Worthless Regression Chapter 198

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[200] Geomzone (4)

The elf village was experiencing turmoil.

The fight between Geomjon and Lee Seong-min shook the entire forest, and all of it was conveyed to the village through the spirit’s attention.

And, Geomzon died.

When Gwon Jon heard that, he made an expression of disbelief.

“Geomjon… … “He died?”

The person who delivered those words was Gwon Jon’s daughter, the hunting leader.

She also had an expression of disbelief, but she couldn’t remain embarrassed forever.

The purpose of the intruder who killed Geomjon is to kill Gwonjon. He will not stop and will come all the way to this forest.

After that? There were less than half of the hunting team left.

We have already confirmed that even if everyone remains, they will not be able to resist the intruder.

The elves who live in this forest and are not part of a hunting party are not helpless.

Elves in the forest are stronger than most humans, even if they are children who have not learned to fight.

However, even if all the hundreds of elves in this forest attacked, they would be powerless against the human approaching the forest.

“Nonsense… … Geomzon, Geomzon… … .”

Gwon Jon continued to mutter. Gwonjon knew well the strength of Geomjon.

That’s why I couldn’t believe it. The hunting leader looked at Gwon Jon with a gloomy face.

Jon Kwon… … He was the father of a hunting leader. Because reproduction is difficult for elves, their affection for family is stronger than that of any other race.

“… … father.”

The hunting leader opened his mouth.

“I think we should give up the forest.”

Gwon Jon was silent.

Gwon Jon, who continues the curse, is an extremely helpless being. Would it have been different if the curse had not been applied?

Gwon Jon let out a dry laugh. Even if he fought under the protection of the forest, he was not confident that he could defeat Geomzon. The intruder… … After killing Geomjon, he is heading towards this village.

“If the elves give up the forest, where will they go?”

A final struggle is impossible. Even if you want to shake off a curse, it is not something you can easily shake off.

Even if you stop maintaining the curse, it will take enough time for this body to regain its strength. There’s no way he could wait that time.

“A psychic… … I can’t blame you. Even Cheon Oecheon’s side would not have expected that Geomjon would be defeated and killed. ha ha ha… … .”

Gwon Jon shook his shoulders and laughed. The hunting leader looked at his father’s weakened state with sad eyes. Gwon Jon, who had been laughing for a while, suddenly stopped.

“There is no point in running away.”

Gwon Jon muttered. No matter how fast the elf was in the forest, I couldn’t think that the light attack of the guy who killed Geomjon would be faster than the elf.

To make matters worse, not just one person, but the entire village has to flee. If Gwon Jon runs away alone, he might kill all the elves in the village out of anger.

Hundreds of elves are running away, so is it impossible to chase them? That can’t be possible. Gwon Jon bowed his head.

The love of compatriots and the longing to live were intertwined. What on earth should I do?

No, I already know the answer. I just don’t have the courage to say the answer out loud and take action.

“… … Father, run away with me… … .”


Gwon Jon raised his eyes and saw the hunting leader. He is the only blood relative.

Gwon Jon quietly closed his eyes.

Everyone doesn’t want to die. Even elves who live for hundreds of years do not wish to die.

Because there are many things I want to do in life. Because I have acquired many things over the long years of my life.

But not now. Now was the time to give it all up.

“Expel me from the village.”

Gwon Jon opened his closed eyes and spoke. Thanks to Geomjon… … He had regrets. He had thought that Geomjon would be able to prevent the death that the psychic had seen.

Geomzon is dead. Even if you insist on living like this, there is no way to survive.

The only difference is whether it is added or not added. If you insist on living, you will die with the elves, and if you do not insist, you will die alone.

“father… … !”

“It’s best that way. “If I die alone, he won’t try to kill other elves either.”

“but… … father. Since that human came into this forest and killed the elf, we… … !”

“It’s an old rule. No matter how much love you have for your compatriots, you must know how to bend depending on the situation. It’s revenge for your own people, and if you attack it, you’ll all die. So let it end here.”

“father… … .”

“Say no more.”

As Gwon Jon said that, he looked at his daughter. He knew it well. Here he finds himself exiled and killed by the bastard.

The village elves may give up their revenge. But not his daughter. Her daughter will throw herself to her death to avenge her father.

