Worthless Regression Chapter 230

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[232] To the North (1)

Wizard Guild.

They are represented by the magic tower, but the magic tower is not everything about the wizard guild.

Most wizards living in Aria are registered in the wizard guild.

This is because there are many benefits to being registered in a guild. The Wizard’s Guild’s Magic Tower is nothing more than a research group where such wizards gather. There are many wizards who do not belong to the Magic Tower.

Among them, there are wizards who specialize in ‘combat’. Battle wizards belonging to the guild belong somewhere other than the Magic Tower.

They are the magic corps. Unlike the Magic Tower, they are devoted to practical and combative magic, and are the first to deal with problems that arise in the wizard guild.

The northern city of Hedor. Although it is quite far from the northernmost part of Trabia, Hedor also faces the cool cold of the north.

Currently, a group of magic soldiers, including the magic tower owners of the magic guild, were in Hedor.

It was to punish wizards who walked the wrong path.

“Kim Jonghyeon.”

Lloyd, the golden magic tower lord, opened his mouth. He glanced at the seated wizards with cold eyes.

Four wizards were sitting in front of Lloyd.

“The fact that he, the owner of the Black Magic Tower, broke a taboo… … “It’s not that surprising.”

“It’s the same thing as the Black Magic Tower’s tradition.”

An old man with a thick beard laughed. It was a green magic tower.

“Why? A former magic tower lord… … I’m talking about Frescan. Wasn’t he eventually expelled for breaking a taboo? “It’s a shame I couldn’t kill him back then.”

“Let’s not talk about that.”

Lloyd showed an uncomfortable look. Lloyd had been tracking Preskan for a long time ever since Preskan was exiled, after receiving an order to kill him.

And a few years ago, they discovered Frescan’s dungeon and attacked to kill him, but failed.

“I don’t blame you. However, this means that it is not unusual for a black magic tower master to fall into taboo. “As long as it is directly connected to the devil, the soul is bound to become corrupted.”

“Kim Jong-hyun’s corruption is different from the case during Frescan.”

Lloyd said with a sigh.

“Kim Jonghyun has a grimoire.”

“I guess that’s why we gathered here.”

The green magic tower lord smiled, revealing his yellow teeth. The Black Magic Tower is different from other magic towers in many ways.

Everyone who belongs there is a warlock, and they do not interact with other magic towers.

However, this does not mean that the Wizard’s Guild does not care about the Black Magic Tower. Rather, it is the Black Magic Tower that receives the most surveillance and control from the wizard guild.

“The reason Kim Jong-hyun has a grimoire is… … “Are you sure?”

The person who asked the question was the White Magic Tower Master.

“I’m sure.”

Lloyd nodded his head. Grimoire. This is the grimoire that every warlock dreams of and longs to obtain.

“Why was the grimoire handed over to Kim Jong-hyun? The owner must have been Arbes… … .”

“I don’t think Arbes gave the grimoire to Kim Jong-hyun.”

The green magic tower lord stroked his beard and muttered.

“But it was clearly written in Gries. “The owner of the grimoire has changed to Kim Jong-hyun.”

Originally, the grimoire was owned by the wizard guild. Grace is a magic book that is the twin of Grimoire, and the Wizards Guild has been working on interpreting Greice and Grimoire for a long time.

The two grimoires belonged to the entire guild, and no one was allowed to own either of them or learn the magic written in them.

In the past, Arbes, who belonged to the Wizard’s Guild, disappeared with the grimoire after becoming a lich.

Then, unwritten letters were engraved on the first page of the grimoire’s twin, Gries.

The name ‘Arbes’ was engraved on a page where nothing had been written.

“Although Arbeth belonged to the Predator with a grimoire, Arbeth did not do anything evil with the grimoire. “Even the great Arbes couldn’t use the grimoire’s magic properly.”

“Maybe Kim Jonghyun also becomes the owner of the grimoire, but he may not be able to use the grimoire’s magic properly.”

Lloyd muttered.

“But that’s not the point. “The fact that Kim Jong-hyun, the owner of the Black Magic Tower, obtained the grimoire is important in itself.”

