Worthless Regression Chapter 176

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[178] Riot (4)

“You are an asshole.”

It was a direct statement.

“He’s not just an asshole. He’s such a f*cking idiot. How did he learn magic and become a lich with a head like that? “I just don’t understand.”

It’s a word that pierces deeply.

Freskan suppressed the urge to retort and erased dozens of personal insults that had come to mind.

“yes. you’re right.”

I end up bowing my head like that and giving a different answer than what I wanted to give.

It was a humiliating feeling, but being next to Frescan was not someone you should treat with impulsive emotions of the moment.

Even though Freskan is a lich who keeps the Life Force vessel hidden away and is far from death, the being next to Freskan is a powerful being who can destroy Freskan regardless of the location of the Life Force vessel. It was.


The black star atop the Predator. Among them, the pinnacle of lichs is the Arch Lich.

He had already made a name for himself as an archmage hundreds of years ago, and after becoming a lich, he gained a terrible notoriety that was different from the reputation he earned as an archmage.

A two-faced sage. This is the nickname given to Arbes after he became a lich.

When Arbes, who was at the top of the wizard’s guild hundreds of years ago, suddenly appeared as a lich.

Everyone was astonished.

This was because it was newly revealed after Arbes became a lich that he had been practicing all kinds of terrible black magic, including human experimentation, since he was in the wizard’s guild.

Preskan was also a lich who had lived for a long time, but he was nothing compared to Arbes.

The magic area reached is different.

As a wizard, Frescan had pure reverence for Arbes. Even though I know that Arbes himself has a temperamental personality.

“But. “The secret wish you were pursuing and this artificial life that embodies it are wonderful.”

When someone called him an idiot, Arbes said that in a kind tone, as if he had never done anything like that before.

Frescan couldn’t help but feel complicated at those words. Satisfaction at being recognized by a great and old archmage.

A sense of loss and anger at having been robbed of something he had devoted his entire life to creating.

“Your stupidity for not trying to control it properly after making it as good as possible is laughable.”

Arbes chuckled.

Even though he was a lich, he didn’t look like a lich.

Arbes, who had the appearance of a sturdy young man, clearly contrasted with Frescan, whose body was covered in pitch-black smoke.

“it is not so? Playing house is good, but if you make it, you should definitely use it. There is nothing good to be gained from letting it run wild. “This is advice I’m giving you, so take heed of it.”

Arbes said that and looked back.

Aine was standing there silently. There was no trace of emotion on his face, and his eyes looked calm and sunken.

Arbes looked at Aine with a happy face.

“A tool should be a tool.”

Arbes spoke as if admonishing. Preskan only half-bowed his head and did not reply.

After creating Aine, Freskan did not try to control her greatly.

I had plenty of means to control it if I wanted to, but I didn’t bother to do it.

No matter what the method was, Preskan truly regarded Aine like his own child.

To be honest, Aine was not a good daughter. Likewise, Preskan was not a good father.

Nonetheless, Preskan was satisfied with the relationship.

Although she showed dissatisfaction, Aine always followed Frescan’s words, and Prescan believed that as this continued, a bond like father and daughter would be born.

But those expectations are over. Frescan, who was captured by Zeniella in the north, was forced to join the Predator, and was naturally connected to the Arch Lich, Arbes.

Jennyella did not show much interest in Aine, but Arbes did not.

Arbes figured out what kind of person Aine was at a glance, and robbed her without Frescan’s consent.

Aine, imprinted with obedience, became Arbes’ faithful servant.

Preskan was unable to properly express his dissatisfaction with it.

Because damn Arbes was truly a being who could destroy Frescan whenever he wanted.

“… … hmm?”

Arbes’ expression suddenly hardened as he was inspecting the magic circle in the central square.

He raised his bent body and frowned.

“Two rats broke through the barrier. Kim Jonghyun, you bastard. “You can’t even handle your work properly.”

Arbes muttered that and clicked his tongue.

The original plan was for Arbes and Frescan to carve a magic circle in the central square and activate it, and for Kim Jong-hyun to provoke Chu-seong and cause confusion.

However, two unplanned rats intervened.

“no way… … What is Yana?”

“The nine-tailed fox left this city. It will take 15 days to return. Even if it realizes that something happened in Eoreumuri, the nine-tailed fox cannot return to Eoreomuri. “If he doesn’t contact the demon spirit, he will lose all his powers as a nine-tailed fox.”

Arbes spoke with confidence.

Yana, who pulled out the Red Demon’s heart, was a great youkai that even Arbes could not handle.

However, it is also impossible to go to the Magic Pavilion and catch Yana, who has lost her powers. Demonyeongjeong was a forbidden and sacred place that even Arbes, an Acrich, could not invade.

“It’s becoming a nuisance.”

Arbes looked down at the magic circle and muttered. The magic circle is not yet complete.

If it was ‘really’ a rat that broke in as he said, it wouldn’t be a big problem, but if it was able to break through the barrier that Arbes had set up and come in, it was actually far beyond the level of a rat.

“… … “What are you going to do?”

Frescan asked cautiously. Arbes answered those words without any hesitation.

“You go and take your time.”

I didn’t tell you to kill me. Because it was impossible to say the least.

At those words, the black fog that formed Frescan’s body twitched and trembled.

“The magic circle is still unfinished. “It’s something so high that someone like you can’t handle it, so I can’t go.”



