Worthless Regression Chapter 129

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After three days, Lee Seong-min returned to the inn near the northern gate, where he had set up a meeting place to meet Gwangcheonma again. He had no plans to stay overnight, so he went into the restaurant on the first floor and sat down, when Luvia, who was in her arms, slowly pulled out of her body and transformed from a sphere of light into the form of a beast.

“He’s not coming, is he?”

“He will come.”

Lee Seong-min was confident about him. Gwangcheonma cannot completely disobey Lee Seong-min’s words. It’s because of Heoju’s power engraved deep within Gwangcheonma’s body, and as long as Gwangcheonma says he will come, he has no choice but to come here.

[It has to be that way. If he runs away, my magical power inside his body will explode.]

Heoju spoke with a confident voice. Lee Seong-min also had vague faith in him.

For three days, Lee Seong-min stayed at an inn in the central district. It would have been possible for him to go to Jennyella’s mansion, but he didn’t go, and he didn’t go to Kim Jong-hyun’s house either. Those two were people that Lee Seong-min could not understand and could not control. I was particularly worried about Kim Jong-hyun’s intentions, but I didn’t want to get involved, so I didn’t approach him at all.

I spent three days like that. During those three days, Lee Seong-min concentrated on the spirit he gained from his fight with Gwangcheonma.

In fact, it couldn’t be said to be heartbreaking. Things I already knew. I just learned things that I knew about but couldn’t unfold. Although he was still far from the level of inaction he had achieved in the mental world, his body, which had been growing slowly, grew explosively in the life-and-death encounter with Gwangcheonma.

‘Is this evolution?’

Seongmin Lee was lost in thought while pressing his left chest. I heard from Freskan that the heart’s ability evolved through predation. Among them, he had no desire to eat, but Evolution was growing his body at will, regardless of Lee Seong-min’s will. The difference from before was that there was a clear goal at the end of the evolving direction.

The person that Lee Sung-min is currently targeting is none other than Lee Sung-min himself.

Luvia’s ears perked up.

The door to the restaurant on the first floor opens with a rattling sound. Seongmin Lee turned his head and looked at the door. Gwangcheonma strode into the door.

“… “What is it?”

Seongmin Lee asked as he looked at the man coming in behind Gwangcheonma. It was hard to tell the man’s size because he was wearing bulky clothes, but since the sleeve of his left arm was shaking greatly in the blowing wind, it was clear that he had one arm.

“… Huh.”

Gwangcheonma cleared his throat as he approached Seongmin Lee. He himself seemed to be hesitating about how to explain this sudden meeting to Lee Seong-min. Seong-min Lee did not look at Gwangcheon-ma, but glanced at Baek Mu-seon who was standing quietly behind him. Not only is it one-armed, but the feeling of force is unusual. Through that, Lee Seong-min knew that the opponent was the famous Baek Mu-seon.

“… “It’s ridiculous.”

Baek Mu-seon was the first to open his mouth. He looked at Lee Seong-min with a distorted face, then looked back at Gwangcheonma.

“Are you lying to me?”

“What lie are you talking about?”

“I was interested in the young master who almost killed the old man.”

Baek Mu-seon spat out in an annoyed voice.

“That guy. I know it’s pretty good, but it’s not good enough to kill an elderly person. “Are you deceiving me?”

“This committee only stated the truth. “I almost died from that guy’s spear.”

Gwangcheonma spoke with an unwavering voice. He was vaguely aware that the Lee Sung-min who grabbed his neck was different from the usual Lee Sung-min. Aside from that, it was an unmistakable fact that Lee Seong-min’s spear threatened Gwangcheonma’s life. Surprised by the threat, he unfolded the five intentions of the Blood Haunted Demon God, and if he had not unfolded the five intentions, Lee Seong-min’s spear would have killed Gwangcheon Demon.

“A genius comparable to Socheonma Wijihoyeon.”

Baek Mu-seon spoke with force.

“The old man told me that.”

“You put a lot of gold on your face without me knowing.”

Seongmin Lee was so dumbfounded that he muttered that. After hearing those words, Gwangcheonma cleared his throat, and Baek Mu-seon looked at Lee Seong-min again. Lee Seong-min tilted his head and looked at Baek Mu-seon.

“Are you Baek Mu-seon, the famous Blood Demon?”

“You must have been famous at one time. Or is it still famous with a bad connotation?”

Baek Mu-seon was displeased because he thought he had been deceived by Gwang Cheon-ma, but that did not stop him from leaving. He sat across from Lee Seong-min without asking for permission and called the restaurant worker to stop him.


