Worthless Regression Chapter 219

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[221] Wijihoyeon (3)

When I opened my eyes, Wijihoyeon was not by my side. Seongmin Lee raised his body by pressing his messy hair with his hand.

I remembered what happened last night and felt embarrassed. It wasn’t his first time mixing bodies with a woman, but it was his first time in this life.

Besides, wasn’t he embracing a prostitute just to satisfy his desires?

Wijihoyeon’s living quarters was closer to a hut than a house, but the bedding on the floor was so soft and fluffy that it was not suitable for a hut and was of high quality.

There were still clear blood stains on the blanket. Looking at the blood stains, Seongmin Lee felt complicated feelings.

I was wondering if it was okay for me to have her first time.

[You’re thinking all sorts of idiotic thoughts.]

Heoju made a grumbling sound. But there was no irritation in that voice. Rather, Heoju spoke with a happy expression.

[so. Was it good?]

‘shut up.’

Lee Seong-min was dumbfounded that such a dirty question was asked with a happy expression.

That’s why Lee Seong-min told him to shut up, but Heo Joo persisted. Since he didn’t say a word or show any sign of what happened last night, he poured out all the questions he had accumulated.

[It was good, right? huh? But the way you move is a bit pathetic. It’s not good for you to move like that. Since ancient times, waist… … .]

‘Oh, I told you to shut up.’

I wanted to cover my ears, but I could still hear Heoju’s giggling voice.

Seongmin Lee put on his clothes and stood up. Even though he warned that he would be thrown into a poop bin, Heoju did not stop.

As Heo Joo poured out questions and admonished me one after another, I could feel his firm determination to say everything he wanted to say, even if it meant getting into trouble.

“Woke up?”

Maybe he left?

I was a little worried about that. But Wijihoyeon was outside the hut. Wiji Ho-yeon was standing outside the hut. She was wearing simple military uniform, not the women’s clothing she had worn the night before.

Seongmin Lee sighed in relief as he saw Wijihoyeon standing there with a calm expression on his face.

“Why were you here?”

“I woke up early. And I think it would be a little, no, very embarrassing to wake up and see you naked in there.”

Wijihoyeon smiled slightly and answered. Lee Seong-min was nervous and avoided Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s gaze.

I never thought Wijihoyeon would talk about shame.

No, if you think about it, it’s natural. What happened that night was a series of firsts that Wijihoyeon had never experienced before.

“that is… … uh… … are you okay?”

“No, it’s not okay.”

Wijihoyeon frowned and answered Lee Seongmin’s question.

“Maybe because it was my first time, it was very different from what I thought. It may be embarrassing, but it was my first time doing something like that. “I’ve never done it alone.”

Wijihoyeon slightly spread her legs as if she felt inconvenienced.

“I haven’t heard many stories like this. “I received basic education from the Demonic Cult when I was young, but all I knew was theory.”

“that… … “I see.”

What kind of theoretical education did you receive? Seongmin Lee was curious about that, but did not ask.

“I was disappointed because it was different from what I expected. The pain was stronger than the pleasure. I am used to pain, but the pain I experienced at night was different in many ways from the pain I had experienced before. Especially… … What should I say? “I couldn’t accept the situation where I was suffering one-sidedly.”

“okay… … .”

“I felt it was a little unfair. “Why do I have to be the only one who hurts?”

There was absolutely nothing I could say to reply to that. As Lee Seong-min kept his mouth shut, not knowing what to do, Wiji Hoyeon narrowed his eyes and glanced at Lee Seong-min.

“You weren’t sick, right?”

“uh… … “It didn’t hurt.”

“So it’s unfair. I wonder why I am the only one who has to suffer. “If I do it next time, I’ll have to hurt you every time I get sick.”

At those words, Heo Joo burst out laughing in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[They say it hurts because you can’t do it. So, follow this old man’s words and practice day and night to avoid getting sick.]

‘How on earth are you supposed to practice?’

[There are various methods. The best thing to do is practice, but there is nothing to practice on here… … I guess you have no choice but to do waist exercises on your own.]

‘It’s so crazy… … .’

Although he answered like that, Lee Seong-min was listening to Heo-ju’s words seriously in his own way. In the meantime, Wijihoyeon opened and closed his legs a few times and spoke to Lee Seong-min.

“I plan to practice my martial arts skills. “What do you plan to do?”

“me? me too… … “I have to practice.”

