Worthless Regression Chapter 221

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[223] Wijihoyeon (5)


Contrary to what Lee Seong-min had worried, Sima Lianju did not pat Lee Seong-min’s buttocks. He answered while maintaining his serious attitude.

“Or you could say I’m a collaborator.”


“We are all cooperating with each other. “I made a promise to Osla a long time ago, and in return for fulfilling that promise, Osla agreed to cooperate with me until the promise was fulfilled.”

As Sima Lianju said that, he raised his finger and pointed to the ghost mask that Lee Seong-min was holding.

“Making masks is also part of Osla’s cooperation. It’s a mask that even the Grand Wizard can’t create, but it’s not that difficult for the Fairy Queen. “Human power is meaningless to beings of a higher rank.”

“What on earth did the Fairy Queen promise to Master?”

“I can’t tell you about that. It’s not because I don’t trust you. “It’s just that this promise comes with a condition that I will risk my life to keep silent.”

Sima Lianju shrugged his shoulders as he said that.

“It seems like you have quite a few questions. Are your questions your own? Or is it from the great youkai attached to you?”

[That’s a sharp question.]

“It’s both.”

Heoju muttered, and Lee Seongmin answered. Lee Seong-min was also curious about the relationship between Osla and Samaryeonju.

“Heoju said that he had heard of the Fairy Forest even when he was alive, but did not know its exact location.”

“I guess so. This is a secret and mysterious place. The reason why I was able to come here… … hmm. “I can’t say it was a coincidence.”

“Then what is it?”

“I was told to go here, not by Osla, but by a being beyond human. “It was a long time ago.”

“lang syne… … ?”

“This position has been around for a long time. About a hundred years ago, I learned of the existence of this forest and came here. And even when the monster called Heoju who was attached to you was alive, I was still alive.”

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be surprised by those words. If Sima Lianzhu’s words were true, he had already lived for a long time of 300 years even though he was a human. Sima Lianju burst out laughing at Lee Seong-min’s surprise.

“Why are you so surprised? If you are an expert of this level, human lifespan is already meaningless. Even so, when the great youkai met his death, I was less than ten years old. And not only Ijwa, but also the shaman Geomseon and Cheon Oecheon’s martial artist lived a similar period of time. Well, that’s not the point. “It was the dragon who told me to go to the fairy forest and meet Osla.”


Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be even more surprised at those words than before.

As far as Lee Seong-min knows, dragons have not been seen in the world for 300 years.

However, Sima Lianju is saying that he heard about the fairy forest from a dragon a hundred years ago, at a time when dragons did not appear in the world.

“Why did they come to me, why did it have to be me? This committee is not aware of such things. The dragon suddenly came and asked me to go to the forest and meet the fairy. He had no particular reason to refuse, and I also found the mysterious being called a fairy quite interesting. That’s it. I came here thanks to the dragon and met Osla. Osla was not alert to the main site. “It seems like it was discussed in advance.”

Sima Lianju muttered that and slowly looked around.

“I liked this forest. Fairies don’t lie. There is no malice in their pranks. It’s different from humans. So, I lived in this forest as a hermit for a hundred years. “When I had to show myself to the world, I received help from Osla.”

“… … “Was it the queen’s help that appeared in front of Amzon?”

“yes. What she uses is a mystery far beyond her magic. Through Osla’s help, the main throne was able to appear in a space other than here when necessary while in the fairy forest. Even so, it is an alter ego and cannot produce satisfactory power. That’s enough. “The power and weight of name that I have accumulated throughout my life are enough to make most people back down just by looking at me.”

It’s as they say. Amzon had been afraid of Sima Lianju from the moment he appeared in front of him.

Even Amjon, an expert in the Transcendental Realm, was frightened by Sima Lianju’s appearance, so it goes without saying that those who were worse than him.

“Osla helped me with many other things. It was also with Osla’s help that I was able to connect the head of Rubes’ Samalyeon branch with my spirit. That’s very comfortable. There is no need to move the main seat yourself. “Because while my main seat is here, I can completely control Sima-ryan.”

Sima Lianzhu laughed and put his hand inside his sleeve again.

“Osla seems to be quite fond of you. To be honest, I don’t know why she likes you. However, know that it is great luck. “I don’t know how far her favor will allow you.”

Saying that, what Sima Lianju took out was a new martial arts book.

When I received what I threw and checked, it was Muyeongtalhon that I had learned from Baek Sogo.

“It was more fun to change the method of walking rather than to change the method.”

Sima Lianju said with a grin.

“As I said, my black sword is a martial art that pursues extreme pleasure. So he suited this step quite well.”

Lee Seong-min unfolded the military book of Muyeongtalmoon. Originally, Muyeongtalhon consisted of a total of five steps.

One step to the end, one step to the end of the day, two steps to the death, three steps to the death, four steps to the frenzy. Heukreobuncheon was added to the five steps.

That wasn’t all. After the last step, Sabo Frenzy, two more steps were added.

One of them was the confidence in the gale of the black thunderstorm that Sima Lianju often showed.

Sima Lianzhu grinned as he watched Li Seongmin stare at the fate of the wind storm trust.

“Of all the martial arts here, did you think that was the best?”


Seongmin Lee answered honestly. He had never seen all of the martial arts of the Four Masters, but he could not help but be amazed every time he saw the wind blow trust that he had seen the most.

It is of a different class from something like Lee Hyeong-hwan-wi. It is a gale of trust that hides itself in the space itself and reveals itself in another space. Martial arts at that level could no longer be called martial arts.

