Worthless Regression Chapter 151

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When I open my eyes. Wijihoyeon went to Lee Seong-min first. Seongmin Lee was crouching down next to Wijihoyeon and watching her. They had not yet moved and remained in the cave. This is because I thought it would be better to hear the answer to what Wijihoyeon would do rather than moving right away. Wijihoyeon frowned as he saw Lee Seongmin staring at him.

“It must be a bad habit.”

“What are you talking about when you suddenly wake up?”

“I think it’s quite embarrassing to show your sleeping face. “How do you feel as a voyeur?”

“It’s voyeurism. “Do I really have to say it that way?”

“It’s not entirely wrong. “We shouldn’t get into the habit of voyeurizing faces like this.”

Wijihoyeon grumbled and rubbed the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Did I drool while I was sleeping? Or his snoring. Or did you grind your teeth? “What about sleep-talking?”

“I was drooling so I wiped it up. “The snoring was so loud that I couldn’t sleep.”

“That can’t be possible.”

“yes. “Because it’s a lie.”

When I said that without changing my facial expression, Wijihoyeon smiled cheerfully. She saw Wizzy Ho-yeon laughing and Lee Sung-min also chuckled. The two shared a heartless laugh like that for a while.

“I thought about it.”

Wijihoyeon’s laughter stopped. She said, looking down at her own weak fingertips.

“I am… Until now. I lived without knowing that I was helpless. I’ve never been in a position where I was protected by someone. In most cases, I was the strong one. however… “Not anymore.”

“You don’t like that?”

“I don’t like it. I have strong pride. I am… I want to be stronger than you. Or similar to you. But now I’m weaker than you. “I can’t survive without your help.”

“I do not care.”

“I care.”

Wijihoyeon shook his head.

“… I don’t want to endanger you with my presence. I don’t want to cause trouble. therefore… “I plan to accept Sima Lianju’s proposal.”

Seongmin Lee could not answer. In his heart, he wanted to catch Wiji Hoyeon. It doesn’t matter, it’s okay. With that said, he wanted to keep Wiji Hoyeon by his side. But is that really the way to go for Wijihoyeon? How will Wijihoyeon feel while being protected in a helpless situation? While imagining it, Seongmin Lee was able to put aside his rebuttal.

“How long did I sleep?”

“… “A full day.”

“Then the people sent by Sima Lianju will come today. This is it… You slept too long. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I thought you were sleeping too deeply.”

“Hehe! In the end, wasn’t it that he was voyeurizing? my.. . Looking at his sleeping face. “What were you thinking?”

Wijihoyeon let out a low laugh. She blinked her eyes and looked at Lee Seong-min. Wiji Hoyeon traced her own cheek with her languid hand.

“It’s pretty good, right?”

He spits out words as if he is throwing them out loud.

“In your past life, you said you didn’t know my face. He said he’d never met me. but… In my past life, I was rumored to be a man. yes? I am a horse. I was quite conscious of those words. I don’t know you in your past life. But you know me from my past life. … I didn’t like that a little bit. So, I think I tried quite hard to act differently than I did in my past life.”

I didn’t tie my hair. Although he didn’t wear makeup, he secretly learned how to do it. She thought there might be a time when she could use it someday. She wore clothes that revealed the curves of her body. She wore an outfit that would have anyone looking at her as a woman. Although her breasts were not artificially enlarged, she seriously considered having them enlarged.

“I wanted to show you.”

Why? The question that suddenly occurred to me was something I had always ignored. Memories of childhood are inflated and packaged with insignificant events as time passes. Perhaps Wijihoyeon’s memories were also packaged that way.

Even so, I feel peaceful every time I think about it. I feel happy. I’ve imagined it several times. What will I be like when we meet again? What does it feel like? What story should we talk about? What should I do?

“Answer me.”

Wijihoyeon said while looking into Lee Seongmin’s eyes.

“Am I beautiful now?”

Makeup, something I have learned about but have rarely actually done. I thought I wanted to try it. I always wore pants, but I wanted to try a skirt once. Comb her carelessly loose hair well… I wanted to use her hairpin to lift her up. okay. In front of you. Wiji Hoyeon barely swallowed the words that rose up to her throat. Seongmin Lee closed his mouth and looked at Wiji Hoyeon.

