Worthless Regression Chapter 117

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“… I would have told you to f*ck off. monster.”

Baek Mu-seon let out that statement while taking a deep breath. At those words, the vampire queen, Jennyella, only smiled an alluring smile, but did not extinguish it as Baek Mu-seon wanted. Rather, she approached Baek Mu-yeon, waving the hem of her long kimono.

“You’re cute.”

Jennyella muttered with a smile as she looked at Baek Mu-seon, who was looking at her with murderous intent. Even though her arm was cut off, Baek Mu-Mu was an expert with a level of strength different from that of other transcendent experts. If the absurd monster named Wijihoyeon had not been the opponent, it was a man named Baek Mu-seon, the Blood Heavenly Demon, who had the power to easily deal with a considerable transcendental expert.

But what was in front of Baek Mu-seon now was an alien monster that had lived in this crazy world for hundreds of years. The monster that stood at the peak of the vampire species, one of the extraterrestrial species, was none other than the vampire queen, Jennyella of the bloodthirsty world.

“A life of enduring the feeling of extreme defeat and the pain of an arm that wasn’t even cut off with alcohol. Can it be said to be alive? “The blood alliance that once encompassed this great city has dispersed without even a name remaining, and even so, the loyal people who followed you have disappeared because they are sick of you being ruined.”

Baek Mu-seon did not answer. Jennyella approached the silent Baek Mu-seon.

“I was back then. “I like you now more than Baek Mu-seon, who was rampaging as a Blood Heavenly Demon at the peak of the Blood Heavenly Alliance.”

“… haha!”

Baek Mu-seon burst out laughing at Jennyella’s whisper. He grabbed the hollow, limp sleeve of his left arm with his right hand.

“Blood alliance? Blood Heavenly Demon? In the end, he was just a puppet. “The memories of that time are by no means glorious memories for me.”

“What a puppet.”

“Wrong? this… “You monster.”

The voice he spoke contained regret and regret. Blood Heavenly Demon fumbled with his hand and lifted up one of the liquor bottles that had been rolling around on the floor. Pulling out the stopper with his mouth and gulping down the strong drink like water, the Blood Heavenly Demon exhaled loudly.

“… When the Blood Heavenly Alliance was alive and well and I was called the Blood Heavenly Demon. I am… “I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the monster you were.”

“I didn’t like showing it on the outside.”

“You left me alone. I wish he could get rid of me whenever he wanted. Hehe… ! So it’s a puppet. I didn’t even know who was shaking the rope above me, and I thought I was proud of myself, so I gave the last one… !”

Baek Mu-seon drank again. Looking at Baek Mu-seon like that, Jennyella smiled joyfully. The extraterrestrial species was once human, has lived for a long time after becoming non-human, and has the inevitable madness that goes with it. She was also the vampire queen, Jennyella. She felt love for Baek Mu-seon’s hostility and brokenness.

“I like thinking about my body.”

Jennyella came right in front of Baek Mu-seon and stretched out her hand. She grabbed the bottle that Baek Mu-seon was holding, and Baek Mu-seon let go of the bottle with a twinkle in his eyes. Immediately, the outstretched hand pierced Jennyella’s chest.

Jennyella did not avoid. She grinned as she looked down at Baek Mu-yeon’s hand that had penetrated her chest.

“Are you satisfied?”

“… It’s like a monster… ”

Baekmu-seon’s attack, which stretched out in an instant, was undoubtedly a killing blow. Baek Mu-seon gave strength to the hand that stuck out from Jennyella’s back. Jenny Ella’s heart, held in her grasp, burst out with a loud sound.

“Always drinking. I don’t even eat properly… Then, no matter how good a master you are, your body is bound to break down.”

Jennyella held Baek Mu-seon’s hand. Following her touch, Baek Mu-seon’s hand was slowly pulled out. Instantly, the hole in Jennyella’s chest was filled. Jennyella smiled brightly and hugged Baek Mu-yeon’s shoulder.

“You want revenge, right?”

Is the voice whispering in my ear the devil’s? Baek Mu-seon’s shoulders trembled slightly. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this temptation. Jennyella visits Baek Mu-seon every day… He said this.

