Worthless Regression Chapter 231

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[233] To the North (2)

The rumor that started in the North was enough to interest Lee Seong-min.

If it’s the north, it’s a place that Lee Seong-min has also been to. There, Lee Seong-min learned for the first time about an alien group called ‘Predator’, and also met in person with the vampire queen Jennyella, one of the leaders of the Predator.

I also met Joowon the Gwangrang, who is said to be one of the strongest monsters among the Lycan Slopes.

In addition, there is a connection with Kim Jong-hyun, the cause of the rumor. When I think about it, I met Kim Jong-hyun many times.

We met for the first time in Behenger, received help when we went to kill the Sword Demon, and met again in northern Trabia.

Lee Seong-min did not know that Kim Jong-hyun was the black magician who helped Arbes in the Eormuri and eventually attacked him and took everything from Arbes.

That’s why Lee Sung-min didn’t have any ill feelings toward Kim Jong-hyun.

This was because Kim Jong-hyun was quite friendly towards Lee Sung-min. In fact, even in the group, Kim Jong-hyun was able to sufficiently threaten Lee Sung-min, and he could have killed Lee Sung-min, but he did not kill him.

Thanks to this, when Lee Seong-min heard the rumor about the Demon King of the North, he could not help but be embarrassed.

The Kim Jonghyun he knew was a kind and good person. He annihilated seven villages in a short period of a week and became an object of fear and was called the devil?

‘The magic tower owners gathered to subdue Kim Jong-hyun.’

Not only the magic corps of the wizard guild, but also the magic tower owners of the golden magic tower, green magic tower, white magic tower, and red magic tower gathered. In addition, he expressed his intention to send some support to the ‘Church’, a group of priests and holy knights, and the Murim Alliance also supported warriors, including those of the Moyong family.

Hundreds of people gathered to catch one warlock.

It is not common for such a large army to gather to subdue something. Moreover, the only opponent is a corrupted warlock.

Seongmin Lee caressed the bracelet on his left wrist.

Since receiving this bracelet from Scarlett, I have never been particularly conscious of it. More than five years have passed since then, but Scarlett has never once conveyed danger through the bracelet.

She has been doing well on the Red Horse Tower.

Even now the bracelet is not sending a signal.

Still, I couldn’t ignore it. Many troops were gathered. Without a doubt, Kim Jong-hyun will be subdued.

No matter how great a warlock he was, hundreds of people gathered to catch him. It’s not like the people gathered are just making up their own minds.

Magic tower lords who are close to the pinnacle of their respective fields in a magic corps specializing in combat magic. Church priests and black magicians optimized for persecuting black magic.

‘I won’t have to go.’

Is that really true?

The north is something that bothers me.

North. The land where vampire queen Jennyella and Gwangrang Joowon were located.

Maybe they joined hands with Kim Jong-hyun? When I heard the rumor, Kim Jong-hyun said that he was not running away even though a punitive force was gathering to catch him.

I’m sure he doesn’t wish for his own death. He probably has something going for him and is confident that he will survive, so he doesn’t run away.

[so. Are you going?]

Heoju asks. Seongmin Lee did not answer right away. If only the wizard guild had gathered. Since the Murim Alliance was involved, Lee Seong-min was in a position where he couldn’t make any moves even if he was worried about Scarlett.

Moreover, isn’t the Murim Alliance’s support force also including the Mo Yong family? Even if it is said to be an unfair accusation, since it cannot be explained, Lee Seong-min can only be the enemy of the Mo Yong family who killed Mo Yong Seo-jin.

“… … “You never know.”

Seongmin Lee made up his mind. He was indebted to Scarlett. Aside from what happened on Mt. Mushi, when he was first attacked by Aine. If it weren’t for Scarlett’s help, he might have died there.

Besides, didn’t you make a promise? When Scarlett finds herself in a dangerous situation, she offers to help her.

[You don’t want to regret it later, right?]

Heoju chuckles. Lee Seong-min nodded his head at those words.

In his previous life, Lee Seong-min lived until he was 27 years old. Since the opening of the dungeon has passed, Lee Seong-min knows nothing about the events that will occur in this world from now on. Therefore, he had no choice but to be cautious.