“I thought it was beautiful even when I saw it a year ago.”


Wijihoyeon laughs at Lee Seongmin’s answer. She reached out her hand, which had been tracing her own face, and traced the back of Lee Seong-min’s hand.

“You too.”

Wijihoyeon said in a low voice.

“Ten years ago, you were an unremarkable kid. Even in my young eyes at the time, you were nothing special. There must have been someone like you anywhere in the world… Although it was a little unusual. Still, I enjoyed being friends with you. In many ways… There were a lot of things that were new to me. I felt comfortable being with you. It was comfortable talking to you. Because you didn’t oppress me.”

Wijihoyeon quietly closed his eyes.

“Will we still be friends?”

Wijihoyeon asked. What does this question mean? What kind of answer did the vague guess lead to? Lee Seong-min didn’t want to believe that answer himself. Wijihoyeon chuckled as he looked at Lee Seongmin who was silent.

“I am… ”

“no it’s okay.”

This was the moment when Lee Seong-min was about to answer something. Wijihoyeon shook his head. She laughed lightly, removing her hand from the back of Lee Seong-min’s hand.

“Please don’t answer.”

Although it was a short statement, the meaning behind it was heavy. Seongmin Lee stared at Wijihoyeon’s face. Wijihoyeon did not avoid his gaze but faced him, and that is how they looked at each other. Seongmin Lee nodded his head with a bitter smile. Wijihoyeon chuckled.

“The color of my left eye has changed. “Did you want to show off at least?”

“It’s not like that. “It just happened to happen.”

“Then that’s a relief. “Those eyes aren’t very nice.”

Wijihoyeon said in a smiling voice. It was in the meantime. Gwangcheonma and Rubia, who had been observing the situation outside the cave entrance, returned inside.

“A guest has arrived.”

Gwangcheonma said.

“This is not the Murim Alliance’s pursuit party. I think they were sent by Sima Lianju. “I’d better go out and see.”


Seongmin Lee helped Wijihoyeon out of the cave. Lights were flickering beyond the faint fog. Since it had not yet been confirmed that they were messengers of Sima Lianju, Lee Seong-min and Gwang Cheon-ma remained on guard and waited for them to approach.

There were about ten people. A sturdy courser led the carriage, and people were moving beside it as if to protect it.

“Ryeonju-nim sent me here.”

The woman standing next to the carriage opened her mouth. When I looked closely, I saw that they were all women. Is it because they are the ones who came to protect Wijihoyeon? All of them were experts who hid their outstanding skills.

“Have you made a decision?”



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The woman asked Wijihoyeon. Wizzy Hoyeon slowly nodded her head. When Wiji Hoyeon’s answer was confirmed, the door of her carriage opened.

“We will protect you and take you to where Lord Ryeon is. It may be quite a journey, but I can promise you this. “Nothing dangerous will ever happen.”

The woman said, bowing her head.

“And, Gwichang. This is a message from Ryeonju. ‘You shouldn’t come now. ‘Finish your business with the south and come back.’ This and ‘Take a bit of Socheonma’s hair. ‘You’ll need it in the south.’ “There are two of them.”


I had also heard from the governor that I should finish my business and come back. But I couldn’t figure out what his story about hair meant.

[You may need it when you meet the shaman in the south. What you need to do is learn how to use magical power from the southern tribe and kill Gwon Jon, who turned Socheonma into that situation. If you use the cursed Socheonma’s hair as a medium for magic, you may be able to find out Gwonjon’s location.]

The woman handed Wijihoyeon a dagger. Wiji Hoyeon grabbed a handful of his hair and cut it off with his dagger.

“Don’t smell it or anything.”

“is not it.”

Wijihoyeon said with a smile, and Lee Seongmin answered with a straight face. Her received hair was tied neatly with a string and stuffed into a subspace pocket.

“I’ll see you again next time.”

Wijihoyeon said that before getting on the carriage.

“Even if you don’t come visit me. Because someday I will come find you again. “There are many things we haven’t done yet.”

There are many things I want to do with you. Wijihoyeon didn’t necessarily say that. She was conscious of her laughter as if to shake off her regret, and Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but smile as well.

