Worthless Regression Chapter 236

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[238] Hedor (4)

“… … “Both?”

Tang Axi cleared her throat and answered.

“Honestly, I’m greedy. You are a supreme expert and have no affiliation. So I have some doubts. “I don’t think a master like you will suddenly rise up.”


“But doubt is doubt and greed is greed, right? So, I thought I would make sure to apply acupuncture before Moyongse or anyone else did it first.”

Dang Ah-hee spoke honestly. It was shamelessly honest. At those words, Lee Seong-min burst into laughter.

“So don’t push me away just because you don’t like it. You don’t know me very well, do you? “My nickname is probably very famous.”

Tang Axi said with a smile.

You know you’re a piss-maker. Seongmin Lee thought about that and shook his head.

“But I don’t want to drink alcohol or tea right now.”

“That’s too bad. “It would be fun to play together.”

Dang Ah-hee sent a gaze full of temptation. Lee Seong-min took it without any hesitation, but Mo Yong-chan, who was next to him,’s face turned bright red.

He avoided his gaze, trying not to look at Dang Ah-hee’s tight-fitting clothes and body movements that subtly emphasized her curves.

“There will be a chance someday.”

[It’s struggling to be eaten. Are you not going to eat it?]

‘I’m not going to eat.’

[why? Because you care about Socheonma? Hehe, didn’t Socheonma also say that? It doesn’t matter if you hug another woman.]

‘Isn’t it funny that you take everything I give you just because Wijihoyeon said so?’

[young. He accepts everything else given to him, but is picky about strange things.]

‘What did I receive?’

[Take advantage of martial arts, take power, take advantage of skill, you bastard. You took it well and ate it.]

Lee Seong-min was unable to refute the heavy facts. He ignored Heo Ju’s words and pointed to the inn where he was staying.

“The night wind is cold. “Let’s go in now.”

“You’re not a eunuch, are you?”

“What are you saying out of nowhere?”

“No, just. “I asked because I was curious.”

Tang Ah-hee glanced at Mo Yong-chan while grumbling like that.

Mo Yong-chan, who was spying on Dang Ah-hee out of the corner of his eye, looked at her with a straight face and pretended that nothing had happened when her gaze turned towards him.

Dang Ah-hee burst out laughing at Mo Yong-chan.

“It’s a shame. If Mo Yong-gong had been a little older, this older sister would have played well… … .”

“Well, what is that…” … !”

“You’re not thinking this strangely, are you? “It’s such a cool idea.”

“I didn’t…” … !”

“Hehehe, your imagination is free.”

Dang Ah-hee said that and stuck out her tongue as if showing off. And then, without hesitation, he turned around.

Lee Seong-min returned to his room after confirming that Dang A-hee had disappeared beyond the alley.

[Let’s drink.]

Heo-joo begged, but Lee Seong-min ignored her words.

Because it was true that I didn’t feel like drinking. Lee Seong-min thought of Mo Yong Dae-un wearing a black military uniform.

How does a father feel after losing his daughter? Seongmin Lee couldn’t easily imagine what that feeling would be like.

‘He must be holding a grudge.’

If I meet Gwi-chang, I will kill him. I remember Mo Yong-chan saying that. He didn’t feel threatened by those words, but I could sense his resentment.

Lee Seong-min laughed bitterly. He feels like he wants to reveal that he didn’t do it.

But there is no evidence. Here, if you reveal that you are a ghost and say that you were not involved in Mo Yong Seo-jin’s death, there is no way that Mo Yong Dae-un or Mo Yong-chan will believe you.

It was Murim Maeng who revealed that Mo Yong Seo-jin had died to Gwi-chang.

Even if Li Seong-min, a disciple of Sima Lianju, said that it was unfair, the Mo Yong family, who were involved in the Murim Alliance, would not believe him.

next day. Seongmin Lee left the inn. He wanted to visit Scarlett and ask about the subjugation schedule. Although enough forces have already been gathered, the mercenaries have not yet arrived.