“You are getting weaker. Because you gave up on becoming strong yourself. … You know that too, right? “No matter what else you do, you can’t match that girl.”

Baek Mu-seon did not answer. Baek Mu-seon himself knew these things better than anyone else. Socheonma, whom Baek Mu-seon faced two years ago, was a monster that had reached absolute heights. In fact, if only that were the case, Baek Mu-seon would not have despaired so much. Baek Mu-seon was also considered a genius since childhood.

But it’s different. That monster, Socheonma… different. Two years ago. The moment they exchanged offense and defense once, Baek Mu-seon was able to realize it. The density of time spent by each other is different. A real genius. A genius with an absurd level of talent brings despair to the opponent just by confronting him.

Baek Mu-seon was consumed by despair. plural… I will do it. It’s not that he didn’t think about it. It’s still the same now. But no matter how much I drink, the nightmares I have every day do not change. No matter how hard you try, there is nothing you can do against that monster. Since it’s a dream, it’s possible that things will go as planned, but the matches in dreams always end in Baek Mu-seon’s crushing defeat. This is because Baek Mu-seon’s subconscious gave up, thinking that he could ‘never’ defeat Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

“Cut off arm. “If you become a vampire, you will create something new.”

Jennyella’s hand traces Baek Mu-seon’s back. Two long fingers walk up Baekmu’s back and up to her shoulders.

“Your weakness. It’s a weakness as a human being. If you become a vampire… You can’t be bothered by such things. Baek Mu-seon. I like you. If you become my blood relative, I promise you. “I can give you strength stronger than Socheonma.”

“… hate.”

Baek Mu-seon opens his mouth and answers. Jennyella suppressed her laughter at those words. Every day she tells Baek Mu-radi to become a vampire. Baek Mu-seon refused each time, but Jennyella could tell. There was a big difference between her first rejection and the rejection she was saying now. Baekmu, struggling with despair, was falling apart, and he would soon give up everything.

‘I love that.’

Jennyella swallowed her laughter as she felt her body getting hotter.

It’s nice to see humans refusing to be blood relatives. It’s good to be broken as you continue to have conflict in your mind. It is fun to watch the process of giving up life as a human and choosing to become a blood-sucking monster.

When he finally gives up everything and makes the final choice, I can’t bear to see the heartbreak and determination he feels at that time.

‘That’s it.’

Jennyella thought as she licked Baek Mu-seon’s ear with her tongue.

‘It’s no fun after that.’

The same thing happened to the old man I met a few years ago. Did you say he was a sword demon? He put a lot of effort into making him a blood relative, but… Once I brought them in as blood relatives, it wasn’t fun.

So I left it alone. Jennyella was always like that. It’s good until you get your hands on her favorite toy. Once you get your hands on it, it’s no fun and you get bored. So she leaves it alone.

‘But I felt bad.’

Jennyella’s eyes narrowed.

Even though I got sick of it, it was still a toy I got. It was ruined. It is said that the person who destroyed the toy is coming here to Travia.

‘Let’s see what this guy is doing.’

The fact that Joowon said he was worried also bothers me.



A carriage enters the central district. Seongmin Lee, crouching in the luggage compartment, thought about that clan.

Haomun is a representative information school that is considered along with openness. If Opening is using beggars as its eyes and ears, Hao Wen is using various occupations as its eyes and ears. Coachmen, courtesans, petty thieves, etc. Haomun is the practice of having people working in jobs that are looked down upon as disciples. Opening is part of the Nine Files Party, but it is not Hao Wen. If we use the standards of martial arts to classify them, Haomun belongs to the Four Schools.

It is not certain that the driver was Hao Mun-do. It’s just a possibility. However, the coachman had learned martial arts and seemed to be hiding skills that went beyond appearances. So it was suspicious. I don’t think that constantly talking to me or inviting me to stay at his house is just a favor. This place, Travia, is a city of rotten human magic, and it is clear that those who approach have some purpose.

“We’ve arrived.”

