Worthless Regression Chapter 158

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The first to react to the scream was none other than Namgoong Hee-won. Before the long scream had even ended, he had already opened his eyes and was leaving the fire. A little later, Zhuge Taeryeong jumped up, distorting her face. Dang Ah-hee and the other warriors were also surprised. Aladur pulled out his hair as if he knew this would happen.

Namgung Hee-won, who immediately arrived at the source of the scream, froze and stood still. Moyong Seojin, who was sitting down, saw her Namgung Heewon and hurriedly adjusted her clothes. But her face was pale, and her hands were shaking and not working properly as she was pulling down her pants. Namgung Hee-won, without looking in her direction, took off her long cloth and threw it to her mother, Seo-jin. Mo Yong Seo-jin hesitantly accepted him and covered himself.

“What’s going on?!”

Zhuge Taeryeong and other warriors from the three families arrived. Zhuge Taeryeong glared at Mo Yong Seo-jin, who was covering his body with Namgung Hui-won’s clothes. Rather than worry, I felt annoyed and angry. He was angry that he had embarrassed himself, his husband, by doing something for nothing.

“Uh, over there… !”

Dang Ah-hee opened her mouth and raised her finger on behalf of Mo Yong Seo-jin. The direction she pointed was across from where Mo Yong Seo-jin was sitting. Beyond the unlit bushes, something whitish was shaking.

It wasn’t a mistake. Everyone saw it, when it was visible to everyone. It became a hideous looking monster with clearer outlines.


Zhuge Taeryeong shouted. Although surprised, he did not feel fear. He kicked off the ground, ran, and swung his sword at the shaking body of the monster. Sigh! A sharp slash cut the monster’s body in half.

‘no… ?’

Zhuge Taeryeong, who cut down the monster’s body, felt embarrassed. He did cut, but he didn’t feel like he was ‘cut’ at all. Zhuge Taeryeong hurriedly dragged his feet backwards and moved his body backwards. As the remnants of the divided monster shake, he comes back together as one. It changed its form again, changing from an ugly monster to a lump of inexplicable smoke.

“Stay back!”

Aladur quickly shouted. The expert in this field was Aladur, a sorcerer, not a martial artist with the skill to kill people. Alladur moved his black hand and placed it in his arms. After a while, what he took out was a wooden statue with his eyes closed. Although the wooden statue did not have the appearance of Buddha, Aladur carefully held it forward with both hands. Ala Dur moves his lips and casts a spell. Then the wooden statue’s eyes opened brightly.

Kaaaaah! Opening her eyes, the wooden statue creaked, opened its mouth, and let out a shrill scream. Then, the shaking smoke exploded and dispersed.

“how… “What was it?”

Namgoong Heewon, who was watching it all, asked cautiously. Aladur let out a long, blocked breath and answered.

“It’s an evil spirit.”

“Evil spirit… ?”

“I’m sure you all heard ghost stories when you were young, right? Literally, that thing is an evil spirit. No, if I were to really ask the question, should I say it’s Jibakryeong? “The soul that died in this forest could not go where it needed to go, and was bound by the forest’s magical power and turned into an evil spirit.”

After saying that, Aladour’s legs became weak and he collapsed into his seat.

“Don’t be surprised by something like this. Because that kind of evil spirit doesn’t have that much power. As long as you keep your mind straight, you will never be possessed by an evil spirit. what… “It is not necessarily the case.”

Aladur’s face became gloomy. Among evil spirits, there are powerful evil spirits. A guy like that can easily destroy a person’s spirit and steal their body.

“If it is a powerful evil spirit, there is nothing I can do about it. The exorcism I learned is poor, to say the least. therefore… Please come to your senses. “If your mind becomes weak, no matter how strong your body is, your body can be taken over by a weak evil spirit.”

Aladur spoke as if pleading. Zhuge Liang chewed his lower lip. The Zhuge Dynasty is famous not only for martial arts, but also for fighting techniques and knowledge, but unfortunately, Zhuge Emperor was not very good at anything other than martial arts. He had never felt very uncomfortable about it before. Anyway, the origin of the Zhuge family in Eria is the Wulin family. It means that martial arts is the best.

