Worthless Regression Chapter 195

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[197] Geomzone (1)

In an instant, twenty went down to thirteen.

The hunting leader looked at Lee Seong-min with a stiff face. She had no choice but to admit that she had misjudged.

I knew that Lee Seong-min was a master who had reached a high level, but I had no idea that he would so easily accept the combined efforts of a hunting team member.

The hunting teams in this forest, including the hunting team leaders, are all experts who have reached the pinnacle of perfection.

I don’t leave this forest, but if I do, I have enough power to mislead quite a few of the Great Gate faction… … there is… … .

It’s no match for me.

Lee Seong-min’s expression was calm.

There is no visible intent to kill. This is because he is not someone who would show murderous intent.

They are the ones who came to kill us, and since we don’t want to die, we can’t let them die, so we just kill them.

There is no need for murderous intent in such actions and mindsets.

The distortions that had been kept quietly and unexpressed while traveling with Gwangcheonma and Luvia were revealed as I became alone again.

Perhaps it has become stronger under the influence of the externality that has been subjugated.

perhaps. Lee Seong-min also knew that fact. But he had no intention of hesitating his actions.

To kill Gwonzon, you must confront the elves of this forest, and if you decide to do so, there is no need to take mercy into your hands. Even if he was left alive, the elves would not forgive Lee Seong-min.

The remaining elves are thirteen. If I kill everyone, will Geomzon come? Or will other elves come? It doesn’t matter either way.

All you have to do is kill them all. Still, if there is one thing I wish for, it would be for the elves to be frightened by the continued slaughter and offer their authority on their own. I didn’t think that would happen.


One of the hunting team members called the hunting team leader in a trembling voice.

The hunting leader glared at Lee Seong-min without saying a word. Although they are considered to be the ultimate experts, hunting teams have a crucial drawback.

It’s a lack of experience. The entire hunting team, including the hunting leader, were born in this forest and have never been out of this forest.

For them, Gwon Jon was their only teacher. It’s not that I haven’t tried mixing. However, the authority was too strong as a match, and the strong kinship that elves had made them have too much mercy in the hands of hunting party members.

Of course, lack of experience was not a disadvantage when hunting down those who had attacked this forest so far.

Most of the mercenaries hired by slave hunters were mediocre wizards and mediocre mercenaries.

Even if you become a pinnacle expert, you are considered S-class in the mercenary world, and if you reach the transcendent pinnacle, you will receive the highest grade of SSS-class.

The mercenaries hired by slave hunters are only first-class, not even S-class. Experience is not important when dealing with such low-quality creatures.

But not now. Even at the same transcendental level, the levels are greatly divided, but if you have a lot of experience, you can compensate for the shortcomings to some extent.

[You guys are a waste of martial arts skills you have learned.]

Heoju laughed.

Lee Seong-min also sympathized with this. Hunting teams. The level it has reached is quite high, but it is poor in use.

Fast movements, sharp senses, and powerful attacks. Nevertheless, it is full of gaps. The fight was easy.

If you see a gap, just poke it. That’s it. They may have made changes by mixing things up in their own way, but if you look at it from Lee Seong-min’s perspective, the changes they make are only crude.


Lee Seong-min muttered again. As if he was telling me to listen. Internal energy and energy trembled and enveloped Lee Seong-min’s body.

The wolves began to retreat. The hunting team members looked at Lee Seong-min with pale faces. I wanted to retreat. But it couldn’t be done. They were a hunting team in this forest, and they were in a position where they had to kill Lee Seong-min, who had invaded their territory and killed their own people.

You can’t catch it with a chain. Crossbow arrows do not reach. In that case, I have no choice but to attack with my bare body. All hunting team members, including the hunting leader, rushed towards Lee Seong-min.

[Foolish bastards.]

Heo Joo laughed. It was just right. Fighting twelve extreme masters is not an easy experience.

This is my first time fighting like this with my magical power and internal strength properly coordinated. There were many things I wanted to test. Seongmin Lee stretched out his feet forward.

Muyeongtalhon is the only martial art used by Inkshingwang Baeksogo. It was an excellent walking technique that has few rivals, and although it is a good walking technique, dexterity is not everything.

Ilbomuheun is Lee Hyeong-hwanwi of the highest level. Creates an afterimage to fool the opponent’s eyes and avoid attacks.

Ilbomuyeong creates dozens of afterimages. Iboggeopsal explodes energy at the same time as it walks, pouring out energy in the direction it is walking. Libo Yulian disperses the inevitable attacks that invade her body.