While Baek Mu-seon gave a brief order, Gwangcheonma quickly sat down next to Baek Mu-seon.

[What on earth are you doing?]

Seongmin Lee sent a message to Gwangcheonma. Gwangcheonma glanced at Baek Mu-seon and informed Lee Seong-min about the general situation. Baek Mu-seon is in deep despair after losing the fight with Wi Ji-ho-yeon. About being completely broken as a warrior and continuing a miserable day.

[What does that have to do with me?]

[He despaired of the size of the world. So, are you… ]

[What can I do for him?]

[Actually, there is nothing you can do.]

When Gwangcheonma answered that way, the alcohol that Baek Mu-seon ordered came out. Gwangcheonma said, glancing at Baek Mu-seon, who was drinking without even using a glass.

[How about being friends?]

“This is crazy.”

Seongmin Lee was dumbfounded by Gwangcheonma’s words and ended up saying that. What are friends? There was no such thing as bullshit to say that we suddenly sat down face to face like this and became friends.

[Oh, by the way… I haven’t been able to slap you for three days. Is it okay?]

Gwangcheonma asked what he was feeling anxious about. Seongmin Lee quickly responded to that.

[You must have memorized the order every day, right? If so, that’s okay. But just in case, please take all the slaps I get from you at once.]

[I understand.]

While Lee Seong-min and Gwangcheon-ma were sharing the same message, Baek Mu-seon emptied an entire bottle of alcohol. He let out a breath full of the smell of alcohol and looked at Lee Seong-min with cold eyes.

“Come to think of it. “I haven’t even heard your name yet.”

“My name is Seongmin Lee.”

“It’s my first time hearing this name.”

Although the nickname Gwi-chang must have been quite famous, Baek Mu-seon answered that he did not know. It was because Baek Mu-seon completely lost interest in outside rumors after being defeated by Wijihoyeon.

“I heard you almost killed the old man Gwangcheonma. “Is that true?”

“If the old man said so, then it must have been so.”

“That’s funny.”

Baek Mu-seon burst out laughing at Lee Seong-min’s answer. Lee Seong-min felt internally annoyed by Baek Mu-seon’s irritability and crooked attitude. he asked, clenching and unclenching his hands.

“What do you think is funny?”

“It doesn’t mean you are weak. Your skills are excellent… I admit that. But I can’t possibly think that it would be enough to kill Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae.”


“I was lucky. “The old man must have let his guard down.”

Baek Mu-seon chuckled. Lee Seong-min, who was looking at Baek Mu-seon’s face, opened his mouth.

“Then you were careless and had your arm cut off by Socheonma?”



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That was Baek Mu-seon’s betrayal. The moment the name ‘Socheonma’ came out, Baek Mu-seon’s face turned cold. Gwangcheonma also looked at Lee Seong-min with her cheeks trembling. But Lee Seong-min’s expression was calm. He said that even if what he said was the worst of all, what does it matter? Lee Seong-min was the same as Baek Mu-seon, who didn’t hide his irritation the moment he saw him and spoke as if he was going to start a fight.

“… “Do you want to die?”

“no. I just asked because I was really curious. Whether you believe it or not, you are free… “I met Socheonma about half a year ago.”


Baek Mu-seon’s eyes opened wide. Gwangcheonma was also surprised. Seongmin Lee continued speaking while glancing at Gwangcheonma who was looking at him.

“Once upon a time, I heard this. There are currently three Heavenly Demons in Eria. Socheonma Wijihoyeon. Blood Heavenly Demon Baek Mu-seon. Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae. Somehow I ended up meeting all three of them. Socheonma was a monster without a doubt, and so was the elder Gwangcheonma. however… you are.”

“Shut up.”

Baek Mu-seon muttered in a low voice. He had already figured out what Lee Seong-min was going to say next. Lee Seong-min continued speaking while receiving the bloody gaze of the Blood Heavenly Demon.

“Compared to the two, you are the worst.”

Gwangcheonma did not stop the two. Gwangcheonma thought to himself that the current situation was going well. Baek Mu-seon’s mental illness is a sense of inferiority toward an overwhelming being. Gwangcheonma had never met Wijihoyeon in person, but since Baek Mu-seon was so despairing, he had an idea of ​​how much of a monster Wijihoyeon was.