The carriage stops. The central district was divided by a high wall, although it was not as high as the outer wall. Originally, the central district of Trabia was where nobles, wealthy merchants, and middle-class or higher commoners lived. In this barren northern land, the gap between the rich and the poor is wide, and the treatment of those who have and those who have not is great. Those who do not have it live outside the central walls, where security and welfare are poor, and those who have it live within the walls.

That too is a story of the past. Starting with the defeat of the Blood Heavenly Demon two years ago, the distinction between ‘those who have it’ in Trabia changed to ‘power’ rather than money. It used to be possible to control and protect against violence with money, but this is no longer the case. Of course, not everything is decided by power alone, but having a lot of money is no longer enough to protect it.

The current central district of Trabia has become a place full of people with the power to protect what they have, monsters outside of the human race, groups of evildoers, and people involved in black magic.

“It would be better to stay at my house rather than at an inn.”

“it’s okay.”

Seongmin Lee got off the carriage. The gates of the central district were open. There was no sign of any guards there either. However, unlike the outer castle gate, the gate was not broken.

“what… If that’s the case. “Be careful not to die.”

The coachman laughed loudly after saying that. The driver and carriage entered the castle gate first. Lee Seong-min sent the coachman away first and headed toward the castle gate.

[What brought you here?]



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The moment I was about to pass through the castle gate. Lee Seong-min heard such a voice in his head. Seongmin Lee looked around without being surprised. I saw someone hiding in the shadows on the ceiling. Although it was a fairly high level of hiding skill, it could not hide the attention of Lee Seong-min, who had a sixth sense.

“who are you.”


The body of the man who was hiding twitched at Lee Seong-min’s question. He left his hiding place and fell in front of Lee Seong-min.

[You are a vampire.]

Heoju muttered. The man standing in front of Lee Seong-min had bright red eyes and pale skin. Seongmin Lee asked while looking at the man.

“I asked who it was.”

“… “He’s a quick-witted guy.”

“I guess you have no intention of answering?”

“I think it’s the same that we won’t answer each other. Don’t be too wary. “I only asked because I was curious because it was my first time seeing him.”

The vampire responded and took a step back. Seongmin Lee did not bother to determine the truth of those words. In Trabia, there is the Vampire Queen Zeniella, an old monster of the Predator. I didn’t know if that man was a vampire under Jennyella’s command, but I didn’t intend to ask that here.

“… “Then can I just come in?”

“However much.”

The vampire shrugged his shoulders and answered. Then he gave me a strange look.

“You’re not a vampire, are you?”


“Then is it Lycan Slope? It doesn’t smell like an animal… ”

“He’s just human.”

“ha ha ha!”

The vampire burst out laughing at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“It seems like you don’t know it yourself. You have a strange feeling. “It might not be easy for a fellow human being to notice, but it’s a feeling that an outsider would notice.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“what… Since you say you are human, you have to do it. “Welcome to the city of human magic.”

The vampire grinned with those words. And then the vampire’s body disappeared into the shadows. Lee Seong-min glanced at the spot where the vampire was standing, then moved on from where he had stopped and passed through her gate.

‘The sword demon who was a vampire never told me that he felt that way. That means… ‘

Seongmin Lee sighed. The feeling of not being human that Joo Won or the vampire just before felt was not due to the black heart.

‘Is it you?’

[It’s probably because of my magic power that is pooled at the bottom of your Danjeon. but… Since humans have magical powers, it is bound to feel strange. If he doesn’t know you, he might mistake you for a banyo.]

‘It’s getting annoying.’

Lee Sung-min spit out annoyance in his heart. Heoju chuckled at those words.

[Isn’t it inevitable? The fact that humans used magical power is something that could never have happened. Think of it as the value of using force that does not make sense.]


Lee Seong-min spat out annoyance at Heo-joo’s words. He still couldn’t completely trust Heo Ju. Even though Heo Joo’s help saved his life several times from fatal crises, Heo Joo’s seemingly knowing attitude was enough to confuse Lee Seong-min.

[Now, let’s keep going.]

Even though he felt Lee Sung-min’s irritation, Heo-ju spoke in a cheerful voice.


Heo Joo’s laughter was disgusting.


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