Worthless Regression Chapter 200

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[202] Sea (1)

A noisy bar. Someone approached Lee Seong-min, who was sitting on a chair and drinking beer.

“Are you going to take the boat too?”

Seongmin Lee lifted his head from his bow. A man with a sturdy physique stood in front of him.

Tanned skin, a sturdy physique, and tattoos on his forearms. The man burst into laughter at the silent, distant gaze.

“Don’t be too nervous. “I’m just asking, just.”

As the man said that, he stretched out his hand. Her large hands are covered in calluses.

Seongmin Lee slowly stretched out his hand and held the man’s hand.

“Are you a sailor?”

“huh? Well, that’s right.”

The man nodded his head in response to Lee Seong-min’s question. Although she had a good physique, there were almost no traces of her martial arts skills.

It may be that he is a master of counter-return, but such suspicion is faint. Even if one achieves a half-turn and returns and captures the energy of a warrior, if the gap between them is large, it is possible for the person in a higher position to see through the half-turn and return-to-true.

Seongmin Lee concluded that the man was not an unmanned person.

“so. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Bellador.”

Seongmin Lee answered. Bellador was a port city on the west side of the continent, and was relatively close to the Legro Forest, where Lee Seong-min was heading.

The reason I chose the sea route rather than running was because the Murim Alliance would chase me if I left the south.

‘Even if it were the sea, it wouldn’t be safe.’

It’s something that can’t be helped. The pursuit of the Murim Alliance was not the only reason for choosing to take a boat. Considering the time, taking a boat is faster.



Why did you talk to me? Seongmin Lee looked at his man’s face. It seemed like he wasn’t just talking because he was bored. He was thinking about something as he looked Lee Sung-min up and down.

I don’t think it’s a liaison from the Information Guild. Currently, Seongmin Lee was wearing a bast mask purchased through Erebrisa and was not wearing barding.

“… … “Do you have any plans to make a lot of money?”

The man asked quietly.

“Lump sum?”

“okay. It’s not that difficult. All you have to do is deliver some items to Bellador… … .”

“What is it?”

“It’s not that difficult.”

“No, that’s why. “What on earth is that?”

“Are you going to do it?”

The man asked persistently. I had a rough idea of ​​what it was. It’s smuggling. It wasn’t uncommon.

Most commerce that takes place in Eria goes through merchant guilds. Merchant guilds collect fees from such transactions, and they control transactions for some transaction items and make profits by monopolizing them.

“No, it’s okay.”

“Are you doing that because you’re worried? No need to worry. All you have to do is run errands. “I will give you enough money.”

“I have a lot of money.”

“You said you had a lot of money, so why don’t you get on a trading ship?”

The man chuckled as if he knew everything.

Lee Seong-min no longer listened to the man. It’s best not to create troublesome things.

If you are caught participating in smuggling, you will become entangled with the merchant guild and naturally the Murim Alliance. This is because the merchant guild has a close relationship with the Murim Alliance.

“Hey, if you don’t want to do it, then don’t. You are losing money. “Don’t regret it later.”

The man glanced at Lee Seong-min, who was blatantly ignoring his words, and then stood up.

He then looked around the bar and turned to another man drinking alone. It seemed that they were targeting foreigners who came to board the ship, not people from this village.

After finishing his glass of beer, Lee Seong-min got up. He fiddled with the mercenary card he kept in his arms.

This is a counterfeit mercenary badge purchased through Erebrisa. Even if it is a forgery, there is no need to worry about being caught. If a mercenary group is so sloppy that it gets caught, it will not be treated in Erebrisa.

C-level mercenary, Jeong Hyun-soo. I don’t know who the owner of this name is. Probably dead. Or maybe it was better for him to die.

Lee Seong-min left the bar and checked the time. It was soon time to board.

Among the many trade ships heading to Bellador, the one Seongmin Lee chose was a not-so-big, insignificant merchant’s trade ship. I wanted to ride a large ship if possible, but as a C-class mercenary with no connections, I couldn’t ride a ship like that even if I wanted to.

Of course, it’s not like you can’t ride it if you pay kickbacks.

‘If you act like that, you’ll just get noticed.’

And it is naturally processed into information. I changed my face and my outfit too.