“I want to get my revenge.”

Gwon Jon stretched out his weak hand and took his daughter’s hand.

“Make sure you know how to back off. Revenge is impossible with your current skills. If I die… … Leave this forest and go to Mount Yuzkiah.”

“yes… … ?”

“It’s going to be a long journey. How far is Mt. Yuzkiah? When you arrive at the mountain, wait for a full moon night and climb the peak closest to the moon. Shout out my name from the top, shout out that her daughter has come to avenge her father. Still, about my death as one of the Six Most High… … As long as her daughter said she came for revenge. She will not reject you.”

“yes… … ?”

“Mark my words. Remember, never forget. There’s no way it’s my revenge for you to die with me. “If you want to take revenge, you must kill the person who killed me with your own hands.”

Gwon Jon continued to speak, and the hunting leader’s shoulders trembled. It wasn’t that she didn’t know what her own father was talking about.

It’s just that I didn’t want to accept it. In fact, she knew it well. This is the most right way. Her vision became blurry and her tears streamed down her face.

The hunting leader covered his face with both hands and cried quietly.

What made her cry was not love for her brother, but not wanting her father to die.

“I don’t have time.”

After compiling his thoughts, Gwon Jon muttered.



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* * *

When Lee Seong-min arrived at the elf village.

All the elves in the village were outside. They were looking at Lee Seong-min with faces full of hostility, but their eyes revealed a fear that could not be hidden.

Even though he killed Geomjon, Lee Seong-min did not feel much fatigue.

I could do anything if I wanted to. There are less than three hundred elves that make up this village. If you actively try to kill them, you will probably be able to kill all of the elves in this forest before the end of the day.

“You are the human who killed Geomzon.”

The voice was low. The speech was uneven, like a sick and dying patient, and there was a slight cough at the end. Seongmin Lee looked in the direction the sound came from.

As Lee Seong-min’s eyes turned to that place, the elves who were standing quietly moved out of the way so that Lee Seong-min could see clearly. Gwon Jon was sitting there.

“You must have come to kill me, right?”

“You are a noble person.”

Lee Seong-min muttered in a low voice. Murderous intent arises. The elves, who had sensitive senses, felt Lee Seong-min’s murderous intent and took a step back in surprise.

Lee Seong-min slowly approached Gwon Jon. Gwon Jon quickly spoke.

“Just make sure you kill me.”


“I am… … I was expelled from this forest. “The elves of this forest will not turn against you if you kill me.”

“I don’t know what that has to do with anything. I have already killed other elves in this forest, and I have also killed a hunting party. “Am I already an enemy of the elves?”

“Nothing happened.”

Gwon Jon continued speaking while coughing.

“You came into this forest and did not kill any elves. I decided to do that. “If you kill me here, neither the elves in this forest nor all the elves will become your enemies.”

“It doesn’t matter if we become enemies. The elf’s chase may be annoying, but it’s not something you can’t handle.”

“… … “There’s no need to keep killing people unnecessarily, right?”

“That’s my decision.”

Seongmin Lee answered.

At those words, Gwon Jon’s face turned white. It was because I never thought that Lee Seong-min would act so recklessly.

No, it’s not reckless. This is because Lee Sung-min had enough power to act like that.

[Stop it.]

It was Heo Joo who stopped him.

[I also agree that there is no need to kill people unnecessarily. If you get too used to killing, it won’t do you any good.]

‘Because of externality?’

[okay. You may not be aware of it, but externality is already affecting you to some extent. If you go too far, you might get eaten.]

Lee Seong-min kept his mouth shut at Heo-joo’s warning.

He added his sharp emotions little by little.

Heo Joo is right. If you don’t have to do it, you don’t have to do it. Lee Seong-min also thought that if they were not hostile, there would be no need to kill them all. He nodded his head slowly.

“… … good. Let me kill you alone. Instead, I should give answers to the things I’m curious about.”

“… … what?”

“Come this way.”

Lee Seong-min raised his hand and pointed to Gwon Jon. Gwon Jon’s body floated. As he slowly approached Lee Seong-min, he steeled his resolve for his death.

Even though it was compacted, the fear did not go away, and Gwon Jon’s body trembled.

“Nothing happened.”

