Worthless Regression Chapter 104

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He’s a strange guy.

Poisonous Ghost Sword thought as he looked into the ‘bastard’s’ eyes. The guy’s eyes were so deep that I thought he might have been converted into an anti-robot. The first attack I encountered on such a topic was not that heavy. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s weak. At least the weight of the blow he showed was greater than that of the Marang Tekken.

‘I never thought Mukseomgwang would have a priest like that.’

Although we don’t know everything yet. To feel it, it may be equal to or half as much as the ink flash. But that is not enough. Although he made a sudden intrusion, his skills were not strong enough to completely reverse this situation. The Poisonous Ghost Sword showed its teeth and smiled. The poisonous ghost sword’s beloved sword makes a clicking sound. It sounded like the moaning cries of a dying child.

Lee Seong-min saw the poisonous ghost sword. If we were to compare only the level of martial arts, Lee Seong-min’s martial arts cannot yet be compared to Dokgogwigeom. Still, he can’t back down. He grabbed the spear. He closes his eyes once, then opens them and catches his breath. There is no shortage of Danjeon’s strength. There is no delusion even in the heart. There is only determination.

‘It’s strange.’

The dog gogwigeom takes a stance.

‘It should be easy… ‘Why doesn’t it seem easy?’

Those endless eyes give me a premonition.

didn’t wait They all rushed at each other. Lee Seong-min did not hide his divorce. Ilbomuheun erased Lee Seong-min’s body from where it was and made him run forward. The poisonous ghost sword took half a step forward and cut with the sword laid to the side. The sword catches the long spear.

There is no crashing sound. Both of us are fools. The pierced spear rises upward in a straight line. The Dokgogwigeom also lowered the sword that had cut to the side by changing the angle of the upper body.


This time it definitely crashes. It was an attack in which he swung with all his might, swinging his entire body without looking back. Both hands are tingling. Lee Seong-min relaxed his knees halfway. It looks as if he is being pushed back by force, but in reality he takes seven steps back.

The Poisonous Ghost Sword was like a rabid dog that never missed its prey. Remember. What Chugeol said. The wounds suffered while drunk. What happened to Chugeol’s severed arm?

What appears to be a single slash, dozens of sword techniques within it. Getting cut isn’t just one time. Even if you just brush against it, it will be cut off.

shoot a spear As if keeping a distance and keeping them in check. The poisonous ghost sword’s eyes moved quickly. Among the spears fired one after another, he distinguished his truth from truth.

‘Everyone is a murderer. Although he seems young and full of energy… Hehehe! He’s a strange guy.’

The poisonous ghost sword held his twitching lips. You shouldn’t laugh yet. The sword energy that was fired crackled and kicked away the spear.

‘It seems like an attack, but it’s cautious. Know when to back down and when not to back down. indeed… You have the advantage now.’

There is no reason not to attack aggressively. Because you don’t want to allow the inspection access.

Half a step.

This is the step taken by Doggogwigeom. The self-defense energy that covered the poisonous ghost sword’s body swelled greatly. The warning given by his sixth sense was short-lived, and Lee Seong-min’s body responded immediately. Gucheon Mugeukchang unfolded in earnest. The roaring spear sounds like red waves, and the sharp spear head pierces through them.

The attack, which felt like a warning, was sharp. A clean-cut sword clashes with a spear head.


It’s not a clash. ride up The poisonous ghost sword was not a wolf, but a snake. His sword, his hand holding the sword, climbs the window and aims for his neck. Lee Seong-min’s steps changed. Forward instead of back.

One step after another. grasp! The poisonous ghost sword cut the afterimage. The afterimage was divided into dozens of pieces and scattered. Dokgo Gwigeom twisted his body at the premonition of an attack felt from his side. Has he already gone to the side? Do we have no choice but to acknowledge Lee Hyung-hwan-wi? Spinning his body round and round, Dokgo Gwigeom swung his sword. As dozens of sword energy attacked, Lee Seong-min pulled his arm back.

