Worthless Regression Chapter 170

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[172] Eoreumuri (3)

Seongmin Lee closed his mouth and glared at Frau.

This was my first time hearing the term fate force, but listening to Frau’s words, I was able to grasp something.

A spirit that spoke in the form of Master Bulyeong in Shaolin.

Events in the north, Rubes, and thence to the south.

Actually, that wasn’t everything.

I grabbed the past life stone and returned to the past, and met Wijihoyeon in Zenabis.

From then until now, Lee Seong-min always had ‘things to do’.

There was a time when I wandered around, not knowing what to do or how to live this life that I was living again.

At such times, Lee Seong-min trained himself and gained strength that way.

And after that process, there was always something to do.

The goal was to meet Denir, the god of time, at the mountain of Mshi.

After coming down from the mountain and working as a mercenary in Behenger, I obtained Shaolin’s military service through Zeon’s death and was given a reason to go to Shaolin.

also? Through that military service, he made a connection with the French ambassador, and was told that he would have to go north someday.

While training in Shaolin, I received an errand to go to Drimoor, a place with a volcano and Denir, and after becoming involved with the Sword Demon there, I decided to receive training from Denir.

What next? He heard the story of Envirus from Denir, and while searching for Envirus, he arrived at the Sleeping Forest.

I met Heoju and Rubia in the Sleeping Forest.

And the dungeon where Baek Sogo died.

After rescuing Baeksogo there, he followed the spirit’s words and went north.

I experienced a lot there. She learned of the Predator’s existence and became involved.

By forming a relationship with the Gwangcheon Demon, he gained the goal of going south to learn how to control magical powers, and through fighting the Blood Heaven Demon, he corrected the distortion of his heart, energy, and body.


Wijihoyeon was cursed and weakened.

He became a demon by killing the armor-clad Shinchang, and became entangled with the Six Venerables of Cheonoecheon, who placed a curse on Wijihoyeon.

I met Sima Lianju. And now. Now that we have come to the south. I met Aladur. I heard Frau’s story from Aladur. He had some work left to do in Ermuri, so he came here.

All those things.

Seongmin Lee pressed his temples as he felt his head pounding.

Are you saying that all of this is fate? There is no such thing as coincidence in this world.

The words that Mushi muttered to himself lingered in Lee Seong-min’s mind.

If Frau’s words are true, and fate forces us to act unconsciously. It can be said that the life that Lee Seong-min has lived so far has been in the flow of fate, not a series of coincidences.

What fate?

“You seem confused, right?”

Frau giggled and laughed.

As a great shaman, she could see through Lee Seong-min to some extent.

Although he didn’t see the Apostle of the End and things like that, Frau, a shaman, wise man, and witch, was able to see Lee Seong-min from a different perspective than a god or a wizard.

“The power of fate is about forcing chance. Even if you know, you can’t do anything about it. But still. Destiny is… … . Like I said just now, it’s extremely ambiguous. Maybe it’s fate or coincidence that you and I are talking like this right now. No one knows that. “Even God doesn’t know?”

“… … “Why on earth is this tied to me?”

“I can’t know that. All beings are bound by fate. The same goes for the gods that exist in this world. The entity that grants fate is something that controls fate and surpasses even God. Humans can never escape that fate. Even if he becomes a transcendent being, the same is true. “In the end, it’s like playing in someone’s palm.”

I have a severe headache. Seongmin Lee pressed his temples. Frau continued to speak to Lee Seong-min.

“You are so strange. Even though you’ve been tainted by nature, you still maintain your humanity, right? Usually, if you are as imbued with the devil as you are, your humanity… … . Cough! Something like that needs to be thrown away right away. “You have to turn into a monster with alien instincts and run amok until you become a complete outsider.”

My left eye felt like it was throbbing.

“If it’s a mischievous evil spirit, I can exorcise it, but the castle attached to you is too strong. So much so that if I tried to eradicate it, I wouldn’t be able to handle it and would die. I don’t know what it is, but you better be careful, right? A human is only human if he or she is human. There are limits to the vessels humans have, and there are different types of things they can contain. The magical power destroys the humanity contained in the vessel and creates cracks in the vessel. “When it completely collapses, humans cease to be human.”

“… … that.”

Lee Seong-min barely managed to squeeze out his voice.

It felt terrible.

The life I have lived so far. I died once and returned to the past. In my life so far… … Lee Seong-min never once thought that the life he lived was not something he chose and did, but was influenced by something like fate.

That’s why Frau’s words were putting Lee Seong-min in a terrible mood.

“To find a way to deal with magical energy. “I came here.”

“There is no such way.”

Frau declared.

“As long as we exist as humans, there is no way to deal with magical powers. The moment a person uses magical power, he or she ceases to be human. Slowly, slowly. “It may be possible to handle it with expedient methods, but that doesn’t mean you can handle magical powers without any problems while living as a human.”

There was also a case of Gwangcheonma.

Gwangcheonma gained control of magical powers, but suffered from madness for 10 years as a result.

If she hadn’t met Lee Seong-min, Gwangcheonma would still be suffering from mania and going crazy.

“… … Although it may sound strange to say it with my own mouth. “It’s a bit of a special case.”

“Yes, it looks like it. It’s normal to be crazy already, but you’re maintaining your humanity. So, is that what you want to ask of me?”

Frau raises the corners of his mouth. Seongmin Lee was silent for a moment. After a while, Seongmin Lee spoke to Frau.

“I want to meet Yana.”

