Worthless Regression Chapter 233

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[235] Hedor (1)

Up to this point, it is just preliminary preparation for the ceremony.

Kim Jong-hyun stretched and tapped the air with his hands.

Nothing is affected by the detection magic scattered throughout the forest.

Kim Jonghyun clicked his tongue in regret. He wasn’t impatient, but Kim Jong-hyun’s heart was excited as he wanted to test the preparations he had made in the forest.

This forest. A forest made up of nameless, bare trees is a forest of death.

Kim Jong-hyun gave this forest that name. All kinds of terrible magic were prepared to welcome the punitive force, and various familiars acquired in Arbes’ dungeon were hungry and waiting for a meal.

‘The magic tower lords of the magic corps. A church in the Murim League… … .’

Kim Jong-hyun chuckled as he recalled the forces of the evil punitive force. They all came to kill Kim Jong-hyun, but Kim Jong-hyun wasn’t that scared.

Maybe the ritual will fail. Even if the ritual was activated, there is a good chance of failure since it has never been done.

No, you might be killed by the punitive force before you even begin the full-fledged ritual.

‘Then it will be fine as is.’

It’s been like that for a long time, but Kim Jong-hyun didn’t have much regrets about his life.

The only thing that motivated him was interest and curiosity. The reason he conducted the ceremony was also out of interest and curiosity.

What if I die like that? That’s not a bad thing for Kim Jong-hyun either. Isn’t the question of what awaits us after death something humans have been searching for since ancient times?

‘I wish something more could be added there.’

The current punitive force alone was worth enough as a sacrifice, but Kim Jong-hyun was hoping for a little more.

* * *

The air in Hedor was filled with tension thanks to the forces trying to subdue Kim Jong-hyun.

The forces gathered in this city right now are the Magic Tower, the Murim Alliance, and the Church, including the Magic Corps. There are three like this.

Eria summoned people from each dimension, and among them were paladins and priests.

When the holy knights and priests who used the divine power of the god they served were summoned to Eria, their spiritual connection with the god they served was severed, and the divine power they contained no longer belonged to the god they served, but became their own power.

Among them, those who had particularly strong religious beliefs committed suicide or became insolvents in despair because their spiritual connection with the god they worshiped was lost, while those who accepted reality and said that this was also God’s will, even though their connection with the god they worshiped was severed, they called themselves Holy Knights. He called himself a priest.

Holy magic can only be performed with divine power, but the priests and paladins summoned to Eria were able to use sacred magic even though their spiritual connection with God was lost and they were unable to use divine power.

The divine power that became theirs showed fatal power against evil forces, including the undead.

The gathering of priests who ceased to be priests and paladins who ceased to be holy priests is the starting point of the group called the church.

As the church was built and many years passed, paladins and priests continued to be summoned to Eria.

In this way, the number of paladins and priests in the church increased. Not only them, but the church also includes priests and paladins who worship the gods that exist in Eria.

The priests and paladins of the church are undoubtedly the natural enemies of those who wield evil forces such as undead or warlocks.

However, the church was a closed group and did not have proper exchanges with the Murim Alliance and the Wizard’s Guild.

‘The scale has become too big.’

Scarlett walked down the street with an annoyed face. These many people gathered together to subdue one Kim Jong-hyun. Kim Jong-hyun was no longer just a black magician.

Scarlett thought deep down that the nickname given to Kim Jong-hyun, “The Devil of the North,” was too exaggerated. If Kim Jong-hyun had truly mastered the magic of the grimoire, it is understandable that such a large number of troops were gathered for subjugation.

‘I don’t want to get caught up in something like this.’

In fact, if it were Scarlett’s personality, she would have either refused this job or run away after realizing that it was something out of the ordinary. But Scarlett was unable to escape.

‘Damn old man.’

Scarlett gritted her teeth as she thought of the blue magic tower.

I swore to the old man that I was crazy. She clutched her hair in belated regret.

He swore that he would one day grant the Blue Magic Tower a favor, and the Blue Magic Tower lord requested Scarlett to participate in this subjugation battle.

It was Mana’s oath that risked her life, so it was impossible for Scarlett to run away right away.

‘But it’s not unconditional. If the situation becomes unfavorable, the old man will also tell you to run away… … Damn you Kim Jonghyun. A dog like a dog. ‘Why did you do this crazy thing?’

Scarlett has known Kim Jong-hyun since Behenger. We studied different magic in the same guild, and we rarely encountered each other because our fields were different.

Scarlett didn’t like Kim Jong-hyun very much. Kim Jong-hyun didn’t really do anything to make Scarlett hate him.

In a instinct… … I just couldn’t like it. Maybe he hated his room where monster limbs and organs were floating around, and the sight of Kim Jong-hyun walking around in a blood-soaked white robe with a mysterious smile on his face.


I went out for a walk to relieve my frustration, and was just about to head back. A small voice rang in Scarlett’s ears.

She turned her head in the direction of the sound. An Asian man with a face she had never seen before was smiling brightly at Scarlett.

Scarlett looked back, squinting her eyes. She wondered if she was doing that when she saw someone else, but there was no one behind her.


A man approaches. It is a featureless face. Eyes, nose, mouth. It doesn’t make a very strong impression, so the word ‘ordinary’ is more appropriate. Scarlett raised her hand to stop the approaching man.

“you. who is this?”

Scarlett’s eyes narrowed with caution. She looked the stopped man up and down.

