Worthless Regression Chapter 216

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[218] Sima Lianju (3)


Lee Seong-min was a little taken aback by Heo Joo’s question because he never thought he would be asked what he wanted to do with Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

Heo Joo clicked his tongue as if he had expected Lee Seong-min to react that way.

[Through the previous dance, you have come to stand on equal footing with the Socheonma girl. Isn’t that what you desperately wanted?]

“… … Right… … ji.”

[Is this something you have never thought about? Don’t say no. This old man is spiritually connected to you. I may not know your deep subconscious, but some of the emotions that surface when you think of Socheonma are passed on to this old man.]

Seongmin Lee kept his mouth shut. Heo Joo ignored Lee Seong-min’s silence and continued his speech.

[You say Socheonma is your friend, but… … This old man’s feelings are a little different. Socheonma is in a position that you cannot reach, and must never be touched. It was that kind of existence. is not it?]

It was something that couldn’t be denied. That’s why Sima Lianju rebelled against Wijihoyeon’s words that he was weak, and even though he won the battle with Wijihoyeon, he did not feel much joy.

[Your feelings are contradictory. I sincerely hope you can defeat Socheonma, but at the same time, you hope you can’t. No, I don’t want Socheonma to stagnate to the point where she is equal to me.]

“… … so?”

[Even if you didn’t want it, you are now on an equal footing with the Socheonma girl. This means that the relationship has no choice but to change.]

“It doesn’t change.”

[no. It will change. Socheonma probably thinks so too.]

“Don’t say anything weird.”

[Are you seriously thinking that?]

Heoju chuckles. It was a laugh I didn’t want to hear.

Lee Seong-min turned away, ignoring Heo Joo. Since I would have to stay in this forest from now on, I wanted to find a place to live.

[When you think of Socheonma. That feeling… … I think it’s closer to affection than friendship.]


[If you deny it so sharply, it sounds like you are stabbing yourself.]

I couldn’t bear it anymore. Seongmin Lee decided to find the poop bucket.

I don’t know if fairies poop too, but if I didn’t have a poop bucket, I thought I would make it myself and soak the barding infused with Heoju.


Heo Joo immediately apologized.

After his meeting with Wijihoyeon, Lee Seong-min wandered into the forest several times to visit Wijihoyeon.

But no matter how much I searched the forest, I couldn’t find Wijihoyeon.

It was undoubtedly true that Wijihoyeon never left the forest. This is because the fairies, whom I had met over the past few days, whispered to me.

[I guess I don’t want to meet you.]

Heoju said while giggling, and Lee Seongmin thought of a poop bucket. Then Heoju quietly shut his mouth.

A week of not being able to meet Wijihoyeon. Lee Seong-min recreated the dance with Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

There was still little sense of victory and joy. However, during the restoration process. Lee Seong-min had no choice but to admit a certain fact.

‘I could have won more easily.’

If only I had used buff magic and magical powers from the beginning, no, regardless. If only I had used all the martial arts I could use. I could have won a little easier.

The Gucheon Mugeukchang that Lee Seong-min used in his dance with Wijihoyeon was only used up to the Chilchoin Gwancheon.

It would have been easier if I had used the remaining eight seconds and the last five seconds, the nine seconds… … We could have won quickly.

But I had no regrets. It shouldn’t have been done. If he had used Palcho and Gucho, he might have killed Wijihoyeon.

Or did he inflict fatal injuries equivalent to death? Since it was a fight that didn’t cause much harm to each other, I didn’t want to regret not using eight seconds and nine seconds.

“Are you doing some meditation?”


An electric current flashed behind his back, and Sima Lianzhu’s voice was heard.

Sima Lianju, who appeared with the confidence of the storm of the black thunderstorm, stood behind Lee Seong-min with his back.

“Are you here?”

Seongmin Lee got up from his sitting position. This time, Sima Lianzhu was covering his face with a mask. I couldn’t tell what shape it was, but it was a colorful mask.

“I found out while watching your martial arts skills.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth.

“I’m telling you that you are stronger than I think. “If you had fought to kill him from the beginning, you could have easily killed Socheonma.”

“You shouldn’t have killed him.”

“that’s right. It’s harder to subdue than to kill. I don’t mean to blame. “It was actually fun.”

A laughing sound was heard from inside the mask.

“You are my first disciple, but I really like you.”

First of all, Sima Lianzhu said that.

“That is why I plan to do my best to guide you. “If you are the only disciple of this demon emperor, Yang Il-cheon, you must have the skills to do so.”

“… … As you know, Master, my talent is not that great. “Even if Master guides me to the best of his ability, I am worried whether I will be able to follow him.”


Sima Lianzhu answered immediately.

“Because I know that your talent is lacking.”

“and… … .”

Lee Seong-min looked at Sima Lianju with a shocked expression. It was because of the worries he had been having for a week.

“I am… … I’m still not sure. Is it okay to learn other martial arts now? “I don’t have the confidence to use it well.”

“You’re talking stupid.”

Although Lee Seong-min had put a lot of thought into his words, Sima Lianju only chuckled. At that laugh, Seongmin Lee rolled his eyes at Sima Lianju and let out a sigh.

“Just because you learn good martial arts doesn’t mean you’ll become stronger than you are now, right? It’s better to wear clothes that fit now than to wear clothes that don’t fit… … .”

“That’s it.”

Sima Lianju suddenly interrupted Lee Seong-min and came in.

“The martial arts you used before are like children’s clothes.”



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“… … yes?”

