Worthless Regression Chapter 210

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[212] Legro Forest (3)

Are you serious?

Lee Seong-min looked at Sima Lianju with eyes of disbelief.

Through the eye holes of the mask, Sima Lianzhu’s eyes are visible.

Thanks to Sima Lianju’s expression, Lee Seong-min couldn’t tell whether what Sima Lianju just said was serious or a joke.

Sima Lianju, Demon Emperor Yangilcheon.

He is a being who has been treated like a myth or legend since Lee Seong-min’s past life.

Although he stood at the top of the Four Horsemen’s Association, Simalian, he did not appear or participate in any direct activities, and only his actions and name were known, like a character in a story.

Such a samaryeon master is saying that he will make him his disciple.

Seongmin Lee closed his mouth and swallowed.

“… … “Are you sincere?”

“Then, shall we lie?”

“Why me?”

Seongmin Lee hesitated and asked a question.

Although he was said to have entered the realm of transcendence, Lee Seong-min knew very well that his talent was not that great.

The reason he was able to enter the realm of transcendence was because he devoted himself to martial arts for 2,100 years under the trials of Denir, the god of time, and was also able to do so thanks to the asceticism that would have been better than death on the mountain of Mshi.

“My talent is not that great. Even if I become your disciple… … .”


Sima Lianju said with a grin.

“I know that if your talent is used well, it will only end up being an ordinary talent. “The reason you were able to reach the realm of transcendence on such a subject is probably because you overcame Denir’s ordeal.”

“… … yes?”

Lee Seong-min’s eyes opened wide at Sima Lianju’s words. How does Sima Lianju know that fact?

When Lee Seong-min was embarrassed, Sima Lianju chuckled.

“Well, it’s just a guess. I saw you fighting with Amzon. Your singing style is so skillful that it doesn’t suit your age. What I felt when I saw you fighting was that my body couldn’t keep up with my heart. It may be possible if you have a certain degree of advanced mentality, but in your case, the gap was too big. As far as I know, the only way to achieve such an abnormal state is to endure Denir’s ordeal. is not it?”

“… … you’re right.”

“How many years have you lasted?”

Sima Lianzhu asked a question. Seongmin Lee hesitated and then answered that he had survived for 2100 years.

In response, Sima Lianzhu laughed loudly.

“You’re crazy.”

“… … “Did you also undergo Denir’s trials?”

“It was a long time ago.”

Sima Lianzhu turned around again. The fairies who had retreated due to the momentum created by Sima Lianju came back to Sima Lianju’s side.

“This is a story from when I was still a child. In the trials of Denir, the throne survived for 600 years. After that, I thought I couldn’t do anything, so I left. But it’s 2100… … “Are you actually human?”

Envirus could only survive for 1,000 years, and Denir said that, except for Lee Seong-min, Envirus lasted the longest.

It seems that Denir’s ordeal was terrible, considering that even a person of Sima Lianju’s level could only survive for 600 years.

“Well, whatever. I am not saying that just because you are a genius with outstanding qualities, I will break through to the realm of transcendence at such a young age and make you my disciple. Didn’t I tell you this? If he lacks qualities, he must be strong enough to chew them up and work hard. Even if it is not reality, he must hope to become the best in the world as much as his ambition, and he should not doubt that he will one day become the best in the world.”

Sima Lianzhu’s steps stopped.

An old cabin stood not far away. Sima Lianzhu, who was looking at the hut with his back turned, slowly turned around.

“If it lasts for 2,100 years, it is enough to be strong enough to chew up its qualities. The problem is ambition, but what do you think? Are you hoping to be the best in the world?”

Seongmin Lee hesitated to answer. The best in the world. Even though he had reached the point of transcendence, Lee Seong-min had never been aware of that word.

Before, I had little skills to speak of the best in the world, but now I realize that the world is too big.

“What a fool. You lack manliness. “I am dissatisfied with that.”

Sima Lianju chuckled.

“Then how about this? If Socheonma becomes the best in the world, then you, who have Socheonma as your admiration, goal, and ideal… … Are you going to try to jump over Socheonma?”


