Worthless Regression Chapter 169

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[171] Eoreumuri (2)

Lee Seong-min also knew about brothels.

Typically, mercenaries and prostitutes were inseparable, and Lee Seong-min also used to visit the prostitutes every day when he was a low-level mercenary in his previous life.

There were some prostitutes I had met quite deeply, and if I added up all the money I had poured into the prostitutes’ village, I could have bought a decent martial arts book.

It’s a story from a past life. In this life, Lee Seong-min has never been to a prostitute, and he has never been involved with a prostitute.

The atmosphere of Eormuri’s brothel and the brothel that Lee Seong-min knew seemed to be quite different,

To be honest, I didn’t feel like going.

I don’t know why Frau, who is said to be an outstanding witch doctor, is living in a brothel.

Even though he didn’t want to go, Seongmin Lee moved towards the location of the brothel in his head.

“however. “If it were now, wouldn’t all the brothels have been closed?”

Gwangcheonma muttered in a low voice. It is early in the morning and all the street stalls are closed.

It was a night-time brothel, but it was obvious that it would be closed early in the morning.

Heo Joo, who heard those words, burst into laughter in Lee Sung Min’s head.

[Saying things you don’t know. The fire of Eorumuri’s stump does not go out. Although 400 years have passed, the brothel probably hasn’t changed much. Just go there once.]

It was just as Heo Joo said.

Eormuri’s red-light district overwhelmed everyone right from the entrance.

The sun had risen and the surrounding area should have been bright, but the sky on the red-light district street was dark.

Colorful lanterns light up the artificial darkness.

Beneath the long row of lanterns hanging on strings, there were pillars with doors wide open.

Beautiful women that would make even a man who had played around with them widen their eyes were seducing them by letting down their collars inside the open doors of the kiru, and on the streets of street stalls, invisible monsters and people were walking between the kiru, reeking of alcohol.

“Hehe… … .”

Luvia was scared and hid behind Lee Seong-min’s back.

A woman with the lower body of a snake was waving her long tongue and gesturing towards Lee Seong-min and his group.

Seongmin Lee looked around at the lined up pillars. There were human women, and women in the form of demihumans and monsters were seen.

“I’m looking this way.”

The snake woman flicks her tongue. It seemed that Lee Seong-min liked her.

He pursed his plump lips and said something, but Lee Seong-min intentionally ignored it.

[You probably feel like a half-demon to the monsters.]

Heoju whispered.

Is that a good thing? Seongmin Lee felt an unknown feeling and headed towards the groin in her memory.

It wasn’t just the snake woman I saw near the entrance.

Several monsters sent explicit glances at Lee Seong-min, and among them, the impatient ones approached at full speed and tried to grab Lee Seong-min’s wrist.

‘Why are you doing this?’

[Isn’t your face quite handsome?]

‘No, it’s too severe… … !’

[That’s because you were influenced by this old man’s magical power. Aside from the amount of magical power you can handle, you are deeply imbued with the magical power of a high-class youkai.]

Heo Joo chuckled as he said that.

[Miscellaneous songs cannot help but be attracted to the magical power of major songs. Those girls may have a nice face, but they are trash who haven’t even shed their skin yet. So, I am bewitched by you, who possesses the magic power of this old man.]

‘plaguy… … !’

[hey. I’m asking because I’m really curious, but… … . Are you a eunuch?]

When Lee Seong-min got annoyed, Heo-ju asked in a fairly serious voice.

The voice was serious, but the content of the question asked was not serious at all.

Thanks to this, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to stop walking.

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about… … .”

Without realizing it, the words came out in a loud voice. Then Heoju burst out laughing again.

[It’s because it’s so strange. Aside from your mental age, your body is very healthy. It’s been a while since this old man attached to your mind, but I’ve never seen you give up your desires.]

‘Would you want to do that when you’re clearly attached…? … !’

[Sexual desire is not something that can be tolerated even if you try to resist it! Mental strength is truly amazing. Don’t pay attention to this old man. Because I won’t care which girl you end up with. If anything happens, I’ll pretend not to notice even if you calmly resolve it by hand.]

‘shut up… … !’

[Or, yes. Since you’ve been to a place like this before, why not give it a try? Yokai are different from humans. Do you know why banyo is born? Only because a human who was infatuated with the body of a monster failed to control it!]

Lee Seong-min ignored Heo-ju’s wild voice echoing in his head.

After walking along the noisy streets for a while, Lee Seong-min stopped.

If the information in my memory is true, Aladur’s teacher, Frau, is here.

Lee Seong-min looked up at the stoma, which didn’t look that special.