The best thing would be to fight Wijihoyeon once again. Unless you know where Wijihoyeon is, you can’t use that method. In that case, it would be better to make it clear that the world is wide. Baek Mu-seon will also be able to understand if he fights on equal footing with a young expert who is not much older than Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

Although it was an ignorant and desperate strategy, Baek Mu-seon acted as Gwangcheon-ma had hoped. He jumped up from his seat and glared at Lee Seong-min. A red-hot fog billowed up from beneath Baek Mu-seon’s feet. The performance of Hyeolmuyuyagong, which gave Baek Mu-seon the nickname of Hyeolcheonma, began to unfold.

“He asked me if I wanted to die.”

“Are you okay with one arm?”

Lee Seong-min looked up at Baek Mu-seon and asked. The question was a provocation. He was also curious and greedy. A few years ago, Wijihoyeon unilaterally cut off his left arm during a fight with Baek Mu-seon. Wijihoyeon a few years ago. This means that Wijihoyeon, who was so weak that it could not even be compared to the current Wijihoyeon, cut off the arm of the Blood Heavenly Demon.

If you compare the Blood Heavenly Demon back then and the current Blood Heavenly Demon. The Blood Heavenly Demon with its left arm cut off may be weaker than the Blood Heavenly Demon from a few years ago. Even so, I wanted to check.

‘How far have I come now?’

If we win against the Blood Heavenly Demon who fought against Wijihoyeon, wouldn’t we be able to see how far we’ve come? Seongmin Lee felt his heart pounding. These are things I never dreamed of in my past life. Since returning to the past, he has been faced with encounters with things that would never have happened in his previous life. A man named Lee Seong-min, who lived for 13 years and was only a C-rank mercenary, is now trying to fight Baek Mu-seon, a blood demon who reigned in northern Trabia. Is that all? He has already fought the Gwangcheon Demon and survived. Seongmin Lee slowly got up, feeling his emotions rising.

“I can’t live, really… !”

Luvia, who was hanging her ears next to Lee Seong-min, sighed and muttered. The Blood Cheonma, who was glaring at Lee Seong-min with her murderous eyes, snatched the liquor bottle from her table and then turned around.

“Come outside.”

It’s clear he’s pissed. Baek Mu-seon seemed to have a fairly rational personality as he did not attack right away. Lee Seong-min, who was looking behind Baek Mu-seon as he strode out of the restaurant, glanced toward Gwangcheon-ma.

“Be ready to get slapped.”


Gwangcheonma pretended not to notice and cleared his throat.

Lee Seong-min took out the window, held it, and walked out of the restaurant. The Blood Heaven Demon stood in the center of the street and was at the center of the red fog. It was a northern area where there weren’t many people except for vagabonds and gangsters, but it wasn’t completely deserted.

“that… “Isn’t he a blood demon?”

People made a noise. Baek Mu-seon ignored the sound and glared at Lee Seong-min, who was coming out of the restaurant.

“You will have to pay for your nonsense.”

Baek Mu-seon glared at Lee Seong-min and spat out. Seongmin Lee shook his head as he lifted his spear.

“If only I could.”

“You arrogant bastard… !”

Baek Mu-seon scolded in a harsh voice. As he raised his right arm, the red mist of the blood-free weapon swelled greatly. It became a death march under Baek Mu-seon’s hand and attacked Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee was not embarrassed and walked calmly. Muheun, the first step of Muyeong Talhon, jumped over the rolling fog and narrowed the distance between him and Baek Mu-seon.

Baek Mu-seon snorted and lifted his foot sharply. The fog he had shot dissipated and disappeared, and the area of ​​red fog expanded around him again. Seongmin Lee stopped throwing out his spear and flipped his upper body around.


Changjun swung and the red mist collided. I thought it was a fog and that it had no substance, but it wasn’t. Resistance felt in the grip. Lee Seong-min roughly realized what kind of martial art Baek Mu-seon’s blood martial arts technique was.

‘The fog itself is strong.’

In that it was a strong qigong, it was similar to Gwangcheonma’s Blood Hwanshin Demon Gong, but the goal it pursued seemed to be completely different. Baek Mu-seon, standing at the center of the fog, glared at Lee Seong-min and frowned.

“Didn’t you tell me? “You’re not that great.”

“… “What and how much did you show me?”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and injected energy into the spear he was holding. Right now, Lee Seong-min was feeling quite strange. Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger. Gwangrang Joo Won. Vampire Queen Jennyella. Gwangcheonma Byeokwonpae. When I faced those monsters that I encountered one after another, I felt nervous and scared that I might die. But now

‘It’s comfortable.’

I didn’t think I would lose.


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