“We will leave as soon as the mercenaries arrive.”

As expected, Scarlett answered that way.

“The wizard guild and the mercenary guild are quite close. So I asked the mercenary king for help, but the mercenary king refused.”

Scarlett said with a regretful expression. Lee Seong-min’s cheeks hardened slightly when he heard the word “mercenary king.” The mercenary king is Dozon, one of the six venerable gods of Heaven and Earth.

‘I understand why you’re not coming.’

This is the north. This is the realm ruled by the vampire queen, Jennyella the Bloodthirsty.

Cheon Oecheon and Predator have been hostile for a long time, so even if he was the mercenary king, the highest of the six nobles, he would not dare to think of coming to the north.

Maybe they also noticed that there was something between Jennyella and Kim Jong-hyun.

Even the Sword King is like a child compared to Zeniella, and Dozon, who is weaker than the Sword King, would not throw himself into a situation where he might confront Zeniella.

‘Dozon doesn’t come here. Should I feel regretful?’

If the mercenary king, Dozon, had come here in person. Seongmin Lee was planning to take the opportunity to kill Dozon.

Anyway, I lost the fight with Cheon Oecheon. If so, you should strike here first when you have the opportunity.

The current Lee Seong-min had the skills to overwhelm Geomzon, whom he fought in the elf forest a year ago.

The training he had been doing under Sima Lianism for a year had turned Lee Seong-min into such a monster.

Didn’t Master Sima Lian say it right away? The Black Dragon Association’s capabilities are not known, so even if it is left out of the discussion, there is no one in Cheon-o-cheon who can kill Lee Seong-min except for King Chang, Wol-hu, and Mu-shin.

Seongmin Lee himself knew this, so he felt it was a pity that Dozon did not come.

It would be fortunate for Dozon. If he had come, he wouldn’t have made it back alive.

“If the Mercenary King doesn’t come, who will?”

“There are plenty of mercenary groups that want to build connections with the wizard guild. When I submitted a request, several of the large mercenary groups sent me love calls. I chose the mercenary group closest to here… … The name is Mad Dog. know?”



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“I know.”

Because he lived as a mercenary in his previous life, Lee Seong-min knew well about mercenary groups. He had also heard of Mad Dog.

It is a mercenary group that mainly operates in the north, and is a mixture of not only humans but also various demi-humans, including beastmen.

The level of the mercenary group was quite high, as there were many highly skilled mercenaries, including the SSS level mercenaries who were top experts.

“I know this place has some pretty bad rumors.”

“The rumor about the guy we’re supposed to catch is even worse. I heard they were of bad quality, but… … The other person is a crazy person who massacred thousands of people. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to use an asshole to catch an asshole.”

Scarlett said without changing her expression. Lee Seong-min sympathized with those words to some extent.

Although they have bad reputations, it is true that the Mad Dog mercenaries have outstanding skills.

“Actually, mercenaries don’t have much of a role in this subjugation war.”

Scarlett said.

“If you really put emphasis on it… … How about dying instead?”

“I guess so.”

Seongmin Lee also nodded his head. No matter how excellent the mercenary group is, it is inferior to the troops of the Murim Sega or the Murim League, who have been trained and trained in martial arts since childhood.

Of course, there must be mercenaries with outstanding skills within a mercenary group, but even if you are a peak expert, you will be treated with an S rank or higher in the mercenary world.

The Mad Dog mercenaries who applied for this request will also know about him.

Most of the time, their position is to wait for the magic corps to use its magic, or to stand in the vanguard and die instead.

Although he is a bullet point, his connections with the wizard’s guild are attractive enough to support him despite knowing him.

Two days after that. Seongmin Lee had dinner with Daeun Mo Yong every day through Mo Yong Chan.

When we had dinner together for the first time, I made a verbal promise that I would visit the Moyong family someday, which may have worked out well.

