Worthless Regression Chapter 148

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Amzon did not like that kind of sinister power. There were people in Cheonoecheon who learned magic arts, but the evil nature brought about by magic arts and the evil nature of demons are fundamentally different. The old monsters who called themselves Predators were long-time enemies of Cheon Oecheon, and Amjon had killed countless people with his hands and memorization throughout his life.

“I thought he was a guy with potential. “He relies on the power of a sprite or something!”

Amzon burst out in anger. Amzon’s voice felt very far away from Seongmin Lee’s ears. It was the first time since the dungeon that he had used his magical power directly in this way, but it felt quite different from what he felt back then.

Gwangcheonma lost his temper. The mania that came after a few months turned him into a violent beast. Gwangcheonma burst out with his lion’s hooves and jumped towards Amzon, and Amzon waved his arms without hesitation. Pabababak! The wide sleeves flapped and dozens of raindrops hit Gwangcheonma.

However, Gwangcheonma’s self-defense skills were incomparably stronger than before. Right next to it is Heoju, the source of Gwangcheonma’s magical power. Thanks to this, the Gwangcheon Demon was imbued with a stronger spirit than when it went berserk before. Wow! The rain thrown by Amzon collided with Gwangcheonma’s charge. Although Gwangcheonman’s momentum calmed down a bit, he began his aggressive attack again.


Amzon knew what state Gwangcheonma was in. It is a reaction to humans using the power of yoma. Slam! A sharp blade erupted from the vambrace covering Amjon’s right arm. He walked like a ghost and narrowed the distance to Gwangcheonma. Sigh! Amzon’s slash cut off Gwangcheon Demon’s self-defense skills and blood spurted from his chest.

Even in this situation, Amzon remained faithful to his word that he would not kill. Thanks to this, Gwangcheonma’s wounds were shallow. Gwangcheonma, who was staggering, bounced his waist and spread both arms wide to catch Amzon. Amzon opened his eyes and moved his upper body.

Faba Park!

Amjon’s long outstretched fingertips tapped Gwangcheonma’s body. It was a method of spotting blood so quickly that it was invisible.


But it doesn’t work. Even though Gwangcheonma’s body was pressed firmly in order to suppress it, Gwangcheonma’s body did not stop. Amzon was a little embarrassed by the resistance he felt when he pressed the acupuncture point. However, that didn’t mean he was defeated by Gwangcheonma. Amzon brought his wide open hands together. An intangible energy fluttered between his hands, and Amzon pushed it towards Gwangcheonma’s chest.

Whoa! Gwangcheonma’s collar swelled greatly and his body flew backwards. Amzon swung his hand towards the Gwangcheon Demon that had flown away for a long time. The metal rings thrown by Amzon separated in the air and restrained Gwangcheonma’s limbs.

Lee Seong-min walked towards the back of such an amzone.

My heart is beating like crazy, making the blood circulate quickly. The nausea I felt inside had transformed into a disgusting feeling of pleasure. Amzon turned around and saw Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee saw Amzon looking at him, Gwangcheonma struggling to tear off the restraints from afar, and Wijihoyeon being looked after by Rubia.

Wijihoyeon had not yet woken up from his sleep. Although a fierce fight was going on around her, her sleep was deep and deep. After checking Ho-yeon’s chest, which was slightly heaving at the sound of her breathing, Lee Seong-min looked directly at her arm zone.

[Know this. There is no guarantee that you can beat him even if you use magical powers.]

Heoju warned. Lee Seong-min also knew that fact. By using his magical powers, he gained violent strength, a strong body, and recovery abilities that surpassed those of humans. Even so, Amzon is a powerhouse of transcendence. It is nothing more than raising the absolute disadvantage to a barely similar level.

“The power of a demon destroys humans.”

Amzon, who was glaring at Lee Seong-min, spat out.

“There is no such thing as power in this world that can be obtained conveniently. Power always comes with costs and responsibilities. “Do you not know him?”

know. We have already seen those who touched external forces and fell into ruin. I just don’t want to consider it in the current situation. Seongmin Lee did not try to talk to Amzon. Quang! Lee Seong-min’s step method instantly narrows the distance to the arm zone.

Seongmin Lee swung his spear at the optimal distance before the distance narrowed to zero.

