Worthless Regression Chapter 237

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[239] Hedor (5)

“You keep me waiting for a long time.”

The punitive force left Hedor.

After hearing the rumor, Kim Jonghyun grumbled in a low voice. It’s been almost a month since we’ve been entangled in this forest, but I never thought the punitive force was finally leaving.

‘You’re being needlessly cautious. ‘Do you think that highly of me?’

Or the grimoire I have? Kim Jonghyun smiled and looked at the grimoire floating next to him.

The black grimoire emits an ominous light. Kim Jong-hyun looked at the grimoire with eyes full of affection, then turned his head and looked down.

Five thousand hearts were piled in a deeply dug pit. Even though a long time had passed since it was removed, the heart had not rotted in the slightest.

The ceremony hasn’t started yet. The moment the punitive force enters this forest is the moment the grimoire ritual begins.

Although the chances of success were slim, Kim Jong-hyun was still looking forward to that moment.

What if I fail? It’s something that can’t be helped. If that happens, you can withdraw your body, analyze why it failed, and try the ritual again once the failure factors have been reinforced.

Kim Jong-hyun had nothing to lose anyway. Black magic tower lord? Public reputation? These things have no meaning to him.

‘It will take about four days.’

The preparations are already made. However, Kim Jong-hyun planned to check the things installed in this forest once again for four days.

Since you made so much preparation to catch someone like me, shouldn’t you put in as much effort on this side as well? Kim Jonghyun dragged the hem of his robe and disappeared into the darkness of the forest.

An unknown animal’s howl rang out in the darkness.

* * *

Moyong’s warrior 50, Murimmaeng 70. The magic corps has 60 red magic tower spell, green magic tower spell, white magic tower spell, and gold magic tower spell. The church’s paladins and priests have 100, and the Mad Dog mercenaries have 200.

The number of troops gathered to subdue Kim Jong-hyeon reached 500.

In order to subdue a single warlock, this many troops, and they were not half-baked people, but people who could gain recognition anywhere in the world, were gathered together.

Lee Seong-min rode a horse next to Scarlett. It takes four days to travel from Hedor to the forest where Kim Jong-hyun is hiding.

[It took a long time.]

It was only a week after arriving in Hedor that I left Hedor.

Although the departure was later than expected, Lee Seong-min was not very dissatisfied with it.

Now all his nerves were focused on Scarlett.

Scarlett, who was riding a horse next to Lee Sung-min, looked dissatisfied. She did not like this subjugation itself, and if she had not made a promise to the Lord of the Green Magic Tower, she would not have even participated in the subjugation battle.

[so. Did you find out something?]`

[Don’t ask questions when you obviously know.]

Participating in this subjugation battle was the Baekgyeolmuhondan (白潔武魂團) of the Murim Alliance.

Chwi-Geol, who was in charge of the Baekgyeol Martial Arts Troupe, sent a message to Dang A-Hee, conscious of Lee Seong-Min coming from behind on a horse.

Dang Ah-hee frowned at the sound of Qwijie’s voice and glanced at Qiujie.

[I gave up my pride and acted openly, but he didn’t even blink an eye.]

[In the end, it means that nothing was found out.]

[You’re not planning on saying it’s my fault, are you? I did my best. It’s really strange. Unless you have unusual tastes, there’s no way you wouldn’t fall for my temptation… … .]

Because Dang Ah-hee was quite proud of her own beauty, she could not understand why Lee Sung-min did not fall for her despite repeated temptations and requests.

[Maybe he’s a homosexual or a pedophile?]

[Why are you asking me that?]

[I didn’t ask you to answer. I’m just complaining because my pride is hurt. So, get drunk. What did you find out?]

[I didn’t find out anything.]

To Dang Ah-hee’s question, Chu Geol answered with a shameless face.

At that answer, Dang Ah-hee was momentarily speechless and looked at Qiu Jie. Qu Geel responded to her gaze by shrugging her shoulders.

[The information I found was that I didn’t find out anything.]

[What kind of bullshit is that?]

[Lee Min-cheol.]