Seongmin Lee looked at the elves while muttering that.

“Take my word for it. It doesn’t matter… … I want you to remember that If you try to kill me, all I have to do is kill you who try to kill me. “It’s not that difficult for me.”

The elves didn’t answer. Seongmin Lee left them silent and looked for the hunting leader.

“The hunting leader said she was your daughter.”

“… … “Geomjon said something pointless.”

“If I kill you, won’t the hunting leader come to kill me as revenge for his father?”

“Maybe so… … But it doesn’t matter. “With your skills, you could easily defeat my daughter.”

“That is true. But there’s no need to go through the hassle.”

“Leave my daughter alone. Instead of… … I promise that I will answer all your questions. “Without even lying.”

“Even if you don’t want to swear, I am confident that I will hear the answer I want to hear from you. “Wouldn’t it be okay if I killed the elves in front of you?”

“if… … If you do that. “I will kill myself.”

“Do you think you’ll let me do it?”

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try it out.”

Gwon Jon answered with bravado. Lee Seong-min chuckled as he looked at Gwonjon like that.

He turned away without saying any more. He left the village behind with Gwon Jon.

The elves just stood there silently while Lee Seong-min disappeared from sight. And, when Lee Seong-min and Kwon Jon were no longer seen.


The elves shed tears.

Lee Seong-min returned to the place where Geomzon’s body was located with Kwon Jon.

Gwon Jon shivered as he looked at his dead body with a large hole in his chest.

The evidence of Geomzon’s death, which I had not believed in my heart, was right in front of me.

“I want to know about Cheonoecheon.”

Lee Seong-min laid down his authority. Gwon Jon chewed his lower lip.

“About the Six Exalted Ones, including you and Geomjon. And about Martial God, who is at the top of the world. “Why did you try to kidnap Wijihoyeon, what is the purpose of Cheonoecheon, and how huge is the power of Cheonoecheon?”

“that… … .”

“Before you speak, swear to tell the truth.”

Lee Seong-min interrupted Gwon Jon.

“If you die for lying and breaking your oath. I will kill all the elves in that village. “Including your daughter.”

“… … “You are being cruel.”

“I swear.”

Lee Seong-min sat down on the floor and glared at Gwon Jon. I never thought something like this would happen. Gwon Jon laughed and fulfilled his oath to Mana.

“The Sixth Supreme… … As you can tell from the name, it is made up of six venerable figures. “We are the actual force of Cheonoecheon and are acting independently for the cause of Cheonoecheon.”

“What is the composition of the Six Exalted Ones?”

“… … First of all, me. I, who received the special title of King Kwon, am in the last seat of the Sixth Lord. As you know, fights between masters are influenced by many things. Things like variables and compatibility. Among the six nobles, there are four who have the nickname of John. Gwonjon, Amjon, Dojon, Geomjon. Among them, the skills of the three, excluding Geomzon, should be considered virtually equal.”

Speaking of amzone, I have also met Lee Seong-min. Geomzon was killed by Lee Seong-min. Looking at his nickname, Dozon is probably someone who uses Tao.

“What about the other two?”

“They are so strong that they cannot even be compared to us. Even if it is the same transcendental realm, the level is different… … “If you compare Geomzon to those two, he’s at the level of a child.”

“What is your nickname?”

“King Chang and Wolhu.”

“You were in the elf forest, and Geomzon died by my hand. Where are Dozon and Amzon doing? Where are Wolhu and King Chang?”

“… … hmm… … .”

Jon Gwon looked embarrassed as Lee Seong-min asked. Although he swore an oath to save his daughter and the elves of the village, everything Lee Seong-min asked about was Cheon Oe-cheon’s most intimate secret.

“Are you not planning on telling me?”

“no… … “No, I will tell you.”

Gwon Jon’s face distorted.

“Amzone… … I don’t even know where it is. As I said, the Sixth Being acts independently.”

It’s true. This is because mana did not overflow.

“I don’t even know where Dozon is. But if you want to know, it will be easier than you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dozon is a celebrity. He is called the ‘Mercenary King’ and has a reputation throughout Eria. “Except for him, the names of the six existing people were not revealed, but he is different.”

Mercenary King.

The nickname brought back memories of Lee Seong-min’s days as a mercenary.


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