The Chuhon Issa with the added power of the spirit was fierce and the blood ring crushing was subversive. Lee Bogeopsal supported all of Lee Seong-min’s martial arts and body movements and blocked Armzone’s movements. Amzon did not avoid the spear thrust from the front. Let’s go! The blade that Amzon took out from his vambrace collided with the spear. Lee Seong-min let go of his left hand, which was holding the spear, and breathed the blood-hwanshinmagong.

The sedge of the Blood Hwanshin Demonic Artillery, the depth charge shattering stone. It is an herbivore that destroys everything starting from the body. Amzon stood with his eyes wide open and stretched out his hands. Kwaaaaang! The force of the depth charge blast splashed in all directions. Amzon was surprised to find his left wrist throbbing a little.

‘No matter how much of the yoma’s power was used, to this extent… !’

If you look at the power of martial arts alone, it can be said to be transcendental. However, this does not mean that Amzone is pushed aside by Lee Seong-min. Amzon twirled his joined hands. His hand snaked up Lee Seong-min’s wrist, raising his fingertips to tap his forearm. The inner energy that seeped in destroyed Lee Seong-min’s energy and blood. At that moment, his left arm lost all strength, and Lee Seong-min swung his spear and pushed away Amzon.

Uduk! Crump! The broken forearm bone is forcibly adjusted. Torn muscles and torn energy and blood. All wounds regenerated in an instant.

“You’re not human!”

Amzon shouted. Kugugoogung! A black river surged from beneath Amzon’s feet. Amzon raised his foot sharply and struck the ground. Wooow! The height of the ground has been lowered. As Lee Seong-min’s body swayed, Amzon stretched out his feet toward his empty space.

It was a wondrous sight. There was nothing in the air, but Amzone was running through the air. Amzon, who was running freely in the air, swung his foot towards Lee Seong-min’s head. Hiss! A sharp blade protruded from the tip of his toe and attempted to scratch Lee Seong-min’s face. Seongmin Lee relaxed his swaying body and leaned back. Amzon’s swinging foot narrowly grazed the tip of Lee Seong-min’s nose, and Lee Seong-min held the spear with both hands and slammed it into the ground to support his body. Hiss! Use it like a baton to launch yourself. Lee Seong-min’s two feet attacked Armzone, who was running in the air.

Amzon’s appearance turned into smoke and disappeared. It’s that ghost-like walking method again. Kicking his foot into the air, Lee Seong-min placed his foot on the ground and launched himself with his spear in front. An extremely exquisite island unfolds. Amzon, who came down to the ground, clicked his tongue as he saw the tip of the spear trying to pierce his body. Amzon took out the whip wrapped around his left arm.

Wow! There was a sound that could not have been attributed to a flexible whip hitting a spear. Seongmin Lee lowers the window that was raised upwards. As an island of death, it lacks power. What about public roads? If you are a strong qigong, a strong sword would be effective, but Amzon’s whip is fast and sharp and is not armed with strong energy.

Killing by lightning and killing by blood. Scattered spear strikes and strong energy combine to create hundreds of attacks. Amzon’s eyes were cold and wet. Amzon’s hand moves slowly. The slowly moving hands created numerous afterimages, and it looked as if dozens of hands were moving at the same time. Each remnant of the hand created in this way carries a different memorization. Pabababak! The memorization shot completely destroyed the lightning and bloodstream killings. And more. Amzon walks forward. Amzon twirled the sharp hook on both of his index fingers, and with a flick of his wrist sent it flying into the air.

Wow! The two flying rings rotated and made an unpleasant sound. It was not just a sound, but a sound attack. The combination of different sounds shakes the mind. But Lee Seong-min’s spirit did not waver. He busily moved his eyes to check the location of the flying ring and fired the spear accurately.

‘The case is different with Gwangcheonma.’

Amzon put his hand into his arms. The left hand that was left out was wearing a black glove, and silver thread so thin that it could not be seen was flowing from the tips of the five fingers. When Amzon tried to swing his hand, Heoju shouted.

[Stop it!]

Before Heo Joo could shout, Lee Seong-min was preparing to defend himself. A strong self-defense device. Barding made of orichalcon is sturdy and enhances self-defense. Seongmin Lee defended his body by pulling his spear in front of his chest. Amzon’s left hand swung.

