Worthless Regression Chapter 105

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“for a moment… Priests. What on earth… !”

“Even if you two attack that monster, there won’t be anything you can do about it. “Doesn’t your sister-in-law know?”

Lee Seong-min had no hesitation in calling Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger a ‘monster’. That’s not Wijihoyeon. Although he has the appearance of Wijihoyeon, he is only imitating her strength. That’s why it’s a simple monster. It would be insufficient to say that Wijihoyeon’s strength is that of a monster.

“but… Priests. Why are you telling me to run away? There is a greater chance of survival if we fight together… !”

“If you want to discuss the possibilities.”

Seongmin Lee slowly lifted the spear he held with both hands. He knew. That he could not convince Baek Sogo. No matter what you say, Baek Sogo will not run away alone. Because Lee Seong-min is here. Even if it were someone else and not the priest Lee Seong-min, Baek So-go would not run away. Because of the phrase ‘good person’ she added as an excuse for her own actions.

“There is a hole I made in the back.”

Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger only opened its eyes blankly and was not moving yet. He couldn’t imagine that the doppelganger had any reason or desire for conversation, but Lee Seong-min considered it fortunate that the monster didn’t attack him outright.

“Beyond that, there will be Chugeol and Jang Deuksu. Please bring those people.”

“But the priest…” !”

“If you run away, they will chase you. No matter how fast we are, that monster will be faster than us.”

Baek Sogo could not refute those words. Muyeongtalhon is a teaching method, a martial arts technique, and a new method that looks at the ultimate meaning of pleasure and pleasure. However, the number of days shown by Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger was overwhelming. I don’t think a monster with that kind of power would be slow. If you run away, they will chase you… You will be caught.

“My sister-in-law is faster than me.”

Lee Seong-min pulled up a self-made ball.

“And, I might be able to last a little longer against that monster than my sister-in-law.”

“And if you die… !”

“Who wants to die? It’s up to the sister-in-law. “Am I going to die or not?”

In that way, responsibility is enforced. When Baek Sogo opened his mouth to retort. Lee Seong-min no longer listened to Baek So-go. He ran forward, taking the steps of martial spirit and desertion. Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger, who was standing in a daze, reacted. The black dragon gun that was swinging around his shoulder swelled and swung at Lee Seong-min. His words were ‘swipe and hit’, and the power contained in that blow was enough to tear apart the self-defense equipment and crush the body.

Lee Seong-min gritted his teeth and unleashed his best self-defense skills. He responded to the Black Dragon Po’s attack by unfolding the Nine Heavens Martial Arts Spear with him. Wow! Just hitting it made me feel like both my arms were shattered. It’s just a simple feeling.

‘Hold on… I paid… !’

I heard the sound of Baeksogo hitting the ground behind me. The presence becomes distant. She understood, too. Even if the two fight together, it will only take a little more time. In the end, mutual extermination is inevitable. Therefore, they thought that bringing a helper would increase their chances of survival.

‘It doesn’t take that long. ‘It took five minutes at most to get to the hole I tore and come back here.’

It may be slow if you just walk and jump, but if you do a light attack, it only takes that much. I don’t think that the bloody old woman will live after killing Chugeol and Jang Deuksu. Although Qu Geol had his left arm cut off, he was also an excellent drummer, and Jang Deuk-su is also a master who has reached the pinnacle of excellence. The reason Lee Seong-min did not bother to attack the old woman was because he did not want to waste time, but not because he was not confident in defeating the old woman.

‘Even if there are variables, it will come in 10 minutes.’


This prediction is full of holes. There is a possibility that the bloody old woman is alive. But it won’t be fine. Because I don’t think Jang Deuk-soo and Chugeol suffered in vain. If that happens, Baek Sogo will be able to kill the bloody old woman who is exhausted from the fight.

What happens after that?

If Baek Sogo returns here alone, nothing will change.

And again. There is a possibility that Lee Sung-min will not be able to hold out until Baek So-go returns. If that happens, how will Baek Sogo act? What if she returns and sees her Lee Seong-min’s dead body?