I didn’t know what Kim Jong-hyun was up to, and I felt anxious and worried that Scarlett might die.

“Where are you going?”

First, I met with Sima Lianju to ask for permission to leave Sima Lian. Sa Bae Joo, who was sitting in a comfortable position in her office, asked back in an annoyed voice when Lee Seong-min said that he would be leaving for a while.

“I’m thinking of going to the north for a while.”

“Is it because of this guy called the Demon King of the North?”

When Sima Lianzhu heard the words “North,” he immediately asked about the Demon King. That’s how much Kim Jong-hyun’s work was a hot topic nationwide.

“How did you know?”

“Because he’s the most famous guy recently. They annihilated seven villages and piled up the corpses at the village entrance as a show of pride, right? It’s not just a corpse, it’s all tied together. All hearts were taken out. “He has done such crazy things that he deserves to be called the devil.”

Sima Lianju said with a grin.

“why. “Are you even acquainted with that guy called the Demon King of the North?”

“That’s not it.”

“Then does he have any acquaintances among the dead villagers?”


“Then it looks like you have an acquaintance among the punitive force.”


Seongmin Lee answered honestly. At those words, Sima Lianzhu spoke with a smile in his voice.

“I have no intention of stopping you. It is your choice to throw yourself into a dangerous situation. I don’t know what that devil king’s plan is, but I’m curious about him. He is the one who wiped out seven villages and committed such atrocities. “I wonder what on earth they’re doing that for.”

Sima Lianju said this and touched the mask on his face.

“Are you planning to hide it or not?”

“I’m thinking of hiding it because it won’t look good on me.”

“You’re not trying to hide your face by covering it with a mask, are you?”

“There is a way to change your face.”

“Well, if you want to avoid unnecessary and annoying arguments, do it. But keep this in mind. If you go there and your identity is revealed to the Murim Alliance… … Hehehe! “Things are going to get really interesting.”

Behind the mask, Sima Lianju’s eyes widened.

“As Lord Moyongse, he saw his daughter’s enemy. For the Murim Alliance, it is as if the successor of the Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon has appeared without any support. He will either be killed or taken prisoner… … Hehehe! “Either way, it won’t be fun for you.”

“Don’t you think I’m causing trouble?”

“If you look at the entire Sima Lian, it may be so, but I have no intention of restricting your freedom of action for that reason.”

Sima Lianju said.

“If you die, I can use your revenge as an excuse to trample on the Murim Alliance. If you are captured, all you have to do is trample on the Murim Alliance to save you. “If you kill the Black Dragon Association, even Heavenly Heaven will move.”

“What if I fight the Murim Alliance that attacks me?”



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“I don’t think you will die unless Geomseon, King Chang of Cheonoecheon, Wolhu, or Musin himself come. “If that happens, the Murim Alliance will not sit still and we will fight with Sima Lian.”

Sima Lianju’s voice as he spoke about him was calm.

Even though there might be a full-scale conflict between the Murim Alliance and Sima Lian, the Lord Sima Lian did not seem to be worried about him.

Lee Seong-min could not quite understand Sima Lianju’s attitude.

For a week, Lee Seong-min was in Sima-ryeon, and he understood very well how weak Sima-ryan was, despite its name.

In terms of organizational power, Sima Lian cannot be compared to the Murim League. In Lee Seong-min’s view, if an all-out war broke out, Sima Lianzhou would inevitably suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of the Murim Alliance.

“Are you confident if an all-out war breaks out?”

“I wouldn’t even say I would do it if I didn’t have it.”

Sima Lianzhu answered without even thinking.

“Contrary to what you see, Sima Lian is not that weak. It’s not like I’ve been completely idle while my body has been away from this place for a hundred years. And you too.”

Sima Lianju raised his hand and pointed at Lee Seong-min.

“It is said that the number of people in the Transcendental Realm is small, but that is not a big problem. Among the six nobles, I think you can deal with Dozon and Amzon by yourself, and Wolhu… … They probably won’t engage in an all-out war. “It seems like King Chang may be a variable.”

Sima Lianzhu muttered that and crossed his arms.

