Worthless Regression Chapter 187

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[189] Frenzy (6)

I was able to admit it.

I don’t know why that guy is attacking me, but I know he has skills that are rare among humans.

Well, since it has that much strength, it must have had the guts to attack the great youkai.

Yes, it was okay. Chusheng’s power was nothing compared to that of any great youkai.

Therefore, Chu Sheng had no choice but to laugh. Although he acknowledges the power of Gwangcheonma, he knows that its power is not enough to do anything to him.

In fact, Gwangcheonma knew it well.

It was difficult for him to pierce Chuseong’s flames with the blood ghost magic attack he had mastered, and even if he managed to pierce it and hit his body, it could not pierce Chuseong’s steel-like body.

Even though various techniques were used, they were unable to inflict any significant damage on Chuseong.

As the battle continued, Gwangcheonma became more tired.

Can I do it? I can’t.

Every time Gwangcheonma started to think like that, she thought of Delsia.

How did Dercia die? How did the other villagers die? He probably died a painful death. My body was burning in the flames, and I was screaming.

My discouraged heart grows stronger again. Chuseong chuckled as he looked at Gwangcheonma, who was wearing self-defense gear all over her body again.

“What is the reason you attack me like this?”

Chu-seong asked that question because he was really curious.

In the burning fire of self-defense, Gwangcheonma’s eyes were stained red. He spoke in a voice full of passion.

“It was a few years ago. “I don’t know if you remember.”

“What happened?”

“Near this city… … There were people who lived in the forest. “I don’t know why, but you attacked those people and slaughtered them indiscriminately.”

“Things like that are so common that I don’t really remember them.”

“You met Yana in the forest, and you ran away because you were afraid of Yana.”

Chu Seong’s face became cold at those words. Massacre was something that was common, but if Yana got involved in it. There is only one.

“okay. “I remember.”

Chu-seong suddenly gritted his teeth.

“I heard there was a strange tribe. A tribe that is human yet wields magical powers. It was a rumor that started going around, but most youkai didn’t care. But this old man was different. Humans control magical powers? That’s ridiculous. So I went to check.”

To Chuseong, it was an insignificant event. It was just a light outing, no different from usual.

“The rumor was true. Looking at them… … She didn’t like it. So I killed him! Well, I don’t know why that damn bitch suddenly appeared. So, are you a survivor of that village?”


There wasn’t any great reason.

The villagers died because a rumor spread by chance.

Because it reached Chuseong’s ears, and Chuseong moved before the other monsters.

That was it.

“No? Then what is it? “Why are you attacking me?”

“I was friendly with the villagers you killed.”


At Gwangcheonma’s answer, Chu-seong threw back his head and burst into loud laughter.

“Is that all there is to it? Friendship, you want to die because of it? “I really don’t understand things like humans!”

Laugh as much as you want.

Gwangcheonma thought while glaring at Chuseong.

Regardless of whether it was possible or not, Gwangcheonma’s murderous intent and desire for revenge towards Chuseong were true, so he rushed towards Chuseong without hesitation.

Chuseong laughed again at that reckless attack. You idiot. Chuseong muttered like that and waved his hand.


A wave of red-hot flames hit Gwangcheonma. Gwangcheonma did not dodge and struck the flame with a single strike.


From the beginning, the Blood Hwanshin Demonic Attack was in full swing. When a strong field of fire ignited the flames, they flew out in all directions.

Just throwing out flames is not enough to stop the Gwangcheon Demon.

Gwangcheonma did not slow down his running speed at all, but raised his double sword and made a chuseong.

Jangbeop and Kang Ki explode from close range and attack Chu Seong.

However, even though it shook the flame and hit Chuseong’s body, it did not cause pain to Chuseong.

Chuseong laughed and swung his wide open hand, trying to hit Gwangcheonma’s head.

If you get hit, you die. Gwangcheonma gritted her teeth and twisted her waist.

The trace of Chu-seong’s hand turned red and burned with flames.

Gwangcheonma’s self-defense strength and Chuseong’s flame collide.

It is not a simple flame, but a flame of magical power. Just colliding shakes the inside of Gwangcheonma’s body.

I’m crying and blood is rushing out of my throat. Gwangcheonma swallowed the blood back, clenched both her hands into fists, and struck Chuseong’s chest with all her might.