The drunkard called Lee Seong-min’s pseudonym.

[Age is twenty-seven. There is no recluse, and I don’t even know where I’m from. Martial arts is assumed to be at the peak of intermediate level or higher, but this is also not properly understood.]

As Chugeol said that, he squeezed and opened his hands. When I first met Lee Seong-min, he was the hand we shook hands with.

[This is not a martial arts technique using bare hands. There is no doubt that a weapon will be used.]

[My stealth technique was easily detected.]

Dang Ah-hee added.

[I don’t understand why a master with that level of skill is not known at all. Cheolmin Lee. I looked into that person using an open information network… … There really is nothing. The only thing that was saved was that he came south from further north than Hedor.]

[Further north?]

[The exact location has not been determined. but… … The presumed place is Travia.]

Chu Jie frowned as he said such a guess. Open beggars are spread throughout Eria, but there are lands that even such beggars cannot touch.

Northern Trabia, ruled by the Vampire Queen. Open beggars are active even in the southern region where monsters are infested, but open beggars are not as active as in Travia.

Because too many beggars died. After the fall of the Blood Heavenly Demon, security was completely eliminated in Travia, and the Vampire Queen, who had been inactive for several decades, became active again.

Vampires following her orders attacked and bitten beggars in the open area every night, killing them.

It’s not just vampires that kill beggars. All kinds of vicious demons and criminals crept into that crazy city, and open beggars were their happy prey.

After realizing that the halo of openness did not work for beggars in Travia, beggars were dying every day, and eventually openness had no choice but to completely withdraw from Trabia.

[Isn’t it very strange? A transcendent master of whom there was not a single rumor came to this city after traveling south from Trabia, ruled by the Vampire Queen… … I participated in the punitive force. And what this subjugation team is trying to hunt is the warlock Kim Jong-hyun. Although it is not confirmed, it seems that work is taking place in the north, the Vampire Queen’s territory… … It is speculated that he may have some kind of relationship with the Vampire Queen.]

[…] … That means. Does this mean that Lee Min-cheol might betray?]

[I don’t think that’s possible. Lee Min-cheol, that man could have been sent by the Vampire Queen to help Kim Jong-hyun.]

[Then shouldn’t we kill him right away?]

[You’re not sure. It is too hasty to kill him with only a slight possibility.]

[Can’t we just leave it alone just because we’re not sure? Drunk. Is there anyone else who knows about your guess?]

[I’m not sure either, so I haven’t told anyone yet.]

[It’s too soft… … ! I need to tell others right away. Lee Min-cheol may be a messenger sent by the Vampire Queen!]



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Dang Ah-hee glared at Chu Jie.

Qiujie was lost in thought for a moment. What Dang Ah-hee said is correct. If in doubt, take action.

Still, the reason I didn’t get drunk was because I didn’t want to use poison.

[Lee Cheol-min is friendly with the Red Magic Tower owner.]

[Are you saying that the Red Magic Tower lord might also be a spy?]

[well… … I don’t think there is a chance.]

[How about church?]

Dang Ah-hee asks with shining eyes. Looks like he used his brain quite a bit. Since he may be the messenger of the Vampire Queen, the fastest way to seek advice is to seek help from the church.

Coincidentally, there are holy knights and priests from the church who came to support the punitive force here.

[I will go.]

Dang Ah-hee made a hasty move. After almost dying in the Forest of Deception, Tang Axi became desperate for her own safety.

Chu Jie watched Dang Ah Hee’s back as she led the horse toward the church.

Chugeol wasn’t sure about anything. “There is a possibility,” she said, only vaguely speaking.

that is enough. The foolish Tang Sega girl is just interpreting and moving things around as she pleases.

Dang Ah-hee, who first visited the Holy Knights of the church, visited the Holy Knight leader who was leading the Holy Knights in this subjugation battle and told him the stories she had heard from Chugeol.

The difference is that, unlike Chu Jie, who said, ‘It is possible,’ Dang Ah-hee was full of confidence, saying that it was definitely possible.

