Worthless Regression Chapter 234

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[236] Hedor (2)

In Lee Sung-min’s past life, Scarlett did not die. As the Lord of the Red Magic Tower, she made her name known until just before Lee Seong-min’s death.

However, at this point, we don’t know what will happen.

Several months have already passed since Lee Sung-min died, and Lee Sung-min knows nothing about what will happen from now on.

‘And it doesn’t necessarily mean things go as they were in their past lives.’

It has already been confirmed several times. Jang Mun-in of the Hwasan Sect, who had not died in his previous life, died, and the Sword Demon was killed by Seong-min Lee.

Baek So-go, who should have been killed by Wijihoyeon, did not die. Hyeolcheonma also died at the hands of Lee Seong-min.

A lot has already changed in my current life from my previous life.

It’s because of Lee Seong-min’s presence.

If Lee Sung-min had lived the same life as his previous life, his current life might have gone on the same way as his previous life, but Lee Sung-min did not live the same life as his previous life.

Perhaps what Kim Jong-hyun is doing now may ultimately have something to do with Lee Sung-min. It may have been a hasty birthplace.

Nevertheless, Lee Seong-min did not ignore the possibility at all. I had already met Kim Jong-hyun several times, and Lee Sung-min ended up here.

“What are you thinking about?”

Scarlett, who came into the restaurant, tilted her head and asked.

Seongmin Lee put aside his complicated thoughts for a moment and shook his head.

[I was thinking about Kim Jong-hyun.]

Since it may be a sensitive topic, I answered in full.

indeed. Scarlett’s eyebrows furrowed. Wow. The knife on her table was crushed by her grip.

[You damn bastard. I have no idea what they were thinking when they did this.]

[Have you figured out what you are aiming for?]

[yet… … Nothing is certain. Because I didn’t meet Kim Jong-hyun in person and ask him, and Kim Jong-hyun didn’t brag about it. Still, I’m making some guesses. The villagers he killed have nothing in common other than the fact that their hearts were pulled out and the corpses were intertwined.]

Scarlett clicked her tongue as she put down the cutlery that was crushed in her palm.

[I wouldn’t have done something like that without a reason. Since ancient times, the heart has been the most blatant and easy-to-use sacrifice in magic and witchcraft.]


[huh. An offering for magical or magical rituals. Other warlocks in the Black Magic Tower mentioned the possibility of summoning demons.]

[When you say devil, do you mean demons?]

[Demons… … It’ll be a little different from this one. Although I don’t know much about it professionally. Demons are a race that lives in the demon world… … If I had to be honest, it’s Ain. But the devil is not a demi-human. Well, this is just a guess. However, the number of people Kim Jong-hyun killed and had their hearts ripped out exceeded 5,000. If a ritual were performed with that much sacrifice, something terrible would happen.]

Scarlett rubbed her head with a complicated expression. For now, we can only speculate about everything Kim Jong-hyun does.

I sought advice from the warlocks of the Black Magic Tower, but even they were not sure what Kim Jong-hyun was doing.

That’s right, magic performed using human sacrifices produces terrible results without exception.

Moreover, if it is not the black magic that has been established so far, but magic that is done through a grimoire, it is impossible to even understand its form.

[Before Arbes was corrupted, the wizard guild had two twin grimoires. Grimoire and Gries. However, although the Wizards Guild had the two magic books, he did not interpret them.]


[Because it was too dangerous. The magic written in those two grimoires, although not fully interpreted, was too early for humans. The idea was not to touch it at all because it was too dangerous. After Arbes disappeared with the grimoire, he belatedly started working on Gries’ interpretation.]

Lee Seong-min did not know much about those great magic books.

Still, looking at Scarlett’s attitude, I could feel how dangerous the grimoire Kim Jong-hyun had was.

[Scarlett, do you think the subjugation will be successful?]

[success… … I have to do it. Actually, I don’t know. I think we have enough troops. Murim Alliance, Church, Magic Corps. Because even skilled mercenaries decided to join there. I’m saying this as a joke, but with this amount of troops, they could even kill a dragon.]

At those words, Heo Joo chuckled in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[You want to catch a dragon? Nonsense. Even if this much were gathered together, they wouldn’t be able to tear off a single wing of the dragon.]

[Are dragons that strong?]

[It’s not for nothing that they boasted that they were a great race. Even though it only seemed like a funny lizard to this old man.]

