Worthless Regression Chapter 149

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Wijihoyeon opened his eyes and blinked quietly. Her eyelids were heavy, and her body was in constant, terrible pain, as if a rat was gnawing at her. Wiji Hoyeon barely swallowed his moans that rose up to his throat.

“divination… are you okay?”

Luvia’s voice was trembling as she examined Wijihoyeon’s complexion. She had no choice but to say that. Unlike Wijihoyeon, who was fast asleep, Luvia was seeing everything.

The surrounding area was ruins.

Gwancheon was blocked by Amzon, but Lee Seong-min succeeded in continuing it with a Sambo death. The Sambo Special Move is the most violent and powerful of all the steps of Muyeongtalhon, and it is difficult to stop even with the naked eye because it twists the flow and causes it to run away.

It actually did. Amzon was covered in blood and spread out on the floor. Amzon, an absolute expert who has reached the transcendental level, suffered such injuries because he was unable to respond to Lee Seong-min’s martial arts attack.


Lee Seong-min bent down and vomited red blood. His vision was shaking as if he was very drunk. He barely raised his head after vomiting blood repeatedly. Although his body did not have enough strength, Lee Seong-min desperately put strength into his hand that was holding his spear.

It’s not over yet. It was good that he went out of his way to combine Gwancheon and Sambo’s death, and he was successful in threatening Amjon. But he could not kill Amzon. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth and took a step forward. Lee Seong-min was giving his all. Auxiliary magic such as Haste and Strength were already cast when the battle began, and even drew on Heoju’s magical power. It was unclear how serious the wound that had been barely inflicted on Amzon had been, but this was the first opportunity he had managed to achieve in the fight against Amzon.

“… “Huh!”

When Seongmin Lee approaches Amzon, dragging his heavy feet. Amzon, who had fallen, suddenly got up. However, Amzon lost strength in his legs and stumbled greatly. He looked down at his body in disbelief. Then he suddenly looked up and saw Lee Seong-min.

“You… !”

Amzon’s face distorted. Gwancheon and Sambo’s special moves succeeded in inflicting sufficient damage on Amzon. But I couldn’t kill it. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth. Amzon took a deep breath and checked his condition.

Lee Seong-min’s final attack was extremely bizarre. Even though there was clearly enough room to dodge, he was unable to dodge, and the attack penetrated through his self-defense skills and inflicted fatal internal injuries.

‘Is it to this extent? No matter how much he used the power of a yoma… !’

Amzon gritted his teeth. Did he ignore the other person too much? No, he just didn’t expect it. It just means that the impossible has happened. Lee Seong-min, as seen by Amzon, was by no means an expert in transcendental realms. Even though the yoma’s power increased, the gap could never be made up, and that was the case. Even after Lee Seong-min used his magic power, Amzon consistently overwhelmed Lee Seong-min.

Nevertheless, this result was obtained. Amjon was very faithful to his word that he would not kill Lee Seong-min, and Lee Seong-min tried to kill Amjon even if he used Dong-gwijin’s methods.


Lee Seong-min chewed his lips and ran forward. It wasn’t easy for him to move his body, but he had to do it somehow. Seongmin Lee forced his strength into both his weak hands. His singing style was greatly weakened compared to before, but the condition of the amzone was no different. He gasped and pulled his blade from the vambrace on his right arm.

Cough! Amzon’s body was pushed back with a dull sound. The internal injuries were deep and the internal organs did not move properly. Amzon’s face distorted. Lee Seong-min was also pushed out of the window. He broke his spear as he forced out the helpless feeling that made him want to fall down at any moment. In response to his sideways attack, Amzon swung with a curved line. He barely managed to block the attack, but Amzon realized the danger of the situation through the divided attack and defense.

There is still Gwangcheonma. Even though the restraints were put in place, it won’t be long before Gwangcheonma rips them off. It was impossible for Amzon, who suffered deep internal injuries, to deal with both Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheonma at the same time.

Amzon distorted his face and put his hand into his arms. What Amzon took out from his arms was a cylinder the size of his palm. The tip of the cylinder was aimed at Lee Seong-min, who was rushing towards him.