‘I told you to bring your uncle.’

It’s too late now. Even if that picky uncle called, there was no way he would come to help, and it would be over a week before he could return to the Zhuge family.

“Stand up.”

Zhuge Taeryeong glared at Mo Yong Seo-jin and spat out. Under his fierce gaze, Mo Yong Seo-jin stumbles and stands up. When Zhuge Liang saw Mo Yong Seo-jin stand up, he turned around. Moyong Seojin felt that Jegal Taeryeong was mean, but she could not blame him. She took off her long cloth wrapped around her body and handed it to Namgung Hee-won.

“… thank you.”

“it’s okay.”

Namgoong Heewon answered with his gaze down. With Zhuge Taeryeong at the head, the other warriors return to Bulga. Namgung Hui-won sent away the Changcheon Sword Clown first and extended his hand to Aladur, who was still sitting down.

“… “I want to apologize for what I did earlier.”

“You speak highly of me. The sword dragon of the prestigious Namgung family. Should I know this as an honor?”

Aladur chuckled, but Namgoong Heewon was not displeased. Aladur looked at Namgoong Heewon in surprise, then stood up holding Namgoong Heewon’s hand.

“If a shaman better than you comes, will you be able to help me break through this forest?”

“If only you would come, but… Probably no one will come. Because shamans know the dangers of this forest better than anyone else.”

“… Phew!”

Namgoong Heewon sighed as if there was nothing he could do. And then, a boy in a black suit stood up at Namgung Hee-won’s feet.

“Did you call me?”


Aladur made a noise of surprise. Namgung Hee-won ignored Aladur and spoke to her boy.

“I would like to enter the Forest of Deception right now and find a shaman who can support us.”

“Could you please wait a moment?”

The boy disappeared. Alladur, who had his mouth wide open, muttered while looking at Namgung Hee-won.

“… Right. Sword Dragon, were you also a member of Erebrisa…? ”

“Do you know them?”

“I’ve only heard the name. A brokerage guild whose brokers appear like ghosts wherever they are in the world. My master also had contact with Erebrisa, but refused to connect with them. It’s surprising that you’re a member of Erebrisa… Probably none of the shamans they connect with will want to come to the Forest of Deception. Since they are connected to Erebrisa for profit, they will not move if there is no profit.”

“I can give you as much money as you want.”

“haha! Money is a wonderful thing, but it is not a panacea. Because it is impossible to buy life with money. “If I hadn’t been caught by Jegal, I would never have come to this forest.”

Namgung Hui-won did not blame Aladur for insulting the Emperor Zhuge. The reason Zhuge Liang didn’t like it was because Namgung Hui-won did the same. After a while, Namgoong Heewon’s broker appeared.

“sorry. “I asked the nearest shamans in the area, but they all refused when I told them it was a forest of delusion.”

“ha ha ha!”

Aladur laughed loudly while listening to the broker.

“Look at it. “What did I say?”

Aladur said as if he knew that would happen.

When Mo Yong Seo-jin saw an evil spirit and there was a small commotion. Seongmin Lee, Gwangcheonma, and Rubia were also seeing evil spirits. Luvia held her breath as she looked at the evil spirit shaking beyond the bonfire, and Gwangcheonma frowned.

[What an insignificant spirit. never mind.]

Heoju said. Lee Seong-min glanced at the evil spirit shaking in the dark. As I continued to watch, it felt like an inexplicable noise was ringing in my ears, but it did not convey any discomfort to Lee Seong-min. I had already become accustomed to this kind of annoying noise in the mountains of Mushi. When he had lived in the pure white world for 2100 years, he had already experienced worse things than this, including several bouts of madness.

The evil spirit’s body trembles under Lee Seong-min’s gaze. The evil spirit’s twisted body became disturbed and changed its shape. Lee Seong-min’s eyes narrowed. It seemed as if the noise in my ears was becoming clearer little by little.