Number after number. He fires dozens of spears against dozens of sword energy. Amidst the continuous explosion of laughter, Dokgogwigeom couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter. As if cutting off his own laughter, Dokgo Gwigeom spreads his sword. Seongmin Lee swiveled the window. Wow! The sword is removed using Ran’s method. Immediately, Seongmin Lee took a step forward.

One step, two steps. That’s how the horror begins. Death and strength were intertwined and exploded towards the poisonous ghost sword. Dokgo Gwigeom threw the sword from his right hand to his left. A sword snatched from the air creates a sword attack. The broken strands of steel scatter in the air.

‘doesn’t exist?’

Beyond that, I missed the poisonous black spear. A window rises from the bottom to the top. It’s a copy bag game. It was herbivorous that surprised the sword demon, but the poisonous ghost sword was not embarrassed. Instead of backing away, he swung his sword. Dokgogwigeom’s sword technique is to contain dozens of sword energy in a single slash. Of all the swordsmen Lee Seong-min had ever seen, he was the owner of the most excellent sword. Copybacktam is blocked. As soon as he checked him, Seongmin Lee pushed his steps to the side. Daily report. Lee Seong-min, divided into dozens, surrounds the poisonous ghost sword and fires out a spear.

“ha ha ha!”

The poisonous ghost sword laughed loudly. Dokgo Ghost Sword rotated his body widely and swung his sword. The afterimage of Ilbo Bunyeong was thrown upside down by Geomgang sweeping all around him. It is different from what you can see with your eyes. Dokgogwigeom drastically modified his first impression of Lee Seong-min. Its spear is cumbersome and sharp, and its steps trouble the eyes.

‘I wonder how old you are.’

If you only look at the martial arts performed, there is no difference from a veteran who has practiced martial arts for a long time. Was there ever a young Changsoo with such outstanding skills? If there had been a rumor, there’s no way it wouldn’t have started.

‘I want to fight a little more. ‘It won’t work if we waste time.’

Marang Tekken is the problem. Marang Tekken, who was fighting with Baek Sogo again, could no longer retreat and was being harassed by Baek Sogo. Soon there will be a decision. It’s impossible to leave him alone. If Maran Tekken dies and Baek So-go and Lee Seong-min join forces, even Dokgogwigeom will not be able to withstand it.

‘Such enjoyable fights are not common. it can not be helped… ‘

Dokgogwigeom’s thoughts were cut off.

That happened in an instant. The wall of flesh right next to the poisonous ghost sword was torn, and a black torrent of water shot out from within and hit the poisonous ghost sword’s body. Because I couldn’t even imagine an attack like this, I couldn’t even defend myself.

In fact, it was not that there was no defense. The self-defense power of the poisonous ghost sword was alive and well, protecting his body. However, it is a problem. It was just that the poisonous ghost sword’s self-defense equipment was not strong enough to block the attack.

Even though the wall was torn apart, the power of the attack did not decrease one bit. The poisonous ghost sword, which had half of its upper body blown off, could not even scream. However, while flying through the sky, spraying blood. The poisonous ghost thought before letting go of his fading mind.

‘Black dragon gun… ? Socheonma? why… ‘

Kwadangtang! The poisonous ghost sword’s body rolled around on the floor. Lee Seong-min was dumbfounded as he saw such a poisonous ghost sword. The flinching poisonous ghost sword was a fatal wound that could not be recovered.

The fight between Baek So-go and Marang Tekken stops. Marang Tekken looked down at the poisonous ghost sword with a pale, tired face. The body of the poisonous ghost sword that had been twitching completely stopped.

Dokgogwigeom is dead.

“… Socheonma… ”

Maran Tekken stutters and mutters. Baek Sogo’s mouth was half open. Seongmin Lee looked down at the corpse of the poisonous ghost sword with a blank face. The poisonous ghost sword that had been throwing ferocious swift swords just a moment ago was no longer there. All that remained was a miserable corpse with half of his upper body crushed. He moves his stiff neck. Seongmin Lee turned his head.

