Worthless Regression Chapter 188

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[190] Frenzy (7)

This wasn’t the first time I had vomited blood.

The blood that came up from my throat this time was more fishy and disgusting than ever before.

Gwangcheonma realized that death was not far away. By using Jinwonjinki, he gained enough power to overwhelm Chu Seong, but it was a power that was not entirely his own.

“… … What.”

Chuseong, who was helplessly bitten by Gwangcheonma’s onslaught, slowly lowered both arms he had raised to protect his face.

In front of Chuseong, Gwangcheonma stood in a hesitant posture.

Chu-seong couldn’t understand the situation for a moment as he saw Gwangcheon-ma coughing up blood and breathing heavily.

If things had continued like this, Chuseong would have been killed by Gwangcheonma.

“What… … ?”

Chu-seong asked again.

Gwangcheonma could only stare at Chuseong with red bloodshot eyes and could not say anything.

Pain as if the insides were being torn apart. Gwangcheonma’s lips were trembling as she suppressed her screams.

Gwangcheonma’s appearance did not look healthy even to those who did not know the circumstances.

‘no way… … ?’

I always thought it was strange. A power that suddenly becomes explosively stronger. A guy who was nothing special suddenly gained power that could overwhelm him.

It was difficult to think that he was hiding his power. I had overexerted my strength, and now the price has come.

Chu Seong’s face was distorted hideously.

“ha ha ha!”

Chuseong burst out laughing loudly and rushed towards Gwangcheonma.

Gwangcheonma, who was barely able to stand with his legs shaking, quickly raised his strength as he saw Chuseong rushing towards him.

Although it was difficult to move the body due to pain, the inner energy still moved as desired.

The swollen self-defense machine collided with Chu-seong’s fist. The hot flames engulfed the self-defense equipment and pushed Gwangcheonma’s body backwards.

“It was quite a human theme!”

Chu-seong shouted with a happy expression on a topic that almost killed him.

Gwangcheonma barely regained strength in her legs. The body doesn’t move yet.

It felt like all my nerves had been burned.

little bit more. If I had done just a little more, I could have killed Chu-seong. I could have taken revenge on Dercia and the village people.

“ha ha ha!”

Chuseong stretched out his hand toward Gwangcheonma with a big smile. The red-hot flames burned hotter than ever.

A field filled with scorching flames stretched out toward Gwangcheonma. Gwangcheonma opened her eyes wide and saw the figure approaching her own face.

Luvia jumping in was as if someone had stretched out time. It was recognized slowly by Gwangcheonma.

It was the first time Gwangcheonma had seen Rubia’s expression like that. The expressions he knew of Luvia were playful, irritated, sulky, bored, or scared.

It was mostly things like that.

But the current Luvia did not have that kind of expression. Her face looked like she had decided on something.

Gwangcheonma and Luvia’s eyes met.

Luvia opened her mouth and tried to say something, but before her voice could form words, the flames shot out by Chusung attacked Luvia.

It looked like it was attacking.

The moment she touched the flame, Luvia’s body was colored with bright light.

A dazzling light flowed from inside Luvia’s body. It pushed back the flames that were rushing to burn Luvia’s body.

Rubia is an artificial spirit created by Envirus. Envirus created it with the help of the Queen of Spirits before entrusting himself as Cain to Erebrisa.

Although she is a spirit created with the help of the Queen, Rubia is an incomparably weak being compared to other high-level spirits summoned by Envirus.

Various auxiliary magics can be used, but they are not that great.

In the first place, Luvia was not a spirit created for battle. The reason the queen created Rubia was,

It was to have him die instead of Envirus.

‘I’m sorry, master.’

Rubia closed her eyes tightly and spoke to Envirus, who did not know where she was.

The power that the Spirit Queen had implanted in Luvia’s body flowed out of her body.

It became a white wall, blocking Chusheng’s flame. Luvia stopped mid-air and stood in front of the Gwangcheon Demon with her arms wide open.

Gwangcheonma had a blank expression as she watched the flames scattering behind her.

“What on earth… … .”