‘this… side… by… ‘

The muttering sounds became sentences like that. Lee Seong-min’s eyes widened. Not only Lee Seong-min heard that sound, but Heo Joo, who was spiritually connected to Lee Seong-min, also heard it.

[what? The evil spirit said… ?]

Most evil spirits cannot speak. This is because they are already dead and their souls are tied up, and they are beings who have lost their reason and only evil remains. If the status of an evil spirit were raised, it might be possible to find reason, but the evil spirit seen by Heoju was extremely crude.

‘What is this trick?’

[Well… It’s impossible for an evil spirit to talk to you. How about going there once?]

Even as Heo Joo, I couldn’t say anything for sure, so I had no choice but to say that. Seongmin Lee carefully stood up. Lee Seong-min, who had sharp senses, was able to clearly distinguish objects even in the dark, but he still held the torch.



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“There’s no need for that.”

Luvia grumbled. Luvia used magic to create a small sphere of light. In the end, relying on the two lights, Seongmin Lee, Rubia, and Gwangcheonma approached the evil spirit. Meanwhile, Lee Seong-min did not let go of his guard. It was difficult to kill an evil spirit without a body using physical means, but Heo Ju had already been advised that there were no countermeasures.

‘this way… by… ‘

The evil spirit’s muttering became clearer. The evil spirit saw Lee Seong-min approaching and turned around. Then she started sliding across the ground. Seongmin Lee and his group followed the path taken by the evil spirit.

The forest looked even more ominous than during the day. The tangled branches of the trees looked like the faces of evil spirits, and the sounds made by the shaking bushes in the forest sounded like weeping.

Although the evil spirit was slow, it did not wander and headed forward. To Lee Seong-min, Gwangcheonma, and Luvia, it looked like they were circling the same spot, but when it was repeated several times. Whoa! The air flow changed, and the dark, blurry landscape became clearer.

[This… ]

Heoju’s voice is mixed with surprise. Seongmin Lee looked around. White lights were circling around Lee Seong-min. It looked similar to and different from the wisps he saw in Sleeping Forest, where he first met Heo Ju.

[no way… !]

Shouting like that, Heoju inflated his presence. The barding that Lee Seong-min was wearing gave off an evil light, and the shape of Heo Ju emerged from Lee Seong-min’s body. Although it was a blurry body created by magical power, Heoju led the body and hugged him with both arms.


Heoju’s magical power disperses. Heju, who had become hundreds and thousands of will-o’-the-wisps that he had seen in the Sleeping Forest, scattered in all directions, circling around the evil spirits.

‘iced coffee… ‘

‘oh… ‘

The evil spirits stammer and let out exclamations. They bowed their heads and raised their hands as if they were worshiping Heoju. Seongmin Lee and Gwangcheonma watched the situation with their mouths half open. Not long after, the scattered wisps returned to Lee Seong-min.

[I get it.]

Heo Joo’s voice was filled with excitement.

[This forest mutated due to this old man’s magical power. Although a lot of time has passed and they have become completely separate entities from this old man, some of them are still connected to this old man. And these evil spirits are influenced by him and are subject to this old man!]

Although 400 years have passed, the influence of Heoju, who ruled this land in the past, has not completely disappeared. Seongmin Lee asked, looking back at the evil spirits bowing to his head.

“Are you saying they can help?”

[of course! Since they are a part of this forest, they are not affected by the forest’s barrier. In this forest where they endlessly wander and die, they can freely find their way.]

Heo Joo’s voice was filled with swagger. He puffed out his chest and spoke proudly.

[ha ha ha! Even though it’s been 400 years since it was built, it still has this much influence. Isn’t this old man really amazing?]

“uh… okay.”

Lee Seong-min nodded his head with a nervous expression. This is because he never thought that he would be guided along the path by an evil spirit.

Still, it wasn’t a bad thing. This was because I was able to find a guide who would not die in this forest where neither shaman nor guides were willing to enter.


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