What killed the poisonous ghost sword was a flowing black cloth. Seongmin Lee had seen that before. I didn’t see it with my own eyes. According to the information purchased from Erebrisa, Lee Seong-min had seen that before.

She walked into the crack in the wall she had torn. She only glanced at the poisonous ghost sword’s body once, but said nothing. Through those emotionless eyes, Lee Seong-min realized that she was not the ‘real’ Wijihoyeon, but her doppelgänger.

The doppelganger put down someone’s head that it was holding in its hand. Seongmin Lee recognized whose head it belonged to. It was the head of the bloody old woman I had seen earlier. However, seeing as there was no blood flowing, that head was not the head of the old woman herself but that of a doppelganger. The road where the two doppelgängers were together. It seems that what was on that road were Wijihoyeon’s doppelgänger and Blood Hag’s doppelgänger.

“Socheonma… why… !”

Maran Tekken stammered and shouted. He didn’t seem to know yet that it wasn’t Wijihoyeon herself, but her doppelganger. However, Lee Seong-min and Baek So-go knew that it was a doppelganger, so they had no choice but to take a few steps back.

The situation would have been better if it had been Wijihoyeon himself. Maybe it could have been resolved through conversation somehow. However, the other person is a doppelganger with whom they cannot communicate. Although the power of a doppelganger is not quite the same as that of the person himself, it is a different story when it comes to Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger. She was originally overwhelmingly strong, so she would have transcendent strength even over her doppelgänger. This is proven by the death of Dokgogwigeom. That poisonous ghost sword… Probably the strongest poisonous ghost sword in this dungeon, excluding Wijihoyeon. Didn’t he get caught up in the blind attack and die?

“… Priests.”

Baek So-go called Lee Seong-min in a trembling voice. Seongmin Lee chewed his lower lip while glaring at Wiji Hoyeon’s doppelganger. He thought it was strange. People were evenly divided along the four roads, and everyone but Wijihoyeon himself was dead. It seems that the doppelganger was like this in his previous life, going through walls and killing everyone he saw.

‘And then Wijihoyeon himself probably killed his doppelganger.’

And he would have gone out of the dungeon and said it. He said he killed them all. It wasn’t entirely wrong. Even though she did not kill anyone else, if her doppelganger did that, it would be no different from the fact that Wizzy Hoyeon had annihilated everyone in the dungeon.


Maran Tekken shouted in a harsh voice.

“What on earth are you doing?! Why the poisonous ghost sword… ! And doesn’t that head belong to a bloody old woman?”

Maran Tekken doesn’t know about doppelgangers. This is because I have never encountered a doppelganger on my way here. That’s why he really vented his anger towards Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger.

“Even though you said you would not take us under your wing, we considered you our lord. Someday, when you rule the world… As a demon, I wanted to see the reign you had achieved over the world. That was it… !”

Marang Tekken spat it out like he was chewing. He moved forward, his eyes full of murder. When he fought Baek So-go, he exuded an intense fighting spirit and shouted at Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger.

“But why… ! Even if you didn’t admit it, the poisonous ghost sword truly followed you!”

Wijihoyeon and his doppelganger do not answer. I just looked at Marang Tekken with emotionless eyes. After seeing those eyes, Maran Tekken could no longer hold back. He shouted and jumped at his doppelganger. Marang Tekken knew what kind of ending he would meet. There was no way that Marang Tekken, who followed her, did not know about Wiji Hoyeon’s monstrous strength.

Nevertheless, I had no choice but to do so. Even though he knew he was going to die, he couldn’t resist attacking Wiji Hoyeon. And Marang Tekken met the ending he had imagined. The Black Dragon Cannon exploded, and Maran Tekken’s body became a piece of meat.



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Lee Seong-min opened his mouth as he watched the blood and flesh dripping down.

“private residence.”

“eww… huh?”

“Run away.”

Because that’s what you came here for. Lee Seong-min said that.


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