[In the end, you too were subjugated by humans.]

[But… … hmm. When I think about it now, it’s really strange. Why was I subjugated?]

Lee Seong-min was joking, but Heo-ju took it seriously.

If you think about it, it was because he had never really thought deeply about the moment he died. As if he had not subconsciously tried to recall any memories of him.

[That’s strange. I don’t really remember… … Is it because it was the moment he died?]

Heoju himself thought it was strange. In that world, there was no being who could kill Heoju.

Even the dragon was weak in Heoju’s eyes, and even the strongest human or human being was not strong enough to kill Heoju.

But why did I die? Heoju recalled what Osla had said.

It was an unpleasant death in many ways.

[If this many troops are gathered, they should be subdued as a courtesy. is not it?]

[Do you think it might be dangerous?]

[I’m doing it. Kim Jonghyeon. That bastard is a fool who doesn’t know what he’s going to do. To be honest, I don’t want to get involved either.]

[Then shouldn’t I just run away?]

Lee Seong-min looked at Scarlett with a strange expression. If he is aware that he may be in danger, he can run away.

Could it be because of his honor as the owner of the magic tower? When asked a question about him, Scarlett took off his crane and shook his head vigorously.

[honor? Don’t be a jerk. I just hate cringing like that. I don’t even want to be kicked out for such an idiotic reason!]

[Then why don’t you just run away with me?]

[I want to do that… … ! But I can’t run away. The green magic tower lord who is here, I once swore to do the old man’s favor… … That old man told me to participate in the subjugation war.]

[Why did you make that oath?]

[At that time, I needed magical help, and only the green magic tower lord could help me. In return for my help, I decided to one day grant the old man a favor. shit… … Why did you make such an oath?]

Scarlett grumbled and scratched her head. Of course, at the time, the help of the Green Magic Tower was desperately needed.

When I think about it now, I am filled with only regrets.

After finishing their light meal, Lee Seong-min and Scarlett left the restaurant. Currently, she and her Magic Tower owners were renting and lodging in an entire large inn in this city.

“They said they were coming back to get some fresh air, but it’s quite late.”

The first floor of the inn. An old man in a wide robe was puffing on a pipe.



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He opened the door and saw Scarlett coming in, a smile appearing on her wrinkled face.

“I’m just late because I met an old friend.”

[Green Magic Tower Lord.]

Scarlett responded to the words of the Green Magic Tower and sent a message to Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee bowed his head towards the green magic tower.

“It is an honor to meet you.”

“What is glory? “It’s an honor for Moore to see the old man dying.”

“Why don’t you say things you don’t mean? “I’m researching immortality magic because I don’t want to die.”

Scarlett frowned at the words of the Green Magic Tower. The green magic tower lord laughed at those words.

“Isn’t immortality a dream that all humans wish for? I am dedicating my life to foolish criminals and researching the secret wish for immortality that all humans long for. “It’s never because of my personal greed.”

“You’re being damned.”

Scarlett chewed on the words of the green magic tower owner and grabbed Lee Seong-min’s arm.

“You have a spare room, right? “Thankfully, my old friend decided to help in the fight to subdue that bastard Kim Jong-hyun.”

“Your room must be quite spacious. Why don’t we share it?”

“It’s not like that.”

“It’s not like we have to share the same room. Cluck! “You’re still young, so it’s better to enjoy it a little longer.”

“Please, stop talking nonsense. Because I want to kill him. “Do you have any spare room?”

“I don’t know. “Why don’t you ask Lloyd?”

“I should have done that a long time ago.”

Scarlett grumbled and took Lee Seong-min upstairs.

The best rooms of the five-story inn were on the top floor, and four magic tower lords, including Scarlett, and the leader of the magic corps were staying here.

Scarlett stood in front of Lloyd’s door and knocked.

“Who is that man?”

Lloyd asked while looking at Lee Sung-min standing next to Scarlett. Although she did not have a very good attitude towards the Green Magic Tower Lord, Scarlett’s attitude towards Lloyd was calm and polite.

After hearing the explanation about Lee Sung-min, Lloyd nodded his head.

“I don’t have any spare rooms… … “Don’t you two want to share the same room?”

“Do you know what happens when a grown man and woman share the same room?”

“If you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do. I guess I’ll ask at the inn next door. Is it still okay?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Although he was friendly with Lloyd, he did not reveal his identity to Lloyd.