“The state of transcendence is completely outside of the martial arts that you previously knew, the group, and all common sense. The martial arts you used previously. “Gucheonmugeukchang, Jahaingong, Muyeongtalhon, and Blood Hwanshinmagong are martial arts created without assuming the state of transcendence.”

“What on earth is that…?” … .”

“It means that those martial arts skills alone cannot completely contain the group of transcendental realms.”

Sima Lianju chuckled.

“Consider yourself lucky, disciple. In most cases, martial arts containing transcendental techniques are created by martial artists who have reached the transcendental level over a long period of time. but… … .”

Sima Lianzhu paused for a moment and looked Li Shengmin up and down.

“… … “With your understanding, it would take hundreds of years to create the martial arts of Choi Sang-seung, which contain the transcendental state of mind.”

I couldn’t say anything because it was something I couldn’t refute. Sima Lianzhu continued to speak to Lee Seong-min, who quietly kept his mouth shut.

“That’s why you need to mend your clothes. “It’s too small for you to wear right now, just enough to fit.”

Sima Lianzhu put his hand into his arms. What he took out was a thick book, and on the cover was written ‘Jashin-gong’.

“First, learn the law of mind. The main character’s heart was added to the existing Jaha Gong, and Heukreobeoncheon’s Gugyeol was also added. “It may be quite difficult, but it is something you must learn, so try to learn it with less sleep.”

Lee Seong-min received a new gift thrown by Sima Lianju. Then he asked a question that suddenly occurred to him.

“Is the transcendental state of mind really that great?”

“Have you entered the realm of transcendence yourself and yet do not know Him?”

“… … I know it’s difficult. “I never felt too much trouble unfolding it.”

“I guess that’s because it only scratches the surface. If you don’t understand, think about the newly created martial arts that Socheonma performed in the match with you. Why did such a great genius bother to create a new martial art?”

Sima Lianzhu was still holding his back.

Although he was wearing a funny mask, Sima Lianju, speaking about martial arts, seemed more imposing and greater than anyone Lee Seong-min had ever seen.

“Martial arts is the study of using the body efficiently, and by accepting and using energy, one can go far beyond the limits of the body. However, entering the realm of transcendence means leaving one’s own body and intervening in the space that contains it. “At that point, martial arts is no longer martial arts.”

Seongmin Lee nodded his head with a blank expression. What Sima Lianju was talking about was a group that could be said to be the foundation of the basics of entering martial arts.

“It’s hard to understand… … okay. Think of a tail. Or wings. Man does not have a tail or wings, but the mind of the transcendental realm is like wings or a tail. So it is difficult to use it properly. “He didn’t have wings or a tail, and all of a sudden he had one.”

As Sima Lianju said that, he raised his hand and pointed to the Jashingong held in Lee Seongmin’s hand.

“So you have to learn something new. Don’t rebel, just get used to it. maybe… … There will be no need for my help in learning the martial arts. You too have entered the realm of transcendence, and there will be a view of martial arts that you have established for yourself as you reach that stage. Besides, since you are from another world, learning martial arts itself will not be very difficult.”


“So, rather than saying anything else, learn and practice the mind method properly. Because other martial artists haven’t even been able to repair the main seat yet. First, practice the most basic mental techniques, and when you reach a certain level, I will give you other martial arts skills.”

As Sima Lianju said that, he disappeared through the wind of wind. This time, she just spit out everything she wanted to say and disappeared.

However, Lee Seong-min did not feel dissatisfied with Sima Lianju. He sat down again and performed his work with a serious expression.


After spending a long time reading his work to the end, Lee Seong-min sighed.

As I read a new work by myself, I realized that not all transcendental realms are the same.

Learning it itself would not be difficult through the correction of an alien, but it seemed like it would take a great deal of effort to become proficient enough to use it rather than simply learn it.

[Would you like to learn your own skills?]

After answering that voice, Seongmin Lee immediately shifted into lotus position. Then he began to use the new Zaha Shingong. The inner power and spirit power of the dantian twitches and reacts.

The Jashingong that Simalyeonju modified was to add a new gyeol to the existing gyeol, and when he practiced the inner gong accordingly, there was an immediate response.


Seongmin Lee heard such a sound inside his body.

The speed of the internal energy and spirit power flowing through the energy and blood is incomparably faster than before.

In an instant, the great heaven was accomplished, and Lee Seong-min let out an exclamation without realizing it.

Lee Seong-min felt that simply sitting cross-legged and doing Daejucheon was not enough, so Lee Seong-min hurriedly tried to stand up.


A self-defense device was created in an instant. The self-defense equipment that wrapped around his entire body was the purple color of a self-made sword, but around it, an electric current was flowing due to the formation of a black thunderbolt.

Lee Seong-min picked up the spear he had put down and held it with both hands.

I think it will infuse strength. In an instant, thick strong air enveloped the window.

It was much faster than before, and just because it was fast didn’t mean it was loose.

The newly learned Jashin technique made Lee Seong-min’s heart pound.

Even though it is a modified version of the existing Jashingong, this is my first time using it and I am excited to see what the future holds since there is such a visible change.

Until nightfall, Lee Seong-min prayed about his own merits.

Although he could not achieve much by only selling out for one day, Lee Seong-min did not plan on being impatient right now.

Last time, I heard something unknown from Osla, and I had the thought that maybe I was the apostle of the apocalypse.

As Heo Joo said, Lee Seong-min planned to focus on what he had to do right now rather than thinking about the distant future.

“That martial arts skill.”

When I finished my fortune-telling breakfast and was about to get up. Seongmin Lee heard Wijihoyeon’s voice.

“It must be a martial art taught by Sima Lianju, right?”

Wijihoyeon was standing under the tree.


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