joo Won waved both his hands, the storm of strong energy created by the Black Dragon Association tore through Joo Won’s arms.

‘Lycan Slope!’

Joowon’s body swells and silver-gray fur covers his entire body. His eyes, once filled with boredom, transformed into those of a violent beast.

The Black Dragon Association quickly moved its hands towards Joo Won, who rushed forward with his bare body with a roar.

With a single hand gesture, hundreds of tensions are fired in succession.

He lived as a half-man, half-dragon for hundreds of years. Even though he had the body of a half-human, half-dragon, which was far superior to that of a human, he never hesitated to practice martial arts, and the black dragon’s technique, which reached the transcendental state purely through the state of nothingness, was so powerful that it seemed as if it would shatter the sky.

However, Joowon had no hesitation in his actions.

Although the Gwirangmun was established, the Lycan Slopes of the Gwirangmun, including Joo Won, did not learn martial arts.

Establishing a clan simply required a plausible group identity. but. Even without using martial arts, Joo Won’s power, which reached its peak as a Lycan Slope, was not at all inferior to the strength of the Black Dragon Alliance.



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A loud sound sounded like hundreds of bombs exploding.

Black Dragon Hyeop distorted his face at Joo Won, who was breaking through his tension.

He truly unleashed his enormous power. The dragon’s pressure spewed out in all directions, and a darkness darker than night poured into both hands of the Black Dragon Association.


A powerful force attacks Joo Won. Joo Won opened his mouth wide and screamed at the oncoming force.

Power explodes in the air. The Black Dragon Association was astonished by Joo Won’s extremely ignorant response.

Joo Won came in without hesitation and waved a large fist. Joo Won’s fist is shown on the scales of the self-defense weapon.


Blood spurted from the Black Dragon’s mouth. The situation was not good. He had already used up his strength by firing two breaths, and although he was not injured from his fight with the Spear King, he was a little tired.

In this state, fighting Joo Won, the king of Lycan Slope, had overwhelmingly more disadvantages than advantages.

‘I have to run away…’ … !’

The Black Dragon’s face was cruelly distorted.

It didn’t seem like I could escape easily, but I had to get out of here somehow.

* * *

The fairy horse jumped through space in an instant and arrived at Haras, where Sima Lian was located.

Lee Seong-min appeared from the skies over Simalyeon and slowly fell with Scarlett.

“Are you here?”

When Lee Sung-min and Scarlett touch the ground. Sima Lianju was not far away.

Standing with his back to me, Sima Lianju squinted his eyes behind the mask as he looked at Scarlett with Lee Seong-min.

“I was wondering who he went there for, and it turned out that it was for the girl.”

“What is it again?”

“I have no intention of blaming you. Didn’t you say it was heroic lechery? But that doesn’t mean you’re a hero.”

At Sima Lianju’s mumbling, Scarlett’s eyebrows next to Lee Seongmin twitched.

If it were her personality, she would have sworn without hesitation upon hearing such nonsense, but the atmosphere in Sima Lianju was solemn enough to make even Scarlett be careful about what she had to say.

“What happened?”

Aside from glancing at Scarlett once, Sima Lianzhu did not ask anything else about her.

Instead, what Sima Lianju asked about was what happened in the forest. Without hesitation, Seongmin Lee told me about all the things he had seen in the forest.

“Changwang, Black Dragon, Zhou Won… … .”

Sima Lianju touched his chin after listening to Lee Seong-min’s story.

“I don’t know exactly what the warlock named Jonghyun Kim was trying to do. He summoned a demon… … hmm. “I don’t know much about magic.”

“I don’t know either.”

“Useless guy. “If you got there, wouldn’t you have tried to find out what happened?”

“And what if I end up fighting the Black Dragon or the Spear King for no reason?”

“If you were stronger than the Spear King or the Black Dragon Alliance, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. “Incompetent guy.”

Lee Seong-min’s shoulders trembled at Sima Lianju’s words. I am not talking about the local mutts, but rather the Spear King or the Black Dragon Association, who are at the top of their field.

However, even though Lee Seong-min felt unfair, he had nothing to say in response. If you think about it, aren’t all of Sima Lianju’s words correct?

“… … “I’m sorry that my disciple Buddha was incompetent and weak.”

“It’s something that goes without saying, but you just need to know.”

Lee Seong-min barely swallowed the swear words that rose up in his throat.

It didn’t seem like Sima Lianju would kill him if he cursed here, but it was certain that his buttocks would become hot as if they were on fire. Even though he was at his current level, Lee Seong-min was not confident in avoiding Sima Lianju’s slap.

“Still, it was good to get information about Amzone. “There are five months left.”

“Is it okay to kill Amzon?”

“Is there any reason not to kill him?”

Sima Lianju responded to Lee Seong-min’s question.

“Cheon Oecheon tried to kill you first, right? “Do you really think that we can get along well with them and work together?”

“As long as they don’t bother to argue.”

“I don’t know.”

Sima Lianju laughed at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“You must have heard about Cheon Oecheon’s purpose. He said he would eliminate all outsiders. This is something I have said before, but… Leaving aside whether it is possible… … “I cannot believe that Musin really wants such an absurd thing.”

“Are you saying there is some other intention?”

“Maybe so. In fact, isn’t the ideal of Cheonoecheon really plausible and sweet to the experts who belong there? After erasing all monsters and creating a human world, I will rule over it? ha ha ha!”

Sima Lianju burst out laughing even as he said it himself, as if it was funny.

“The problem is that as you get older, your desire for power increases unnecessarily. Anyway, I am in favor of killing Amzon. “You should quit when you can.”

“All right.”

“There are still a few months left until Dang Ah-hee’s birthday. “You should stop by the dwarven village in the meantime.”

Seongmin Lee has the scales and bones of a dragon. It’s been a while since he got it, but he didn’t have a way to process it, so he kept it lying around.

But that was resolved when he received a handwritten letter from the Fairy Queen. If you take this to a dwarf village and meet the chief, you will be able to process dragon bones and scales.

“You have already reached the limit of your level.”

Sima Lianzhu spoke in a solemn voice.

“No matter what you do here, no matter how hard you practice, it will be impossible for your martial arts skills to become better and capture the Black Dragon with your own skills. So, I need to pick up a weapon that is good enough to make up for my lack of skills.”


Hearing Sima Lianzhu’s words, Lee Seong-min turned his head to the side and cleared his throat briefly.

“… … excuse me.”

Standing next to Lee Seong-min, who was constantly being criticized by Sima Lianju, Scarlett cautiously opened her mouth.

“What should I do?”

“I will treat you like a customer.”

at las. Sima Lianju’s gaze turned to Scarlett.

“If you need anything, I will provide it to the best of my ability.”

“ah… … yes.”

Unlike the time when he was persecuting Lee Seong-min, Sima Lianju answered Scarlett in a quite kind voice.

Then Scarlett was a little embarrassed and answered in a quiet voice.

[Are you interested?]

Seongmin Lee was curious about Sima Lianju’s attitude, so he sent him a message.

[Do you want to be beaten?]

Lee Seong-min kept his mouth shut as he heard the immediate answer.


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