Worthless Regression Chapter 135

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Sim Deuk is not unfamiliar. Until now, Lee Seong-min had been touched several times, and he thought that it was because of his dark heart. Maybe this time, Simdeuk is like that. The black heart embedded in Lee Seong-min’s body may have forced his body to evolve to resist death.

But even if Sim Deuk said it wasn’t unfamiliar, the feeling he was feeling right now was unfamiliar. The mind, energy, and body, which had been tangled up until now, became stable. Lee Seong-min had experienced a metamorphosis once before, but there was no comparison between his body after metamorphosis and his current body. He might as well not have known, but after experiencing his current body, he never wanted to go back to the way it was before.

“How did it happen?”

Baek Mu-seon glared at Lee Seong-min and spat out.

“Did you drink any elixir? Potions are really annoying… is not it?”

Even though Lee Seong-min woke up, Baek Mu-seon did not pay attention to it. This was because he had confirmed through previous fights that Lee Sung-min was weaker than him. Rather, it was the presence of Gwangcheonma that irritated Baek Mu-seon. On a full moon night, it would have been very difficult for Baek Mu-seon to kill Gwangcheonma.

Seongmin Lee felt that the spear he was holding in his hand was too light. It was the same with the body.

‘Who pushed my back?’

It wasn’t just a simple illusion. Someone clearly pushed Lee Seong-min’s back with his hand. Is this also a black heart? no… I thought: Even though there was no basis, it was a clear conviction. This too was a strange and unfamiliar feeling.

‘I feel like I want to kill everyone… ‘

That can’t be possible. Jennyella’s orders were absolute to Baek Mu-seon. She became a vampire and gained her far-reaching powers, but the price of giving up her humanity was clearly paying off.

‘Gwangcheonma is ignored. Cut off just one arm of that guy, and if possible, cut off more legs… And let’s break away.’

Baek Mu-seon made up his mind. He laughed at Gwangcheonma’s stupidity. He also laughed at Lee Sung-min. It would be much easier if the two of us worked together. Why do you want to fight alone?

“Without running away… ”

Baek Mu-seon chuckled and raised his hand. A red mist began to billow from his palm. Seongmin Lee saw what Baek Mu-seon was doing with narrowed eyes. Bloodless Yuyagong… Even Lee Seong-min didn’t know the name, but Baek Mu-seon’s blood martial arts attack was creating a completely different attack technique than before.

‘It’s so strange.’

Seongmin Lee stretched out his feet and headed forward without lowering the spear he was aiming at.

‘I don’t know what that is… ‘I’m not scared.’

I know that he was half dead and came back to life. For all that, my mind is calm. I felt like all the martial arts I had learned so far were fully established.

2100 years of practice enabled Seongmin Lee to reach a distant state that he could not reach even if he practiced all his life. However, it could not be said to be a benefit to Lee Seong-min. As a result of that practice, Lee Seong-min’s mind, energy, and body became even more tangled, and 2100 years was too long. Thanks to this, Seongmin Lee was unable to fully use the results of 2100 years of practice.

But not now. My mind, energy, and body stabilized, and I gained the opportunity to gather all my experiences and thoughts into one place and reorganize them.

so that.

When the red fog scattered by the Baekmu-seon came over. Seongmin Lee was able to swing the spear without embarrassment. The strange air current that surrounds the entire window changes its flow through Ran’s method. The red fog that had been covering Lee Seong-min was pushed outward as the window rotated.

This was before Baek Mu-seon even made a sound of surprise. When his outstretched foot stepped forward. Lee Seong-min was already right in front of Baek Mu-seon.


Baek Mu-seon is startled and leans back. He tried to shake off Lee Seong-min by swinging his right and left arms at the same time. At Baek Mu-seon’s gesture, Lee Seong-min’s body became fog and dispersed.

‘Lee Hyung-hwan-wi!’

Where is it? Baek Mu-seon instinctively turned around. The judgment was correct. Seongmin Lee was there. Lee Seong-min’s eyes were so deep that he couldn’t tell the end. The moment they met, Baek Mu-seon unconsciously felt that his consciousness was being sucked into those two eyes. Baek Mu-seon’s body stiffens. It was short, less than a second, but even one second was too long for Lee Seong-min to reach out.


