Worthless Regression Chapter 180

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[182] Riot (8)


A vibration rang out not far away.

Seongmin Lee stopped walking and looked ahead.

It was a clash of heterogeneous energies that Lee Seong-min felt, but none of the colliding forces felt so strong that Lee Seong-min could not easily deal with them.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be surprised by that. The person fighting in front of me was probably Envirus, but the power I felt made me feel like I was a completely different person from the Envirus who was by my side earlier.

‘Were you hiding it?’

Even though Lee Seong-min felt strange, he started walking again.

This is because I thought the priority was to help Envirus and end what was happening here.

But Lee Seong-min’s steps soon stopped again.

It was because of the man in black robes who blocked the road.

Kim Jong-hyun was feeling deeply moved.

This must be fate, he truly thought.

It was the same in the north too. Kim Jong-hyun felt destiny when he met Lee Sung-min.

Lee Seong-min’s strong power of destiny is directly protected by the Apostle of the End.

In that case, it may also be fate that Kim Jong-hyun and Lee Sung-min met now.

We met in Behenger, we met when we were chasing the sword demon, and we also met in northern Travia.

And now too.

With that, it became clear that Kim Jong-hyun in his past life was moving in a different direction from the current Kim Jong-hyun.

Kim Jonghyun thought so. Kim Jong-hyun doesn’t know what Lee Sung-min’s past life was like there.

I don’t even know what it was like there.

However, meeting Lee Sung-min made Kim Jong-hyun happy that he was moving in a different direction from his previous life.

“… … who?”

Seongmin Lee asked without letting his guard down. Kim Jong-hyun lowered the hood of his robe deeply.

I honestly felt like I wanted to say hello to our reunion after such a long time, but I didn’t want to mess things up by doing something unnecessary.

At least for this moment, I have to ignore Lee Seong-min and hide my identity.


Kim Jong-hyun was impressed by the power he felt from Lee Sung-min.

He was new every time I met him. They meet every few years, but each time, Lee Sung-min becomes much stronger than before.

The limits of the Noh class have already been surpassed.

Among martial arts people who have genius talent and learned martial arts since childhood, or magicians who have received similar talent and support, it is rare for those who have reached the level of Lee Seong-min.

Maybe things are at a standstill right now, but even if that were the case, there wouldn’t be many of those who have surfaced in the current world who can take down Lee Seong-min.

Kim Jonghyun smiled.

“You cannot pass by here.”

The voice coming from inside the hood was murky and mixed with noise, so I couldn’t tell its gender.

Kim Jong-hyun raised his hand as he saw Lee Sung-min’s face twitch.

A head-to-head competition is not possible. It is said that Kim Jong-hyun uses the power of the devil himself, but even so, Kim Jong-hyun is still human.

To be honest, even if Kim Jong-hyun used all his strength, he didn’t have the confidence to win a fight with Lee Sung-min.

So avoid fighting. In the first place, Kim Jong-hyun’s role was to block those who interfere with Arbes’ magic.

We have prepared for that. I had something to aim for, so I let Envirus pass by, but if I sent Lee Seong-min as well, it would have gone completely wrong.

When an unknown magician tried to make a seal, Lee Seong-min did not wait and rushed towards Kim Jong-hyun.

aimed for that In the first place, the prisoner itself is a fake.

Raising one’s hand to make a sign. That was the intention of Lee Seong-min’s approach.


Black light flashed.

Seongmin Lee was startled by the black flash that covered his vision and raised his window. A movement that naturally connects to an attack.

Seongmin Lee felt that it was ‘stretching’. It felt as if someone had pulled time apart.

Wow… … .

A black world unfolded.

Seongmin Lee stopped extending his spear and looked around. The pitch-black world seemed endless.

I don’t feel anything. It felt like my entire senses were blocked.

A feeling of discomfort, different from the training he had experienced on Mt. Si’s mountain, weighed on Lee Seong-min’s consciousness.

Kim Jonghyun took a deep breath. The black space he created is a temporary sealing barrier.

Kim Jonghyun pressed his temples while feeling mildly dizzy.

Although it is temporary, its level as a sealing barrier is very high.

The problem is that just as Kim Jong-hyun can’t do anything inside, Kim Jong-hyun can’t do anything about Lee Sung-min who is trapped inside.

It doesn’t matter. Because the purpose is to waste time.

Moreover, even if Kim Jong-hyun said he could kill Lee Sung-min, he had no desire to kill him.

‘Three hours at most… … No, maybe even shorter than that.’

Kim Jong-hyun also knows about the strange and destructive power that Lee Sung-min wielded.

But that’s enough.

Kim Jonghyun turned around. He could not afford to waste any more time, as he had blocked Lee Seong-min’s menacing advance.

Kim Jong-hyun floated his body and headed to the central square where Arbes and Envirus were clashing.

* * *

Arbes opened Blink and escaped the space.

A little later, Envirus’ magic crushed space.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fight like this where I felt an existential threat.



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After becoming a lich and then an arch lich, Arbes has always stood in the position of absolute power.

This is because there was no need to fight with the other stars of the Predator and there was no need to fight with the Six Exalted Ones of the Heaven and Earth.

That’s why the current fight was very enjoyable.

However, it is not just about feeling joy. There is also nervousness.

Arbes glanced toward the magic circle. The magic circle that had begun to operate was steadily taking in the magic power of the land.

‘Frescan’s presence has disappeared. It looks like the spirit body has died. Stupid bastard… … !’

My current feeling was that I wanted to lend a hand like a rat.

Envirus was that strong. In terms of ‘magic’, the realm reached by Envirus is higher than that of Arbes.

