Worthless Regression Chapter 167

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[169] Journey (4)

I can’t see my eyes.

I have no feeling in both arms.

An unpleasant tinnitus continues to linger in my ears, and my body feels heavy as if it is carrying a thousand pounds of iron.

I don’t remember how long it’s been since I haven’t washed or changed my clothes.

There was no conversation or exchange of messages for a long time.

I was afraid to sleep.

The nightmare continues in a different form every day. Everything that goes into your mouth tastes creatively terrible.

It was the same with the smell.

There’s more.

Baeksogo added several more gold items.


Baek Sogo was feeling pain even without doing anything.

The pain felt like my legs were being shattered and torn every time I walked, and my lungs were exploding every time I took a breath.

In addition, he was banned from involuntary breathing.

If you are not conscious, you cannot breathe. If you are not conscious of breathing, your breathing will stop, making it even more difficult to sleep.

In addition, minor prohibitions have been added.

It made life itself impossible, but Baeksogo kept moving.

I feel like I am wearing out.

Either broken or crazy. Maybe it’s both.

But it’s still alive.

It was clear that he was alive. The continuing pain was so painful that I wanted to die, but it served as proof that Baek Sogo was still alive.

[You are crazy.]

I hear voices other than tinnitus in my head.

It was Mshi.

Although his eyes were invisible, Baek Sogo was seeing something else.

What she was seeing was a terrible vision. It was because she added the prohibition of vision to the prohibition of hallucinations.

Rather, Baek So-go liked the prohibition of hallucinations. This was because if I had endured the pitch-black darkness with nothing in it with someone like me, I might have truly gone crazy.

[No, you are crazy.]

Mshi says.

Mushi had been Baek Sogo’s only companion since he returned to the mountain.

Is it because of boredom, or is it simply interest? Baek Sogo did not ask about it.

She consciously moved her body to continue breathing. The heavy body takes the steps of spiritlessness and soullessness.

[I don’t know why you’re doing this. That kid from before… … It was Lee Seong-min. He’s crazy about that guy, but you’re even worse than that. Since the existence of this mountain, you are the first person to endure such numerous and terrible prohibitions.]

Should I take that as a compliment? I don’t know. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time thinking about it. Is it because fatigue has reached its limit?

[It would be much better to die. What are you pursuing by doing this?]

At one time, Bai Xiaogo pursued righteousness and cooperation. She had no doubt that she was a good person, and for Sogo Baek, this belief was the most fundamental part of her self.

But now I’m not sure about that either.

Righteousness and cooperation.

Baek So-go was disillusioned with the Murim Alliance, the political faction to which he was supposed to be most loyal, and he was also disillusioned with the open government, which had righteousness and cooperation as its identity.

So I left the Murim Alliance.


Baek So-go did not answer because it was righteousness and cooperation. What she desperately wanted was strength.

Now I knew Baek Sogo well.

In order to speak of righteousness and cooperation, one must be strong enough to silence those who oppose him.

It wasn’t just that. I hate myself for being weak. He hates himself after being pushed by a priest and having to run away.

Recalls old memories.

When I first met the priest on this mountain. I felt sorry for the young priest who was cornered in a situation where survival was impossible, so I helped him.

Because he was a good person.

That’s how our relationship began, and we ended up becoming priests.

I lived like that for several years.

In this terrible mountain, such relationships were very precious, and it was nice to see the priest working hard.

Coming down the mountain… … When I met the priest again, I didn’t show it, but how happy and happy I was.

And when we met again in that dungeon.

How heartbreaking it was to see the priest grow up.

When I received help from that priest and had to run away, leaving him behind, I felt so ashamed, sorry, and guilty.

So I wanted to become stronger.

When you meet the priest again, if the priest is in a dangerous situation.

Just like the priest did, I want to throw my body to help.

Baek Sogo could not think of any other way.

I didn’t remember it.

She was unmanned. A warrior who ignores any other methods other than martial arts.

[It’s earnest.]

Mushi mutters.


Such things are possessed by most practitioners who enter this mountain.

However, even as a Meshi, I had never experienced such earnest, desperate venom and tenacity as Baek So-go.



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Lee Seong-min was like that too, but the Baek So-go that Mush was seeing was worse than Lee Seong-min.

The pursuit of strength is the same.

However, in the case of Baek Sogo, the fundamental reason for pursuing strength is not for oneself but for others.