“Yana? “The only Yana I know is a nine-tailed fox.”

“That Yana is right.”

“You don’t mean to fight Yana, do you? No way, that can’t be possible. “There’s no way the story could progress like that all of a sudden, right?”

“You don’t know that. But there is a reason why we should meet once.”


Frau stroked his chin with his hand. She looked at Lee Sung-min with her eyes sparkling, and then smiled brightly.

“Fun. Although the content of the request is not very interesting, I found the existence of you quite interesting. “Maybe this too is fate.”

Frau nodded his head.

“I’ll let you meet Yana.”



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“… … “Do you know Yana?”

“Didn’t you ask because you knew?”

In response to Lee Seong-min’s question, Frau looked rather strange.

I didn’t know.

The reason I asked Frau for that was simply because I thought Frau might know where Jana was since she lives in Ermuri.

Yana, who was ruling the Eormuri, was unable to determine the location of Erebrissa.

“More than that. How did you know I was here? “Aladur, that damn bastard didn’t know I was here, did he?”

“… … “I received the information from somewhere else.”

“Are you Erebrissa?”

Frau frowned. Seongmin Lee silently nodded his head.

“These are people I don’t like. “I don’t know what these people are doing, but they arbitrarily treat people as ‘variables’ and invite them in as members.”

Frau grumbled in an annoyed voice. I had heard from Nevel last time that Frau had rejected Erebrisa’s invitation to join.

“Stay here first. “I’ll ask Yana.”

“What is your relationship with Yana?”

Seongmin Lee asked. Frau shrugged his shoulders at those words.

“Old friend. “I knew Yana before she ruled Eormuri.”

Even so, it seemed that Frau could not immediately contact Yana.

In the end, Lee Seong-min, Gwangcheonma, and Lubia ended up living in an empty room in this giru.

As soon as Lee Seong-min entered the room, he spoke to Gwangcheonma, who was sitting cross-legged.

“If I meet Yana, I will ask her about Chusung.”


Gwangcheonma, who was trying to meditate with his eyes closed, nodded his head.

We don’t know whether it was Cheol-i, Chu-seong, who killed the villagers.

In order to know exactly what happened at that time, I had to meet Yana in person, who was responsible for letting the monster escape at the time.

“Just in case you don’t know.”

Gwangcheonma opened his mouth with his eyes closed.

“Meet Yana and find out who the monster that killed the villagers is, and if that monster is in this village. Of course, I will go to avenge their deaths.”


“Please don’t come forward.”

Lee Seong-min kept his mouth shut at Gwangcheonma’s words.

“This is my blessing. It has nothing to do with you. That’s why I’m asking you not to come forward.”

“… … “It may be dangerous.”

“haha! Maybe so. But with this personal blessing… … “I don’t want your help.”

“He helped me even with the personal matters I was involved in.”

“If you had asked me not to come forward, I wouldn’t have come forward. So, please respect what I say. Even if I die from exhaustion while fighting that monster, you must not come forward.”

“If the old man dies, I will have to take revenge.”

“Are you going to get revenge?”

“That’s right.”

Gwangcheonma laughed heartily at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

He slightly opened his closed eyes and looked up at Lee Seong-min.

“Do you know?”

“… … “What do you mean?”

“You said it. My impression has changed a lot since the first time I met him. At the time, it seemed odd that I had little emotion… … . Not so now. “I feel like I’ve returned to normal from something abnormal.”

At those words, Lee Seong-min unconsciously caressed his cheek.

When I came out of the mental world I had been trapped in for 2100 years. Lee Seong-min’s spirit was worn out even if it was not broken, thanks to dozens of repeated collapses and rebirths.

This was especially true of emotions.

After spending such a long time alone, even if I maintained my sanity, my emotions couldn’t be intact.

It got better as I got here, met other people, talked to them, and got along with them.

The unnatural has become natural.

Gwangcheonma laughed while looking at Lee Seong-min caressing his face.

“People change. In my opinion, you are better now than you were then. “I think there is such a thing as humanity.”

“… … Is that so?”

“okay. If it were you in the past, wouldn’t you have tried to seek revenge even if the main person died?”

“That’s it… … . “There is no reason to do so then.”

“that’s right.”

Gwangcheonma nodded his head.

“But now there is a reason. That is why I seek revenge, and it is also why I ask you not to get involved in my affairs. “You have no reason to participate in this revenge.”

Gwangcheonma said that and closed his eyes again.

“So please don’t come forward.”

Seongmin Lee closed his mouth and looked at Gwangcheonma, who was having a good luck breakfast.

Soon Lee Seong-min sighed and sat down around Gwangcheonma.

The emotion has been lost.

We’ve been traveling together for over a year now, so it’s natural for us to become attached.

Gwangcheonma Island, Rubia Island, and Heoju Island. As we traveled together, we became deeply attached.

[The kid is having embarrassing thoughts.]

Heoju chuckled.

Seongmin Lee stood up quickly and took off the barding he was wearing.

First of all, I was thinking of putting him in a poop bucket for three or four days to stop this damn bastard from playing with his mouth.

Heo Joo, who heard Lee Seong-min’s feelings, went into a fit and made a mumbling sound.

[Hey, hey! He said he heard it, hey!]

Seongmin Lee headed to the bathroom with a brisk stride. Meanwhile, Heo-ju begged and begged Lee Seong-min not to do that.

After putting his fingers on the toilet, Heoju begged desperately that he would never do that again.


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