“See you later. “Don’t die.”

Wijihoyeon said that sincerely. Then she turned around and entered the carriage. The inside of the carriage was spacious and comfortable. Wijihoyeon sat down on a seat that was too big for him to sit alone and looked out the window. I could see Lee Seong-min’s gaze looking in this direction. If we meet again next time. Wiji Hoyeon raised his hand and groped his chest. She closed her eyes, feeling her heart beat strangely fast.

‘What does this feel like?’

Why do I feel this way? Next time we meet, will I know why I feel this way? Wijihoyeon looked down at his helpless body.

‘Not now.’

I don’t think I want to go, but I still have to go. I didn’t want to put Lee Seong-min in danger because I was helpless. Wijihoyeon leaned his weak head against the window. The carriage began to move with a rattling shake.

Seongmin Lee looked at the back of the departing carriage. He promised me 10 years ago, and we met a few days ago. And he broke up again. It’s not that there are no regrets. With the thought that there is nothing I can do about it, I just try to convince myself that it was Wijihoyeon’s choice. I don’t know Sima Lianju’s intentions. I don’t know why he shows favor. The divine protection of a god of great strength was erased through Buddhist speech. The favor shown by Sima Lianju is probably not due to the divine protection of a god of great strength.

‘I need to find authority.’

Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip.


“Gwichang killed the iron armored godchang.”

Chu Geol calmed his expression as he checked the incoming report. I have known Ironclad Shinchang a few times. Every time they met at a Murim Alliance event, Cheolgapsinchang praised Chwigeol, saying that he was a young hero of openness and would become the ark of the future. Cheolgapsinchang was not only an excellent spearman, but also a high-ranking figure in the Murim Alliance, and was an expert under the direct command of the leader who did not belong to a sect.

‘It seemed as if the iron armored body was out to die. Is it an order from the leader… ?’

Chu Geol was lost in thought as he traced the wound on his severed arm. This is a new habit I picked up after my arm was cut off.

5 years ago. The Murim lord has changed. The previous leader, Myeongwolja of the shaman, stepped down from his position as leader and attempted to temporarily take over as leader to Master Bulyeong of Shaolin, but Master Bulyeong rejected him.

During the gap, the new leader was Yehu, the Black Dragon of the Black Dragon, who was the vice-leader. He is an expert in various martial arts along with the excellent body of a mixed human and dragon. Although he is said to have been a temporary leader, Yehu gained the satisfaction of many warriors belonging to the Murim Alliance over the years.

‘If the Black Dragon Association had given an order to die after seeing the armored sword… ‘Why?’

Is it because Socheonma Wijihoyeon is that important? Of course it could be so. However, the death of the Iron Armored Shinchang is still not smooth. There is a light horse and a ghost spear, so is there a need to drive a master who is as good as an iron armored sword to his death by driving him to death?

Thanks to this, Gwi-chang gained notoriety that engulfed the prestige he had previously built. It bears the stigma of a demon defined by the Murim Alliance.

‘No way, for his sake…’ No, this is too much. But it worked out.’

Chu Geol held the wound on his severed arm with his hand. Ink flash light Baeksogo. The face of Baek So-go, who has been disappearing for a year, comes to mind. The image of him crying out, “Why did you abandon the priest?” When Gui Chang, who he thought was dead, was told that he had survived, Qu Jie thought to himself. He said he would have been better off dead. I hated Baek Sogo’s expression and gaze as he watched the ghost, and the way he went crazy with grief.

“Mine… “It’s Mine.”

Chugeol muttered and stood up. What is Mine? Chu Jie chuckled while thinking about that.

“We are using all methods to search for the ghost. Don’t try to do it yourself. “The Murim Alliance’s hunting dogs would have set off anyway.”

Guichang killed Ironclad Shinchang. If it’s that strong, it’s impossible to release a beggar and catch Guichang. There is no need to catch it. Chu Geol held his fluttering sleeves with his hands.

‘I don’t know what the leader is thinking.’

Chu Jie didn’t care about him. What if the surviving priest becomes a demon and dies? What does Mukseomgwang think? Qu Jie did not want Baek Xiaogo to come back. That is too greedy.

But I wanted to see it. How will the ink flash react to the death of a beloved priest?


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