Arbes felt a little humiliated by that. Arbes, who opened his blinks one after another, rose high in the air and made a series of hand signs.

Blinking continuously was extremely dangerous, but this did not apply to Arbes.


Dozens of flame balls were created around Arbes.

Hellfire was considered the strongest among flame-type magic, but Arbes used it as easily as a fireball.

‘The level is higher than before.’

Envirus raised both arms. While Envirus was losing his ability as Cain, Arbes continued to focus on his magic.

Envirus clicked his tongue slightly. The letters engraved on both arms flicker, creating sentences for magic.

Damn it!

Dozens of layers of defensive walls are built to block the pouring downpour of hellfire. There was an explosion sound as it collided, and the ground melted in the terrible heat.

Envirus glanced towards the magic circle. It would have to be destroyed, but Arbes did not give us the time to do so.

Arbes makes the seals one after another.

Envirus’ feet cracked and cracked. The ground became the maw of a huge monster.

Sharp fangs and poisonous breath emerge from the wide open mouth.

Transparent air bubbles cover Envirus’ head. After gaining freedom to breathe, Envirus waved his arms.

The monster’s entire mouth is frozen.

Envirus flew high to where Arbes was and spread both hands wide.


The sound of thunder was heard in Envirus’s hands, and a dazzling white flash rushed towards Arbes.

Arbes quickly deployed a defensive barrier, but Envirus’ magic was not something that could be easily blocked with a defensive barrier.


The defensive barrier was pierced, and the flash of light that penetrated him turned Arbes’ left arm into dust.


There is no pain. Even though he is an arch lich, he is ultimately a lich.

The body Arbes has now is nothing more than a doll made in the shape of a human.

Even if this body is destroyed, Arbes will not die. But the loss of his body made Arbes angry.

Envirus rushed towards Arbes, who was staggering in the air.

The letters engraved on both arms wriggled, and Envirus’ arms were filled with blue light.

Arbes quickly deployed Blink and escaped the space before Envirus’ attack completely destroyed his body.

One-on-one magic combat is difficult. Although Arbes was humiliated, he admitted it.

In that case, you have no choice but to continue fighting in earnest.

Arbes held the wound on his left arm that was not bleeding.


After rebuilding his arm, Arbes licked his lips.

As the chanting began, an ominous darkness swirled around Arbes.

The demon king with whom Arbes had contracted, the rotten power of death covered Arbes’ whole body.

The magic of Arbes, which could not be unleashed when the magic power of the land was drawn, began.

Darkness swirls. Inside, a mixture of unpleasant screams, sobs, and groaning sounds of death resound.

Inside, the dead rose up with the sound of creaking bones.

The ghosts that Arbes had taken for hundreds of years took shape and became soldiers of the dead.

Arbes’ specialty is necromancy magic. He was a necromancer who had reached the highest level in the world.

‘If Volander had been there, it would have been a mess… … !’

Arbes gritted his teeth as he remembered the leader of the Death Knights.

Unlike other humans, Death Knights are undead who have not ascended to heaven.

That’s why Bolander really hated the necromancer Arbes.

Envirus’ face distorted as he looked at the soldiers of the dead who had risen.

Necromancy magic is the most criticized of all magic.

This is because it inevitably becomes entangled with a corpse, and it is a magic that goes against logic and providence.

The dead that Arbes raised were different from ordinary ghouls or skeletons.

They just turned the body into a chimera and stuffed the soul of the dead into it.

Therefore, it is rather powerful. This is because, unlike the chimeras who could not use their brains even if they were inserted into them, the chimeras that used the souls of the dead knew how to think for themselves.

Chimeras with wings flew towards Envirus in the air.

I don’t feel threatened by it. That’s because it wasn’t enough to stop Chimera and Envirus.

Envirus waved his hand without hesitation. Then the flying chimeras were crushed in the air.

But as they were crushed, they spewed out black poisonous smoke.

The poisonous dance they emitted turned into a wave following Arbes’ hand gesture and hit Envirus.

Arbes made a hand sign as he watched the poisonous dance engulf Envirus.

I didn’t even think that poison could be prevented. In the end, it’s just a waste of time.


The poisonous dance that enveloped Envirus caused a large explosion.

Arbes prepared his magic before the explosion sound disappeared.

It is a great magic that cannot be used with the magic of the land, and only Arbes can use it among all the wizards in this world.

In the explosion, Envirus felt a fatal ominous feeling.

Extinction magic.

No matter how great a wizard he is, he cannot resist the annihilation magic that directly attacks the soul.

Two black hands rose from behind Arbes.

It is the hand of death that extinguishes the soul of what it holds.

Arbes concentrated his mind and shot both hands towards Envirus. His outstretched arms plunged into the blast.


A huge wind completely pushed away Dokmu’s explosion.

Just as Arbes used the magic of annihilation, Envirus also used his own organs rather than chanting.

The wind that pushed away the poison cloud takes shape. It was the appearance of a man with massive muscles.

“government ordinance!”

Arbes gritted his teeth and spat out.

The wind spirit that took shape exuded a sense of intimidation that was different from that of lowly sylphs.

[Is it Cain?]

The wind spirit asked Envirus.

Envirus slowly nodded his head. Then the wind spirit laughed.

[The queen must be sad… … .]


Envirus spoke in a low voice. Even with soul annihilation magic, the spirit soul cannot be destroyed.

Therefore, the wind spirit summoned by Envirus spread its arms and created a large wind.

Kim Jong-hyun had already arrived at the square. He cowered quietly, hiding the attention of Arbes and Envirus.


It wasn’t time yet.


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