Worthless Regression Chapter 147

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The disc that grazed Lee Seong-min’s neck continued to rotate and circle around Lee Seong-min even though it left the arm zone’s hand. Meanwhile, Amzon was dealing with Gwangcheonma that was close by. Amzon held a long awl in both hands. Gwangcheonma’s Blood Hwanshin Demonic Gong was a powerful strong Qigong, but its rough martial arts could not threaten the Dark Zone, which was shaking like a phantom.

This is a commonly known fact. The one that deals best with memorization and poison is Tangga, one of the four major factions of the political faction. Dangga’s warrior deals with memorization and poison from an early age. The warriors with the Tang surname, who come from different dimensions and different martial forests, each have different seasons, which are fused in Eria. As with the martial arts of most families and sects, the combined techniques are far superior to existing martial arts.

onetime. Amzon had the Dang clan surname. Although he could not become the head of the Tang family due to his humble origins, there was no one in the Tang family at the time who was better at memorizing than Amjon. He didn’t like reading and didn’t learn it, but his memorization was better than anyone else’s. When he abandoned the Tang family name and left the Tang family. Amzon was learning all of the Tang family’s cancer techniques, and none of those with the Tang family name could stop Amzon.

It’s a story from a long time ago. After belonging to the Six Exalted Ones of Cheon Oecheon, Am Zone’s cancer technology has further developed. Memorization is not just about throwing things. Any technology that deals with memorization itself is a memorization technology. Memorization requires being able to kill the opponent secretly and reliably. Therefore, Amzon’s memorization is a one-hit killing technique, and is specialized in destroying the opponent’s self-defense skills.

Every time I chased after an amzone that moved like a phantom, I was keenly aware of how far away the realm of transcendence was. Gwangcheonma gritted his teeth and greatly inflated the energy surrounding his body. ㅡKwaaaang! A red storm arose. Gwangcheonma, standing at the center of the storm, raised his foot sharply and struck the ground. The ground shook and the violent storm began to spin violently. It was a real storm of death. If anyone comes into this storm, their entire body will be torn to pieces and they will die.

Amzone was calm even in the midst of the storm. Although Amzon’s long guns were constantly flapping, his face showed no signs of agitation. Gwangcheon Ma glared at Amjon’s face and spread both his hands wide. The Blood Phantom Mania, the secret of the Blood Phantom Demon God’s Demonic Artillery, unfolded.

At that moment, Amzon moved. The body of Amzon, who hissed and disappeared, was right in front of Gwangcheonma’s nose. Amzon twirled the awl in his hand. Phew! The awl that pierced the self-defense machine like tofu hit Gwangcheonma’s shoulder.


But Gwangcheonma did not stop. He quickly stretched out his left hand and grabbed Amzon’s shoulder. Amzon glanced at Gwangcheon Demon’s hand holding his shoulder and swung the awl in his other hand. Gwangcheonma did not avoid the attack fired right in front of his nose. He let out a loud roar and tried to tear off Amzon’s shoulder. Phew! The awl of the dark zone pierces the side of the Gwangcheonma. He doesn’t kill, he said. Even now, Amzon was thinking of doing so, and the awl that pierced Gwangcheonma’s side cleverly avoided the organs, so it could not be said to be a fatal wound.

And the blood rage explodes. A red river swept everywhere along with an explosion that shook the entire space.

However, Amzon did not appear to have any wounds. Amzon looked at Gwangcheon Ma while shaking off the dust that had spattered on his body. Gwangcheonma, with blood streaming down his shoulders and sides, was glaring at Amzon with eyes full of murderous intent.

It was that moment. Lee Seong-min jumped out from behind Amzone. Lee Seong-min fired a fiercely rotating spear towards Amzon’s back. This time too, Amzon became a ghost. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth and turned the spear he had fired to the side. Amzon, who was there, laughed and waved his hand. Whoops! Lee Seong-min’s spear collides with his shaken sleeve.

Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth as he felt the pressure pushing away his hands. The tip of the spear trembles, and the thunder and blood attack unfolds at the same time.

“You’re a blood ghost god magician.”