There was no hesitation in the answer. Sima Lianju didn’t seem to like Lee Seong-min’s answer at all, but he still didn’t complain.

“so. “Do you want to become a disciple or not?”

However, it was not easy to answer that suggestion. If Lee Seong-min was at the peak level, wouldn’t he have known? If he had already reached the level of transcendence, what more would he learn by becoming a disciple of Sima Lianju?

“… … If I become your disciple… … What can I learn?”

“ha ha ha!”

At Lee Seong-min’s question, Sima Lianju burst out laughing. Sima Lianju, who had been laughing for a while, suddenly stopped.

“I can teach you everything you lack.”

“What am I lacking?”

“Well, that’s fine. “We’ll have to find out about that in the future.”

Sima Lianzhu’s answer was so relaxed that it was almost ridiculous. When Lee Seong-min looked shocked, Sima Lianju chuckled again.

“Becoming a disciple does not necessarily mean learning martial arts.”

“Are you saying there’s more?”

“When you become a disciple of this throne, you become a disciple of Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon, the Master of Four Demons. That means you will be the successor to the throne.”

Seongmin Lee trembled.

Yes. Sima Lianju is not simply an expert in martial arts.

He was a figure who stood at the top of Sima Lian, an alliance of four factions in Eria, and if Lee Seong-min becomes a disciple of Sima Lianju, he will be able to reign as the second-in-command of Sima Lianju as the official successor to Sima Lianju.

“Why me… … ?”

“This committee prefers struggling criminals to geniuses.”

Sima Lianzhu answered.

“You could say that the fact that you have reached the point of transcendence is proof of your struggle. I’m not asking you to answer right away. Take your time, think about it, and then decide. “Don’t just say you’ll regret it later.”

“All right.”

The reason why people who met Lee Seong-min in the past showed unreasonable favor was because of the divine protection of the powerful God that Lee Seong-min received when he returned.



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However, that divine protection disappeared due to Shaolin’s Buddhist ambassador.

Could it be that the unreasonable kindness shown by Sima Lianju in the fight against the Dark Zone was due to him being a struggling general? Lee Seong-min could not understand Sima Lianju’s true intentions at all.

“… … Where is Wijihoyeon?”

“Oh yeah. “I’ll have to meet that kid first.”

Sima Lianju muttered that and raised his hand and pointed toward the forest.

“She lives in the forest. Ever since I got beaten up by my boss, I haven’t come out of the forest. Maybe she knows you’re here too. “It may be that he doesn’t come out because he is with me.”

After bowing his head to Sima Lianju, Lee Seong-min headed toward the forest.

The lush forest was full of fairies. There are so many fairies that are harder to see than elves. Seongmin Lee looked at the fairies circling around him in amazement.

“What’s your name?”

“Where are you going?”

The fairies came around Lee Seong-min and chattered.

Seongmin Lee thought the fairies he saw for the first time were amazing and cute, so at first, he answered their questions one by one.

But there was no end to answering the questions one by one. The fairies continued to flock, and they constantly asked questions as to what they were so curious about.

“Not here.”

“She’s scared.”

At some point. The fairies trembled and fluttered their wings as they fell away from Lee Seong-min.

‘The woman.’

Seongmin Lee looked around, remembering what the fairies said as they left.


Lee Seong-min opened his mouth and called her name. I can feel your gaze.

But Wijihoyeon was nowhere to be seen. actually… … Seongmin Lee knew where Wijihoyeon was.

The expanded senses tell you Wijihoyeon’s location. Wijihoyeon was watching Lee Seong-min from the top of a tree far away.

Wijihoyeon, standing on the branch, kept his mouth shut. It’s been almost a year since we met.

It was a reunion that she had imagined several times, but Wijihoyeon could not run to Lee Seong-min like she had imagined.

‘I’ve become stronger.’

Wijihoyeon glanced at Lee Seong-min’s face from afar. It was a mystical feeling.

Wijihoyeon was always stronger than Lee Seongmin, and he was used to it. Even when we first met and when we reunited after ten years. Wijihoyeon couldn’t figure out what this feeling that was blooming deep in his heart was.

A long time ago, when we were both young.

Wijihoyeon told Seongmin Lee.