“In order to satisfactorily unfold the gale of faith, one must have a deep understanding of the mind of transcendence. “The level of difficulty is different from the inspection, which was simply a repetitive process.”

“I know.”

“What would you do if you just knew? I should try it. and… … .”

Sima Lianju raised his hand and pointed to the mask Li Seong-min was holding.

“You don’t have to wear a mask when practicing martial arts. “Other than that, please continue to wear your mask.”

“All right.”

Although internal power and spiritual power will be controlled, it is said that it is okay to take off the mask while practicing martial arts, so there will be no problem in practicing.

If the magical power of the dragon heart sleeping inside the body could be awakened just by wearing a mask without being conscious of it, then it was just as Lee Seong-min had hoped.

The form of practice has changed. Lee Seong-min returned to Wijihoyeon’s hut and devoted himself to the practice of Muyeongtalhon with the addition of Black Lightning.

As Sima-ryeonju warned, the practice of Muyeongtalhon was incomparably difficult to the practice of Byeongeom.

Even with Lee Seong-min’s talent, which was better than before, it was impossible to perform the modified version of Muyeongtalhon in a satisfactory manner.

I didn’t despair about it. It was because I knew full well that I was lacking.

I have already despaired of such things countless times, and I have acknowledged it.

Even though they were practicing different things, it made Lee Seong-min happy to be practicing in the same space as Wijihoyeon.

After the Muyeongtalhon, he received the military service of Gucheonmugeukchang with the addition of Black Lightning.

Gucheonmugeukchang also had a significant modification from the previous herbal diet. With that, Seongmin Lee learned everything from Master Sima Lian.



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Jahaengong, Muyeongtalhon, and Gucheonmugeukchang. Except for Gwangcheonma’s blood-hwanshinma-gong, the three martial arts contain everything of Black Lightning-Buncheon.

“It’s a year.”

While handing over the nine heavenly martial arts spear, Sima Lianzhu said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s later, but setting a deadline will help you work harder.”

“Are you leaving this forest in a year?”

“You alone. I do not go out into the forest. “Because there’s no need to go out.”

“alone… … “Where are you going?”


Sima Lianzhu answered immediately.

“You have become my disciple, and I have taught you the Black Lightning Heaven and all of my thoughts. “After one year, you must visit Sima Lian and inform him that you have become my disciple, and have him officially recognized as my successor.”

At those words, Lee Seong-min’s expression became stern. It is said that he became a disciple of Sabeibju, but no one knows about that fact except Sabeibju and Wiji Hoyeon.

While Lee Seong-min was living in the forest, he was constantly receiving information from the outside world through Erebrisa.

I learned a lot. It is said that Baek Sogo entered the mountain of Mushi and has not yet appeared in the world.

Scarlett, the owner of the Red Magic Tower, is doing well in Rubes.

Namgung Hee-won, who left the Namgung family, is resisting pursuit and heading toward the Murim Alliance.

What bothered him the most was the rumors about him and his ghost. There were not many rumors going around about Ghost Chang’s actions, as if posing as a C-class mercenary was effective.

However, if Lee Seong-min heads to Sima-ryeon. A lot of things will change.

It will also be known that Guichang, who had not been seen for a while, became a disciple of Sima Lianju. If that happens, there may be a direct conflict with the Murim Alliance.

“What if the Murim League pursues me?”

“You should take care of that. I have given you the background of Sima-ryeon. “Wouldn’t you also have to do something similar to make that background yours?”

“Are you telling me to fight the Murim Alliance alone?”

“You should think about it and decide for yourself. I will tell the story to the Samarien side. It probably won’t be an easy journey. and… … “I don’t think it will be a big problem.”

Sima Lianju chuckled.

“Weren’t you planning on leaving this forest with Socheonma?”

Seongmin Lee slowly nodded his head.

I had no intention of remaining in this forest with Wijihoyeon forever. When the time comes, the two of us will leave this forest together.

Wi Ji-ho-yeon didn’t seem to have any intention of joining Sima-ryeon, but he had already agreed to leaving the forest with Lee Seong-min.

“I set the deadline for one year, but if I don’t find your skills satisfactory, I don’t plan on letting you go.”

“What level does it take for Master to be satisfied?”

“It has to be at a level where you don’t die from getting hit somewhere.”

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but wonder what kind of expression he should make at Sima Lianju’s words. Although he is treated like a child, Lee Seong-min is also a master who has reached the level of transcendence.

But I couldn’t just be dissatisfied. Since he became an enemy of Cheon Oecheon and the Murim Alliance, he had to be equipped with a force that would not kill them.

“All right.”

In the end, Lee Seong-min bowed his head deeply and answered. one year. My goal is to leave this forest in a year.

Thinking about that time, something suddenly occurred to Seongmin Lee.

‘… … ‘A year later.’

It’s slowly getting closer.

In his previous life, Seongmin Lee died at the age of 27. Lee Seong-min is now 25 years old, and if he leaves this forest in a year, he will be 26 years old.

‘That dungeon.’

It all started from there.

27 years old, when I was a C-class mercenary. A dungeon I discovered by chance. I remember the location of the dungeon exactly. He even remembers what day it was. He couldn’t help but remember.

Because it was the day he died.

‘I need to go sometime.’

I remember the words I heard at the moment of death. From now on, he cannot use the Stone of Past Life.

Even if you find the past life stone in this dungeon, you will not be able to go back to the past when you die.

Although he knew that, Seongmin Lee still planned to go to that dungeon.

Because that’s where it all started.


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