Worthless Regression Chapter 244

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[246] Ritual (6)

I didn’t like it that much, but that didn’t stop me from ignoring the charging monster.

Especially like Heo Joo said. Lee Sung-min also sympathized to some extent with the idea of ​​being a ‘strange guy.’

The monster was different from any monster Lee Seong-min knew, and it was faster than any other monster.

‘What kind of monster… … .’

The magical beasts that Lee Seong-min encountered in this forest were also more powerful than most peak masters.

In particular, the high-ranking undead and chimeras mixed in here and there were comparable to the level of a transcendent expert.

however. The monster that is now closing the distance is bigger than that.

Seongmin Lee raised his right hand and snapped his fingers towards the fast approaching monster.

The powerful energy of the Black Lightning that had slaughtered the demonic beasts, undead, and chimeras that had been encountered so far was shot out in a long line.

But the monster’s body was not pierced. The guy swung his right hand wide and deflected the black thunder and lightning.

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched when he saw that.


Swinging nails hit Seongmin Lee’s body. Seongmin Lee did not dodge and showed off his strength in self-defense. A purple self-defense device wrapped with electric current covered Lee Seong-min’s body.


The self-defense device was slightly shaken. Although the blow was blocked by self-defense, its weight and power were clearly felt.

Seongmin Lee was so dumbfounded that he burst out laughing.

‘What kind of power is this?’

In terms of physical ability alone, it is comparable to transcendence. Of course, it is ridiculous to compare it to a truly transcendental warrior.

These monsters, who were once high-ranking demons, have lost most of their intelligence and former strength, and only their physical abilities remain.

Lee Seong-min stepped back a little and took out the spear he had placed behind his back.


The strong energy of the black thunderstorm that arose through a self-inflicted attack enveloped the spear.

I didn’t know where this monster came from or what it was doing. I had the thought that it was ‘different’ and ‘dangerous’ at the same time.

If it were a monster with this much power, Scarlett might really be in danger.

So I didn’t hesitate.

In a relaxed situation, I would have continued the battle leisurely, if only out of curiosity, but now was not the time to take my time.

Lee Seong-min’s eyes sank with a dreary light. A thin electric current formed around the purple steel that gathered at the tip of the spear.

The three seconds of the blood-hwan-shin-magong, the blood-a-yuktam, were fired. Among the martial arts practiced by Lee Seong-min, Blood Hwanshin Demonic Gong was the only martial arts that did not contain the sentiments of Sima Lianju.

There was no need to touch it, was Sima Lianju’s opinion.

The Blood Hwanshin Demonic Gong was a well-made strong Qigong even to the eyes of Sima Lianju, an absolute expert.

He never forgot Gwangcheonma’s will to not forget the Blood Phantom Demon Gong, and he did not neglect the practice of Blood Phantom Demon Demon Gong even when practicing under Sima Lianju.

Of course, he may be less skilled than Gwangcheonma, who has been practicing the Blood Phantom Demonic Art for a long time.

Lee Seong-min, who had reached the Transcendence Level and had mastered the Black Lightning Heavenly Demonic Artifice, was already much more powerful in terms of power than the one performed by the Gwangcheon Demon himself.


With a loud explosion, the monster’s body was pushed backwards. The blow fired by Lee Seong-min was powerful enough to inflict fatal injuries even on a transcendental master if it was hit properly.

Nevertheless, the monster endured. There are no self-defense weapons, and there is no way to avoid or use other means to reduce the impact. The guy seemed to be in good health except for a dent in his chest from a direct hit.

‘What on earth is that?’

[I’m not sure about this old man either. greatly… … He’s a strange guy. A guy with that much power might be intelligent. Why don’t you try talking to me?]

“you. What?”

In response to Heo Joo’s words, Lee Seong-min also hinted at a question, but received no answer.

Maybe it’s something you can’t hear. Does not matter. I’m not really curious about where this guy came from, and it’s not important.

I was planning on passing by and pretending not to notice whether he killed the leader of the Holy Knights or not.