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“But on my own… … .”

“Did I tell you to go and die? I told him to take some time. “I hid the Life Force vessel anyway, so it won’t fall, right?”

“but… … .”

“It gets more annoying when the rats come closer while I’m chattering.”

After Arbes said that, he said no more to Frescan. It was an unspoken pressure to turn off on its own and do what was told.

Preskan, who hesitated, glanced at Aine’s face. However, Aine did not give Preskan a single glance.

The imprint of obedience engraved by Arbes was that strong. In the end, Prescan could not resist and left the square.

“You’re such an asshole.”

Arbes muttered. He started working on completing the magic circle again.

The magic circle carved in the central plaza brings together the magical powers of the entire city.

The reason why Kim Jong-hyun incited Chu-seong and caused him to go on a rampage in this city was to spread various fears through the disturbance. The work was progressing smoothly.

“You’ll be eating something delicious soon.”

Arbes laughed and muttered.

Those words were directed at Aine, who was standing behind him.

Aine, who was imprinted with obedience, did not respond and just stood there silently.

The power of the entire city. It was a power so great that even Arbes could not dare to handle it.

In the first place, witch power is a power that cannot be controlled unless you are a monster.

But with Aine, it’s a different story. Aine, whose body is centered around a black heart, can immediately absorb any magical energy or anything else and apply it to her body.

The magic circle that Arbes was drawing was not for Arbes but for Aine.

Right now.

“Maybe this will turn you into a genocidal predator.”

There was joy in Arbes’ voice.

“I hope so. I really hope so. “If you become a genocidal predator, then I become a genocidal predator.”

The preparations have already been completed. If the magical power gathered from the entire city is guided to Aine and it successfully settles in Aine.

Arbes immediately planned to exchange bodies with Aine through soul exchange magic.

If that happens, everything will be smooth. It possesses the entire memory of the enormous mana and magic bound to this soul, possesses magical power, and possesses that body that controls everything it eats.

Arbes believed that through this, he could be reborn as the King of Predators who had never appeared before, the Slaughter Predator.

* * *

The number of ghouls that burst out of the house door was countless.

When they were alive, they would have been divided into humans and monsters, but now there is no such distinction.

Ghoul. It was just a ghoul.

They were already dead and had become moving corpses, making unpleasant noises and waving their arms and legs as they attacked Lee Seong-min and Envirus.

Seongmin Lee started breathing without panicking. He intentionally raised his strength instead of his own, and Heo Ju kept pace with Lee Seong-min even though he did not say anything.

Red-hot magical power enveloped Lee Seong-min’s spear. Seongmin Lee held his breath and shot his spear forward wide.


The spear filled with magical power swept away dozens of charging ghouls.

There was nothing left where the spirit passed by.

Seongmin Lee was a little surprised by the power, which was higher than he expected.

In fact, this level of power was easily possible with his own attack, but when considering the power poured in and the efficiency of the power, the magic power was overwhelming.

“Don’t abuse your magic power too much!”

Envirus shouted in a loud voice.

While Lee Seong-min listened to his words, he used his self-awareness and magical powers at the same time.

Because he was not yet used to it, the internal energy and magical power he had pushed into the spear were disorganized, but when he concentrated his mind, the spiritual power and his magical power were mixed together just as Lee Seong-min wanted.


The two forces pushed into the spear resonated with the Orichalcon that made up the spear.

Envirus, who was reducing the ghoul to ashes with the light bursting from the wand, looked back at Lee Seong-min in surprise.

The power that Seongmin Lee is using now is so great that it astonishes Envirus, who has lived for a long time.

Lee Seong-min was momentarily intimidated by the terrible violence felt from the spear held in both hands.

Even though it was the power that was in my hands, I was a little hesitant about wielding it myself and unleashing it.

But that hesitation was short-lived. Lee Seong-min swung the spear in the same manner as the Gucheonmugeukchang.

The singing method used was Guryong Salsaeng, the fourth verse of Gucheonmugeukchang. I tried to add the strength of the blood ghost demon attack to it, but

Faster than that. A violent force is released. Seongmin Lee was unable to control his power and lost it.

The nine dragons created by the singing method were manifested with the greatest power since Lee Seong-min learned the Gucheonmugeukchang.

The spirit world, the end of 2100. In the end, even the most outstanding Guryong killing that Lee Seong-min had experienced was not as powerful as the current one.

The distance has disappeared.

Lee Seong-min swallowed a gasp from the pain that felt like his arms were being twisted and strengthened his hand holding the spear.

The streets where houses were close together were completely swept away by the Guryong Massacre. Lee Seong-min was mesmerized when he saw the place where the buildings had once been, with not a trace left.

“… … oh my god… … .”

It was Envirus who muttered that. He looked at Lee Seong-min’s back with his mouth half-open and his spear hanging down.

Seongmin Lee looked down at the Orichalcon spear, which was emitting pure white smoke.

I knew well that Orichalcon easily resonates with magic power and internal energy, but I had never imagined this level of power.

“you… … how. What was that just now? Magic power… … “Is it Heoju’s magical power?”

Seongmin Lee did not answer. His heart was beating violently. Is it a black heart that is beating, or is it ‘my’ heart? Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva.

Shallowly, I thought so.

If only I could handle this power perfectly. I can really be on par with Wijihoyeon.


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