“I am a horse.”

Luvia opened her mouth.

“I liked traveling with you and Seongmin Lee. At first, according to the master’s orders… … I thought I was just caught up in something annoying. It was fun because it had been over a year. Things I couldn’t do with my master, adventures like that. “Because I ended up doing it with you and Lee Seong-min.”

“What are you doing… … ?”

“Can’t you tell when you see it?”

Luvia said with a smile.

“It’s blocking it.”


The wall of light collapsed.

Luvia’s body fell to the ground. Gwangcheonma had a dazed look on her face as she looked at Rubia, who was lying on the floor, gasping for her breath.

Chuseong was a little embarrassed that the beastman, whom he had not paid any attention to, blocked his attack, but when he saw Luvia lying helplessly on the floor, he laughed as if it was no big deal.

“I guess I could have saved my life for a moment!”

“… … mister… … Run away… … .”

Luvia spoke in a thin voice.

Gwangcheonma stood silently and looked down at Rubia.

Run away. From the beginning, it was an impossible request.



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Even if you run away, you won’t be able to save your life since you’ve dragged Jinwonjingi with you.

“You did something pointless… … .”

Gwangcheonma muttered in a defeated voice. It was Luvia, not Gwangcheonma, who had to run away.

Chusung is approaching.

Move. Gwangcheonma earnestly asked his tingling limbs.

Chu Sheng approached and raised a hand wrapped in flames. First, he planned to kill the beast that suddenly jumped out and then kill Gwangcheonma.

Death is near.

But it’s not dead yet. Chu-seong’s hand extends towards Rubia.

The flame burning in his palm flew towards Luvia.


Gwangcheonma continued to ask his body that did not want to move.

It’s not too late.

My fingertips twitched and trembled.

The tremor spread throughout my body.

The creaky body moves with will alone. The pain that seemed to indicate that death was approaching disappeared.

Gwangcheonma roared and rushed towards Chuseong. When Gwangcheonma, who Chuseong thought had completely exhausted his strength, jumped in again, he was greatly embarrassed and shot out a firework.

Gwangcheonma jumped into the flame without stopping.

The hot flame burns the body. The desire to kill Chu-seong was greater than the excruciating pain it caused.

Revenge was no longer the only thing involved in killing Chuseong.

If Gwangcheonma dies here, Chuseong will kill Rubia as well. Gwangcheonma did not want that.

“You damn bastard!”

Chuseong shouted at Gwangcheonma, whose entire body was covered in flames.

Gwangcheonma ignored the shout and swung his fist.


Chuseong’s head, having been hit, jerked to the side. In the meantime, Chuseong waved his hand and grabbed Gwangcheonma’s shoulder.

Even though it felt like his entire left arm was torn off, Gwangcheonma did not stop.

Instead, his outstretched right hand grabbed Chu Seong’s neck.


I feel short of breath.

Chuseong struggled against the pressure coming from his neck and tried to shake off the light bulb.

Even though Gwangcheonma’s entire body was consumed by flames, she did not relax the strength she had given to her hands.

Gwangcheonma, with its red eyes flashing in the flames, seemed to Chu Seong more like a demon than a monster.

“this… … This guy… … !”


Chuseong’s hand crushed Gwangcheonma’s shoulder. Gwangcheonma ignored his left arm and lifted his knee and kicked Chuseong in the stomach.

Chu Seong’s body broke with a loud bang. Blood spurted from Chuseong’s mouth.

“that… … only… … !”


Gwangcheonma muttered amidst the flames burning her entire body.

“When the villagers told you to stop. “Did you quit?”

Those were the last words Chu-seong heard.


Gwangcheonma’s hand completely broke Chuseong’s neck vertebrae. The light disappeared from Chusheng’s eyes.

However, the amazing vitality of the Great Yokai does not lead to death even if the neck bone is broken.

Gwangcheonma let go of Chuseong’s broken neck and stuck his fingertips into Chuseong’s chest.


Chuseong’s steel-like skin was pierced by Gwangcheonma’s hands.