Make yourself a goal. Just live without a goal, and don’t live vaguely with the idea of ​​living a better life than your previous life.

What about now?

Wijihoyeon slowly came down from the tree branch. She knew it well.

How much stronger his only friend had become while he himself had been weakened by the curse.

It has become stronger than when I saw it a year ago. How could Lee Seong-min, who did not have outstanding talent, become so strong?

How much intense and terrible effort did it take to reach that level?

‘I am who I am now.’

Wijihoyeon approached Seongmin Lee. Seongmin Lee saw Wijihoyeon approaching.

‘Maybe he’s weaker than you.’

Wijihoyeon chuckled as he thought about that.

Even though he had not fought, Wijihoyeon vaguely felt it. It wasn’t that such a reversed relationship was unpleasant.

Rather than unpleasant… … I was a little afraid. If I became weaker than you. If you don’t become the kind of person you want to aim for.


Wijihoyeon was the first to open his mouth. She gave Lee Seong-min her greetings with her warm smile.

Seongmin Lee blankly looked at Wijihoyeon approaching. It’s our first meeting in a year.

She has changed little. Has her hair gotten a little longer? When she was under the curse she was emaciated, but after the curse was lifted she seemed to regain her former vigor for several months.

“What about your body? are you okay?”

Seongmin Lee asked that first. Wizzy Hoyeon nodded his head. Wijihoyeon’s steps stopped.

Lee Seong-min and Wi Ji-ho-yeon stood facing each other, not too far away.

“Did you hear from Sima Lianju?”


“Before you came. “I challenged Sima Lianju and lost.”

As he said that, Wijihoyeon was still smiling.

“He is a great master. This me… … “It wasn’t even ten seconds.”

It’s funny that you say this as soon as you meet. Wijihoyeon chuckled as he added that. The stopped steps began to move again, and the distance between them began to narrow.

“I felt it right away when I first got my hands on it. “I will lose here.”

Wijihoyeon hummed.

“I felt it again when I received this second. “If Sa-rae-ju wanted to kill me, she could have killed me in the first second.”

Even as he spoke of defeat, Wijihoyeon’s voice was not depressed.

“When I got three seconds. “I suffered internal injuries.”

Rather, there was a mixture of excitement.

“When I received the sedge. okay… … I received it with my left arm. His left arm was broken. “Sama Lianju’s attack crushed my self-defense strength like tofu.”

And it was mixed with laughter.

“When I got Ocho. I barely thought. Let’s just hold on for ten seconds. “I didn’t want to be a 10-second critic.”

Wijihoyeon’s smile grew louder.

“And in the seventh hour he fell to the ground. I just couldn’t bear it. he is… … Sima Lianju was a monster. Until now, I have lived in this world. I thought that if there was a person who could be called a ‘monster’, it would be me. “Do you think I’m arrogant?”

“no. “I don’t think so.”

“I was arrogant.”

Wijihoyeon shook his head.

“Fighting with Quan Zon made me realize that the world was quite big, but fighting with Sima Lianzhu was an opportunity to realize how small I was. “It was also an opportunity for me to realize how stubborn and selfish I was.”

Wijihoyeon’s steps stopped. She was standing right in front of Lee Seong-min.

“Didn’t Master Sima Lian say he would make you his disciple?”

“… … “I did.”

“Become a disciple.”

Wijihoyeon said.

“The martial arts of Sima Lianju are superior to all the martial arts I taught you. Now, it may be impossible to abandon the singing method and the mental method, but if you are at the level of Sima training, it will be possible to make up for the deficiencies in the martial arts you have learned rather than teaching a new martial arts technique.”

“Maybe so.”

“Well, isn’t this a story worth worrying about in the first place? “Becoming a disciple of a master of the rank of Sima Lianzhu is an opportunity that will never exist again in the world.”

“The greatest opportunity I have gained was meeting you.”

“You’re saying something nice to hear.”

Wijihoyeon burst out laughing at Lee Seongmin’s words.

“I want to ask you something. “Can I do it?”

“What please?”

“Let’s have a dance.”

Wijihoyeon’s laughter grew stronger.

“It’s been 10 years.”


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