Amzon nodded his head and waved his hand. Pabababak! Dozens of daggers fired from the inside of the sleeve blocked all the spears of the lightning strike. Lee Seong-min opened his eyes wide as he watched the river scattered in vain. Stretching out his feet. The strength of Muyeongtalsoul created by Ibo Gyeopsal and the blood ring crushing of Blood Hwan God Demon Gong were combined. In just two steps, Lee Seong-min’s eyes were covered with a dense river.

Amzon rolled up his right sleeve. Hidden by the wide sleeves were dark vambraces. A ‘clunk’ sound came from the vambrace that covered the entire forearm. Amzon swung his right arm widely.


The entire river that was attacking the rock was cut down. Amzon placed the blade protruding from his forearm back into his vambrace and waved his left hand.


Dozens of memorized words were fired. It was a metal ball the size of a fingernail. Lee Seong-min immediately performed the Ibo Yuryeon and changed the trajectory of the bead that exploded.

Gwangcheonma rushed from behind Amzon. Although he was wounded, it was not fatal, and he had no significant difficulties in moving his body. He unleashed his strength by sequentially extending his wide open hands. Amzon spun around on the spot and moved his left hand. Between his left fingers was a claw curved like a bird’s claw.

Quad deuk! It tore off the entire force released by the Gwangcheonma, as if tearing a piece of meat with its claws. Amzon stretched out his feet toward the void created. Then, he swings his left hand again in the opposite direction. The curved instrument held between his fingers flew toward Gwangcheonma.


Gwangcheonma inflated his self-defense strength, but Amjon’s memorization, which was tearing up his strength, pierced Gwangcheonma’s body with his self-defense strength. Gwangcheonma staggered, blood spurting from the piercing wound. Seong-min Lee shouted and added the three seconds of killing Guryong and the Demon God of Blood, and the greed for blood, meat, and flesh. He tried to kill Amzon with the spinning fangs of nine dragons.


Amzon nodded his head with a happy expression. Just as I thought, no, it’s better than that. Lee Seong-min’s inaction made Amzone happy. The fact that he has achieved such outstanding martial arts status at the age of 24 means that he has ample potential for the future. Maybe 10 years? If you grow like you are now and don’t despair and get discouraged by the walls you face, you may enter the realm of transcendence.

‘But not now.’

Amzon’s hand touches her waist. Memorization is not just about throwing. Memorization is a concealed weapon, and its essence lies in the fact that it is hidden from the other party.

Amzon, who was groping his waist, grabbed the black whip hidden behind his waistband. Among the various memorizations that Amzon possesses, he treasures them quite a bit, and he has never once been disappointed when wielding them. When Amjon swung the whip with force, Hyeol-Ayuktam and Guryongsusaeng collided with the whip and scattered.

“I hope it’s less ripe.”

Amzon whispered. The whip was swung again. It hit the Gwangcheonma that was attacking from behind. The gigantic figure of the Gwangcheonma spun around in the sky and fell to the ground.


“I didn’t kill him.”

Death island.

It was the fastest chosik that Lee Seong-min could perform, but Amzon was faster by snapping his thumb.


Lee Seong-min’s right shoulder joint was pierced by the memorization fired by Armzone. Amzon flicked his fingertips one after another.

Puff poop!

The right leg, which was supporting the body, is repeatedly pierced by cancer. Lee Seong-min’s body fell forward.

“Even though I couldn’t reach the transcendental state for 10 years… I’ve trained to the point where it’s close to the pinnacle of perfection. “I salute you for that.”

Amzon spoke to Gwangcheonma, who was lying on his back. Gwangcheonma staggered and tried to get up, holding his broken left shoulder. The same was true for Lee Seong-min. He supported himself with a spear in place of his motionless legs.

[It’s impossible.]

Heoju spat out.

[With your skills, no matter how much you try, you can’t beat him. The level is different.]

know. I knew it before the fight. Amzone was a powerful enemy that Lee Seong-min could never defeat with his current skills. Even though Gwangcheonma, who had similar skills to Lee Seong-min, was working together, he was unable to inflict even a single wound on Amzon.

