Worthless Regression Chapter 128

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Lee Seong-min re-entered the northern gate that he had exited from earlier. Gwangcheonma, who was following Lee Seong-min, looked at the scenery with a smile.

“Is this what travia is?”

Although I have never been there in person, Gwangcheonma was also familiar with Trabia, the largest city in the north. That’s why Gwangcheonma couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw Trabia, which had now turned into a ruin.

“I’ve never been to the North, but I’ve heard plenty of stories about it. Blood Heavenly Demon… “Stupid wireless guy.”

Lee Seong-min glanced at Gwangcheon-ma’s mumbling words. That was because it sounded like Gwangcheonma knew about Bloodcheonma.

“Have you ever met a blood demon?”

“A long time ago.”

Gwangcheonma spat out.

“Almost ten years ago. “It happened before I was suffering from mania, and it happened before this guy took Travia as his home.”

Gwangcheonma made a bitter expression as she recalled the bloodcheonma of that time. At the time, Hyeolcheonma was a young expert with brilliant talent. When Gwangcheonma saw Hyeolcheonma at the time, he thought that he would soon become a good opponent.

“I guess you have some business left to see in the north?”

Gwangcheonma asked Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee slowly nodded his head.

“Then, I would like to see to you as well.”

“Are you trying to meet the Blood Heavenly Demon?”

“Even though it was a long time ago, I had a relationship with him, and although I only heard rumors, I know that he is in despair. Still, since I am a senior, I would like to meet and talk at least once.”

There seemed to be no need to go around with Gwangcheonma. It would be of great help if Gwangcheonma were by your side when you had to fight with Freskan.

[You will have nothing to worry about.]

Heoju said.

[This city is Jennyella’s territory, and you are receiving Jennyella’s attention. No matter how strong that lich called Freskan may be, it is probably not as strong as Zeniella.]

Seongmin Lee glanced up. Pres Khan’s familiar was still hovering above his head. There was no need for him to go looking for Lee Seong-min.

I made an appointment with Gwangcheonma to meet again three days later at an inn near the northern gate. After that, Gwangcheonma left immediately. It was unclear how Gwangcheonma was planning to find Hyeolcheonma in this vast land, but that was Gwangcheonma’s problem.

Seongmin Lee started walking slowly. He entered a deep, deserted alley, and Frescan’s familiar, floating high in the sky, followed Lee Seong-min without missing him.

“Are you just going to watch?”

Seongmin Lee looked up and asked. Then the familiar flapped its wings. Seongmin Lee stared at the Frescan beyond his familiar.

“I think we all have the same desire to meet each other. how is it? “If you tell me where you are, I’ll get there right away.”

At those words, the familiar suddenly came down. The crow comes down to Lee Seong-min’s eye level and opens its beak. The beak crackled and hit several times, and a lively voice came out instead of chirping.

“You arrogant bastard.”

The crow spat out fiercely.

“What on earth is so proud? On the subject of stealing the heart that someone else had spent their entire life creating… !”

“Do you keep it properly? It’s your fault that you didn’t do it. And I didn’t get it because I wanted it.”

“That’s it… !”

“There are a lot of things I want to ask you.”

Seongmin Lee said while looking into the eyes of the crow. Then the crow’s beak closed.

“The heart in my body. I have no idea what this is. So I want to hear it directly from you, the person who created this.”

“If you say that, do you think I would naturally tell you?”

“Did we meet and talk?”

When Lee Seong-min spoke, the crow flapped its wings and laughed.

“Stay outside the gate. Then I will go find it… ”

“no. “I’m not going out.”

Seongmin Lee quickly answered.

“I’m just thinking of staying in this city for a few months. Or go to the vampire queen’s mansion.”

“what… ?”

“I think Quinn really likes me. He said I could stop by the mansion and use it at any time. “I don’t have a suitable place to stay, so it might be okay to go back to Queen’s mansion.”

“This guy… !”

I could feel Frescan shaking beyond the familiar. Lee Seong-min gained confidence through the guy’s reaction. Inside Travia, Frescan cannot act freely. It seemed like it was possible to attack through Aine outside of Travia, but it wasn’t possible inside the city.

“Golden Magic Tower owner Lloyd.”

Frescan’s expression twitched.

“When I put this heart in my body. “I saved Lloyd who was dying on the floor of the dungeon.”

“You did something useless.”

Freskan gritted his teeth and spat out.