Even if Chwi-geol and Jang Deuk-su join, will they be able to survive against that monster?

I do not know. I don’t know. There are too many holes. But this is for the best. I never thought I would encounter Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger here.

I can barely support my body as it stumbles and falls backwards. Apply strength to your spine, bounce your upper body, and use the rebound to run forward. Both my hands throbbed as if they were torn, but I couldn’t stop there. I don’t want to die. Isn’t it natural?

I want to live. In order to survive, I had to fight and endure.

The Black Dragon Cannon attacks here again. In the end, it was Heaven, so the attack trajectory created by the Black Dragon Cannon was irregular. Go back and forth between straight lines and curves freely. The shape was the same. The large black dragon pod rolled up and took the shape of a sharp awl and stabbed me.

Think about it.

2100. This is the time Seongmin Lee practiced in the spiritual world. Training there was boring. It was so boring that I went crazy several times. There was no way to tell how much time had passed other than the falling grains of sand.

I practiced martial arts for a long time. What can be unfolded with the body and what cannot be unfolded are clearly divided. This is because there is a big difference between the martial arts that Lee Seong-min’s spirit experienced and the martial arts that Lee Seong-min can perform now.

What you need to remember is not the martial arts that you perform.

It’s an experience.

At first, it was just a way to pass the time.

I started by imagining it. Because I was tired of swinging a spear and moving my body in the empty air. I practiced martial arts while imagining an invisible opponent. If I stab the spear like this, will that side move like this? No, would it be more efficient to move like this? What kind of attack will be created from that evasion? What is the form of attack? What is the walking method? How should I respond to that attack? Should I avoid it? What if you can’t avoid it? Should I take it? What if it’s too strong to take?

So should I die?

The spear swung sideways touches the black dragon gun. In terms of power, Lee Seong-min’s spear cannot be compared to the Black Dragon Cannon. Know. So I have no intention of engaging in a power struggle. Stab from the front is weak from the side. If the power is too strong to fight against, let it go or use it against you.

These are the things Wijihoyeon taught me. Even though I knew it, I couldn’t use it properly. Seongmin Lee thrust his spear forward. He almost touches the black dragon gun, but then passes by. Seongmin Lee turned his body sideways while thrusting his spear, and it happened in an instant. As the black dragon gun narrowly avoids Lee Seong-min’s body, the tip of Lee Seong-min’s spear aims for the doppelganger’s chest.

The doppelganger had no feelings. He is neither surprised nor embarrassed. He simply responds reliably to what he sees. The doppelganger saw Lee Seong-min’s spear head stabbing in, and moved the black dragon gun to defend it.

The memories are clear. Things that have been done for 2100 years. The memories of the mental world never fade. However, there are so many that you just have to be conscious of what comes to mind. It’s the same as struggling to retrieve unused memories.

I fell in love with the imagination I started doing to kill time. Since he was aware of his lack of actual combat experience, he performed as if he were rubbing against an invisible opponent, hoping to strengthen him.

The person I imagine is always changing. Swords, spears, axes, bows, wizards, fists, feet, etc. I used all my poor imagination. Fortunately, there was plenty of time.

It cannot penetrate the defended Black Dragon Cannon. Against strong opponents, foot mirrors, especially penetrating glasses, are effective. But can a penetrator of this level be able to penetrate the doppelganger’s defenses? I have to try it. Ganggi forms at the tip of the spear head. The spinning blow collides with the black dragon cannon.


The black dragon gun is pushed back with a heavy impact. There is still no embarrassment on the doppelganger’s face. The writhing Black Dragon Cannon expanded greatly and attempted to attack Lee Seong-min’s body. Seongmin Lee adjusted his spear and swung loudly. The air explodes and Kang-gi explodes. The Black Dragon Cannon was pushed back a little.

[Do you know?]

‘I know.’