Daewoon Moyong no longer recommended anything excessive to Seongmin Lee.

As if I had called because I really needed company, we just had a light conversation while eating.

Of course, that may not be everything. I guess he wants to make friends by showing a friendly side somehow.

Dang Ah-hee was also the same person who blatantly expressed such a position.

Every day, whenever Lee Seong-min returned home after finishing his meal, she came out of the alley and talked to him. A story about having a drink or a cup of tea.

Dang Ah-hee’s attire changed every day. A little more blatantly, excessively. Thanks to this, every time Mo Yong-chan saw Dang A-hee, her face turned red as if it were going to explode, but Lee Seong-min felt nothing at all about Dang A-hee’s temptation.


‘Why don’t you say it’s about having integrity?’

[There is nothing more expensive than a boy’s loyalty.]

Heoju’s grumbling increased. He asked several times to drink from the gourd, but each time Lee Seong-min refused, saying he was not in the mood.

[The twin bastard.]

In fact, Lee Seong-min was also curious about the taste of the liquor in the gourd, but he deliberately did not drink it because he had fun teasing Heo Ju.

The Mad Dog mercenaries arrived in Hedor.

When the Mad Dog mercenary group of 100 people passed through Hedor’s gate, Lee Seong-min went near the gate and saw them coming.

The whole reason was that I wanted to see the Mad Dog mercenaries more than I wanted to greet them.

Doberman, the leader of the Mad Dog mercenaries, may not be his real name, but… … It had an appearance befitting the name Doberman.

He was a tall, slim-looking black man with sharp, slitty eyes. SSS level mercenary. He was at the highest level, but in Lee Seong-min’s eyes, he was just that.

Behind the Doberman, there were also mercenary members whose names were after the breed of dog.

It didn’t seem like it was roughly made. The guy with the name Bulldog really looks like a bulldog, and the guy with the name Husky really looks like a husky.

[What a mess.]

Seongmin Lee also agreed.

Doberman, bulldog, and husky immediately headed to the inn where the wizard guild was based.

After hearing the news of the arrival of the Mad Dog mercenaries, the Murim Alliance, Moyongse, and people who could be considered representatives of the church gathered at the base of the wizard guild.

It was to have a full-fledged conversation about subjugating Kim Jong-hyun.

Scarlett said it wouldn’t matter if they went in together, but Lee Sung-min shook his head and refused. Because he didn’t think it was necessary.

The meeting, which lasted until evening, came to an end. Lee Seong-min went to see Scarlett after confirming that people were leaving the inn.

“What happened?”

“Three days later.”

Scarlett had an annoyed face.

“Mad Dog requested time to relieve his fatigue. Well, Kim Jong-hyun hasn’t run away yet… … “I wish you could just run away.”

Scarlett grumbled.

“Anyway, I decided to head to the forest where Kim Jong-hyun was hiding in three days.”

“Kim Jong-hyun is not a fool either, so he would have prepared to face the punitive force.”

“And we prepared to catch and kill Kim Jong-hyun. “It’s not like the wizard guild and magic corps were just killing it in this city.”

Even though she said that, Scarlett didn’t seem very motivated.

“… … It won’t be dangerous. are you okay. Because I’m not the only one. still… … It’s a strange feeling. “I don’t feel good.”

“Nothing will happen.”

Towards Scarlett, who was showing signs of anxiety, Lee Seong-min spoke in a powerful voice.

“I came here to make sure nothing happens to Scarlett. “Even if others don’t know, Scarlett will be safe.”

“Hearing things like that makes me even more anxious.”

Scarlett let out a low laugh, twisting her red hair.

“… … still… … I’ll believe it. But… That won’t happen, but if it’s a really dangerous situation… … If you end up in a dangerous situation because of me… … .”

“Don’t talk like that.”

Lee Seong-min interrupted Scarlett.

“They say words become seeds.”

Scarlett burst into laughter at Lee Sung-min’s words.


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