Gwangcheonma held Chuseong’s heart, which was still fluttering, tightly and, with great force, burst it.


The flames on Gwangcheonma’s body dispersed. Chuseong opened his mouth wide and let out a long, drawn-out scream.

Chuseong’s body, which was shaking and shaking, turned into ashes and began to disperse. Gwangcheonma stumbled and sat down on the spot.

The flames were extinguished, but his body was so burned that it would have been better to die.

This is the end.

Dercia took revenge on the villagers. I also protected Luvia.

Gwangcheonma looked back at Luvia with helpless eyes. Rubia, who was lying on the floor, lifted her helpless head.

“mister… … .”


Gwangcheonma tried to smile, but his face, completely burned by the flames, did not produce the smile he expected.

It wasn’t that there were no regrets. to be honest… … I had some expectations.

If you fight Chu-seong while using the True Won Jin-gi, wouldn’t you gain enlightenment toward the realm of transcendence at that moment? That was the expectation.

Expectations were just expectations. In the end, even at the last moment, the enlightenment leading to transcendence did not come.

Does that mean I’m not qualified? Gwangcheonma chuckled.

Lee Seong-min’s face came to mind. It would have been nice if he could have said hello and left.

Well, there’s no need for that. If there was any insight I gained in my later years, I would pass it on to you… … There is no such thing.

“… … mister?”

Luvia called out to the Gwangcheonma in a weak voice. Gwangcheonma was slowly closing her eyes.

The epicenter is turned off. Luvia didn’t know what was happening in Gwangcheonma’s body, but she knew that Gwangcheonma was dying.

“Ah, man… … mister?!”

Luvia barely tried to get up and screamed the name of the Light Heavenly Demon.

Gwangcheonma did not answer. Luvia quickly tried to reach the Gwangcheon Demon, but her end was near.

“… … ah… … ?!”

With a panicked sound, Luvia’s body became particles and began to disperse. As Envirus moved to the spirit world, Rubia, who was connected to him, also began to be summoned to the spirit world.

Luvia screamed as she looked down at her hands and feet scattering.

“Please, please, master! wait for a sec… … !”

Luvia screamed, but the summoning did not stop. Soon after, Rubia’s body completely disappeared.

Gwangcheonma watched Rubia disappear with barely visible eyes. Where did it go? Those questions did not last long.

“I am indeed.”

Gwangcheonma heard such a voice in his fading consciousness. It was a voice I had heard before. Gwangcheonma barely opened her eyes and looked in the direction where her voice was heard.

Frau was standing there with an annoyed face.

She approached Gwangcheonma.

Gwangcheonma opened his mouth to say something to Frau, but Frau shook his head from side to side and spoke.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Not only did I burn my vitality, I also received the flame of Chu Seong with my whole body… … It’s a good thing you didn’t die. No, even if he did, he would die soon.”

Frau grumbled and lightly waved his hand under his wide sleeve.

Then dozens of amulets were placed in Frau’s hands. Frau threw her amulet as if spraying it roughly, and the amulet she threw circled around the mineral horse with a steady movement.

“Yana said so. “If anything happens to this city while I’m away, please help me however you can.”

I deliberately did not intervene in what happened in the central square. Although loyalty to Yana was important to him, he did not think it was worth taking that level of risk.

However, this was something that Frau could solve, and it fit the ‘as long as it can be done’ that Yana had mentioned.

But I couldn’t go out.

Gwangcheonma risked his life to fight with Chuseong, but it was not an atmosphere suitable for intervention.

But it’s okay now. The fight is over, and Chuseong is dead. And soon Gwangcheonma will die too.

“Because I did the annoying work for you.”

Frau muttered that and signed his hand.

“I’ll give you some time to say your final goodbyes.”

Even as the great shaman Frau, it is impossible to revive a dying human by burning off all his vitality.

That is impossible no matter what therapist comes. But it can be delayed. A transparent barrier wrapped around the body of the Gwangcheon Demon.

“Still, shouldn’t I say goodbye and leave?”

Frau muttered with a bitter smile.


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