It is an oriental-style building no different from other giru nearby.

[uh… … . hmm.]

There is a hint of embarrassment in Heo Joo’s voice.

At the entrance of the kiru stood a pretty girl with thin lines. Although he looked very young, if you think about it, he was probably older than Lee Seong-min since he was a monster.

“Are you a guest?”

The girl approached with a smile. Before Seongmin Lee could say anything, Heoju spoke quickly.

[The color of the lamp is blue.]

‘what is that?’

[This is Namchangchon.]

At those words, a cold sweat ran down Seongmin Lee’s spine. Seongmin Lee reflexively saw the girl approaching.

Even Lee Seong-min knew what it meant to be a prostitute.

This means that that pretty-looking girl is actually a man, not a girl.

[This is crazy. What is that shaman doing here?]



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“… … Not a guest. “I came to meet Frau.”

Lee Seong-min said while pushing away the hand of the girl, or rather, the boy who was secretly trying to grope her buttocks.

The boy’s eyes widened at those words.

“Are you your sister’s guest?”

“… … sister?”

“You too, my sister. “When did you seduce another man without our knowledge?”

The boy grumbled. He looked up at Seongmin Lee and saw Gwangcheonma and Rubia standing behind him. He then stuck out his tongue as if he was fed up.

“From a young guy to a big boy. “He has a good appetite, so I brought him everything he liked.”

“… … boy? “Are you talking about me?”

Luvia perked up her ears and trembled. She was understandably angry at being treated like a boy.

But before Luvia could say anything, the boy suddenly turned around.

“Follow me.”

“I guess I’m a boy… … !”

Luvia stomped on the ground with her foot for no reason and made an annoyed sound.

The group followed the boy who entered first and entered Giru.

The first thing I saw was the boys moving around busily.

Most of them were so pretty that they were indistinguishable from girls, and some of them had taken off their boyish appearance.

But that didn’t mean he looked like a man.

She wore light makeup, had long hair, and even wore a skirt, so it was hard to tell if she was a man or a woman if she didn’t cover up her lower body.

[Take note of your taste… … !]

Heoju clicked his tongue and exhaled. The male prostitutes who were busy sending explicit glances at Lee Seong-min, Gwangcheonma, and Rubia who came inside.

“I’m your sister’s guest!”

When the boy who came in first shouted that, everyone looked away as if they had never done that before.

The boy climbed the nearby stairs. While he was going up the stairs, he heard a lot of embarrassing sounds.

Luvia lowered her red face while pressing the cat’s twitching ears with her hand, and Gwangcheonma cleared her throat and pretended not to hear.

“Your sister is here.”

The place where the boy stopped was the third floor, the top floor of Giru.

There was an ornate door at the end of the hallway, and before the door, the boy suddenly rummaged through his arms and took out some makeup tools.

Then, as if she was used to it, she dabbed powder on her cheeks and applied red rouge to her lips.


Knock knock. Knock on the door with your fingertips and make a crunching sound.

Gwangcheonma and Luvia didn’t notice that the boy was actually a boy, but they couldn’t help but feel strange because it wasn’t Lee Seong-min.

After a moment passed, the door burst open.

The spacious room was a mess. The bed, which took up most of the room, had its blankets and pillows disheveled, and the floor was littered with underwear, alcohol bottles, and plates of leftover food.

“Ayu, sister. “If the room is dirty, please tell me in advance!”

“… … what?”

A voice that still has a sleepy feel to it. The woman lying on the spacious bed raised her body.

The woman was naked, wearing nothing, as if she knew nothing about shame.

The woman looked at the boy, ruffling his messy light purple hair with her hands, and then saw Lee Seong-min.

“… … “He’s such a strange guy.”

Frau muttered.

She slowly got up.

The naked body with light brown skin was so blatant that it turned the eyes of those watching.

Frau laughs, perhaps amused by such a reaction.

When Frau lightly waved his hand, the large robe that was lying on the floor wrapped around Frau’s body.

“Are you human?”

Frau asks. The question was directed to Lee Seong-min.

“I still feel like I’m human, but I feel like I’m not human. Has he already been half imbued with magical power? … . No, I don’t know if it’s a magic power. What on earth is this guy doing? The causality is distorted, and the human vessel is half broken and the contents inside are leaking.”

“… … what?”

“What. Do you not even know your own situation? “Even though she has a mysterious eye in one of her eyes, she is not aware of her situation.”

Frau burst out laughing. Seongmin Lee unconsciously raised his hand and touched his left eye.