Seongmin Lee answered with a feeling of trembling. Something like that happened just the day before, and Wijihoyeon’s reaction didn’t seem to be much different from usual.

Although he said he came out first because he was embarrassed, it felt strange because he only said that and his attitude did not change.

[I guess it’s because I’m embarrassed. Or was it because of pride? In the end, Socheonma is a heavenly warrior. If Socheonma the day before was a woman other than Socheonma, then she is not now. Wouldn’t she be better off that way? She is usually a single-minded warrior, but she is a shy girl at night. This is a woman who is a waste of money for you.]

Heoju chuckled and said.

[You also need to make up your mind. You probably know very well that your talent is inferior to that of Socheonma. If Socheonma makes up his mind and starts practicing, in the eyes of this old man, he will surpass the four levels in less than half a year. You don’t want to be in the position of chasing after Socheonma again, right?]


I made up my mind about that the day before. I didn’t want to chase after Wijihoyeon anymore.

She was still Lee Seong-min’s goal, his admiration, and his ideal. But she didn’t want to just stare at it from a distance that was out of her reach.

We barely managed to stand in the same spot. No, to be exact, a little ahead of the same spot. She had no intention of continuing her desire to be ahead of Weezy Hoenn, but

I didn’t want to fall behind. Seongmin Lee sat cross-legged. A gift received from Master Sima Lian.

The moment when you are about to start operating him in earnest. Sima Lianju’s voice came from Lee Seong-min’s head.

[Come to where the main seat is.]

It was a one-sided statement. He wanted to reply with a full voice, but he could not sense the presence of Sa Beol-ju. In the end, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to sit down and get up again.

“What’s going on?”

Wijihoyeon, who was frowning with flowers of strength blooming around him, asked Seongmin Lee. It seemed that she, too, did not sense the presence of her private interest.

“Master called me.”

“Please come back.”



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Wijihoyeon said. When Lee Seong-min was told to come back, he burst out laughing without realizing it. Seongmin Lee turned and left near Wijihoyeon’s hut.

I don’t know where Sima Lianju is, but I was planning to go to Sima Lianju’s cabin first.

As expected, Sima Lianju was standing in front of the hut.

Sima Lianju, who was standing awkwardly among the chatty fairies, pushed away the fairies when Lee Seong-min approached and stood with his back to him.

This time he was wearing a new mask.

“What’s going on?”

“Did you do it with Socheonma?”

As soon as we spoke, Sima Lianzhu immediately asked about it. Lee Seong-min was left speechless by that sudden question.

When Lee Seong-min hesitated, unable to say anything, Sima Lianju snorted and said.

“I guess I did. It looks like he used a trick to block out the sound and worked hard, but he can’t fool the audience. Moreover, all the fairies in this forest know that you and Socheonma kissed.”

“… … “Well, that could be the case.”

“It’s a shame. “Thanks to what you did with Socheonma, one of your possibilities has disappeared.”

Sima Lianzhu grumbled and moved his feet and kicked the ground. It seemed like he felt really regretful.

“Possibility? what do you mean?”


Sima Lianzhu answered. Heo Joo burst out laughing in Lee Seong-min’s head.

“When I looked at your body, I was surprised… … I found out that you were a virgin at that age. “If you think about it as a man, it’s a bit pathetic, but for a martial artist, virginity opens up the possibility of becoming a great martial artist called Dongjagong.”

“No what… … Dongjagong… … .”

“Don’t look down on your child. Although it is very difficult to maintain virginity throughout one’s life, it is very effective if learned. There is no conflict with other martial arts. I tried to replace your lacking qualities with Dongjagong, but… … hmm. Since you mixed yourself with Socheonma, that’s no longer possible.”

[hey. It is now. Ask.]

‘What are you asking me?’

[Ask whether that guy has learned the pupil or not.]

Heoju made a fuss and pressed the question. In fact, Lee Seong-min, listening to what Sima Lianju said just now, wondered if Sima Lienju had learned Dongjagong.

“Master, have you also learned Dongjagong?”

“What do you mean?”

Sima Lianju laughed in response to Lee Seong-min’s question.

“I have lived for a very long time, but the question you asked is just as much bullshit as any of the many things I have heard in my life. Have you learned Dongjagong? “Are you crazy?”

“Are you saying you haven’t cooked it?”

“Of course I didn’t learn it. I didn’t even feel the need to learn it. “I don’t have a very strong sexual desire, but when I was young, I really liked having fun.”