Heo Joo spoke, and Lee Seongmin answered in his heart. The doppelganger’s attack was extremely simple. The only way to attack was to simply swing the black dragon gun, and defense and evasion were not that great.

[That guy. I’m not using martial arts. They are only sticking to simple and ignorant methods.]

Baek So-go’s doppelgänger performed the martial arts spirit, but Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s doppelgänger was not.

[I’m not sure if the doppelganger in this dungeon will do the same, but… Most doppelgangers tend to imitate the original. If the doppelganger in this dungeon is like that, not using martial arts would be an imitation of the original.]

Is sticking to simple and ignorant techniques without using martial arts an imitation of Wijihoyeon? He couldn’t focus on the question. The Black Dragon Cannon began to move again, and Lee Seong-min concentrated on his actions.

Lightning kill. Changyoung shakes and dozens of stabs hit the doppelganger. The black dragon wriggles and hits a lightning strike. One step ahead from there. Crawling into the side of the doppelganger, he stabs Chuhon. The Black Dragon Po, who came back with a whimper, blocks Chuhon’s assassination. Even with the use of a penetrator, it cannot be penetrated.

‘What about Boksabaektam?’

The spear disappeared from Lee Seong-min’s hand. The spear shot up from below and tried to penetrate between the black dragon guns. This also doesn’t work. The wide spread black dragon cannon blocks the tip of the spear. Even the three herbivores of the Nine Heavenly Wings Spear cannot pierce the Black Dragon Cannon.

‘There are no blind spots.’

A black dragon robe large enough to surround the entire body. Even the length and width can be freely converted. Originally, that wasn’t a very powerful artifact. In order to change its form, maintain it, and freely use it for attack and defense, it requires tremendous endurance and skill.

Gucheonmugeukchang consists of a total of nine plants. So far, Seongmin Lee has only used three. Chuhon Ilsal, Bunroe Chussal, Bokbobaektam. The subsequent Chosik consumed a lot of internal strength, and the level of martial arts that Seong-min Lee had reached was not enough to perform further Chosik.

But not now. Lee Seong-min pulled up a self-made ball. Young Kang-gi began to swell greatly in Lee Sung-min’s spear. The doppelganger, who was staring at it blankly, moves his hand. The doppelganger still does not use martial arts.

The window moves back and forward again.



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Ganggi exploded. The blow fired is divided into nine. Made of pure steel, it took the shape of a dragon with its mouth wide open. Gucheonmugeukchang’s Sedge, Guryong Salsaeng. Nine dragons devour the doppelganger. The floor, walls, and ceiling made of flesh are being gnawed away.

-Kwakwakwakwa! Nine dragons swept across the front. Seongmin Lee looked ahead, his hand shaking as he fired his spear.

The doppelganger took a few steps back. She had lumps of flesh sticking messily beneath her feet. She blocked instead of dodging. After taking the brunt of the Guryong killings… Does that mean it was all just a little bit pushed back? Although Seongmin Lee felt a little lost, he was not discouraged.

okay. Anyone who imitates Wijihoyeon’s appearance should be at that level.

Seongmin Lee burst out laughing, feeling such a strange sense of satisfaction. The doppelganger, who was staring at Lee Seong-min, put down the black dragon gun. The black dragon cloth placed on the floor hangs limply. A black river of energy enveloped the entire body of the doppelganger, who came forward tremblingly. It was too ferocious and huge to be considered a self-defense weapon.


Heo Joo laughed.

[It seems like it was just a joke so far.]

Lee Seong-min also felt this keenly. The doppelganger who took off the black dragon robe felt even more vicious than before, even though it lost its weapons and armor.

The doppelganger steps on foot. It was an instant. Lee Seong-min missed his doppelganger both in sight and sense. Even his sixth sense could not detect the doppelganger’s movements.


If Heo Joo hadn’t spit it out, it would have ended like this. Seongmin Lee quickly turned his body and swung his spear.

‘Sister, you can’t come… ‘

As he flew through the air with pain, Lee Seong-min thought so.

This is a real monster.


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