“ha ha ha!”

Even though he was hit hard, Chu-seong laughed. The fist that Gwangcheonma threw with all his might was as light as a cotton bat to Chuseong.

Chuseong has been the second-in-command in Eorumuri for a long time.

The strength of such Chu Seong was comparable to that of a master of the Transcendental Realm.


There are two masters of transcendental realms that Gwangcheonma has personally experienced so far.

All of them were the six lords of Cheon-o-cheon, the Geom-jon and the Dark-jon.

To Gwangcheonma, Chuseong’s strength felt like the ideal of the Amzone.

In fact, when Gwangcheon Demon and Lee Seong-min fought against Amzon, Amzon was not giving his all, so if you compare their actual strength, it would be difficult to say which one is superior.

But one thing was certain.

Chuseong is weaker than Geomzon.



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Gwangcheonma fought Geomzon 10 years ago and suffered an overwhelming and crushing defeat.

If Geomzon had not shown mercy, Gwangcheonma would have lost his life to Geomzon’s sword that day.

10 years after that. Gwangcheonma spent 10 years waiting for the day to fight Geomzon again, but he has not yet reached the realm of transcendence.

Even so, I could tell who was better. Chuseong is weaker than Geomzon. Is that Moore important?


Chuseong’s kick shook Gwangcheonma’s self-defense strength.

There is little finesse in Chuseong’s attacks. Incredibly strong strength and terrible heat are all that make up Chu Seong’s strength.

However, because the difference in power was so large, it was difficult for Gwangcheonma to handle Chuseong’s attacks with less skill.

‘Even if you’re weaker than Geomzon, you’re stronger than me.’

Gwangcheonma’s body rolls around on the ground. His left arm was stiff. He wasn’t trying to get hit… … I got hit.

I was resentful of the past 10 years, which were mostly spent in madness.

If I devoted myself to martial arts for 10 years, would I have been able to reach transcendence?

No, it’s ridiculous to even think like that. I got madness because I met Delsia.

Gwangcheonma did not want to deny meeting Dersia. Even if it was a very brief meeting that happened 10 years ago.

My left arm hurts. Is it broken? It’s not a good thing.

There was no time to drink elixir. Chu-seong took a big leap and slashed his flame-covered foot towards Gwangcheonma.

It wasn’t a matter of saving face, and Gwangcheonma was a great man who didn’t care about such things in the first place.

Without hesitation, he rolled his body to the side to avoid Chu Sheng’s feet.

“It looks like a bug!”

Chu-seong bursts into laughter.

After rolling a few times, Gwangcheonma got up and touched his left arm with his right hand.

Fortunately, no bones were broken. Although it is painful, there is no difficulty in moving the arm. Gwangcheonma felt relieved about him.

I decided to make a choice. Even if he fights like this, he will not be able to defeat Chu Seong. At the moment of life or death, you gain enlightenment… … Although they say so.

Gwangcheonma knew very well that just because one earnestly desires enlightenment, it is not something that can be obtained unconditionally at the moment of death.

That’s why Gwangcheonma was so surprised when he saw Lee Seong-min.

Because successively gaining enlightenment at the moment of death was something close to a miracle.

I couldn’t rely on things like enlightenment. Gwangcheonma was already picturing his own death.

Therefore, remembering the choices and choosing one became an easy task for Gwangcheonma.

If you are a martial artist who has learned the Neigongsim method, opened the Danjeon, and built up inner energy within it.

Everyone has something precious at the bottom of their dantian.

That is Jinwonjingi.

This is the essence of the inner strength that the martial artist has accumulated so far and the vitality itself.

If you lose it, you lose your life, and if it is damaged, your lifespan is shortened.

Gwangcheonma pulled it up without hesitation. The self-defense flag wrapped around Gwangcheonma’s body fluttered loudly.

Vitality becomes strength.

The internal skills that Gwangcheonma has accumulated throughout his life, and the blood-hwanshinmagong that he has trained his entire life. Gwangcheonma shined brighter and more powerfully than at any other moment it had ever seen.

“What did you do?”

Chu Sung did not understand.

Gwangcheonma did not answer that question. I never imagined that I would use Jinwonjingi in a situation like this.