“Anyway. At that time, my heart was stuck in my body… Lloyd didn’t know him. “What if I tell Lloyd about this?”

“Crazy guy!”

Frescan screamed at Lee Seong-min’s snickering. For Frescan, it was more terrible and unpleasant for Lloyd to find out about the existence of the Black Heart than to face Jennyella. Lloyd, an old wizard, will recognize the value of the heart and will try to study it in some way. If that happens, Preskan’s secret wish, which he had studied all his life to achieve, would be taken away by another wizard.

“You don’t like it, right? “If you’re honest about your heart, you won’t have to tell Lloyd about it.”

“You crazy guy. “Are you trying to make a deal with me?”

“no. “It’s a threat.”

Seongmin Lee spit out quickly. The crow twists its body as if in a fit. It no longer flaps its wings and falls to the ground, rolling around.

“You son of a bitch.”

The crow opened its beak wide and spat out.

“Can you swear? “I won’t tell Lloyd or any other wizard about the heart’s existence.”

“I swear. “It’s not difficult.”

Seongmin Lee answered immediately. Frescan, who was glaring at Lee Seong-min through the eyes of a crow, spoke in a trembling voice.

“What I wanted to embody through the black heart is ‘predation’ and ‘evolution.’”

“Speak in an easy-to-understand manner.”

“… You can acquire the knowledge of the heart owner by eating the heart of another being. Even when you eat a refined lump of power like an elixir, you can immediately take it as your own without refining it.”

Through those words, Lee Seong-min learned about the Baekbo Shinken, martial arts, and strength that Aine used. And he understood that when he took Daehwan Dan, he was immediately building up his Dan Dan power without any refining process.



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“Through him, the heart continues to evolve. Stronger, better. Because my lovely daughter, Aine, has a body built around the heart, she can fully utilize the heart’s potential for evolution. But it’s impossible for you. “You just put a heart in a human body.”

The appearance of Aine changing the shape of her limbs at will and creating things like tentacles and wings from her body. Seeing that, Lee Seong-min tried to pull out the tentacle just in case, but he couldn’t get it out. That was because Lee Seong-min’s body was completely different from Aine’s.

“Anything else?”

“… The heart is something that contains extreme possibilities. It contains the goal of evolving through repeated predation, and what I wanted to create through it is the ultimate life that is superior to all beings. Even I, the creator of the heart, do not know where its ultimate destination lies. “Possibility is an ambiguous thing.”

“The bottom line is that you don’t know much.”

Lee Seong-min’s voice as he answered that way contained a disappointment that could not be hidden. In response to Lee Seong-min’s answer, Frescan shouted, clicking the crow’s beak.

“If we open your chest and check your heart, we can find out more details!”

“I have no intention of doing that.”

“Just go out to Trabia. I will definitely bring you… !”

“You said so.”

Seongmin Lee ignored Frescan’s words, which were shouted in a voice full of bitterness. Then he lifted his foot and stepped on the crow’s body. With a crackling sound, the crow’s body became magical and dispersed.

‘In the end, I didn’t get the right answer.’

Predation, evolution, and possibility. I didn’t pay much attention to the thing called predation. This is because eating a human heart was a terrible thing for Lee Seong-min, who had lived as a human. However, there was something to point out in terms of evolution and possibility.

When I was attacked by Aine for the first time. And later, when I fought the Sword Demon. In the fight with Aine, Lee Seong-min realized his strength, and in the fight with the Sword Demon, he reached a level that was impossible for Lee Seong-min at the time.

What if we evolved to avoid death? Did the heart evolve the body given the possibility of overcoming it?

‘Maybe so.’

Lee Seong-min thought while smiling bitterly. Was he just swayed after all? Seongmin Lee looked down at his body. But he could be proud of this one thing. Training in the spiritual world. During the 2,100 years there, Seongmin Lee did not receive any help from his heart. This is because what was there was the spirit of Lee Seong-min himself.

“Where do we go now?”

Luvia, who was hiding in Lee Seong-min’s arms, asked in a tired voice.

“Let’s go back to Central District.”

I went north and met Gwangcheonma. After experiencing such an encounter, it seemed pointless to go any further north. So I was thinking of going back to the central district and spending the rest of the year.

When Lee Seong-min was heading to the central district, Gwangcheonma was catching and beating up all the people who were annoying. First, they beat up the tramp, and then they went into noisy restaurants and bars and beat up again.

“Where is the Blood Heavenly Demon?”

