Worthless Regression Chapter 199

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[201] Geomzone (5)

In his previous life, Seongmin Lee was a member of the Corona mercenary group led by Zeon.

To Lee Seong-min at the time, Zeon, an SS-class mercenary, seemed the strongest and greatest in the world.

Of course, now we know that Zeon was not that great, but to Lee Seong-min in his past life, Zeon was as great as a king.

The Mercenary King is like a god to all mercenaries.

Mercenary King Demetri.

As a mercenary outside of his rank, Dmitry’s prestige was high even in Lee Seong-min’s previous life. He could never have imagined that the mercenary king was one of the six venerable sons of Cheon Oecheon.

“King Chang is a wanderer. He has not settled anywhere and continues to wander, and I do not know where he is because he is treated specially among the six venerable people. Month later… … .”

Gwon Jon hesitated for a moment, then finally spoke.

“I live on Mount Yuzkiah. “I built a mansion called Wolgung (月宮) and live there.”

“I heard that the one who stands at the top of the heavenly world is the god of martial arts. Musin and you… … Or how about comparing Geomzone?”

“It’s a story not worth telling.”

Gwon Jon said with a bitter expression.

“There is no comparison. “None of the six venerable beings can compare to God of War.”

“… … What about Sima Lianju?”

“… … Sima Lianju is one of the enemies recognized by the God of War. But I’m not sure now. “Musin closed down 10 years ago, and I don’t even know where he is closing down.”

“Why did Cheon Oecheon kidnap Wijihoyeon?”

“… … “It’s for the greater good.”

“Then tell me what the cause is.”

Gwon Jon was silent for a moment. A little later, he sighed and said:

“This world… … It’s spacious. “Do you know about the Predator?”

“I know.”

“Predators are monsters that have ceased to be human. They have been enemies of Cheon Oecheon for a long time, but even the God of War could not do anything about the Predator. One of Cheonoecheon’s goals is to exterminate all ‘extraterrestrials’ that prey on humans in this world, including Predators.”

[You’re talking nonsense.]

Heoju grumbled.

[It is not something that can be eliminated just because it is eliminated. If you kill all the animals, you won’t be able to raise any more babies, but you are not an outsider. If you stop being human, you become a monster, and that is human. As long as there are humans, it is impossible to exterminate all humans.]

Lee Seong-min returned it to Gwon Jon exactly as Heo Ju said. Gwon Jon nodded his head at those words.

“yes. But when humans cease to be humans… … To become an alien monster. What if that ‘law’ itself disappears? “No matter how much a human being escapes from being human, what if he ends up remaining a human being?”

[This is nonsense.]

“Representative examples include lichs and death knights. The reason they become outsiders is because of black magic, the magic power of the devil that exists in another dimension. If the Demon King is prevented from interfering in this world, Liches and Death Knights will not be created. If the law itself were to disappear, it would mean that the outside world would no longer be created.”

“How do you destroy that law?”

“It interferes with the law. That’s what Mushin said. The reason why most of Cheon Oecheon learn martial arts is because martial arts is the natural strength of humans. It’s different from magic and black magic. We don’t know how to interfere with the laws. Because only the god of war knows that fact… … And, Musin said. “You said you need a Little Heavenly Demon to interfere with the law.”

“You don’t know why it’s necessary?”

“I don’t know that much.”

“Is that the whole purpose of Cheon Oecheon?”

Seongmin Lee asked again. At those words, Gwon Jon opened his mouth again after a moment of silence.

“If the devil were unable to interfere in this world and humans disappeared from this world. Only humans and demi-humans remain in this world. After that, Cheon Oecheon… … I will rule this world. “It’s about creating a new martial arts world.”


After hearing Gwon Jon’s words, Lee Seong-min burst out laughing out of bewilderment.

“You’re creating a martial arts forest? What a ridiculous statement. “I don’t think it’s possible.”

“… … But everyone in Cheonoecheon is moving for him. “Meet a warrior with the potential for transcendence, recruit him to Cheonoecheon, or if you can’t recruit him, kill him so that he doesn’t become an enemy.”