Someday, if the day comes to use the Jinwonjingi… … I had thought it would be a fight with Geomzon.

It wasn’t something I regretted. Rather, I felt at ease.

I will do my best to take revenge. Either succeed or fail.

Either way, Gwangcheonma will die. Of course, Gwangcheonma planned to succeed.

I planned to die with Chu Seong.

Although he knew that something had changed, Chu-seong did not understand what on earth had changed.

He blinked as he looked at the Gwangcheonma with red covering its entire body.

Chuseong tilted his head when he saw Gwangcheonma’s calm face, and opened his mouth to ask again.

Before your voice comes out of your mouth. Gwangcheonma was narrowing the distance to Chuseong.

All the martial arts he had learned were unfolding more powerfully than ever before as he received the True Wonjin Qi.

Chuseong opened his mouth even wider as he saw Gwangcheonma approaching right in front of him, and the sword extended by Gwangcheonma hit Chuseong’s chest.


There was a heavy sound different from before.

Chuseong gasped and swallowed the wind. The heavy blow shook Chuseong’s heart.

Gwangcheonma swung his fist at Chuseong’s face, who staggered back.

Chu Seong could not respond.


Chuseong’s head jerked to the side. I wanted to smash his head in one blow, but I guess that was just greed.

Still, it was a powerful attack, and it was enough to break Chu Seong’s spirit, at least temporarily.

Gwangcheonma’s face was peaceful as she glanced at Chuseong’s helpless eyes. There is still a long way to go.

The power gained by burning life is still far from being extinguished.


The tension fired by the Gwangcheonma in succession pounded Chuseong’s body. Chuseong’s large figure rose into the air.

Chu-seong opened his eyes in pain as if his whole body was being shattered.


Anger came before pain. Chuseong jerked and turned his body in the air, contorting his face.

The first thing Chu-seong saw was the sight of Gwangcheonma facing this way with both hands raised.

Blood fever. Gwangcheonma licked her lips. The secret intention of the Blood Phantom Demon God was revealed.

The red river that surged from under Gwangcheonma’s feet rippled loudly and surged in all directions.

Soon, a huge whirlpool was created around him.

The swirling storm of red energy shook Chuseong’s body. Gwangcheonma raised his hand a little higher.

Chu Seong distorted his face and opened his mouth wide. A bright light flashed from inside the wide open mouth.

With a harsh roar, red flames poured out from Chu Seong’s mouth.

The flames poured in a straight line from Gwangcheonma’s head and threatened to engulf Gwangcheonma’s body.

theretofore. Gwangcheonma clenched his open hand into a fist.

The blood rage explodes.

Chu-seong’s body, caught up in the storm of scattering energy, soared high like a kite with a broken string, and the flames he spewed out could not reach Gwangcheon-ma’s body.

Gwangcheonma let out a rough breath and lowered her raised hand.


Chu-seong’s body fell to the floor and shook the ground. Gwangcheonma looked back as if showing pride.

Luvia was looking at Gwangcheonma with a blank expression.

Gwangcheonma smiled at Luvia and then turned her head to look at Chusung again.

Gwangcheonma lifted his slightly heavier feet and approached Chuseong.

Chuseong, buried deep in the ground, was a miserable sight.

The iron armor covering his entire body was torn to shreds by the blood phantom storm, and red blood was flowing through the cracks.

Gwangcheonma approached Chuseong without letting go of his nerves.

Chuseong’s eyes, which had been closed, opened brightly.


Chuseong stood up with an angry shout, and Gwangcheonma rushed towards Chuseong as if he had been waiting.

Even in a state of half-consciousness due to intense pain, Chuseong took action to kill Gwangcheonma.

His armor quickly regenerated, and the hand that Chu Seong swung attacked Gwangcheonma with red flames.

There is still no finesse in the attack. The monster’s strong body and magical power made skill unnecessary, but in this situation, what Chuseong desperately needed was none other than skill.

In a situation where the power is the same, the one who is more skilled in technique is bound to have the upper hand.

Chu Seong also knew that fact. Even with his knowledge, there was no way he could have done it.

however. The situation was by no means bad for Chuseong.


Blood spurted from Gwangcheonma’s mouth.

The end was approaching.


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