Since purchasing the C-class mercenary card, Lee Seong-min planned to act faithfully as a C-class mercenary. Information does not circulate, as long as he is careful about his actions.

Even if you are Erebrisa, you cannot purchase information that is not circulating.

[But are you going to put this old man in this shabby armor?]

Heoju grumbled. It was something that could not be helped. The barding imbued with Heoju is too much for a C-rank mercenary to wear. Thanks to this, He Ju was forced to transfer his consciousness into his old armor.

[You’re using a cumbersome method. How about taking over the ship instead? Shut up and go to Bellador. Isn’t it easy to say that?]

‘The notoriety will only increase. And wasn’t it you who advised him to be careful of his actions?’

[Of course it’s a joke. Even though it’s annoying, this method is better.]

Heoju grumbled. In the past, Heo Joo did not try to stop Lee Seong-min’s actions. But not now.

Heo Ju knew that Lee Seong-min did not want to become a monster, and Heo Ju himself also wanted Lee Seong-min to maintain his humanity.

That’s why Lee Seong-min was stopped in the Elven Forest.

‘what. In the worst situation, it might be okay to use that method.’

Lee Seong-min thought so and headed to the boat.

Zod was ambitious.

Although I am just an ordinary merchant now, I have an ambition to become an executive, or rather, the top of the merchant guild someday. His retired father would always tell him to cut corners and live within his means, but somehow Joad stayed true to his ambitions.

Even though his ship was an old caravel inherited from his father, and due to limited budget, he only brought about ten third-rate mercenaries on board as escorts, and this was his first long-distance voyage to Belador.

It’s okay though. Joad opened his cheap wine in his room.



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To him, wine was only for show, and Joad had no knowledge of the profound taste of wine.

‘If I go to Bellador, I should buy a bottle of fine wine.’

Joad waved his wine glass and boasted. Departure is coming soon. Jod liked the moment before setting sail. It was a fleeting expectation that a large profit would be generated once this voyage was over.


Before I could finish my glass of wine, someone opened the door and came inside. Joad, who was leaning his chair back and intoxicated by the tasteless taste of wine, was not embarrassed. Because he was always there.

‘It’s probably just mercenaries bickering among themselves again.’

You can pretend not to know about things like this. The mercenaries that Zod brought on board were free mercenaries who did not belong to a mercenary group.

Although the quality is poor in many ways, they are cheap. Moreover, although the quality is low, those belonging to the mercenary guild will not betray you as long as you give them money.

It was just as Zod had thought.

Lee Seong-min slowly turned his head. The fist that hit me right away didn’t hurt at all. It wasn’t powerful enough to make his head spin. Still, he gave it back. This is because I thought that I had to do this to be ranked C.

“Does it hurt?”

The man who swung his fist was a large man with massive muscles. What was its name? He was introduced earlier… … Yes, the name was ‘Yangsu’. C-class mercenary. He said his nickname was something, but he couldn’t remember that.

Lee Seong-min was not the only one who was hit by Yang Soo. Eight mercenaries were rubbing their beaten cheeks with their hands to relieve their anger.

But among them, no one attacked Yang Su. C-class mercenary. By Moorim’s standards, it’s only a second-rate product. Not only experts can gauge each other’s level. The second class has its own way of distinguishing between the second class.

“If you just listen carefully, there will be no need to hit me in the future.”

Yang Su made a threat. Seongmin Lee rubbed his beaten cheek with his hand like other mercenaries did.

It’s about seizing the momentum. Yang Su’s intentions seemed to have succeeded. Among the mercenaries on this ship, none resisted Yang Su.

Yang Su made eye contact with each of the mercenaries he had beaten. Everyone lowered their eyes. When Lee Seong-min made eye contact with Yang Su, he did not lower his eyes but looked at Yang Su’s eyes.

[I can’t believe the master of the Transcendental Realm was beaten to death by such an asshole!]

Heoju burst out laughing. When Lee Sung-min rolled his eyes, Yang Su focused his eyes and glared at Lee Sung-min. The guy’s big fist suddenly rose up.


But Yang Su could not swing his fist. This is because Lee Seong-min kicked Yang Soo’s shin. If I had kicked it properly, my leg would have been completely shattered, but I reduced the force as much as possible.