It seemed like he had no intention of ignoring Lee Seong-min. In that case, he has no choice but to clean it up and go.

The hand holding the spear gained strength. Although he couldn’t kill it with a single blow, he knew that it was stronger than expected.

The monster roared. A body consumed by instinct moves for hunting. In Lee Seong-min’s opinion, it was a monotonous movement.

The claws that jump up and swing are slow to catch the gale. When the electric current dissipated, Lee Seong-min was already behind the monster.

The spear held in both hands rotates lightly. The chosen herbivore is the blood ring crushing of blood ring god magic.

And speed.

Sima Lian Ju’s German martial arts. What Black Roebuncheon pursues is extreme pleasure. Although it was not a Blood Hwanshin Demonic Gong, the Gucheonmugeukchang, which Wijihoyeon taught Lee Seongmin when he was young, was lacking in many aspects in many ways for a great man of the level of Sima Lianju.

No matter how much Wijihoyeon is a genius with an outstanding intellect. This is because it was impossible to completely change the singing style that was classified as top-notch at the age of thirteen.

Gucheonmugeukchang Ocho. Jeolmyeongseom is the fastest among the nine singing methods of Gucheonmugeukchang.

Jeommyeongseom Island, with the added texture of Black Thunder, has gone beyond the realm of ‘fast’.

An island of death, a thunderstorm.

Dang Ah-hee, who saw Lee Seong-min’s window from not too far away, couldn’t believe her eyes.

The Holy Knight Commander didn’t even see the spear move.

When a purple light flashed once. Because the monster’s head was gone.

It wasn’t just the head. There is also a hole in her left chest where her heart would be. The wounds created on the monster’s body by two spear strikes in that short moment.

The headless monster stumbled and sat down. Although it twitched its limbs a few times, the monster did not get up again.

Even the monster’s strong regenerative power could not regenerate its entire head and blown-out heart.

“A deaf ear… … .”

The leader of the Holy Knights, who was holding his spilling internal organs, groaned as he looked at Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee couldn’t hear the Holy Knight leader’s voice, but he sent a message as he saw his lips trembling.

[Treat your wounds.]

[why… … Why did you save me?]

The leader of the Holy Knights stammered his answer. To those words, Lee Seong-min frowned and answered.

[I wasn’t trying to save you. I only killed him because he attacked me.]



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[Are you going to kill me?]

The leader of the Holy Knights swallowed his saliva and asked. In response to that question, Lee Seong-min shook his head.

[He’s not even a great person worthy of going out and killing him, so why should I do that? and. I guess it would be better for me if I didn’t kill you. Didn’t you suspect that I was the vampire queen’s messenger?]

The leader of the Holy Knights was speechless at the question he asked with a grin.

[…] … I’m sorry for doubting you.]

[I didn’t want to hear you apologize.]

Seongmin Lee said that and passed by the leader of the Holy Knights. The leader of the Holy Knights hesitated and then sent a message again.

[That monster… … It was a demon.]


[Demons… … That feeling was strong. This was my first time knowing that it could fall to that level. They must have once been demons with great power.]

[Are you saying Kim Jong-hyun summoned a demon?]

[I guess so. if so… … We have to stop this ritual somehow.]

[I don’t think that’s my job.]

The leader of the Holy Knights got angry at Lee Seong-min’s answer and tried to say something. However, he was unable to pour out the verbal abuse he had in mind and chewed his lips.

[…] … The grace that saved my life will come someday, if I survive here… … I will make sure to pay you back.]

[Do whatever you want.]

Lee Seong-min’s heart became even more anxious when he heard the word demon.

I don’t know how many more monsters like that have been unleashed in this forest, but from Lee Seong-min’s personal experience, it would be difficult to deal with those monsters with the full force of the subjugation force. Especially in a situation like now where people are scattered.

‘We have to find it quickly.’

* * *

This entire forest is under the control of Kim Jong-hyun. But that too is coming to an end.

Although it is a great magic achieved by sacrificing three thousand souls, it is impossible to continue forever.

If you continuously sacrifice your soul, you can extend the time as much as you want, but the dead souls and fears gathered here must be used for the full-scale ritual.