Burbubbubbuk! Hundreds of hair needles were fired simultaneously. It was so fast, and Lee Seong-min, who was close by, was unable to avoid being hit because he couldn’t properly use his self-defense skills. Fortunately, thanks to the barding, his body was not hit by a needle, but it was inevitable that Lee Seong-min’s body would be pushed back significantly. Amzon, who created a gap like that, ignored his internal injuries and increased his internal strength. Armzone’s wide open arms move in a circle. Amzon’s hand moves, drawing an afterimage. The dozens and hundreds of afterimages all held different memorizations.

“All heaven and earth rain.”

Amzon let out a suppressed voice. Pabababak! Hundreds of memorized words were fired. Lee Seong-min opened his eyes wide and practiced Yibo Yuan, swinging his spear widely and trying to block the sword. It was impossible. Mancheon Huawoo is the ultimate doctor of Tang family cancer technology. Seongmin Lee’s body was pierced by hundreds of memorizations. Although it was a barding coated with orichalcon, it could not completely protect Lee Seong-min’s body this time.

Lee Seong-min’s body flew backwards and landed on the ground. Amzon spat out a bowl of blood and shook his shoulders.

Wijihoyeon was struggling to get up. The helplessness of this cursed body was so hateful now. Wijihoyeon trembled when he saw Seongmin Lee who had collapsed. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but his voice wouldn’t come out properly.

“You damn bastard… !”

Amzon spat out. Lee Seong-min, who had been penetrated by memorization, was standing up. It seemed that it would not be strange if he collapsed and died right away, but Lee Seong-min did not die. Lee Seong-min let go of his left hand that was holding his spear while taking a bloody breath.

Then, from the memorization embedded in the body, I began to prioritize the things that interfere with movement.

Amzon was speechless. Even though it wasn’t unfolded properly, Mancheonhwawoo is Mancheonhwawoo. Can you still move after being hit by it? How? In the confusion, Amzon gritted his teeth.


Wijihoyeon barely shouted. She cried out in a trembling voice as she looked at Lee Seong-min’s back soaked in blood.

“I just have to go. So stop… ”


Seongmin Lee answered. Lee Seong-min’s voice was so low as to say that. Seongmin Lee did not look back. He muttered his words as he walked unsteadily.

“You don’t have to do that for me. you… “You don’t want to go.”

“But you…” !”

“are you okay.”

It’s not okay. The wounds sustained are fatal.

Still, I had to say it was okay.

“I don’t want to let you go.”

Amzon distorted his face and fell silent. He never thought he would be in a situation like this, and he never thought he would be in this much trouble. But he had to do what he had to do. This is because taking Wijihoyeon was such a meaningful and important task.

[Damn it!]

Heoju swore. He couldn’t let Lee Seong-min die. But there was nothing Heoju could do. He had already intervened in Lee Seong-min’s mind several times, trying to take control of his body like when he overpowered Gwangcheonma. But it was impossible. Lee Seong-min’s mental barrier was much stronger than before.

When you are hit by a rainstorm. Seongmin Lee lost consciousness for a moment. In that state, Heo Joo could have moved Lee Seong-min’s body instead. But this time it didn’t work either. This is because Lee Seong-min’s mental power has become too strong over the past few months.

Seongmin Lee led his wounded body and blocked Amzone’s path. Leading a rag-like body. Amzon trembled when he saw Lee Seong-min silently raising his spear.

“I really have to die… ”

“That won’t work.”

This was when Amzon pledged his intention to kill Lee Seong-min. Puzzle! A black electric current flashed in the air. When Amzon saw that, his eyes widened. Someone stood up from within the tangled current. The man, with his long hair neatly tied up, was wearing a half mask that covered half of his face. The large long gun he was wearing was as red as his blood.

“Sama Lianju!”

Amzon’s face turned white as he saw the man standing in the electric current. Lee Seong-min’s face couldn’t help but stiffen at the shout. A few hours ago, Sima Lianju had spoken to Li Seong-min through the body of Guan Hu. That Sima Lianju suddenly appeared in front of Lee Seong-min.

“It’s been a while. Party weapon.”

“Don’t call me by that name!”