Lee Seong-min’s wide open hand pushed Baek Mu-seon’s chest. It was a hand, not a spear. He couldn’t even feel any doubt about it.


Baek Mu-seon’s mouth opened wide and black, dead blood spurted out. Baek Mu-seon’s body flew backwards and rolled on the ground. Seongmin Lee slowly lowered his open hand. Baekmu, who was holding his chest and coughing, jumped up and let out a loud yell.

“Why, why didn’t you use a spear?!”

Baek Mu-seon opened his blood-covered mouth and exploded the Lion’s Roar. Seongmin Lee answered as he held the spear again with his lowered hand.

“… “It’s a waste.”

“what… ?”

“There are more things I want to try… “If you use a spear, it’s over.”

Seongmin Lee answered with a grave expression. Baek Mu-seon’s body trembled. That probably means it looked funny. Red blood glowed from Baek Mu-seon’s eyes. Even though it wasn’t a proper funeral, Lee Seong-min’s attack shook Baek Mu-seon’s guts. It was a high-level polynomial method, and Lee Seong-min himself was secretly amazed at the power in the palm of his hand.


Baek Mu-seon rushed towards Lee Seong-min while screaming like a scream. The red mist that explodes from his entire body attacks Lee Seong-min with a terrible murderous intent. The fog, ahead of the speed of the leaping Baekmu ship, began to surround all directions. Seongmin Lee pushed the spear he held with both hands backwards. Coooooo! The strong energy of Jahashingong and Blood Hwanshinmagong surrounds the entire window. A spear stretched out in a straight line means Chuhon Issa. A large hole opens in the covering fog.

“I am!”

Baek Mu-seon swung his left arm, spit and blood splattering. Lee Seong-min’s spear was faster than that. He fires a spear containing shattered blood rings. A purple river swirled and attacked Baekmu-seon. Baek Mu-yeon held out his long left arm, covered in red mist, without avoiding his blood circle shattering. Wow! Baek Mu-seon’s left arm flew through the air with a loud sound.

“my… eight… !”

Baek Mu-seon screams as he sees his blown arm. However, without stopping, he swung his right arm. Just drink the blood. What did you become a vampire for? I wanted immortality that would heal any wound just by drinking blood. She never wanted to despair of losing her limbs again. And again…

What else did you become a vampire for?

Lightning and blood flow meet. Dozens of strong energy are added to the dozens of spears created by Lee Seong-min’s spear. Like dozens of meteors crossing the sky, it strikes Baekmu-seon, forming a purple tail. Grudge against Socheonma. revenge. Likewise, the murderous intentions against Lee Seong-min. The feelings he pursued even after becoming a vampire faded as he became a member of Jennyella’s family. The current Baek Mu-seon was a doll that followed Jennyella’s orders. There are various ways for humans to become outsiders, but the results are the same.

If you become outsider, you gain something, but you also lose something.

Baek Mu-seon cried out and waved his right arm. Hyeolmuyuyagong’s herbivorous spirit bursts out. However, even with that, there was no way to completely block the lightning and blood flow. His red mist scattered in all directions, and blood spurted from Baek Mu-soo’s left flank.


Baek Mu-seon’s scream was long and high. Seongmin Lee continued to walk forward. Many more things. The desire to unfold all the martial arts that were neatly organized in his head made Lee Seong-min move. Lee Seong-min’s Guryong killing was smooth and powerful. Baek Mu-seon desperately tried to create a barrier by pulling in the fog, but Guryong Susaeng destroyed the fog as soon as it collided with it. What next? Baek Mu-seon held on to his faint spirit and performed martial arts skills one after another. But no. Lee Seong-min unleashed his martial arts skills, which destroyed all of Baek Mu-seon’s martial arts skills. There was nothing left between Lee Seong-min and Baek Mu-seon. Baek Mu-seon jumped up and leaped into the air.

“Not like you!”

Baek Mu-seon jumped to a high place and hit the ground with his only hand. Red mist pours down following the gesture. Seongmin Lee lowered his spear and unfolded a white attack. It penetrated the distance from Baekmu-seon. Beyond the fog, Baek Mu-seon’s face was distorted. The right hand that had been lowered had disappeared without a trace.

“My arm, my arm… !”