‘It’s coming to an end.’

The magic spell will end soon. I’m not that sad, nor do I feel a sense of crisis.

Demonic beasts, undead, and chimeras. And while summoning the fallen demons, he annihilated most of the forest’s subjugation force.

The only ones that survived were magic tower lord-level wizards and transcendent experts, including Lord Mo Yong Sega.

‘You are out of standard.’

I saw Lee Seong-min easily defeat one of the demons. Kim Jong-hyun honestly didn’t want to fight with Lee Sung-min.

Kim Jong-hyun had a genuine crush on Lee Sung-min. But if things go bad, it can’t be helped. Kim Jonghyun laughed bitterly while thinking about that.

Kim Jong-hyun, who took everything from Arbes, was in an absolute position in the field of magic.

What if Envirus is still alive and well? Now that he is mortally wounded and has gone to the spirit world, there is no wizard who can threaten Kim Jong-hyun’s position.

Even if the magic spread in the forest was withdrawn here, there was enough room to deal with the remaining punitive forces.

Because I knew that.

Kim Jong-hyun stopped practicing magic in the forest without any regrets.

The ceremony has already been performed. The door has been summoned, and the half-open door continues to open slowly.

Enough quality soul and fear were gathered. The grimoire was pouring out more ominous black light than ever.

* * *

The darkness surrounding the forest disappears.

Scarlett was exhausted. Still, she was lucky. She had to be lucky.

This was because while Kim Jong-hyun gave orders to the summoned demons, he made an exception for Scarlett and the people with her.

If you kill Scarlett, Lee Sung-min will go on a rampage. The other members of the punitive force won’t be a big problem, but if Lee Seong-min goes on a rampage, it’s bound to be difficult.

Scarlett, unaware that her life was saved thanks to Kim Jong-hyun, looked up and exhaled as the darkness disappeared.


“Oh my gosh, I’m dying.”

Scarlett muttered, and the Doberman in front of her, slumping his shoulders, groaned.

He fought as hard as he could. Although the rumors were bad, the Doberman did not abandon Scarlett and run away just because it was a dangerous situation.

“I guess I’ll have to ask for more compensation for this. “I never thought I would suffer this much.”

After confirming that he could now hear Scarlett’s voice, the Doberman turned his head and grumbled. Scarlett pouted her lips at the Doberman.

“Any claims for additional compensation should be made to the wizard guild, not me. “I have no intention of using my own money to give it to you.”

“You’re doing this too much. Still, since we crossed the firing line together for a short time, wouldn’t there be some camaraderie?”

“It’s ridiculous to ask for more compensation while talking about camaraderie.”

“All mercenaries are like that.”

The Doberman chuckled.

* * *

As the darkness disappeared, my senses expanded. Seongmin Lee didn’t know why the darkness suddenly disappeared, but rather than worry about it, he immediately expanded his senses even more. The entire forest can be seen.

An unpleasant sight.

This is the presence of the ‘demon’ that the leader of the Holy Knights mentioned. four. They were moving towards a certain place at the same time.

It is… … Seongmin Lee felt chills and goosebumps rising. It was an ominous feeling he had felt before.

When Frescan tried to sacrifice Lee Seong-min. He had felt this same sense of foreboding even back then.

‘Kim Jonghyeon.’

Kim Jong-hyun will be there. And the rest… … Seongmin Lee frowned as he judged each sign he caught.

‘There are few survivors.’

The punitive force of 500 people was reduced to several dozen people. He made such a sacrifice even though he hadn’t even met Kim Jong-hyun yet.

‘The subjugation was a failure.’

A miserable failure. It is not because the punitive force was complacent, but because Kim Jong-hyun prepared too much.

Where is Scarlett? Seongmin Lee continued to expand his senses. found. A feeling of relief flashed across Lee Seong-min’s face. Fortunately, Scarlett was alive.

“let’s go.”

Lee Seong-min spit out without even looking at Dang Ah-hee who was following him.

I have to leave this forest with Scarlett before things get too tiresome.


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