Yang Su held his beaten leg and screamed. Seongmin Lee swung his fist at the amniotic fluid.


Yang Su’s head turned sharply to the side. I was beaten gently, and I even thought about getting caught by that guy. Because I thought it would be easier in the future to stand on top of him than that.

“Does it hurt?”

Seongmin Lee asked Yang Su. My bruised leg hurt, and my cheek hurt too. Yang Su fell to the floor and looked up at Lee Seong-min.

“Don’t bother me in the future.”

Seongmin Lee said, tapping the spear on his back with his fingertips. It was a cheap spear purchased at a weapons store, but the blade was real. Yang Su swallowed his saliva as he looked at the spear blade shining in the sunlight.

“Yes, yes.”

By catching just one amniotic fluid, he was able to stand above the heads of other mercenaries. Seongmin Lee turned his body around, satisfied with such income.

Driving a ship is the job of sailors, not mercenaries. The job of mercenaries is to catch monsters that appear in the sea or fight pirates. Or suppress the crew’s rebellion.

In other words, as long as no problem arises, there is nothing for the mercenary to do.

“I’ll be in the room. If a problem arises… … .”

Seongmin Lee raised his fingertip and pointed to the amniotic fluid.

“Come and call me yourself.”

“yes… … .”

Yang Su answered in a timid voice. Seongmin Lee headed to the room assigned to him. While passing through the deck, I made eye contact with the sailors.

They only glanced at Lee Seong-min and did not say anything. This is because they knew well that mercenaries were different from sailors.

[But I guess I’ll go comfortably.]

‘I don’t think so.’

I have never been on a ship while working as a mercenary. This is because in his previous life he had never left Behen Ger.

But I’ve heard the story many times. In the case of long-distance voyages, incidents are bound to occur. The sea was a cage for huge monsters, and the pirates who use the sea as their stage are more vicious than bandits. Some pirates with swollen livers even attack large sailing ships or ships of the Murim Alliance.

This ship is small. It is perfect prey for monsters and pirates.

To be honest, I didn’t understand it. Isn’t ten C-class mercenaries too small a force?

“You are the mercenary commander on this voyage.”

Someone spoke. He was a middle-aged man who was watching the commotion between mercenaries.

Seongmin Lee glanced at the man. The man was wearing a decent-looking knife on his waist. Lee Seong-min realized that the man was a warrior who had reached the peak level.

“you are?”

“The shipowner’s bodyguard. Don’t make a fuss. “Still, we’re in the same boat, and I don’t want to kill my colleagues.”

said the man. Surely, having a supreme warrior as a bodyguard is not a sign of confidence when setting out on a voyage. Seongmin Lee looked at the man and asked.

“Are you a mercenary too?”

“If you think about it, yes. Although I am at a different level than you. I belong to the merchant guild. “I boarded this ship to prevent unnecessary accidents from happening on this voyage.”

I understand what you mean. I heard this in my past life when I was working as a mercenary. This means that if you give bribes to the merchant guild, you can bring a ‘mediator’ belonging to the guild on board the ship.

They act as the shipowner’s bodyguards, and if there is conflict with pirates, they negotiate with the pirates in the name of the merchant guild on behalf of the shipowner.

Negotiation means paying money on your own, and in that case, the money paid by the arbitrator becomes the shipowner’s debt.

It is the price of life. Most pirates do not want to cause conflict with merchant guilds. Therefore, if a mediator is identified, they choose to send the ship for more money than to attack it.

“If you, the arbiter, are on board, this ship will be safe.”

“I guess so. “Because there is an agreement between the pirates and the merchant guild in the waters leading to Bellador and the mediator not to attack the ship.”

The mediator said this and looked Lee Seong-min up and down.

“Do you understand what I mean? “My presence is protecting your life.”

“you worked hard.”

Seongmin Lee bowed his head and passed the mediator.

[There are a lot of bastards talking shit without knowing the topic.]

‘I know.’

Lee Seong-min agreed with Heo-ju’s words and entered his room.

‘I’m glad though. ‘I think I’ll get to Belador without getting involved with pirates.’

[I don’t know. I wonder if it will be that easy.]

Heo Joo chuckled and laughed.


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