Worthless Regression Chapter 174

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[176] Riot (2)

The large man flew across the sky, spurting blood.

After crushing several street vendors with his body, he fell to the ground and rolled around.

He lifted his distorted face and coughed blood.

“Chuseong… … !”

Chu-seong, who received an angry shout, approached the man.

The man who was attacked by Chuseong was the great monster that ruled this street.

He was under the enemy, and when Yana became the new owner of the group, he lowered his head again and behaved quietly.

“It’s not as good as it used to be.”

Chu-seong smiles, showing his teeth.

The sharp teeth and fierce gaze contained a clear murderous intent. The monster did not understand why Chuseong, who had run away from Eormuri, had returned and why he was attacking him.

But he knew that Chu-seong was really trying to kill him, so he somehow got up and shouted.

“Why are you trying to kill me?!”

“Yana emptied her mouth.”

Chu-seong spat out. The monster who came into Eoreumuri with Chuseong was no longer by Chuseong’s side.

He too is with Chuseong for his own purpose.

Chu-seong did not want to know what the monster wanted to do. He had no reason to think about such things.

A monster eating a monster.

It makes a lot of sense.

Vampires can definitely increase their strength by drinking the blood of other vampires.

It was one of the privileges that only vampires had among various alien species.

This is because their blood-sucking is a powerful energy drain, and for vampires, blood is the essence of life and power.

Yokai are beings that straddle the border between humans and monsters, but they receive the same privileges as vampires.

When a monster eats a human, it swallows the fear that the human harbors right before death.

That fear becomes strength for youkai. It’s not just humans. The same applies to monsters eating monsters.

The blood-covered monster stood up staggeringly. Of course, the monster did not want to die.

But that didn’t mean he had any desire to confront Chu-seong head-on.

Even though he ran away from Yana, Chuseong was one of the most powerful monsters in the world.

In the end, what the monster chose was to turn and run away. Chu-seong chuckled loudly as if he knew that would happen.

Chu-seong stretches out his hand. Then, a red hot wind hit the back of the monster that was trying to run away.


The smell of cooking flesh spread everywhere along with miserable screams.

Among the gathered monsters, none tried to stop Chuseong from hunting.

The hot wind engulfed the monster’s entire body, and eventually it turned into a red-hot flame and burned the monster’s body.

The monster screamed as it struggled in the flames. Chuseong laughed loudly and walked towards the struggling monster in the fire.

When he opened his mouth wide, the monster was sucked into Chuseong’s mouth in its burning form.

“ha ha ha!”

Chuseong laughed out loud at the feeling of fullness in his stomach.

For a long time, I didn’t like the sight of such an insignificant guy acting like a ghost.

All monsters are more vicious and should act with their desires.

Perhaps because the Red Demon whose heart was ripped out was once human, he turned the town into a tourist town, and Yana, who succeeded the Red Demon, acted as if she had no control, but did not ignore the fights between the monsters.

But now. There is no enemy or Yana. So there is nothing to hesitate about.

Chu Seong looked back at the monsters looking this way. They were frightened by the death of the great youkai. Chuseong burst into laughter at those monsters, causing a frenzy.

“You clowns who only make you laugh!”

Chu-seong scolded in a loud voice and stirred up a frenzy.


Street vendors are burning. The red flames flickered and engulfed the surrounding buildings.

The monsters are screaming. It wasn’t just monsters. People who came out to enjoy the night market without knowing anything also screamed in fear at the sudden flames.

* * *

Lee Seong-min was unaware of the commotion that occurred at the night market.

He was still in the hidden space in the garden, the fairy where he had met Yana.

He was trying to combine breathing techniques that deal with magical energy with self-healing techniques.

“Damn it.”

In the end, you end up spewing out such abusive language. It combines two completely different things.

It might be possible for a genius with a career-level talent, but for Lee Seong-min, it was impossible.

Lee Seong-min also achieved achievements that were not far behind those of his clan, but that was because he devoted himself to the martial arts he had learned, not because he had outstanding talent.

‘There’s no need to overhaul martial arts from scratch… … Incorporating breathing techniques into Jahaengong. It’s impossible for me.’

Even though it was only a day, I wasn’t confident that I would be able to do it if I took more time.

Seongmin Lee sighed and got up.

[I don’t know much about martial arts either.]

Even Heo Ju was of no help in this matter. Although Heoju was a great monster with great power, that did not mean that Heoju was excellent at martial arts.

Should I get help from someone else?

The first thing that Lee Seong-min thought of through those thoughts was Wijihoyeon.

Wi Ji-ho-yeon had the genius to modify martial arts at the age of 13, and the self-defense techniques that Lee Seong-min learned also originated from Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

Wijihoyeon would be able to easily solve the problem that Seongmin Lee is struggling with.

But that Wijihoyeon is no longer by Lee Sung-min’s side.

“Stop it.”



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I heard a voice from behind me. Seongmin Lee was startled and looked back.

A man in shabby clothes was standing there.

He was looking at Lee Seong-min with his eyes lowered behind his monocle.

“I would have given you a warning. Don’t give up on humans. “Did I say it too bluntly?”

The man with the monocle muttered as he took off the hat on his head.

Through those words, Lee Seong-min realized who the man was.


“That’s right.”

Envirus nodded his head.

Envirus, who looked haggard, shuffled his feet and came closer to Seongmin Lee.

Seongmin Lee stood up, looking at Envirus’ sparsely bearded face.

“It’s a little late. “No, is it too late?”

Envirus muttered those words and tilted his head. He twirled the large hat on his finger like a magician.

“but. Since I met Heo Joo, is it inevitable that things will end up like this? If it were possible, I would have destroyed Heoju… … .”