Let’s go! The ground was cut like tofu. The five stems of silver thread, which were fluttering helplessly, received the power of the dark zone and created a slash sharp enough to cut down everything in the world. The orichalcon coating on the barding that had been hit by the attack was torn. Deep scratches were also created on the spear made entirely of orichalcon.

‘I didn’t lose my temper. Rather, it’s surprisingly rational… Unbelievable. How can you maintain your senses while using the power of a yoma?’

My mind is spinning. The more he shared his offense and defense, the more Lee Seong-min became aware of how amazingly powerful the six existents of Cheon Oecheon were. So far, Lee Seong-min has not been able to inflict even a single wound on Amzon. Amzon had a lot of leeway, and didn’t use any salt while dealing with Lee Seong-min.

‘I’m too weak.’

It had been a long time since I realized my own weakness. Heoju’s magic power is even being used. The heart continues to beat. I’ve seen something stronger. I used to be stronger. In his fading mind, Lee Seong-min thought of Wijihoyeon. He doesn’t want to let Wiji Hoyeon go. I don’t want to send the weakened Wijihoyeon to them. He attempted to kill Guryong, but was torn apart by the gift of Amjon. Bokbobaektam is blocked by the whip. Bunroechusal is destroyed by throwing memorization, and Chuhonilsal is blocked by the blade of the vambrace.

You need to use stronger martial arts. Can I do it now? Distortions in the heart, energy, and body were corrected. My strength was ample and my spirit was full. The body became stronger. Lee Seong-min gritted his teeth and poured all his inner strength and spirit into his hand holding his spear.

The spear made of orichalcon vibrated violently as an enormous force flowed in.

Relax your grip on the spear and flick your fingertips. The spear begins to rotate in my hand. The incoming internal energy and magical power overflow and get caught up in the torrent of rotation. The rotation, which started slowly, became so fast that it almost seemed like it had stopped, and the space itself resonated with the rotation, making the surroundings shimmer.


Amzon exclaimed as he watched the spinning spear. I don’t like using the power of a yoma, but… I wanted to acknowledge my martial arts skills. If he had been deeply infected by the yoma, he would have broken his promise and killed him, but Amzon had clearly made up his mind.

Here, Lee Sung-min is never killed. Although it hasn’t been enough to take him to Cheonoecheon yet, Lee Seong-min’s potential is real.

The rotation doesn’t stop. Spiritual power and internal energy continue to flow in. faster. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath. This Chosik is the Chilcho of Gucheonmugeukchang, which consists of nine pieces. The power is clear, but this was my first time using it in real life, and given time, its power will increase endlessly. Conversely, if you do not take the appropriate time, you will not be able to produce as much power as you want.

‘little bit more.’

Amzon took off his gloves. Instead, what he brought out was a seemingly uncharacteristic tangent. Amzon waved his hand and the tangent opened wide. He placed the pure white contact point on his chest and approached Lee Seong-min.


Gucheonmugeukchang Chilcho, Gwancheon 貫天. As Seong-min Lee fired the spear, the violently rotating magic power and internal energy exploded. The space was instantly colored pure white. This tremendous power, which was beyond its limits, shattered the blocking barrier created by the amzone and made the space vibrate.

Amzone let out a gasp at the invading martial arts attack. He became even more unkillable. He took a big swing at the tangent. A dazzling light burst out from the center of the tangent and collided with Guan Tian. Wow! There was a terrible sound, like the world was collapsing. Even in the storm of rampaging spirit power and internal energy, the tangent line was shaken but not torn. Amzon danced, swinging the tangent. Gwancheon is scattered. The combination of internal energy and magical energy separates from each other, creating a dense fog around the area.

“It was great… ”

It was before Amzon even finished speaking. The moment he confirmed that Gwancheon was blocked, Lee Seong-min was taking steps.

Muyeongtalhon, Oh-sik, Sambo’s death, 三步必殺.

The fog is boiling. Scattered internal energy and magical power are subject to the control of the Three Jewels. Amjon’s face stiffened as the storm of internal energy and magical power overtook him.

“… hmm.”

Is it because the surroundings were too noisy?

Wijihoyeon’s eyes opened.


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