[What are you believing in? Are you believing in the heart embedded in your chest? Yes, so far, that heart has provided you with appropriate help whenever you are in crisis. Your body has evolved so that you can reproduce in your body the inaction you achieved in the spirit world. But are you sure? I am confident that the heart will evolve your body to avoid death, just as it has done so far.]

It is true that he trusted the black heart and attacked it. till now… Lee Seong-min almost died several times. Each time that happens, the heart evolves Lee Seong-min’s body to ensure that he survives. Thanks to the black heart, the tangle of mind, energy, and body that had bound Lee Seong-min for a long time was able to be resolved.

However, Amzon is not trying to kill Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee was struggling to kill Amzon, but Amzon was different. He was very relaxed, and was handling Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheonma’s joint attack like he was dealing with a child.

[Even if you have been lucky so far and have continued to gain favor and survived, there is no guarantee that you will do the same this time. therefore… ]

‘Give it to me.’

Lee Seong-min let out a rough breath and said. He glared at his throbbing right leg.

‘Hand over your magical power.’

[…] what?]

‘It means to overcome the power.’

[Isn’t it something you didn’t want to write about? Magic power is a dangerous power, and it may make you, a human, not human.]

Heoju warned. Lee Seong-min also knew it well. Because I don’t know what I will look like and what I will think when I become an outsider. So, Seongmin Lee has been avoiding using magical powers since the dungeon.

‘doesn’t care.’

If you don’t stop Amzon here, Wijihoyeon will be taken away. hate. I don’t know what organization Cheon Oecheon pursues. I don’t know why the Yukjonja wanted to take Wijihoyeon, or why the Amjon protected Wijihoyeon. It wasn’t just that I didn’t know. Wijihoyeon hates entering Cheonoecheon. Seongmin Lee did not want to lose Wijihoyeon.

Those two were enough.

‘Hand it over…’ !’

[Tsk… !]

Heoju did not laugh. It was not because he was reluctant to lend his magical power to Lee Seong-min, who was cornered. It was simply because there was no certainty that Lee Seong-min would be able to win against Amzone even if he used his magical powers.

Lee Seong-min is human. It is said that Heoju’s magical power is planted deep within the Danjeon, but that alone does not mean that it can immediately transform into a monster. The more you use your magical power, the more concentrated your magical energy will become at the bottom of your danjeon, and one day it will transform Lee Seong-min’s body into a monster. To do that, it takes quite a long time.

[As a human, you cannot use all of this old man’s magical powers. I can amplify your power like in the dungeon, but… I don’t know if I can beat that guy with that.]

Amzone was strong enough for Heoju to say without any certainty. But Lee Seong-min didn’t listen to that. Rumbling! The barding shook, and Heoju’s magical power surged. The magical power that had been shaking violently like a red-hot flame turned purple. Amzon’s eyes widened as he looked at Lee Seong-min.

“What is that?”



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Heoju’s magical power was so ominous that it surprised Amzon a little. Seongmin Lee did not answer. He couldn’t answer.

My heart was beating like crazy. A tinnitus rings in her head. The wound on her right leg, which had not moved, had already healed. Seongmin Lee swallowed his deep breath and gritted his teeth. I felt like ‘me’ was no longer me. My spinning mind became stable and my shaky vision became fixed. Amzon, standing with a surprised expression, was caught in the center of the field of vision.

“Off… !”

The aftereffects of Lee Seong-min’s magical power also came to Gwangcheonma. Blood began to sprout from Gwangcheonma’s eyes. Gwangcheonma’s wounds healed in the same way. His ghost-like hair was shaking, and an ominous spirit flowed from the light heaven demon.


Standing between Lee Seong-min, who was radiating magical power, and Gwangcheonma, Amzon looked back at the two and laughed.

“It’s the power of a demon. This is so… ”

Amzon muttered that and waved both hands. Amzon’s eyes narrowed as he held his dagger in both hands.

“Are you saying you want to borrow the power of a mischievous youma?”

There was deep contempt in Amzon’s voice.


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