The leader of the Holy Knights, whose face was as angular as a plaster statue, did not dismiss Dang Ah-hee’s words as nonsense.

After hearing the whole story, the leader of the Holy Knights personally led the high-ranking priest and approached Lee Seong-min on horseback.


Heoju grumbled when he saw the Holy Knight leader and high priest approaching. Lee Seong-min also tilted his head and saw the two approaching. Scarlett, who was next to Lee Sung-min, opened her mouth.

“What’s going on?”

“I need to check something briefly.”

The Holy Knight leader answered the question. Suddenly, the movement of the punitive force stopped. Scarlett frowned and asked again.

“What do you want to check?”

“I have information that that man may be a messenger sent by the Vampire Queen.”

The leader of the Holy Knights did not reveal that it was Dang Ah-hee who informed it.

In his own way, he was considerate of Dang Ah-hee. Scarlett spoke with an expression of bewilderment at the words of the Holy Knight leader.

“What kind of bullshit is that? The vampire queen’s spy? Now… … Are you saying that Cheol-min might be a vampire?”

“Then there’s no way we wouldn’t notice.”

The leader of the Holy Knights answered. He glanced at Lee Seong-min and said.

“but. Just because you’re not a vampire doesn’t guarantee you won’t be the emissary of the Vampire Queen. “The Vampire Queen’s powerful charm is enough to destroy even the most steadfast believer, so no matter how great a master she is, there is no guarantee that she will not be a puppet enchanted by that monster.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“If you are truly innocent, there will be no problem if we check. “If there was a mistake on our part, I will personally bow my head and apologize.”

The Holy Knight leader said. Seongmin Lee was silent as he listened to the conversation going on. After a moment of silence, Lee Seong-min opened his mouth.

“What is the basis?”

“You are a person who has not been rumored anywhere. Of course, that’s not all there is to doubt. The reason I became suspicious… … “It’s because you came south from Trabia.”

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows furrowed at those words.

“I’m not enamored with the Vampire Queen.”

“Anyone can say that.”

The Holy Knight leader immediately received the message.

[Work has become tiresome.]

Heoju mutters. The leader of the Holy Knights and the high priest were looking at Seongmin Lee and waiting for his reaction. Seongmin Lee slowly nodded his head.

“How are you going to check?”

“It’s a magical process.”

“Try it.”

It is impossible to refuse here. Seongmin Lee first nodded his head in agreement.

Then the high priest stepped forward and raised his hand. A dazzling white light appeared in his hand.

[I’m going to get caught.]

Heoju said.

[It’s a dispel. It’s a holy magic that nullifies magic. The bastard mask you are wearing is also enchanted, so if Dispel touches your body, the magic on the mask will be released and your bare face will be revealed.]

[I guess so.]

Seongmin Lee was unfazed. I always had the thought that my identity might be discovered.

Seongmin Lee glanced at Scarlett standing next to him. Scarlett’s eyes were trembling slightly. She also knew very well what kind of magic the high priest’s dispel was, and she knew that when that magic was unleashed, Lee Seong-min’s identity would be revealed.

“I can’t help it.”

Seongmin Lee muttered in a low voice. It was the moment when the dispel was about to unfold.

Lee Seong-min’s body moved quickly.

He went behind Scarlett, who was right next to him, and struck the back of Scarlett’s neck without mercy.


No matter how great Scarlett was, she would never have imagined that Lee Sung-min would attack her.

Lee Seong-min held onto Scarlett’s unconscious, limp body, raised his head, and placed it on the back of her neck.

Everyone’s faces, including the leader of the Holy Knights, stiffened at Lee Seong-min’s sudden actions.

Lee Sung-min’s actions, even if he did not say it directly, were no different from proving that he was the messenger of the vampire queen.

“also… … ! “Of the Vampire Queen!”


Seongmin Lee spoke in a calm voice and raised his hand. The mask covering Lee Seong-min’s face was slowly removed.

“omg… … !”

Dang Ah-hee was the first to recognize Lee Seong-min’s face.

“A deaf ear… … ?!”

At that cry, Mo Yong Dae-un’s face distorted like a demon.


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