The physique is pretty good. Are you a mercenary? Even the armor he was wearing was plain, without any major features, and Scarlett found it rather suspicious.

Before answering, Lee Seong-min slightly raised his left hand. His left wrist was filled with the bracelet he had received from Scarlett.

Scarlett’s eyes widened when she saw the bracelet Lee Sung-min was wearing. There are only two people in this world that she gave that bracelet to. Baek So-go and Lee Seong-min.

“… … you… … ?”

“Long time no see.”

Seongmin Lee said with a grin.

With her mouth half-open, Scarlett looked at the bast mask that Seongmin Lee was wearing. After a moment of silence, Scarlett muttered something like a sigh.

“I was quite handsome when I was young… … “What on earth happened to make her face look so messed up?”

This face isn’t really ugly either. Seongmin Lee cleared his throat and answered.

“It’s not my face.”

“okay? “That’s a good thing.”

As Scarlett said that, she walked towards Lee Sung-min.

She smiled softly, spread her arms, and suddenly hugged Lee Seong-min’s body. Lee Sung-min panicked and tried to push Scarlett away, as he had never imagined that Scarlett would react like this.

[Stay still.]

Scarlett’s voice rang in Lee Seong-min’s head. It was telepathy, not sound.



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“thank you. “You came for me, right?”

Unlike telepathy, Scarlett opened her lips and said that.

[I know what the situation is. Since you have ears, you must have heard the rumors, and you came here because you were worried about me. is not it?]

[…] … you’re right.]

[Seeing as he even changed his face, he must understand his situation and the situation here.]


Scarlett wasn’t stupid. The samurai who were looking this way with wary eyes go on their way again.

They were naturally wary of someone they didn’t know who was approaching Scarlett.

[Is this a mock tax?]

[I don’t know if it’s the Moyong tax or not. First of all, it is clear that he is Murim blind. You idiot.]

Scarlett spat out.

[If you understand your situation well, why did you come all the way here? I never asked you for help.]

[I came because I was worried about Scarlett. I also have no intention of causing friction with the Murim Alliance by boasting that I am an idiot.]

[Then you know that if I get caught, my position will be in trouble, right?]

[If that happens, I will take responsibility.]

Scarlett laughed at Lee Sung-min’s words. She released her hug and naturally wrapped her arms around Lee Sung-min’s arm.

Then he started walking in the opposite direction to the path the Murim warriors had taken.

[responsibility? What responsibility?]

[In some way.]

[Those are irresponsible and shameless words. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but the cuteness it used to have is gone.]

[How is it that I was cute before?]

[It was stupid, goofy, indecisive, and boring, but it was also cute. It’s become a little shameless now, so it’s not good.]

[I don’t know why I thought that was cute.]

[It’s cute when a younger person does that.]

As Scarlett said that, she traced Lee Sung-min’s forearm with her hand.

“It’s been a while, huh? Oh my, look at how thick your forearms have become. “Do you think I’m working hard?”

“Why are you doing this?”

[Let’s get the words right, right?]

[What do you guess?]

[Aren’t you here to protect me?]

Scarlett smiled and rolled her eyes.

[If I tell you to turn off here, it won’t turn off. is not it?]

[That’s right.]

[Then adjust it to me. I’m going back to the guild later, and I’m going to introduce you as my escort. He’s a talented adventurer I met while traveling a while ago. Or do you have a separate identity in mind?]

[doesn’t exist.]

[What about counterfeit mercenary badges?]

[doesn’t exist. If you have something like that and end up getting involved with other mercenaries, it will be a bother.]

[good job. Looking at the current situation, it seems that bringing in the church is not enough and they are trying to bring in mercenaries as well.]


Lee Sung-min couldn’t help but be surprised by Scarlett’s words. The Murim Alliance and the church were brought into the punitive force, and they’re going to bring in mercenaries as well?

[I think it might be too much… … I guess this place. The north is the territory of the vampire queen, Bloodblood Jennyella. I am worried that Kim Jong-hyun may have acquired the grimoire’s magic, and there is a possibility that the Vampire Queen may intervene. The decision was made this morning to recruit mercenaries.]

Lee Seong-min smiled bitterly at those words. The Vampire Queen does not intervene in this matter.

But Lee Seong-min couldn’t tell him that. I didn’t think they would believe me if I told them, and I was at a loss for words to answer their questions about how I knew that.

[rice is? ate?]

[I didn’t eat, but I’m not hungry.]

[Then force yourself to eat it. I want to talk a little first before I go in.]

Lee Sung-min and Scarlett walked down the street arm in arm.

The place where her steps stopped was in front of a quiet restaurant.

Only when it was time for them to sit across from each other in the assigned seats did Scarlett let go of Lee Sung-min’s arm.

“Thank you for coming.”

Scarlett opened her mouth and spoke.

“I wonder if I should ask for help or not… … He did worry a lot. In the end, I decided not to do it. The distance was quite far… … that’s right. “How on earth did you get here?”

“I happened to be nearby.”

Scarlett immediately sent a telepathy message in response to Lee Sung-min’s answer.

[Would you please stop being a bitch? You were in Haras, where the Four Masters are located. How did you get from Harras to here?]

[There are many ways.]

[It’s needlessly expensive. Well anyway. I mean it when I say thank you. I never imagined that he would come on his own.]

[I just didn’t want to let Scarlett die.]

[Why are you saying such foolish things? Why die?]

Scarlett pouted her lips and grumbled at Lee Sung-min’s words.


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