Gwangcheonma steadily asked that question. It was a reckless method, but it was effective. The moment I beat up the guy for some reason and raised my fist to grab the guy next to me by the collar. This is because he was the one who told me where Baek Mu-seon, the Demon of Blood, was located.

In fact, it wasn’t even a big secret. Gwangcheonma grabbed the collar of the guy who told her about Blood Heavenly Demon’s residence and left him to guide her. She did not forget to threaten that if she lied, she would be killed.

The residence of the Blood Heavenly Demon he guided me to was an old house on the outskirts of the central district.


Gwangcheonma opened the doorknob and came inside, wrinkled his nose at the strong smell of alcohol. A woman’s excited moans could be heard along with a creaking sound from inside. Gwangcheonma distorted her face and strode into the room where the sound came from.

It was a sight to behold.

There were liquor bottles lying around on the floor of the room, and the room was filled with strange smoke. Gwangcheonma glanced at the incense burner emitting smoke.

“Drugs, alcohol, even women. “It’s completely ruined.”

Baek Mu-seon’s movements stopped at Gwangcheon-ma’s muttering. He stretched out his hand towards the woman who was moaning beneath him. The woman, who was looking at Baekmu with her eyes wide open, was crushed by Baekmu’s hand and died without even being able to scream.

“… When I asked who it was… ”

Baek Mu-seon stood up and let out a chuckle. Although he was naked and wearing nothing, he did not feel any shame. Gwangcheonma looked at Baek Mu-seon with eyes distorted with irritation. Gwangcheonma let out a small groan when he saw Baekmu’s left arm cut off at the shoulder.

“What on earth are you doing?”

“Roughly… Isn’t it only 10 years? “You come into someone else’s house without permission and then try to give them advice?”

“I asked what you were doing.”

“You’ll know it when you see it, right?”

Baek Mu-seon sat down on the bed and said. He took a deep breath, wiping the blood from his hands onto the bedclothes. Gwangcheonma tsk, clicked her tongue, and stretched out her hand toward the closed window. Then the closed window burst open, and with Gwangcheonma’s touch, the drug smoke that had been filling the room escaped out.

“You’re saying too much.”

Baek Mu-seon said with a chuckle.

“It’s nice to meet you after 10 years, but… “Isn’t that too rude?”

“It’s even worse for you to act like that in front of the throne room.”

“This is my home. And even if this isn’t my home, it’s none of your business what I do.”

“Why on earth is it so ruined?”

“You’re the same as 10 years ago. “Do not listen to what others say and only ask what you are curious about.”

Baek Mu-seon muttered that and stretched out his hand toward the floor. The liquor bottle floated up with a rattling sound and flew into Baek Mu-seon’s hands.

“I am just despairing of the qualities I have and despairing of reality. Additionally, I started drinking because I was wondering what was going on, and because I didn’t have enough fun, I also tried drugs. “I also hug women.”

“So you’re saying it has deteriorated into something like this…?” !”

“I lost my left arm while using the recommended method. “Isn’t that enough to make you despair?”

“You can live well even with one arm.”

“I guess not me.”

Baek Mu-seon smiled and answered.

“If you meet Socheonma Wijihoyeon, the elders will agree with my words.”

“You crazy guy!”

Gwangcheonma shouted loudly and stretched out his hand towards Baek Mu-seon. Baek Mu-seon did not avoid the tension of Gwangcheonma. With a crashing sound, Baek Mu-seon’s body rolled over on the bed.

“With only one loss!”

“Isn’t it important to know who was defeated?”

“It seems like you’ve forgotten how big the world is while you’re stuck in the northern city. “Did you mistakenly think that by ruling like a king over a place as small as this well, you were truly the best in the world?”

“Let’s just say I know fractions.”

Baek Mu-seon answered, wrapping his hand around the severed arm.

“I am, old man. We had no intention of stopping in the north. One day, I really wanted to move south and challenge myself to be the best in the world. I was confident. Among the warriors of similar age to me, none were better than me. however… At best, I was defeated by a twenty-two-year-old girl. If I had just lost, I would have been able to overcome it. however… It wasn’t. “Socheonma, the absurd talent and strength of that monster was enough to destroy me, who considered myself a genius.”

“You idiot.”

Gwangcheonma gritted his teeth and spat out.

“Socheonma, did you say that girl is twenty-two? Hey, you idiot. What is age? “I almost got knocked over by a 23-year-old guy just now!”

“… “What does that mean?”

The Blood Heavenly Demon frowned and asked.


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