“I honestly don’t know how the prosecution will proceed. But he’s not without confidence. In fact, if So Tianma were to come to Sima Lian, there would be no need to worry about the difference in power.”

Sima Lianju said this and laughed.

“It’s none of your business. so. When are you planning to leave?”

“I don’t know what will happen, so I’m thinking of leaving right now.”

“The distance from here to the north is very far. Even if you go at your own pace, it will take several months. Are you planning on riding a ‘horse’?”

In response to Sima Lianju’s question, Lee Seong-min nodded his head. He doesn’t know how things will change as he goes north.

[Still, you are treated well because you are the successor.]

‘That’s right.’

As he left Sima Lianju’s office, Heoju chuckled and said.

Anyway, if Lee Seong-min is killed or captured by the Murim Alliance, doesn’t that mean that Sima Lianju will personally take revenge and rescue him?

After returning to his room, Seongmin Lee summoned a fairy horse. This is the first time he has been called up since he first signed through Osla.

Pure white light gathered in front of Lee Seong-min and turned into the appearance of a white and beautiful white horse.

The fairy horse stared at Lee Seong-min with transparent eyes and lowered its head. Lee Seong-min climbed on the fairy horse’s back while running his hand through its mane.

[Now there are two left. So, where are you going?]

‘The closest one is from Travia.’

Seongmin Lee thought of Trabia as he caressed the fairy horse’s mane. Then the fairy Ma lifts his bowed head.

The fairy horse stamped its foot once, and Seongmin Lee felt a slight floating sensation.

When the feeling of floating ended, Lee Seong-min was in the sky of Travia. The sudden cold of the north did not invade Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee covered his face with the bast mask he had saved in advance.

Since the face of the human skin mask I used last time was already exposed, the one I used this time was a human skin mask with a different face.

After finishing what had to be done, the fairy horse turned into white light again and disappeared. Immediately, Seongmin Lee fell down, but instead of panicking, he slowed down and landed in a deserted place.

[This is not good.]

Heoju muttered.

[Others may not know, but Jennyella must have sensed the movement in space. Maybe Jennyella will come… … .]

It was Heoju’s warning moment. The shadow in the alley wriggled. A woman with bright red hair suddenly stood up from under the widening shadow.

“… … you are?”

Jennyella, who was fully revealed, looked surprised when she saw Lee Sung-min.

Seongmin Lee took a few steps back and became aware of Jennyella.

The Vampire Queen is a monster that has lived for hundreds of years and is considered the strongest among the Predators.


Even after entering the realm of transcendence and practicing the Black Lightning Heaven of Sima Lianju for a year, Lee Seong-min felt himself being overwhelmed by Jennyella’s presence.

“… … Long time no see.”

When we met in Trabia. Jennyella was quite friendly towards Lee Seong-min. Is that still the case? Seongmin Lee looked at Jenny Ella’s mood and said hello to her first.

“A lot has changed. “You can’t recognize it just by feeling.”

To be honest. Jennyella thought a dragon had appeared. The sudden shaking of space was evidence of space movement, and space movement magic is a magic that only dragons or similar transcendent beings can do.

Even Jennyella was unable to perform perfect spatial movement.

“just now… … What was it? “There was definitely a movement in space.”

“I didn’t do it. “I just got help.”

“help… … ?”

Jennyella narrowed her eyes at Lee Seong-min’s answer. She looked at Lee Seong-min blankly.

Her eyes, engraved with magical eyes, open wide. Her direct gaze, which saw through everything about her opponent, turned to Lee Seong-min.

“you… … You are under the protection of the Fairy Queen. She never thought she would meet a human riding a fairy horse… … “No, should I call you human?”

Jennyella fully understood Lee Seong-min’s condition. There is also the fact that Lee Seong-min traveled all the way here on a fairy horse. Lee Seong-min’s body mutated to resemble a monster, and his heart changed to that of a dragon.

It was the answer to Jennyella’s question, but Jennyella could not help but feel even greater confusion.

“… … Hmm.”

Jennyella, who was looking at Lee Seong-min with her eyes narrowed, opened her lips.


Jennyella’s lips lifted slightly.

“It turned out very delicious.”

Sharp fangs shined between the parted, plump lips.


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