Envirus clicks his tongue.

Heoju, who heard those words, became a spark of magical power and stood up.

Seongmin Lee asked while looking at Envirus.

“… … “I finally got to meet you.”

“that’s right.”

Envirus answered. He shook off his dusty robe and sat down.

“You and I have a lot in common.”

Envirus opened his mouth. He continued by raising his monocle with his index finger.

“You too must have gone through Denir’s ordeal. “How long did you last?”

“… … “2100.”


Envirus’ eyes widened at Lee Seong-min’s answer. He blinked his eyes wide and then let out another gasp.

“That’s amazing. It’s 2100. In that area, the mental power is strong and it is not an area where you can… … “My limit was to last 1,000 years.”

Envirus made a laughing sound while saying that.

“It’s not just Denir’s ordeal. You too are a being with a twisted causality. like me.”

“Why did you become like that?”

Seongmin Lee asked directly. Envirus answered with a nonchalant expression, as if he had expected such a question.

“I didn’t come back from the dead like you did.”


“Being human yet not human, yet not being alien. “I am such a very ambiguous being.”

It was a word that made no sense.

“I know that you are loved by the Apostle of the End. It is also a very blind and devoted love. You also know that you have a powerful fate attached to you. But… ‘I’ is not included in your fate calendar.”

As Envirus said that, he ran his hand down his tired face.

“But not from now on. He was not part of the great fate, but when I met you, I became caught up in the power of your fate. That was why I tried to avoid meeting you. That’s why I sent Rubia instead.”

“What happens if I get caught up in my destiny power?”

“I’ll just go with the flow.”

Envirus laughed.

“I didn’t even know what the ending was. Even though I struggle to change the planned ending, I can’t tell if it has changed or not… … Hehehe! “You live according to the flow set by someone looking down from above.”

“… … “Are you saying that hasn’t been the case until now?”

“Escape from that fate is the reason I was twisted in the law of causality.”

“You got away with it, so why did you show up in front of me now?”

Seongmin Lee asked with an expression on his face that said he couldn’t understand.

It’s called destiny. Seongmin Lee didn’t really want to understand.

It was because I thought it was natural to not know what the future would be, regardless of fate.

“Because I couldn’t leave it alone.”

Envirus answered.

“Do not escape from humanity. That’s what I said to you. The reason I said that was because the existence of Heoju, who died 400 years ago, was that powerful. If you became a complete youkai, there was a possibility that you would be influenced by Heoju. If that happens, something terrible will happen. “Because the dead Heoju will be resurrected with a new body.”

[This dog, what about this elderly.]

Heo Joo protests. A few days ago, Yana tried to hand over Lee Seong-min’s body to Heo Joo, but Heo Joo refused.

“Even if Heoju says he doesn’t mean it that way.”

Envirus spoke again.

“If you become a monster and cease to be human, no one knows what kind of being you will become. So it’s even more dangerous. It is such a dangerous and scary thing for ‘me’ to cease to be ‘me’. Especially you. Isn’t it possible to inherit Heoju’s magic power? “If you are completely imbued with the spirit power and go berserk, you will become a monster as powerful as Heju, even though you are not Heju.”

“Are you saying that we are preparing for something that might never happen and jumping back into a fate that we escaped from?”

“I thought it was that important.”

Envirus said that and put the hat he had draped over his fingers back on his head.

“Even if I get caught up in your power of fate and fall back into the flow of fate that I had escaped from. I thought I needed to meet you sometime. “I also wanted to stop you if possible.”

“… … I didn’t do anything. Your worries were in vain. “I have no intention of becoming a youkai.”

“Is that really the case?”

Envirus laughed while asking that question.

“Fate is something that cannot be resisted. It is our mortal destiny to struggle in the great current. Especially you… … I am loved by something that controls such a powerful force of fate. “I was lucky enough to escape fate, but you will never be able to escape fate.”

“… … The thoughts and choices I make. Are you saying that everything is left to the flow of fate?”

“I’m not sure about that. “Me too, because all beings in this world cannot see the fate that flows.”

“What on earth are you planning to do?”

While listening to Envirus’ words, Lee Seong-min could not suppress the irritation rising in his heart. He glared at Envy Ruth, clenching his fists.

“What you are saying is extremely vague. Fate or something. I have never once thought of such a thing, and I do not believe that the life I have lived so far has flowed according to the flow of some sick fate.”

“Because fate is an ambiguous thing.”

“The ambiguous thing is what you say!”

Seongmin Lee shouted.

“Don’t tell me about a future that hasn’t happened yet and I don’t know what it will be like. Don’t try to teach me thinking that it will happen as you please. I live my life the way I want to. “I’m not playing with fate or anything like that!”

“Is that really the case?”

Envirus made a strange expression.

“Maybe you’re doing this right now… … .”

“Don’t say shit!”

Seongmin Lee could not hold back any longer and shouted even louder.

At those words, Envirus looked at Lee Seong-min with gloomy eyes.

“… … I’m sorry if you felt bad. “Still, I was worried about you.”

“That’s it.”

Lee Seong-min took a deep breath and let out a sigh. What on earth happened when he came back from the dead?

I have never really heard an answer to that until now. Everyone just kept talking in circles.

“… … Do you know the destiny I belong to?”

“I don’t know. Didn’t I tell you? “A mortal can never know the end of fate.”

“Then I don’t know what will happen to me in the future.”


Envirus nodded his head. Lee Seong-min asked while sighing.

“… … Let me ask you one more question. Can you handle Dragon Heart?”

“Dragon Heart? … … I can handle it. But why do you ask that?’

Envirus tilted his head and asked back. The irritation that had filled me after meeting Envirus seemed to have cooled down a little with his answer.


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