“I feel various strangeness about you. “It’s not just a miscellaneous song, it’s possessed by the spirit of a great song, and it’s even intertwined with a strange and mysterious power of fate that I don’t know what it is.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The power of fate.”

Frau chuckled.

She sat cross-legged and picked up the pipe she had placed on the bed.

“More than that. What are you? It looks like they didn’t come here to buy a man. “I think you came to visit me?”

“… … “I came here after being introduced by Aladur.”

“what? “Holy shit!”

Frau’s eyes widened at Lee Seong-min’s answer.


In an instant, the temperature in the room cooled down, and whitish evil spirits appeared around Frau.

Frau, surrounded by evil spirits, shouted.

“Aladur, I was introduced by that bastard?!”

“… … But first of all… … .”

The reaction is too strong. Although he had heard a warning from Aladur in advance, he never imagined that he would react so cruelly.

Frau, who was wrapped around an evil spirit, was showing a different and intimidating feeling than any of the people Lee Seong-min had fought so far.

It was a strange sensation. Rather than whether or not you can win by fighting, your senses are warning you that you should not fight.

It is not a premonition of defeat. Just don’t fight.

[It is ghost magic.]

Heoju was impressed.

[This is my first time seeing such excellent ghost magic. If you fight, you should win, but don’t try to fight. Because ghost arts are tricky and shitty. If you are not careful, you could be cursed for life.]

I received both admiration and warning. Frau shouted at Seongmin Lee.

“알라두르, 그 개새끼가 어디에 있는 건지 말해!”

“… … “We broke up about a week ago.”

“Where did we break up?! “You look like a dog-like disciple, sending a guest to a subject who left without even saying a word to his teacher?!”

Frau screams loudly.

When Lee Seong-min tried to stop Frau, the boy who guided Lee Seong-min in front of Frau suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Lee Seong-min’s wrist.

“Leave me alone.”

The boy said as if he was used to it.

“My sister gets hysterical like that sometimes. “If you do that for about 30 minutes, it will calm down, so don’t go too close and see the blood, just stay still.”

“You bastard!”

In contrast to the boy’s calm voice, Frau’s shouts were bloody.

Can I really just leave it alone?

I watch Frau with some disbelief. Frau’s cries of curses, entangled in evil spirits, gradually subsided, and the temperature in the cold room rose again.

“… … hmm.”

The evil spirits that appeared disappear.

Frau ran his hand over his neck, which had been strained from screaming, and sat down on the bed.

“… … what. Even if you shout like this, the disciple who left will not come back. However, if I go to see it myself, it is annoying and looks bad. “The bastard who left has to come back. Why am I so sad that I’m going to go find it myself?”

Frau, who was grumbling like that, takes out a pipe.

“You came after being introduced by Aladur? okay. Do you have anything to ask of me? Or are you here because you are curious about the fate that is tied to you?”

“… … “If I ask you, will you answer?”

“The power of fate can give you the answer. Because it’s not that difficult. “If you ask me, I will listen to you and then decide.”

Frau took a deep breath of smoke with his beak in his mouth and smiled at Lee Seong-min while spitting out the smoke through his nose.

“Because I have the right personality. I wonder if it would be fun… … . “I’m not that interested in anything else.”

“What is destiny?”

“It is literally the force of fate.”

Frau answered immediately.

“If you are a being living in this world, it is inevitable, unavoidable, natural. We are entangled in the great flow of fate. Fate is ambiguous and can be changed at any time, but its flow is so huge that it cannot be completely changed in any significant event. When you go to the bathroom, do you walk, crawl, or run? Well, this is an element that can be changed.”

It was a puzzling statement.

“Why are you going to the bathroom? I go because I feel like pooping. Needing to poop is a sure thing, and because you need to poop, you have to go to the bathroom and poop as well. That is the flow of fate. “In that case, how you go to the bathroom is a factor that can be changed.”

Frau pointed at Lee Seong-min with his cigarette stick.

“The power of fate is the force that forces the flow to flow as planned. It’s forced unconsciously. “When do you need to poop, when do you need to go to the bathroom, which bathroom do you go to, and how do you get there?”

After saying that, Frau suddenly burst into laughter.

“Humans with the power of fate are rare, but they do exist. Such people are all destined to carry out something inevitable. but… … . LOL! You are so amazing. “I never thought there would be a person with a powerful destiny like you.”

“… … ‘What do you mean?’

“The life you have lived so far. The relationships created through meeting. your actions. “It was all fate.”

Maybe even now. Frau added and placed his hand on his chest.

“You met Aladur by chance, heard my story from Aladur, and came here to meet me. “It seems like a coincidence, but it may not be a coincidence.”


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