“How big is Cheon Oecheon’s power? “I’m sure it’s not just the Six Exalted Ones and the Martial Gods.”

“Cheon Oecheon… … It’s been around for a long time. In the meantime, I have stretched out many lines in this world. Even Dozon, who is called the King of Mercenaries, has a huge influence on the mercenaries. The current Murim lord, the Black Dragon Association, also belongs to Cheonoecheon.”

Lee Seong-min’s expression turned cold at those words. Be careful of the Black Dragon Gorge. This is what Sima Lianju said. The false accusation that Lee Seong-min killed Zhuge Taeryeong and Mo Yong Seo-jin was also framed by the Murim Alliance, and the influence of the Black Dragon Association must have played a role in that as well. It must have been Maeng’s order that Ironclad Shinchang was killed by Lee Seong-min.

‘The Black Dragon Gorge is a world outside of heaven. In that case, it must be seen that the entire faction, the martial arts faction, is acting in accordance with Cheon Oecheon’s will.’

Cheon Oecheon’s influence is stronger than you think.

“I don’t even know how powerful Cheon Oecheon is. “Only the god of war knows all that.”

“Even though you are the Six Exalted One, you know nothing.”

But it’s not a lie. Because Gwonjon, who swore on Mana, did not die. Through conversations with Gwon Jon, Lee Seong-min learned a lot.

A purpose that doesn’t even seem like Cheon Oecheon’s words. To achieve that, you need Wijihoyeon, even if you don’t know why.

As long as Cheon Ojeon insists on their goal, they will continue to target Wijihoyeon. In addition, we learned that the Murim Alliance, which is hostile and evil towards Lee Seong-min, is also under the influence of Cheon Oecheon.

Since Lee Seong-min killed Geomjon and Gwonjon, Cheon Oecheon will definitely make Lee Seong-min his enemy. Previously, they created rumors and put pressure on Lee Sung-min… … The rumors were already ripe. They will probably intervene more strongly and directly.

“Just one last question.”

Seongmin Lee stood up.

“The gauntlet your daughter had. Of… … They say it’s made from dragon scales. “Where on earth did you get it?”

“… … I didn’t know you’d be curious about that. I received that gauntlet a long time ago as proof of my friendship with the dwarves. “It was something the Dwarf chief at the time made and gave as a gift.”

“Is the chief alive now?”

“No, it was over a thousand years ago. Dwarves also live quite a long time, but the chieftain at the time has already been dead for a long time.”

Seongmin Lee clicked his tongue slightly. But it wasn’t completely fruitless. Selgerus also said it. If he were the chieftain of the dwarves, he would be able to handle dragon scales. In order to process the many dragon scales and bones I have, I will have to stop by the Dwarven City sometime.

“I heard everything I heard.”

Lee Seong-min approached Gwon Jon while holding a spear. Since he told me the whole story, I wonder if he will be spared. Gwon Jon looked at Lee Seong-min with such weak expectations, but Lee Seong-min only spat out with a cold face.

“Even if you get cursed, I won’t let you live. As long as you belong to Cheonoecheon, you will one day become my enemy. and… … I personally want to kill you too. “You made Wijihoyeon weak.”

“… … Right.”

Gwon Jon muttered in a low voice.

“Is there any last thing you want to say?”

“If you leave it… … “Will you remember?”




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“Then it would be meaningless.”

Gwon Jon quietly closed his eyes. Lee Seong-min lightly stabbed his spear at Gwon Jon, who had his eyes closed. Gwon Jon’s body, weakened by the curse, did not resist Lee Seong-min’s spear. A hole appeared in Gwon Jon’s chest along with a loud thud. Lee Seong-min, who pierced his heart cleanly, saw Gwon Jon’s body collapsing as blood poured out.

‘still… … .’

In his fading consciousness, Gwon Jon thought of his daughter, who must have left the forest by now.

The death of blood relatives was prevented.

He also prevented the death of his compatriots. And, while answering Lee Seong-min’s question, he succeeded in hiding the existence of the ‘psychic medium’.

‘That’s okay… … .’