It was because I didn’t want to embarrass Lloyd by saying something pointless.

After leaving Lloyd’s room, Scarlett glanced at Lee Sung-min.

[Are you okay?]

[What do you mean?]

[The ones using the inn next door are the Murimmaeng and Moyongse. You are not in an honorable position. Is it still okay?]

[It doesn’t matter. I have no intention of causing friction with them for no reason, and I will not allow my true identity to be discovered.]

I thought about sleeping on the street, but it seemed like that would attract more attention.

It would be better to just stay quietly in an inn used by the Murim League.

I don’t think they would be hostile to someone they met for the first time, nor would they be suspicious without reason.

There were quite a few seats in the inn used by the Murim League. Seongmin Lee recalled information about the Murim Alliance that was here.

First of all, Mo Yong-se. The head of the Moyong family is Baekgeomhak (白劍鶴) Daeun Moyong, an expert who is considered to have similar skills to the Cheonjongeom King, the head of the Namgung family.

Currently, not only Daeun Mo Yong was in this city, but also his youngest son, Mo Yong Chan.

Mo Yong-chan was only 15 years old, but his qualifications were outstanding, and his skills were counted on one hand among the latter-day indexes.

In addition, fifty masters of the Moyong family are also in this city.

‘Drunk… … Self-indulgence.’

It’s not just Moyongse. The one leading the Murim Alliance forces in this city was none other than Chugeol, the Fire Lord of Openness.

Seongmin Lee recalled the time he met a drunkard a long time ago.

Lee Sung-min’s memories of drunken behavior were not such a bad impression. Baek So-go, who went to ask him for help, did not return in the end, and Seong-min Lee knew well that the situation was because Chwi-geol forced Baek So-go to escape from the dungeon.

Still, I didn’t blame him for getting drunk. Rather, Lee Seong-min believed that Chwi-geol’s actions in allowing Baek So-go to escape were right in that situation.

In the end, thanks to Chu Geol’s actions, Baek So-go was able to completely escape from the fate of death.

This is my third meeting with Dang Ah-hee.

The first was Shaolin, the second was the Forest of Deception. This could be said to be a fairly deep relationship, but in fact, although we had met a few times, I had never spoken directly with Dang Ah-hee, so I didn’t have that much of an impression on him.

‘I remember the last time I peed.’

In the forest of delusion, Dang Ah-hee peed her pants. Lee Seong-min chuckled as he recalled that time.

We enter the inn where the martial arts people are staying. A cheering sound was heard from the backyard. Many voices become one and utter a sharp cry.

It seemed like they were carrying out something as a group. I was curious, but I didn’t go see it in person.

“I heard the story from the Golden Magic Tower owner.”

As I entered the first floor hall of the inn, a middle-aged man spoke to me as if he had been waiting.

The black military uniform he was wearing was reminiscent of mourning clothes rather than military uniform, and the symbol of the Moyong family was engraved on his left chest.

Lee Seong-min looked into the deeply sunken eyes of the middle-aged man and gauged his level.

‘Namgungse is stronger than the Lord.’

It was different from the public’s evaluation. Seongmin Lee bowed his head.

“It is an honor to meet the Baekgeomhak University Association.”

“You have completed the rebuttal.”

Mo Yong Sega. Baekgeomhak Mo Yong Dae-un looked at Lee Seong-min and muttered.

“Even I can’t see through it. Are you… … What a great expert. Does he belong to a sect?”

“I’m just a wanderer.”

“is it?”

Mo Yong Dae-un stared at Lee Seong-min with deeply sunken eyes.

As if trying to figure out Lee Seong-min’s level.

Originally, it was impossible for Moyong Daeun’s skills to see through Lee Seong-min, but Lee Seong-min showed his skills to some extent. Of course he didn’t show everything.

Weaker than Moyong Daeun’s skills. With appropriate transcendental skills. A certain Yongdaun nodded his head.

“If we get a chance someday, let’s give it a try.”

“It is an honour.”

Daewoon Mo Yong seemed to have put aside some of his doubts and tension after understanding Lee Seong-min’s level.

Lee Seong-min received the room key from Mo Yong Dae-un and bowed his head once again.

Seongmin Lee’s room was upstairs. While going up the stairs, Lee Seong-min encountered a man in shabby clothes.



The man smiled, showing his teeth, and greeted me warmly.

He was drunk.


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