Baek Mu-seon pursed his lips and muttered non-stop. Normally, if you get hurt this much, it would be right to run away. The life force of her vampire, Baekmu, is so tough that it cannot be compared to that of a human. Thanks to Jennyella’s special granting of many powers, she can be revived even from her mortal wounds by simply drinking her blood.

But Baek Mu-seon did not give up. He couldn’t give up. It was because of Jennyella’s order. Baek Mu-seon has not yet been able to make Lee Seong-min despair. Baekmu, losing both his arms, lost his legs and fell through the air. Lee Seong-min extended his spear towards the falling Baekmu-seon. When he gave his wrist a small tremor, the tremor split the spear into dozens and pierced Baek Mu-soo’s body.

“Off… ”

The fallen Baekmu ship looked miserable. While falling, one leg was pierced by a spear and blown away, and the one remaining limb was also broken at the ankle. There were many wounds from spears on his body. With injuries of that magnitude, he could have died, but Baek Mu’s life was still hanging on.

“ah… no… ”

Baek Mu-seon tried to stand up, dragging his bloody body. But it was impossible to stand up.

“Jenniela… The queen’s orders… ”

But death was near. There was no blood here that could heal Baek Mu-seon’s wounds, and there was not even a full moon. Lee Seong-min looked down at Baek Mu-seon, who was squirming as he pushed the ground with his torn leg, with blunt eyes.

“You’re trying to follow Queen’s orders even to the point where you end up like that.”

[Because that guy is Jennyella’s blood relative.]

Heoju grumbled in an irritated voice.

[For vampires, blood relatives and the hierarchical relationship between blood within them are absolute.]

“I don’t think it’s necessarily because of that.”



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[…] This is the power that was gained by not being human. Did you think there would be no reward?]

“I don’t want to become a monster anymore.”

[Vampires and monsters are fundamentally different. what… I also admit that you don’t feel like it. Giving up who you are and becoming a youkai means that you have to throw away the things you had as yourself.]

“What does that mean?”

[Thinking as a human being. Behavior as a human being. It means that most of the things you do because you are human are replaced. If you were a human and became a pig, wouldn’t it be natural for you to act like a pig?]

Heoju said with a chuckle.

[I can understand why you don’t use magic power. Because it’s not right to force someone who was born and lived as a human to become a youkai. But still. If you’re truly desperate for what you’re after, becoming a youkai doesn’t mean you’ll lose it. However, there will be a difference in method. Because the method of reaching the goal pursued as a human and the method of a youkai will be completely different.]

Seongmin Lee sighed as he listened to Heoju’s words. Yokai was an unpleasant and ominous power, and becoming a Yokai meant becoming a being who wielded that ominous power. That’s why he didn’t want to be. The current Baek Mu-seon left everything he had as a human and only wanted to carry out Jennyella’s orders. Although Heo Joo said that vampires and monsters are different, Lee Seong-min saw them as the same. In the end, didn’t humans become monsters instead of humans?

“Stupid guy… ”

Gwangcheonma approached. He looked down at Baek Mu-seon crawling on the floor and looked depressed. He remembered Baek Mu-seon when he was human, and he also knew well how witty and ambitious Baek Mu-seon was back then.

“Let me go.”

Gwangcheonma sighed and turned his head. Lee Seong-min nodded his head and approached Baek Mu-yeon. Baek Mu-Mu opened his mouth wide as he saw Lee Seong-Min approaching. Blood-stained fangs crackle and clash against each other. He didn’t want to say anything more, and Lee Seong-min made Baek Mu-seon unable to say anything more.

Baek Mu-seon, whose head was smashed, could no longer move. Lee Seong-min swung the sticky blood-soaked spear and shook off the blood.

[Let’s go south.]

Heoju said as if tempting him.

[Wouldn’t it be great if we could control magical powers while maintaining our humanity? It seems I had to come out of the forest to lead you south.]

“… “I have to go.”

Seongmin Lee slowly nodded his head. Why did Jennyella attack me through Baekmu-seon? If Jennyella had come in person, Lee Seong-min wouldn’t have been able to even properly resist. Seongmin Lee looked back at Trabia with suspicious eyes. A city that looks like ruins beyond the collapsed walls. Lee Seong-min stared at that place and spoke in a low voice.

“It’s a place I never want to come back to.”

Lee Seong-min said those last words and turned around.


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