Lee Seong-min confirmed the death of Kwon Jon. Then he began the work he had put off. Lee Seong-min searched the dead Geomzon’s arms and retrieved the subspace pocket, and also kept Geomzon’s sword.

This is because Geomzon’s sword was a famous sword that looked unusual even at a glance.

And I searched through his arms to get Gwon Jon’s subspace pocket, but unfortunately, Gwon Jon didn’t have a subspace pocket.

‘I can’t help it.’

Seongmin Lee checked the inside of Geomzone’s pocket. There were various types of famous swords, money, and elixirs. I looked for something like an elixir, but there was nothing like it.

Seongmin Lee got up after taking care of everything.

[Where do you plan to go now?]

‘Go to the place where Sima Lianju is.’

Seongmin Lee answered. All work in the south is over. The three of us… … I came to the south. Lee Seong-min turned around while thinking such bitter thoughts.

Still, if you go to a place where Sima Lianju is located. You can meet Wijihoyeon.

* * *

I flinch. Wijihoyeon’s body trembled slightly. Wijihoyeon, who was sitting cross-legged as usual and receiving the natural care of the forest, noticed a change in her body.

The helplessness that was weighing down my entire body was disappearing. Wizzy Hoyeon opened her closed eyes.

“ah… … !”

The curse is disappearing. Wijihoyeon looked down at his body with surprised eyes. It had been so long that it felt unfamiliar. Wiji Hoyeon staggered to her feet.

Even though the curse was gone, it wasn’t easy to move around right away. However, the vitality rising from deep within the body will soon allow Wijihoyeon to move freely.

“It looks like Gwon Jon is dead.”

A grumpy voice was heard. Wiji Hoyeon jerked her head and looked in the direction the sound came from. Sima Lianzhu was standing in a crooked posture, looking at Wei Ji Hao Yan.

While Wei Ji-ho-yeon came to this forest, she did not have frequent meetings with Sima Lian-ju. Even though she was in the same forest, neither Sabaebju nor Wijihoyeon was looking for Sabaebju.

For several months since entering the forest, Wijihoyeon has been purifying himself under the care of the forest’s natural guardians.

“A deaf ear. “It looks like that kid succeeded in killing Gwon Jon.”

I received grace. Wijihoyeon thought of Lee Seong-min and took a slow breath.

I was planning to repay this favor someday. Wizzy Hoyeon slightly moved her inner energy. While she was under the curse, the Danjeon that had been hardened like a stone… … she reacted

My energy began to pour out. Wijihoyeon’s body trembled. The Qi and blood, which had been suffering from a curse and had not been able to receive internal energy for over a year, were feeling pain from the large flow of internal energy.

‘Compared to before, the amount of internal energy has increased explosively.’

I have been receiving a nature guide for over a year. Thanks to this, Wijihoyeon’s internal strength increased several times compared to before entering this forest.

Because the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique she learned accepts all energy without refining, Wijihoyeon’s internal skills had previously reached an unrivaled level. And while I was recuperating in this forest, my energy increased several times again.

“… … “I think there will be no problem if I purge for a day or three.”

Wijihoyeon muttered. Sabeopju glanced at Wiji Hoyeon, who was pushing away the fairy that was giggling near her shoulder with her finger. Today’s Sima Lianju was wearing a bear mask.


“Then, I want to have s*x with you.”

Wijihoyeon said. Sima Lianzhu did not respond to those words. The fairy that Sima Lianzhu pushed away clung to his finger and bit his fingertip, but Sima Lianzhu did not even scream exaggeratedly like usual.


After a moment of silence, Sima Lianzhu answered.

“I might kill you. “Are you okay?”

“doesn’t care.”

Wei Ji-ho-yeon said while glaring at Sima Lian-ju.

“I might kill you too.”

I meant it sincerely. Wijihoyeon thought of Lee Seong-min. Sima Lianju, if Lee Seong-min comes to this forest. He had said he would make him his disciple.

When I first heard that… … Wijihoyeon thought, ‘I don’t like it.’

okay. hate.

So I wanted to kill Sima Lianju.


Sima Lianju chuckled.

“Because it would be fun to beat up a bratty kid.”

Sima Lianju said that and smiled.


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