Like all the wizards of the Black Magic Tower, Kim Jong-hyun was also monitored and pursued by the wizard guild.

The location tracking magic engraved on Kim Jong-hyun was clearly conveying Kim Jong-hyun’s location.

It is said that Kim Jong-hyun is currently a target of the wizard guild, but until then, Kim Jong-hyun did not cause much trouble within the guild.

When he was away, he faithfully reported to the guild, and periodically posted reports on his research projects to the guild.

However, this did not mean that the wizard guild completely trusted Kim Jong-hyun.

Ever since Arves betrayed the guild, became a lich, and committed himself to the Predator, the wizard guild stopped trusting warlocks.

It is a reasoned distrust. In fact, Freskan, who was in charge of the Black Tower lord in the pre-war era, betrayed the wizard’s guild by becoming a lich.

“The tracking magic is still functioning. maybe… … “It must be a trap.”

Kim Jong-hyun also knows that he is being tracked.

Since he was also a warlock belonging to the wizard’s guild, he would have known that if he owned a grimoire, his name would be newly written on the grieth kept by the wizard’s guild.

But tracking magic has not disappeared yet. As if tempting you to come here.

“Soon, the magic troops will arrive.”

The one who opened his mouth was the wizard who had been silent so far. He is a wizard belonging to the Magic Corps, and was serving as the representative of the Magic Corps until the Magic Corps arrived.

“I think it would be better to see this as an opportunity. It was only when Arbeth stole the grimoire, that he realized that no wizard was better than Arbeth… … Not now, right? “If all the magic troops arrive, we will be able to kill Kim Jong-hyun and take the grimoire back.”

“Maybe Arbes is with Kim Jong-hyun.”

“It was a long time ago that Arbes was called a great wizard. Hundreds of years have passed since then, and the level of guild wizards has increased greatly.”

You’re young.

The green magic tower lord and Lloyd thought as they watched the young wizard shouting with force.

It’s easier said than done. No matter how powerful the guild has become, Arbes, who has been practicing magic for hundreds of years, is not an opponent to be ignored.

Of course, those here did not know that Arbes had had all his magic taken away by Kim Jong-hyun.

“I don’t want to risk my life.”

The red magic tower lord opened his mouth. Scarlett had her legs crossed with an annoyed look on her face.



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“I didn’t even want to come here in the first place. “I was dragged by the golden magic tower lord’s forcible pull.”

Why was there a red magic tower right next to the gold magic tower? Scarlett grumbled.

“In the first place, no other magic tower owners came besides us, right? Well, I guess I was worried about possible danger. I am the same. You may have to get dragged in, but if your life is in danger. “I will run away without hesitation.”

I also took out insurance for him. Scarlett thought of Lee Sung-min and Baek So-go.

They made it known through the bracelets they were wearing… … Will they come on time?

Scarlett was a little skeptical about that idea. The area is wide. If they are far from Deven, it will be difficult to keep track of time.

“You’re running away! Even though you did that, the Red Magic Tower… … .”

“Hey, little wizard. I’m sorry, but myself is more important to me than the title of Mage Tower Lord. And what are we, colleagues? In the first place, a guild is all about getting together people with the same purpose and making a profit. Why are you forcing me to die for the guild?”

Scarlett shot back in a bitter tone. Those words left the young wizard speechless.

“Don’t say that too much. “I feel sorry for forcing you to come here even though you said you didn’t want to.”

“Don’t be a dick. It’s too bad to be sorry… … .”

“… … Huh. I’m not forcing you to risk your life. If it becomes a dangerous situation… … .”

“That’s Okay. Because I will move to live on my own. “Kim Jonghyun, you bastard, why did you make me come?”

Scarlett made a grumbling noise and looked down at the bracelet on her wrist.

It’s a promise I made several years ago. If he finds himself in a dangerous situation, come to his aid.

Scarlett was promised it by Baek So-go and Lee Seong-min, who had trained together on Mt. Shi’s Mountain, and gave them bracelets identical to hers.

If Scarlett sends a signal, no matter where they are in the world, they will be able to locate Scarlett and come to their aid.

‘But the world is big.’