The true value of Muyeongtalhon begins with misconceptions. Sambo’s death. One, two, three. Three steps at most. However, when all three steps have been taken, the Sambo Special Attack becomes, as its name suggests, a deadly attack.

Inflate your energy with one step, take control of the surrounding space with two steps, and explode your energy with three steps.

can not avoid. When Lee Seong-min took three steps, two hunting team members were standing near him with their fists outstretched. When your sixth sense warns you that it’s dangerous, you can’t avoid it.


Purple energy swirled around Lee Seong-min. The body of the caught elf decomposes, spattering blood.

He didn’t even swing his spear. The power of the Sambo Special Move was even stronger with the added magical power. eleven. Lee Seong-min stretched out his feet one after another. A meat-eating method that had never been used in reality was introduced.

Four days of madness.

The flow of the river that exploded is distorted. The Four Treasures Madness is completed by taking one step from the Three Treasures.

You can create a storm just by walking. Lee Seong-min became the master of the storm and wielded a powerful storm.

The earth turned over and the air trembled. The three elves caught up died. There were at most seven remaining members of the hunting team.


A scream like a scream rang out.


The wolf was scared, but the tiger was not scared. The huge beast roared and jumped towards Lee Seong-min. The swirling storm of Sabo madness struck the tiger. Of course, the tiger died.

“To the village!”

The hunting leader shouted. It was a shout directed to the surviving members of the hunting team.

Can’t stop it. Even if you sacrifice your life, you will only be exterminated rather than dying together. The hunting team members, who understood the meaning, rushed to attack.

Although it was not possible to call Gwonjon, who maintained the curse, it was to ask Geomjon for help.

Seongmin Lee did not stop the hunting team members from withdrawing their bodies. This was because they thought that Gwonjon or Geomjon would come only if they asked the village for help.

“Aren’t you going?”

Seongmin Lee asked, looking at the hunting leader who was staring at him without moving. The hunting leader did not answer. To begin with, she isn’t very talkative. She looked down at the two daggers in her own hands.

“… … Huh.”

As he took a breath, the hunting leader injected energy into his dagger.

Then the dagger’s blade trembled. The dagger became a gauntlet and wrapped both hands of the hunting leader.

Seongmin Lee stared blankly at the hunting leader who did not rush to attack him.



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strong. It knows. The level of long writing in Old File Room has already reached a ridiculous level.

‘In the past, I thought the old file room was the best.’

If you think about it now, those who boasted about being old-timers and those from prestigious families seemed insignificant.

The hunting leader rushed in first. Seongmin Lee lifted his foot without swinging his spear. In an instant, the Ibo monster that stepped on attacked the hunting group. The hunting leader did not dodge, but put both his hands forward.

It was a strange thing.

The strong waves that hit her were ‘caught’ by both her hands. Then the hunt leader tore in the direction she moved her hand.


Heoju made a surprised sound. Lee Seong-min was also surprised by the phenomenon he was seeing for the first time, but moved his spear to target the digging hunting leader.


Jeomyeongseom, the fastest island in Gucheonmugeukchang, targeted the hunting grounds. The hunting leader quickly moved her right hand and thrust it toward the fate island’s trajectory.

You can pierce it with your hand. Lee Seong-min thought so, but.


It sounded completely different from what I expected.

Although the hunting leader’s body was pushed back by the impact, her hand blocking the death island was not pierced.

[It is a dragon scale.]

Heoju said.

[It reminds me of when this body hunted a dragon. It was quite annoying because it bounced off most attacks with its scales.]

‘Those are dragon scales?’

[Dragon scales are the hardest material in the world. Even you won’t be able to break through easily.]

“The gauntlet.”

Seongmin Lee looked at the hunting leader’s face and opened his mouth.

“It looks good. “Where did you get it?”

The hunting leader did not reply. Lee Seong-min chewed and licked his lips.

Lee Seong-min also has an abundance of dragon scales, bones, and teeth. However, there is no way to process it, so it is stuck in a subspace pocket.

[Suppress him and ask him. Where did you get it?]

‘I think so.’

The window moves. Dozens of separate spears attacked the hunting camp. I was barely able to block it before, but not this time.

That’s because the power applied to the spear I was swinging now was different from before.

He tried to defend himself as much as possible, relying on his sixth sense, but the hunting leader’s body quickly became covered in blood. It is faster to stab a spear than to move a hand.

That is why the distance is not determined. In order to strike, you have to dig in, but the spear that stabs and swings without stopping does not allow you to dig in.

Thanks to the gauntlets made of dragon scales, I was able to protect myself from fatal wounds, but even that would not last long.

Just as a light rain drenches the body, wounds are increasing on the hunting leader’s body. It was just as Lee Sung-min intended.