[I like you.]

Mushi muttered.

It has changed.

Ever since Mushi entered this mountain, he had been looking at Baek Sogo.

When I said I would come back to this mountain and practice, I didn’t think it was a big deal.

This is because there has never been such a practitioner. Such practitioners quickly give up their practice and leave the mountain again.

However, Baek Sogo had been practicing on this mountain for several years already.

[Whenever you decide to leave this mountain. As a God, I will personally bless you.]

Although Mushi said so, Baek Sogo did not listen to what he said.

I missed the priest.

* * *

Aladur walks ahead.

As he confidently said, he tracked the location of the tribe using the Light Heavenly Demon’s Bracelet, and it was not far away, as Aladur said.

After three days had passed, Aladur raised his hand.

“First of all, it’s that forest.”

Aladur opened his mouth.

I saw many forests on the way, and the forest I see now is not much different from the forests I have seen so far.

“You may have followed the thoughts contained in the bracelet, but there is no guarantee that there will be what you are looking for in that forest.”

I already heard about it from Aladur.

There may be an owner of the bracelet, but there is no guarantee that the entire tribe will exist.

Even so, this is the only information we have right now.

“There is no guarantee that he will be alive.”

Aladur grumbled.

I was just following a thought. It is unknown whether the owner of the bracelet is alive or dead.

This means that he may already be dead and buried in the ground. Hearing those words, Gwangcheonma’s face turned gloomy.

Even though the relationship happened 10 years ago, Gwangcheonma has not forgotten what happened then.

“what. Even though it’s a corpse… … It’s not that there isn’t a way. If he had not become Jibakryeong, his soul would have already entered the cycle of reincarnation, but even if he had rotted, his body would have remained. “If you pick up even a piece of bone and use magic, you will be able to learn more useful things than that bracelet.”

“That bracelet, do you want to wear it?”

Gwangcheonma could not bear it anymore and spat out.

He turned on the light in his eyes and glared at Aladur.

“And why are you talking about the corpse and all that? Then it can turn you into a corpse!”

“Well… … Why are you getting so upset over something like this? If you really want to kill someone, give it a try! uh? When I die, who will show you the way? uh?!”

In response to Gwangcheonma’s threats, Aladur showed his courage by sticking out his chest.

Gwangcheonma shook his clenched fists and let go of his anger.

Even though he said this, he knew that he could not kill Aladur.

Luvia clicked her tongue as she watched the two arguing, and Lee Seong-min, who was staring at the forest, opened his mouth.

“Enough. “Let’s go in.”

“Look at that. “There’s no need for the old man to shout!”

“You damn bastard… … !”

As Aladur chuckled, the light demon trembled with anger.

Lee Seong-min ignored the two’s scuffle and stepped forward first.

Then Aladur quickly came to Seongmin Lee’s side.

I entered the forest. As we passed through many forests on the way, we are now familiar with them.

Other beings are caught by the keen sense. Is it a monster or a monster?

It was questionable whether they were of the opposite sex, but they did not approach Lee Seong-min and his group easily. Thanks to this, the speed of crossing the forest became faster.

“Soon now.”

Aladur spoke up.

It was as he said. A small village could be seen not far away.

Gwangcheonma looked excited when he saw the village.

Lee Seong-min also felt excited.

The reason he came this far south was to meet a tribe that knew how to manipulate magical powers.

“uh… … .”

However, there was almost no sign of popularity in the village we arrived at.

Gwangcheonma looked around with blank eyes. It didn’t feel good.

The atmosphere of the village, which was not very popular, was very naughty.

“Who are you?”

A voice was heard nearby.

Aladur was startled and looked in the direction from which the sound came. A haggard-looking old man was standing there.

The old man was staring at Lee Seong-min and his group with wary eyes.

Before Aladur could say anything, Seongmin Lee took the initiative to open his mouth.

“who are you?”

“I am a resident of this village.”

The old man answered, frowning with a face full of faded tattoos.

Gwangcheonma, who was looking at the old man’s face, made an “ah” sound and walked forward.

“Perbas? Isn’t it Pervas?”

“… … huh?”

The old man called Perbas widened his eyes at the shout of the light horse.

Pervas, who had been looking at the light horse for a moment, made a surprised noise and nodded his head.