[Am I getting old and not standing up?]

“Are you not going to stop?”

“What a crazy guy.”

Lee Seong-min unknowingly spat out what Heo Ju muttered, and Sima Lianju’s voice became cold.


In front of Lee Seong-min, the Sima Lianju disappeared in a flash of black electricity. Lee Seong-min instinctively knew what was going to happen and tried to react quickly, but it was faster for Sima Lianju to catch Lee Seong-min’s back with a flurry of confidence than for Lee Seong-min to move.


Lee Seong-min’s body flew into the sky with a loud sound. This time, he groaned while holding his sore buttocks.

“I don’t have a taste for sodomy, so it’s a pity that I can’t show you how well-made and excellent my things are.”

“Why your ass again…” … !”

“Be thankful that you got a slap in the face when you said something that wasn’t right for your teacher.”

Sima Lianju spoke in a solemn voice, and Heo Ju laughed like crazy in Lee Seongmin’s head.

“I noticed, but I called you to ask if you were really with Socheonma. If you did it, you won’t be able to do it. “I’ll have to think of another way.”

“What if there was another way?”

“Actually, there are many ways. only… … It’s just a bit like that. Just like Dongjagong, you have to give up something in order to gain unreasonable power and efficiency.”

“What are you telling me to give up?”

“Do you know the martial art of silicification conservation?”

“What is that again?”

“To put it simply, you are giving up your masculinity. If you learn silicification, your penis will dry out, become distorted, and eventually fall off. “You have to live your whole life as neither a man nor a woman, but instead you can replace not only your strong martial arts skills but also your lacking qualities.”

“I don’t like it.”

“I thought so.”

[Isn’t that kid also familiar with silicification conservation?]

This time, Heo Joo subtly urged the question. But before Seongmin Lee could ask, Sima Lianju answered on his own.

“I am not familiar with silicification conservation, so please do not ask unnecessary questions.”

“I didn’t even think to ask.”


Sima Lianzhu grumbled and put his hands into his wide sleeves. What he took out were five masks.

“Do you know the prosecution?”

“I do not know.”

“To put it simply, it means changing masks quickly. like this.”

Sima Lianju moves his hands. With a whooshing sound, the mask Sima Lianzhu was wearing changed. Seongmin Lee narrowed his eyes and watched him. He was fast beyond recognition.

“What we value in martial arts is speed. If you have enough speed, there is no need to apply force. “Heukreobeoncheon in this article is also a martial art that pursues extreme speed.”

Lee Seong-min also felt that. The Jahashin attack with the addition of the Black Lightning Blade is so fast that it cannot even be compared to the previous Jahahan attack.

As the speed at which internal energy and magical power are generated in the dantian has increased, the speed at which strong energy is generated has also increased, and the speed of the body with the added power of internal energy and magical energy has also increased.

“These five masks will forcibly control your inner energy and magical power. “You should practice changing these five masks.”

“To what extent?”

“Until this committee is satisfied. It won’t be easy. This is because I also entered the transcendental realm and practiced this through the transformation when I created the Black Lightning Beoncheon. I’ve thought about other ways to practice, but looking at your talent… … I think it would be difficult to practice too deeply. “I thought repetitive practice was the answer.”

Sima Lianzhu threw five masks. Seongmin Lee asked as he received the mask.

“Master, is wearing a mask a practice as well?”

“Half right and half wrong. This mask completely blocks the presence of the main body and suppresses the inner power of the main body. That’s the practice, the other half. It’s simply my preference. As I said to Socheonma, doesn’t he look quite mysterious when he’s wearing a mask? There are many masks you can wear, so you can choose one depending on your mood. Fairies also like it.”

Sima Lianju said proudly. Aside from the half that is simple taste, the other half is part of practice.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be surprised by those words. This was because even though he was wearing a mask that suppressed his inner strength, he was unable to catch the movements of Sa-beob-ju.

“The best speed is not achieved by just pouring in your energy recklessly. “Aim to create satisfactory movements with less energy.”

As Sima Lianju said that, he took a step back.

“And I won’t stop you from doing it with Socheonma. Take action. “What will the fairies think when they see this?”

“… … yes.”

Seongmin Lee nodded his head calmly. After watching it with satisfaction, Sima Lianzhu disappeared from Li Seongmin’s eyes with a flurry of trust.


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