I planned to first make him tired and unable to move, and then calmly ask him about the gauntlet.

‘It won’t be easy.’

Seongmin Lee clicked his tongue slightly. This does not mean that fighting game wardens is easy.

The window is twisted. The hunting leader was unable to respond to the suddenly twisted trajectory.

But before Lee Seong-min’s spear pierced the hunting leader’s leg. The intangible slash collided with Seongmin Lee’s spear.

“That child is Gwon Jon’s daughter.”

A low voice intervened. Seongmin Lee glanced at the hunting leader’s face and looked in the direction from which the voice was heard.

A man with short-cut brown hair was staring at Lee Sung-min.

“It is difficult for elves to reproduce. Kwon Jondo probably… … I won’t be able to see my children anymore. So I don’t want to let you die.”



Geomzon glanced at the hunting leader.

The hunting leader clenched his fists in humiliation. I didn’t want to lend a human hand to the elf’s problem, but I ended up like this due to my lack of ability.

“Go back to Gwon Jon.”

Geomzon spoke to the hunting leader. She opened her mouth to reply, but before she could express the repulsion she had in mind, a cold murderous intent attacked the hunting leader.

It meant that he would not listen to any objections. The hunting leader stepped back with a white face.

“It’s disturbing.”

Geomzon spat out. Lee Seong-min also no longer paid attention to the hunting leader.

Geomzon slowly began to approach.

“What is your name?”

“Lee Seong-min.”

“Lee Seong-min… … okay. Your nickname was Gwichang. I’ve heard of it. “You were the child who went out to protect Wijihoyeon, right?”

“Are you stronger than Amzon?”

Seongmin Lee suddenly asked. Geomzon shrugged his shoulders.

“Amzone is an excellent drone. “Strong.”

“Rather than you?”

“If we fight with the intention of killing each other, I will probably win by eight-quarters.”

“What about Kwon Jon?”


I heard a story from Wijihoyeon. He said he fought with Gwon Jon for several days, but could not win. And the Geomjon in front of me is confident of Gu Hal’s victory against such a Gwonjon.

In other words, Geomzone. It is stronger than Wijihoyeon, the enemy that fought Gwonjon.

“Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae.”

Seongmin Lee asked while fiddling with the window.

“Do you remember?”

“I remember. “Because he wasn’t a warrior with forgettable skills.”

“How do you remember?”

“It wasn’t a skill you could forget, but it wasn’t something that left a deep impression either.”

Geomzon answered and pulled out the sword attached to his waist.

“It was probably 10 years ago. I didn’t kill him because I thought there was a chance, but even after 10 years, Gwangcheonma has not reached the transcendental level. Come to think of it, when you fought with Amzon, you fought with Gwangcheonma, right? Where is Gwangcheonma?”


Seongmin Lee answered. While listening to the answer and Geomzon’s words. A certain emotion was boiling in Lee Seong-min’s heart.

“okay? In the end, I couldn’t reach the transcendental level. “If I had known that would happen, I would have killed him 10 years ago.”

Geomzon muttered that and glanced down at the sword in his hand.

The boiling emotions intensified.

“Rather… … You are amazing. I heard it from Amzon, but I think you will be able to reach transcendence soon. Normally I would fight you, but I wouldn’t kill you. If there is a possibility of transcendence, it would be a waste to kill him, and he would be allowed to enter the world of heaven. But I don’t think you’ll come into Cheonoecheon.”

“that’s right.”

“Besides, the power you use is questionable. You say you use the power of a yoma? I don’t think the level you have reached was purely due to your efforts. “I don’t think there’s any reason for me to keep you alive.”

“It’s the same with Amzone.”

Seongmin Lee spoke in a low voice.

“Your Sixth High is indeed… … “You’re arrogant.”

“You just deserve it. “I know you’re great, but you haven’t gotten to where I am yet.”

Geomzon raised his sword.

“If you don’t believe me, let me prove it. The possibility that Gwon Jon might die, as mentioned by the psychic, is probably referring to you. “I have no intention of entering Heaven, and I will not show you any mercy as long as you use the power of a demon.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

The self-made machine was operated.

“Let me ask you one last question.”

The power of the Blood Phantom God Demonic Attack wrapped around the spear.

“Do you remember what the martial arts of Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae are?”


Geomzon answered without even thinking.

“Didn’t you tell me? She wasn’t that impressed… … .”

“Blood Phantom God Demon Attack.”

The strong energy surrounding the spear gathered at the tip of the spear.

“It’s a blood ghost demon attack.”

Boiling emotions.

The killing intent rose sharply.


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