Scarlett chewed her lower lip. I don’t even know where Baeksogo is. But I know Lee Seong-min’s location.

Haras… … It is a long way away from here. Even if we leave now, it will take several months to reach Hedor.


Lloyd’s eyebrows twitched. He pressed his fingertips to his ears. Lloyd, who was listening to the magic communication voice in his ear, said with a relieved expression.

“They said the Murim Alliance would also send personnel. Since the Moyong family is not far from here, it seems that the warriors of the Moyong family and the support troops of the Murim Alliance are arriving.”

“Giggle! Just to catch one warlock, there’s a magic corps, a magic tower lord, and warriors from the Murim Alliance? “With this many troops, we could at least kill a dragon.”

The green magic tower lord said with a smile.

Although it was meant as a joke, it was undoubtedly true that it was a large number of troops to deal with a single warlock, regardless of whether or not they could really kill the dragon.

“The Demon King of the North. “I heard it’s called that.”

The White Magic Tower lord muttered.

“It’s worth it. Do you know how many people he killed in one week? “Seven villages were annihilated by his hands.”

The green magic tower lord grinned.

“I don’t know if their deaths were related to the grimoire’s magic, but Kim Jong-hyun… … “I don’t know what he’s thinking, but it’s too extreme.”

“Besides, this area is the Vampire Queen’s territory.”

Even the green magic tower lord who was flirting with those words erased his smile.

In fact, for them, the Vampire Queen, a monster among monsters who had lived for hundreds of years, was more fearful than Kim Jong-hyun, who wiped out seven villages in one week.

“… … “The vampire queen is in Travia.”

“I guess so. But shouldn’t the entire North actually be considered to be within her influence? Even though Kim Jong-hyun committed a massacre in the North, the Vampire Queen remained silent… … “I guess we have to see that there is something between the Vampire Queen and Kim Jong-hyun.”

“You mean Kim Jong-hyun joined Predator?”

“Maybe he became a lich without us knowing.”

There is a possibility that Kim Jong-hyun may have become Rich.

It silenced the wizards gathered here. This was because the lich was an undead with great power, but that was not the only reason.

Being a lich means being an outsider. That means the conditions to become a Predator have been met.

“… … “What should I do if the Vampire Queen intervenes?”

“I have to run away.”

Scarlett answered as if it was nothing to think about.

“Vampire Queen Jennyella is a monster among monsters who has lived for hundreds of years. Moreover, there are many powerful vampires under her command. I have no desire to die. In fact, I want to get out of this ridiculous human hunting right now.”

“Quinn won’t intervene.”

The White Magic Tower lord opened his mouth with a pale face.

“Although they are grouped together as Predators, they are alien monsters. “We won’t have any loyalty to each other.”

“But that doesn’t mean they’re hostile. “Because Queen condoned the massacre committed by Kim Jong-hyun in Queen’s territory.”

“Maybe they are simply not interested.”

Lloyd pressed his temples while listening to the White Magic Tower Lord’s words. After a moment of silence, Lloyd spoke up.

“You must be connected to the church, right? “I don’t know, so could you ask for help from the Holy Knights and priests?”

“yes? that… … .”

“The opponent may be undead, so if they help, it might make things easier.”

“Okay… … Yes. “Let’s try adding Cheong.”

The White Magic Tower lord nodded with an uncertain expression.

The military is increasing. Scarlett sighed and rested her chin on his hand.

‘If you come to the Murim Alliance… … ‘You can’t even ask for help.’

Scarlett also knows the rumor. I know that Baek So-go left the Murim Alliance, and I also know that Lee Seong-min became the successor to Sima Lianju.

Even so, Baek So-go could no longer ask Lee Seong-min for help.

In fact, Scarlett did not completely believe the story that Lee Seong-min killed Mo Yong Seo-jin and Zhuge Taeryeong.

If that’s the case, there must be something going on. However, even if there were circumstances, it was no longer possible to call Lee Seong-min since the warriors of the Moyong family were to come as reinforcements.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Scarlett sighed and ruffled her hair. Because he did not want to put Lee Sung-min in danger for his own safety, Scarlett pretended not to notice the bracelet on his wrist.


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