“Don’t you hate it too much? That’s a pretty good name. “The name of this place is cooler, though.”

Behind the mask, Sima Lianzhu smiled. Amzon’s shoulders are shaking at the seemingly frivolous tone of voice. Know. That the Sima Lianju in front of me is not my true self. It was unclear where the real Sima Lianzhu was, but the Sima Lianzhu that appeared here was nothing more than a simple alter ego.

“Why don’t we just stop here and step back?”

Sima Lianzhu stood with his back to me and recommended that. At those words, Amzon gritted his teeth and spat out.

“Are you saying you want to get involved in Cheon Oecheon’s affairs? ?!”

“If you think about it, is that really the case? what… Then you just say you’re involved. Originally I wasn’t going to worry about it. “That kid’s desperate behavior melted my ice-cold heart a little.”


“I’m serious.”

Sima Lianzhu answered. He glanced at Amzon without loosening his grip.

“Even if what’s here is an alter ego. Even if you are wounded, I can easily kill you. Would you like to try it?”

“now… Are you threatening me? !”

“Depending on what you hear, it might sound like a threat.”



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“I thought Cheon Oecheon would forgive me… ”

“There are only three opponents that this Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon finds difficult. One is the shaman’s damn old swordsman, the martial god at the top of your world, the Predator’s massacre-predator. “I don’t know if this will really move the God of War.”

Sima Lianzhu laughed, and Amzon could not reply. He hesitated and then took his step back. Even though he didn’t answer, Amzon’s behavior was evidence that he was uncomfortable and afraid of confronting Sima Lianju.

“… Regarding this matter… ”


Sima Lianju interrupted Amjon’s speech midway and waved his hand. It’s not just that. A black electric current stirred in Sima Lianju’s waving hand. Amzon turned his body and disappeared out of Lee Seong-min’s field of vision in an instant.

“He was quite good at handling the power of the demon.”

Sima Lianju watched Amzon’s back as he walked away and glanced at Lee Seong-min.

“… “I could have killed you.”

“know. Maybe if you had done more there, you might have been able to kill Amzon. And in less than a week, you would have been killed by Cheon Oecheon, and So Cheonma would have been taken away by them.”

Sima Lianju chuckled and laughed.

“That is what it means to kill Amzon, one of the six virtuous beings. However, if Amzon is sent alive here, Cheon Oecheon will remain silent for the time being. because? Because Sima Lianju intervened. Some of the six venerable beings are in the process of training in the closed world, and the Martial Gods of Cheon Oecheon, who can threaten the main throne, are also in the process of training in the closed world. “Among the active Six Venerables, there is no one with enough guts to challenge me.”

After saying that, Sima Lianju turned his gaze towards Wei Ji-ho-yeon. Wijihoyeon received the gaze of Sabeolju and his body trembled slightly.

“If you don’t want to go to Tianyuquan, come to Simalian. “I will at least provide protection.”

Master Sima Lian opened his mouth.

“It is up to you to choose. “You, who have been weakened by the curse, will only end up holding yourself back if you go with that kid.”

“Wait a minute, what do you mean… !”

“I saved your life. “If you know etiquette, don’t stop me from speaking.”

Sima Lianju glanced at Lee Seong-min and shot him that.

“To end Gwonjon’s curse, we must kill Gwonjon. But I don’t know where Gwon Jon is. If we go south, we might be able to find out Gwon Jon’s location. “The shamans there are very talented.”

After Sima Lianju muttered that, he looked at Wijihoyeon again.

“I promise you this. If you come to my throne, I will never hand you over to Cheon Oecheon. “But I won’t detain you either.”

Wijihoyeon was silent. Sa Beop-ju looked at Wiji Ho-yeon’s downcast eyes and laughed.

“There is no need to answer right away. After four days, the men sent by me will come looking for you. “If you want to come, let them come then, and if you don’t want to, just send them back.”

Oh, and. Sima Lianju looked at Lee Seong-min.

“It would be better for the Murim Lord to be careful.”

“… what… ?”

“and you. The way you talk is arrogant. “Next time you speak briefly in front of me, I will pat you on the cheek.”

Sima Lianzhu finally disappeared after making those threats.


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