“You… … Yes, I remembered. It’s a one-shot defeat. It’s been 10 years… … ?”

“I remember this place. Pervas, you are very old… … .”

Gwangcheonma, once again realizing that 10 years had passed, nodded his head.

“I never thought I would meet you again. “What’s going on here?”

“I came looking for you. “I have something I want to ask.”

Gwangcheonma said. Seongmin Lee listened to the conversation between Gwangcheonma and Perbas.

Perbas laughed lowly at Gwangcheonma’s words.

“I don’t know what you want to ask, but I don’t know if I can answer it.”

“The breathing method you taught me.”

Gwangcheonma cried out. The moment he heard those words, Pervas’ face became stiff.

Gwangcheonma continued speaking while examining his expression.

“… … And the elixir you gave me. and… … that is… … .”

Gwangcheonma hesitated slightly before continuing his question.

“… … “Where is Dercia?”

“He’s dead.”

Pervas answered with a pained face.

Gwangcheonma’s face became blank at those words. For a moment, his legs lost strength and he almost collapsed, but he managed to support his body by strengthening his legs that were about to give out.

Although he said so, Aladur, who did not think that he was really dead, was also pricked and kept his mouth shut.

“… … why… … ?”

“Most of the tribesmen died.”

Pervas muttered in a low voice. He said while looking around the shabby village.

“I am the only one left in this village now.”

“Who on earth… … No, why?”

“It’s because of the breathing method you mentioned.”

Pervas’ face distorted.

“This tribe’s existence was wrong from the beginning. Youkai… … They also thought of long-dead monsters as gods and made them part of their tribal beliefs. I’ve hated it since long ago. “Youkai are just monsters that eat humans.”


Heoju cleared his throat as if he was embarrassed, as he never thought he would encounter such a situation and reaction.

In fact, even before coming to this forest, Heoju had high expectations.

He heard that there was a tribe that believed in a god who died 400 years ago, so he wondered what kind of people they were.

“And I paid the price. It’s only natural that we believed in the wrong monster… … .”

“what do you mean?”

Seongmin Lee asked. Then Perbas looked at Seongmin Lee.

“Three years ago. This village was attacked by a monster. Horrible… … “It was a monster.”

Pervas’ shoulders trembled slightly, as if he was afraid just thinking about it.

“What kind of monster was it?”

“that… … I’m not sure. But this was my first time seeing such a monster. He’s huge and spits fire out of his mouth… … The tribe’s warriors tried to resist, but it was no use. Instead, the warriors of the tribe that got close were burned to death.”

Pervas answered, dropping his head.

“I don’t even know the name of that monster. Magic power… … “Most of the tribe’s warriors and residents who used that damn power were killed.”

“… … “Why aren’t you dead?”

Seongmin Lee asked.

It was a question that might sound a little rude, but Pervas seemed to have no energy to get angry and answered with a sigh.

“When that monster tries to kill us again. “Another youkai has appeared.”

“Other youkai?”

“It was a nine-tailed fox.”

When he said those words, Pervas himself didn’t know what kind of expression to make.

It is true that he hates youkai, but it is ultimately thanks to youkai that he is alive today.

“… … It was a beautiful nine-tailed fox. When the nine-tailed fox appeared, the monster that was slaughtering the villagers immediately ran away. The nine-tailed fox told us who survived. That monster will never come to this forest again. and… … “Of the surviving tribesmen, I took those who wanted revenge and left the forest.”

nine tailed fox. Seongmin Lee naturally thought of Yana, who was said to be ruling the group.

Although we have never met, Yana also said that she was a nine-tailed fox.

“In the end, I am the only one left in this forest. “All the other survivors followed the nine-tailed fox out of the forest.”

“… … Why do you… … “Is there anything left in this forest?”

“Because I’m scared.”

Pervas trembled slightly.

“Since that day, there has not been a single youkai left in this forest. Maybe that’s what the nine-tailed fox did. I can hunt too, so there is no problem with living… … If I go out into the forest for no reason, that scary monster might come and kill me… … !”

Words stammered with a frightened face.

Seongmin Lee noticed that Perbas’s mind was not sound.

Perhaps because he was recalling a fearful memory, Pervas held his head in both hands and muttered a series of unconnected words.

“Dercia is dead…” … .”

While looking at Pervas sitting down and muttering, Gwangcheonma thought in a dazed voice.


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